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Release Dates: January 21, 2014


Time Trapper

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Real Identity: Unknown
Powers/Skills: Space-Time Manipulation and Flight
Voiced By: Corey Burton

Time Trapper is a living embodiment of dark matter, devoid of life energies. He seeks only to remake the worlds in darkness using his power source, the Eternity Glass. At some point, Trapper was bound and imprisoned within the Eternity Glass. In the 31st Century, the fabled hourglass was on display behind a protective barrier. However, Lex Luthor froze the barrier and stole the object to time travel back to the 21st Century. Time Trapper was grateful for being let out and offered to grant Luthor one wish. Time Trapper obliged Luthor and returned him to the past. However, Luthor refused to release him. Trapper bidded his time for the slight. Luthor had Trapper open a portal to the past to Smallville in order to send Kal-El back into space. Time Trapper detected the past was changed and a paradox now existed. He removed Superman from the present. Without Superman, the Justice League wouldn't form so he also removed the other heroes. Karate Kid and Dawnstar formulated plan to turn Luthor into a paradox by finding and reviving the Luthor originally from the present.

They succeeded and Time Trapper banished future Luthor to the ether of non-existence. Since it was within his power, the Trapper remained outside the paradox and wouldn't be banished along with Luthor. Time Trapper took possession of the Eternity Glass and proceeded to generate a giant portal in which to remake the world in darkness. Karate Kid and Dawnstar were out of options and confronted Time Trapper knowing they would be banished. Luckily, the Justice League returned and attacked the Trapper. Dawnstar urged Karate Kid to use his power to find the Trapper's weakness. Karate Kid only saw he was all blackness and realized Dawnstar's light energy was the only thing that could affect him. Dawnstar activated her energies and flew into Time Trapper. The resulting explosion stunned Trapper and made him drop the Eternity Glass. Robin managed to grab the hourglass and fled with the Trapper on his heels. Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman stepped in and held Trapper at bay. With Karate Kid's instruction, Robin flipped the hourglass and imprisoned the Time Trapper once more.