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Real Identity: Sayd
Affiliation(s): Guardians of the Universe and Green Lantern Corps
Appearances: Beware My Power Part One, Part Two, Razer's Edge, Regime Change, Homecoming, Reboot, Scarred, and Dark Matter
Powers/Skills: Energy Manipulation, Immortality, and Flight
Voiced By: Susanne Blakeslee

Sayd is one of the female Guardians of the Universe. Like Ganthet, she too shows more emotion than her peers. Sayd came to trust in Ganthet and believed all attempts must be made to help Hal Jordan's group in Frontier Space. In secret, she reprogrammed Ganthet's vessel to return to Oa once he was initially banished. Sayd and Ganthet then activated his prototype battery to help save Betrassus from destruction. Sayd later took a direct blast of energy from Atrocitus when he tried to kill all the Guardians. She survived, thanks in part to Hal Jordan's intervention.

While Jordan's team met with the Guardians to discuss the Aya-Monitor, Sayd steered the conversation to finding a way to stop Aya. However, to Sayd's knowledge, the Science Director kept no records about Aya. Despite Appa's orders not to, Jordan's team investigated further. They discovered the Science Director's hidden laboratory. Sayd wasn't far behind and helped them decipher ancient Maltusian left by the Director. When Appa arrived to court martial the Lanterns, Sayd distracted him while the team left for Vorga.