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Real Identity: Kothak
Appearances: Heir Apparent and Regime Change
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Kothak is a warrior based on the planet Betrassus. In light of raids on outposts by Red Lanterns, Kothak believed Betrassus needed a king to command the army. Per custom, he claimed Queen Iolande's hand and the throne. The Green Lantern Dulok also made the claim in order to help Iolande protect her throne. However, when Dulok was absent the day of the challenge, Kothak declared victory. When Hal Jordan stood forward, Kothak objected on the grounds Jordan was an outsider and not of royal blood.

When Prince Ragnar's treachery was revealed, Kothak joined Hal Jordan and Kilowog in trying to stop him and save Queen Iolande. In the aftermath, Kothak pledged his loyalty to Iolande and admitted she was a great queen. A short time later, Kothak became the resistance leader after Prince Ragnar became a Red Lantern and took over the planet. He teamed up with Jordan's group and joined them on an assault on the Liberator.