Lame O

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Real Identity: Lightspeed Astronautical Navigation Operated System
Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Appearances: Reboot, Larfleeze, and Scarred
Powers/Skills: Artificial Intelligence
Voiced By: Brian George

LANOS, or Lightspeed Astronautical Navigation Operated System, is an artificial intelligence installed on the Interceptor after Aya was removed at the orders of the Science Branch. Hal Jordan and Kilowog were annoyed by its direct personality and lack of sentience. They renamed it Lame O and sought to rescue Aya. Lame 0's datacore was switched with Aya's by Ch'p. As Aya's scheduled dissection began, Lame O attempted to identify itself to the Director of Science but she ignored it. Some time later, LANOS was reinstalled into the Interceptor CPU through a software patch so the ultrawarp drive could be safely used again. During a failed operation, LANOS activated the ultrawarp drive and flew the Interceptor into Aya-Monitor.