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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Beware My Power Part Two, Reckoning, Invasion, Homecoming, Loss, and Cold Fury
Powers/Skills: Space Travel
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Shard is the mobile base of the Red Lantern Corps. It contains what is left of the Corps' leader Atrocitus' home planet, the capital city Ysmault. It serves as a constant reminder to the Corps of their mission to destroy the Guardians of the Universe and Green Lantern Corps. A sophisticated mainframe is integrated throughout Shard and manages security protocols such as laser grids and automated guns. The Central Power Battery is located in a open area named Battery Square and guarded by several soldiers at a time. A church is maintained by Cleric Loran. Inside, a stain glass window depicts the origins of the Red Lantern Corps though its accuracy is moot. At 0600 Mean Solar Time, Shard's defenses are temporarily offline to allow for scheduled waste evacuations. The Shard is currently located somewhere in Frontier Space.

Tired of Hal Jordan and Kilowog's methods, Razer returned to Shard to assassinate Atrocitus alone. However, Atrocitus anticipated this and fooled Razer into thinking he recharded his power ring at Battery Square. Atrocitus and Zilius Zox then proceeded to interrogate then execute Razer. Jordan, Kilowog, and Aya infiltrated Shard and rescued Razer. While Aya accessed the mainframe, she discovered a large encrypted file detailing hundreds of warships. She managed to download the file and summoned the Interceptor to Docking Bay 22 before Atrocitus ripped her limbs off. The four returned to the Interceptor and fled Shard. As the Red Lantern armada pressed on towards the Maelstrom, it met with resistance from Kilowog, Saint Walker, and Mogo. Once Mogo's power was amplified by Saint Walker, a beam was generated that effectively neutralized Shard. During the official signing of the peace treaty, Shard returned to Ysmault and reintegrated to start off the festivities.

However, Zox soon ordered Bleez to pilot Shard to the Maelstrom and attack the Anti-Monitor. Shard arrived just in time to save the Interceptor crew from being absorbed by the Anti-Monitor. It was no match and was converted to anti-matter. Hal Jordan convinced Zox to order a full evacuation of Shard. While the Anti-Monitor was occupied with absorbing all of Shard, the Red Lanterns and Interceptor crew prepared an offensive at Ysmault.