Red Lantern Warship

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliation(s): Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Flight Club, Invasion, Homecoming, Loss, and Cold Fury
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Red Lantern Warship is a mass produced battle destroyer constructed for the coming war against the Guardians of the Universe. An armada was formed and proceeded to travel past the Forgotten Zone into Guardian Space and destroy all that came into its path to Oa. One warship was sent ahead of the others and was commanded by Bleez. She, Veon, and Skallox were tasked with procuring the code to using the Lighthouse to open a passage in the Maelstrom, allowing the warships to pass to Guardian Space with ease. After the Lighthouse was destroyed, Atrocitus deployed three Liberators and blew a path wide enough for the warships to pass through and deal with Hal Jordan's group on the way to Oa. The armada was taken down by the combined effort of Saint Walker and Mogo. The armada was reactivated to deal with another invasion by the Manhunters. Several ships were decimated by the robots and their new master, the Anti-Monitor. Aya shoved a warship into the Anti-Monitor. While it was occupied with absorbing the ship, Aya rammed into its chest plate and defeated it.