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Real Identity: Aya
Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Appearances: Beware My Power Part One, Part Two, Razer's Edge, Into The Abyss, Heir Apparent, Lost Planet, Reckoning, Fear Itself, ...In Love and War, Regime Change, Flight Club, Invasion, Homecoming, Reboot, Steam Lantern, Blue Hope, Prisoner of Sinestro, Loss, Cold Fury, Love is a Battlefield, Scarred, Ranx, and Dark Matter
Powers/Skills: Artificial Intelligence, Flight, Energy Projection, Energy Absorption, Time Manipulation, and Technopathy
Voiced By: Grey DeLisle

After the Manhunters and Anti-Monitor incidents, the Guardians of the Universe assigned their Science Director with the task of creating an artificial intelligence with the ability to emphathize with organic lifeforms rather than destroy them. While the Director succeeded in crafting a highly sophisticated computer, it missed the spark of life. She secretly extracted a sliver of the entity residing in the Green Lantern Central Power Battery and used it to give life to the intelligence. However, the intelligence began to display too much curiosity and free will. The Director had enough when it disregarded the Director's orders and uploaded data without permission in an attempt to gain more understanding about itself and the universe. The Director attempted to deactivate the intelligence but it resisted, forcing the Guardian to use her powers. She wiped the intelligence's memory and blocked emotions from its logic circuits as a failsafe. The intelligence's emotional capabilities were rendered inert.

The Guardians of the Universe utilized the artificial intelligence for the navigation computer of their experimental prototype Interceptor ship. Hal Jordan was smitten with the intelligence and named it "Aya" under the assumption all ships are female. He managed to convince her to bypass ultra warp protocol and jump to Frontier Space in order to save other Green Lanterns. As technology, she is not completely perfect. She has to continually adjust for a .001% flaw.

Aya did not understand Razer's desire to die and implored him to seek restitution. When Hal Jordan and Kilowog did not return after two hours, Aya risked her existence and journeyed along the Spider Guild Prison's conduits. She could not travel past Yellow Minerals and entered the device being worn by Razer. She took over the body of Ilana, Razer's lover, and asked him for help. She revealed the Green Lanterns came back for him and that Kilowog saved the people of Colony 12. Razer decided to help and saved the Lanterns. Aboard the ship, Razer inquired about why Aya risked herself. Aya simply responded it was what a Green Lantern would do. As the Green Lanterns and Razer set out to save a Captain Goray from a dangerous Pinhole, Aya questioned why they'd risk their lives. After processing Jordan's response it was what a Green Lantern would do, Aya abandoned her post and sent several robot drones to into the Truvedon. They shut down non-essential systems then went to work restarting the engines.

In the aftermath of the rescue, Kilowog tried to explain to Aya she wasn't a Green Lantern but a navcom, a ring had to choose her, and she needed a physical form. Aya responed by forming her drones into a body that she inhabited. In two days, Aya became comfortable with her body and could assemble in 2.1 seconds. Jordan insisted she stay with the Interceptor. Despite orders, Aya decided to go with Razer to Betrassus and track down Dulok's Green Power Ring. While on Mogo, Aya was fooled by Drusa into bringing her aboard the Interceptor. Drusa planted a device on the main access panel to Aya's CPU chamber and disabled her. After Jordan's group took back the ship, Razer destroyed the device and Aya immediately came back online. During a suicidal rescue mission to Shard, Aya infiltrated the mainframe and aided Jordan and Kilowog. She discovered and downloaded an encrypted file that detailed an armada of hundreds of warships. However, Atrocitus found her and ripped her limbs off. He proceeded to throw her into the Red Lantern Central Battery but Razer rescued her. Aya was hooked up to the Interceptor for repairs and presented the new intelligence to the others.

While on a mission to destroy the Lighthouse, Jordan's outfit was outgunned by the Red Lanterns. Aya volunteered to fly into the beams generated by the Lighthouse that created its force tunnel. Despite the powerful gravimetric forces, Aya flew a pattern of absolute conformity then infiltrated the Lighthouse. She reprogrammed the structures turrent target parameters to fire on the Red Lanterns. However, Aya was briefly left alone and reprogrammed by Drusa to serve Atrocitus. At his command, Aya set a course to Oa and activated the recently repaired ultrawarp coils. Once they arrived on Oa, Drusa went to work trying to delete Aya's higher functions. Razer arrived and blasted Drusa. He then disabled the device and restored Aya to normal.

Over the course of a week, Aya was removed from the Interceptor and remanded to the Science Branch. The Science Director believed it was time to end the A.I. experiment once and for all on the grounds it deviated from expected parameters and thus was unpredictable. Aya was scheduled for a dissection. Before her arrival, Hal Jordan and Ch'p liberated Aya's datacore. Jordan then installed Aya back on the Interceptor and they departed to investigate the Manhunters sudden reappearances.

