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In 1797, Colobel Jeb Star founded the territory called Fort Plymouth. In the 18th century, it became a lucrative trading post and even attracted traders from as far as Canada. With the addition of the Transcontinental Railroad in the late 18th century, Fort Plymouth grew into a cattle town, specializing in every aspect of the process. In 1897, the "Great Fire" took place from a stockyard and burned down most of the town. In honor of the founder, Fort Plymouth was rebuilt and modernized as Star City. At an elevation of 586 feet, Star City, California has a population of three million and is homebase of Green Arrow.

The arrival of Princess Perdita at Star City International Airport prompted heightened security. The WST newschopper covered the traffic delay. Perdita was the target of Merlyn, per Count Vertigo's contract. Luckily, Green Arrow and Black Canary were both at the airport and saved the princess, who turned out to be the new queen.