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Captain Cold

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Real Identity: Leonard Snart
Affiliations: Legion of Doom
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Corey Burton

Captain Cold is an enemy of the Flash and member of the Legion of Doom. As his namesake implies, Captain employs technology capable of freezing. For Lex Luthor's plan to swell the world's glaciers, Cold engineered five satellites and they were launched into space. When the Justice League moved to stop them, Cold froze Cyborg as he tried to hack into satellite. As the number of satellites diminished, Cold entered the last one and attempted to complete Luthor's plan. Instead, he overloaded the satellite and Luthor was caught in the beam. Cold worked with Gorilla Grodd and Black Manta to try and find Luthor but Karate Kid and Dawnstar beat them to it. Once Superman flew Luthor off to prison, Cold believed their efforts were in vain. Grodd, however, was ready to strike back. In the 31st Century, Cold's parka and Cold Gun are on display in a museum.