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Real Identity: Goggan
Appearances: Razer's Edge and Flight Club
Powers/Skills: Flight, Ink Generation, and Survival in Space
Voiced By: Rob Paulsen

Goggan is a criminal and inmate at a Spider Guild Prison in Frontier Space. The rehabilitation program drove Goggan insane but he held himself together and tried to dig his way to freedom. 12 years later, Goggan made it to the air shaft and stowed away on the hull of the Interceptor. Hal Jordan and Kilowog captured and interrogated him. Jordan was alarmed by Goggan's claims about the prison and decided to break into it to find out the truth. After the Spider Guild was defeated and imprisoned, Jordan named Goggan the prison's temporary new warden until the replacement appointed by the Guardians of the Universe arrived in 18 months.

In the meantime, Goggan felt overworked and regretted becoming the warden. When Jordan returned, he hesitantly led them to Tauverus' cell on Level H, Sublevel 6D. After Red Lanterns arrived, Jordan fired Goggan and replaced him with Bumpy. Since Bumpy abandoned the post, it is unknown if Goggan reassumed the position.