The Lighthouse

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Invasion
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat and Gateway Creation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Lighthouse was created millions of years ago by a lost civilization as a way to travel through the Maelstrom, an asteroid barrier separating the Forgotten Zone from Guardian Space. When those ancients vanished, the secret of the Lighthouse was lost, sealing it for countless millennia and garnered a reputation as one of the Ancient Wonders of the Galaxy. In recent times, a Green Lantern archaeologist named Tahvaarus sought the code to activate the Lighthouse but went missing. Tahvaarus indeed discovered the code, "Red Dwarf born of Galman Nebula" and it had to be broadcast in Galactic 6 Numeric. However, he was arrested and imprisoned. Before his death, Tahvaarus entrusted the secret of the Lighthouse to Byth Rok.

Hal Jordan's group later tricked Rok into revealing the code by using a mind altering device. Atrocitus later tortured the code out of Rok. Bleez, Veon, and Skallox were dispatched to the Lighthouse. It was activated and set to attack the Interceptor and Jordan's group. Aya flew into Lighthouse's beam that created the force tunnel and infiltrated the structure. She reprogrammed the turrent's target parameters and forced the Red Lanterns to retreat. Razer then set the Lighthouse to remotely detonate by a fatal feedback of energy into its reactor. He was able to destroy the Lighthouse and seal off the Red Lantern armada but Atrocitus planted three Liberators and blew a path through the Maelstrom.