Carol Ferris

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Real Identity: Carol Ferris
Affiliation(s): Ferris Aircraft and Star Sapphire Corps
Appearances: Beware My Power Part One, ...In Love and War, Homecoming, The New Guy, and Love is a Battlefield
Powers/Skills: Business and Wielded a Power Ring
Voiced By: Jennifer Hale

Carol Ferris is the only child of the aerospace mogul, Carl Ferris. She proved herself to be a successful businesswomen and became the family company's Vice President. Ferris mostly handles day to day affairs of Ferris Aircraft and is currently dating test pilot Hal Jordan. She is unaware Jordan is a Green Lantern. After a botched prototype test, Ferris admonished Jordan for not contacting the base. Just as Jordan was about to embrace Ferris, his ring issued an alert to return to Oa. Jordan made up an excuse but promised a dinner date. When he didn't show up and went missing, Ferris alerted the authorities. Eventually, the authorities called off the search. While Ferris cried in her office, an energy vortex opened and a Star Sapphire Ring offered her the chance to join the Star Sapphire Corps. Ferris accepted and was transported to Zamaron, home planet of the Corps. The ring took her to her true love, Hal Jordan. She realized Jordan was a Green Lantern and was happy to be reunited with him.

Ghia'ta's presence complicated the situation. Suffering a bout of delirium from the spatial displacement of the long journey from Earth to Zamaron, Ferris attacked Jordan and Ghia'ta. Jordan reasoned with Ferris and the conflict was resolved with a kiss. He then told her about the threat of the Red Lanterns. She didn't completely understand but admitted he was needed and should do what what was right. Ferris then rejected her ring, a first in the Star Sapphire Corps, and gave it to Ghia'ta. Ferris' lecture on the nature of love inspired Ghia'ta to try and reform her comrades' view of love. Ferris took an energy vortex back to Earth. Some time later, Ferris was shocked to find an amnesiac Hal Jordan at Ferris Aircraft. When she realized he didn't remember he was a Green Lantern, Ferris took him to his foot locker where his personal power battery was stored. Once Jordan remembered, he embraced Ferris then flew to Oa to stop Atrocitus. As soon as the threat was over, he soon returned to Ferris... for dessert.

Since he was gone for months and presumed dead, Hal Jordan learned from Carol Ferris he was fired from Ferris Aircraft. Ferris later broke up with Jordan and insisted both of them should move on with their lives. Some time later, Ferris was teleported from a buffet line to Zamaron by Aya. She had been singled out as love's champion by Aya and Ghia'ta and had to convince the former not to destroy Zamaron. However, Ferris only convinced Aya there should be a battle between champions of love and hate. Ferris was given a Star Sapphire Ring by Ghia'ta but was horrified to learn she had to fight Atrocitus. To make matters worse, Atrocitus learned Ferris was who Hal Jordan loved. Unable to fight effectively, Ferris used her ring to summon Jordan to Zamaron. Together, they defeated Atrocitus but at the cost of Ghia'ta's sacrifice. Ferris decided to keep her Star Sapphire Ring, thanked Jordan, and returned to Earth.