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Real Identity: Jack Nimball
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat, Piloting, and Weapons Expert
Voiced By: Tom Gibis

Toyman is an enemy of Batman and member of the Legion of Doom. He communicates through a human-sized marionette of his Toyman guise, a jester wearing a domino mask. Toyman operates deadly weapons disguised as harmless toys and often acts like a mischevious child. At some point, Jack Nimball fell into a coma and was remanded to a hospital. Nimball's spirit remotely possessed his Toyman marionette and the games continued. In Lex Luthor's plan to manipulate the planet's glaciers, Toyman guarded Captain Cold's satellites aboard his rocket ship.

When Superman, Batman, Robin, and Cyborg arrived, Toyman targeted the Batwing. He was caught up in the fun of it all, Toyman was swept up in the explosion set off by Bizarro and the Batwing crashing into a satellite. Bizarro retrieved Toyman and returned to Earth. When Luthor arrived from the future, Toyman returned to the Hall of Doom. He was sent to the past with Solomon Grundy, Cheetah and Bizarro to prevent Kal-El from becoming Superman. Toyman applied a rocket to Kal's carriage but he was knocked out by Cyborg. Toyman then posed as the infant while Bizarro launched Kal-El into space. Back in the present, the Legion wrecked havoc. Toyman flew his rocket ship around and blew up an oil rig. In the 31st Century, the marionette is on display in a museum as an unidentified totem.