Forgotten Zone

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Beware My Power Part One, Part Two, Razer's Edge, Into The Abyss, Heir Apparent, Lost Planet, Reckoning, Fear Itself, ...In Love and War, Regime Change, Flight Club, Invasion, Homecoming, Loss, Cold Fury, Babel, Love is a Battlefield, Larfleeze, Scarred, and Ranx
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Long ago, the Manhunters murdered people and destroyed planets and sectors in the name of the Guardians of the Universe. These sectors became known as the Forgotten Zone, the Guardians' darkest secret. They all voted to remain silent on its existence. The Forgotten Zone became a region filled with constant chaos and violence. Millions of years ago, a lost civilization stationed the Lighthouse somewhere in the Maelstrom, an asteroid barrier that separates the Forgotten Zone from Guardian Space, as a method of travel. The distance between this region and Earth is a billion light years.

Some known planets in the region are Tyr, formerly Colony 12, Shyir Rev, and Betrassus. Due to the actions of warlords, Razer joined a militia in hopes of gaining enough power to protect his family. However, Razer lost his lover, Ilana, and accepted a Red Power Ring. Normal travel from Oa to Frontier Space takes 18 months and communication is sporadic at best. Instead of science cells, Green Lanterns rely on privatized penitentiaries to imprison criminals. The ultra-warp protcols of the prototype ship Interceptor minimizes travel to near instantaneous. The Red Lantern Corps recently targeted Frontier Space for conquest and began killing off Green Lanterns stationed there. Hal Jordan and Kilowog took the Interceptor on an unsanctioned rescue mission to Frontier Space and ended up stranded for at least 9.21 months. The secret of the Forgotten Zone was told by Ganthet and Sayd to Hal Jordan and Kilowog when Betrassus was in danger of being destroyed by the Red Lanterns.

Appa Ali Apsa pledged restitution and volunteered to go to the Forgotten Zone to help oversee rebuilding the various civilizations wronged by the destruction caused by the Manhunters. Zilius Zox accepted the terms in return for calling off the Red Lantern invasion. The pulse sent from the Anti-Monitor later reached the Forgotten Zone and activated a Manhunter on Ysmault just as a peace summit began. The Interceptor crew were tasked with quietly destroying it but the Anti-Monitor and its Manhunter forces entered the Forgotten Zone.