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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Heir Apparent and Regime Change
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Betrassus is a planet in Frontier Space with a population of two billion. Aside from a high level of technology, its residents live in a era comparable to Earth's Medieval period and are ruled by a monarchy. Betrassus has established several off planet outposts. For several years, Betrassus was protected by a Green Lantern named Dulok.

In recent times, a coronation was held and Iolande was crowned queen. However, since she was unwed, by custom the planet's warriors could claim her hand and the throne. If multiple parties stepped forward, a tournament would be held to determine the new king. At the same time, Betrassus' outposts were attacked by Red Lanterns. While Dulok and Kothak were set to compete for Iolande's hand, Dulok was secretly poisoned by Prince Ragnar. Hal Jordan stepped forward to take his place and would secede the throne to Iolande when all was said and done. All of Betrassus was aghast when Ragnar's actions and intentions were revealed.

Prince Ragnar's rage attracted a Red Power Ring. Ragnar accepted and used his power and new allies to take control of Betrassus. With Iolande imprisoned, Kothak led a resistance and ran into the Green Lantern Corps. Empowered by a Blue Power Battery, the Green Lanterns were able to defeat the Red Lanterns and launch a Liberator into space before it detonated and destroyed the planet.