Captain Goray

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Real Identity: Captain Goray
Appearances: Into The Abyss
Powers/Skills: Piloting
Voiced By: Wayne Knight

Captain Goray is a transporter operating in Frontier Space and he flies the Truvedon. From his travels, Goray heard talk of Green Lanterns. On his latest delivery, Goray was hired to transport several refridgeration units containing Spegnarian eggs. Due to the endangered status of the Spegnarians, Goray was paid to avoid major shipping lanes in order to reduce risk of damaging the eggs. However, he flew too close to a Pinhole and hailed the Interceptor for help. The Green Lanterns and Razer extracted Goray. While Goray waited in the Interceptor, he was alarmed when Aya vanished from the console and tried to fly the ship. After regaining consciousness, Goray tried to help save his ship only to nearly blast Kilowog. After Hal's gamble paid off, Goray thanked the crew for their help and left in the Truvedon.