Blue Lantern Central Power Battery

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Blue Hope
Powers/Skills: Power Source
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Blue Lantern Central Power Battery was constructed by Ganthet on the planet Odym to be the main power source of the Blue Lantern Corps. After some time, Ganthet lit the battery's flame and the device was fully operational. A wave of blue energy spread across the planet also empowering Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kilowog, Aya, and four Manhunters. Three Manhunters flew to Odym to take the battery for themselves. Razer came up with an ad hoc plan and had Saint Walker summon the Odymese Worm with music. The worm snatched the battery away from the Manhunters and severed everyone's amplified power output. After the Manhunters were destroyed, Ganthet decided to extinguish the flame temporarily.