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Release Dates: January 21, 2014


Gorilla Grodd

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Real Identity: Gorilla Grodd
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Genius and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Travis Willingham

Gorilla Grodd is an exile from Gorilla City, a society of hyper-intelligent apes, who wished to take over his home and the world. He later joined the Legion of Doom. During Luthor's bid to swell the world's glaciers, Grodd proceeded to pummel his enemy the Flash. But once Luthor went missing, Grodd formed a search party with Black Manta and Captain Cold. They failed to locate him but encountered Karate Kid and Dawnstar. Karate Kid revealed Dawnstar was the only person capable of finding Luthor but Grodd opted to kill them both. Luckily, Dawnstar found Luthor and Karate Kid unleashed a ki burst that flung the villains away. They gathered again and watched as Superman departed with Luthor. Grodd assumed leadership and wanted to regroup with the other members of the Legion then exact revenge on the Justice League of America. In the 31st Century, Grodd was stuffed and mounted in a museum.