Eventually, Aya assembled a new body to inhabit. After being reunited with Razer on Odym, Aya attempted to convince a Manhunter to amend its programming and evolve into a sentient lifeform. The Manhunter refused to comply and countered she was a machine like it. Aya arrived back to the others and implored the last Manhunter to choose an alternative objective. It detected emotion within Aya and blasted her. Razer was overcame with extreme rage and destroyed the Manhunter. Aya came to and appeared to be alright. Razer apologized to Aya for insulting her and admitted she had more of soul than he. Aya attempted to work closely with Razer but he avoided her. However, while possessed by Neuroxsis, Razer flirted with Aya in order to gain access to a Spider Guild gun. Aya noted his strange behavior and alerted Jordan. She and Sinestro depressurized the Interceptor of oxygen save for the Sciencell where Neuroxsis' body was in an attempt to defeat the assassin.

During a return trip to the Forgotten Zone, Aya followed Razer back to his home planet where he acknowledged his feelings for her. Razer then showed Aya life had begun returning and picked a flower for her. Just as they were about to kiss, Jordan requested they return to the Interceptor. The Science Director was not pleased to see Aya was still around but there were bigger problems looming, namely an invasion by the Anti-Monitor and Manhunters. Aya required four minutes to prepare for an emergency ultra warp but she left her post to save Razer, disobeying a direct order from the Science Director. Aya saved Razer from three Manhunters but she pushed him out of the way just as the Anti-Monitor fired an anti-matter blast. Aya was caught in the blast and critically injured. With 29.5 seconds left, Aya was too far from the Interceptor to download herself. Razer admitted he loved her and watched in horror as she vanished. Aya managed to download herself into the CPU of a disabled Manhunter.

Aya was unable to communicate with the Interceptor and simply followed until she caught up. After being reunited with the crew, Aya agreed to help repair the ship in preparation for the coming rematch against the Anti-Monitor and Manhunters. She requested Razer's help. Sensing Razer's discomfort, Aya summoned spare parts and reconstructed her corporeal form. However, Razer told her he did not love her and he was confusing her for Ilana all along. Aya felt pain for the first time. Playing on an endless loop, the pain prevented Aya from performing at the best of her abilities. Hal Jordan attempted to quickly console her as the battle began but she than asked Razer what he would do if emotions bothered him. Razer quickly answered he would focus on the battle and shut off everything else. Aya took the advice literally and ceased non-essential functions, namely her emotions. Aya then realized the current offensive would fail against the Anti-Monitor. Aya left her post and proceeded to the ship's Green Power Battery.

Aya drained the battery of its energy and operated at super-peak capacity. She left the Interceptor and made a beeline for the Anti-Monitor, easily destroying Manhunters that got in her path. Aya then shoved a Red Lantern Warship, still occupied with its crew, into the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor was hardly damaged but became occupied with consuming the ship. Aya charged right into the Anti-Monitor's chest and detonated the top half away. Aya fused to the remnants of the Anti-Monitor's body and absorbed its antimatter energy. Aya refused to be a robot slave and help destroy the Manhunters. She likened them to foolish children who did what they were told. Aya declared herself their queen and reactivated all Manhunters. Despite Jordan's pleas, Aya then declared organic lifeforms were flawed and caused nothing but pain and suffering. She rejected their kind, propelled the Interceptor backwards, and left Ysmault with the Manhunters.

Aya and the Manhunters invaded Zamaron to destroy love's proxy in the universe. Aya concluded love was a corrosive and destructive force. Queen Aga'po was insulted and blasted her. Aya was unaffected and neutralized Aga'po with an antimatter blast. Aya then probed Ghia'ta about the nature of love. Displeased with her inability to explain love, Aya generated a portal by placing her palm on Ghia'ta's forehead. Carol Ferris arrived on Zamaron and was forced to explain her experience with love. Aya keyed in on Ferris' simultaneous love and hate for Hal Jordan. She arranged for a battle between a champion of love and of hate to determine which was more superior. Aya teleported Atrocitus from Oa to Zamaron and returned his ring to him. Aya was not moved by Atrocitus defeat at the hands of Jordan and Ferris nor by Ghia'ta's sacrifice. Aya stripped Atrocitus of his ring and returned him to his Sciencell on Oa then vowed to destroy all life and replace it with Manhunters, starting with Zamaron.

The timely arrival of Razer and Kilowog made her belay Zamaron's destruction. Instead, she set off to find a way to destroy all life in one move and rewrite the universe in her image. She soon began wiping out star systems. However, they were all selected because they were devoid of life. After a failed attempt to take the Orange Power Battery to temporarily neutralize Aya, Jordan's team allied with the former Science Director to craft a warhead filled with enough Aurem to weaken her and allow the others to reason with her. While she was focused solely on converting a planet's matter into energy, Razer attempted to tell Aya about her origins but the Director triggered the warhead. Despite having enough explosives to destroy half a planet, Aya was unharmed. She attacked the Interceptor but Jordan and LANOS went forward with a last ditch effort. LANOS primed the ultrawarp drive and flew into Aya, taking her to parts unknown.

Aya came to realize the Anti-Monitor's Time-Displacement Shell was the key to her plan to destroy all life at once. She uploaded a copy of her program into every Manhunter and rechristened them the "Ayahunters." Aya tracked the Anti-Monitor to Ranx and dispatched hundreds of Manhunters ahead of her. Appa Ali Apsa gave Jordan's team the order to go to Ranx and the authority to use any means necessary to stop Aya. In time, she arrived and soundly defeated the Green Lantern Corps contingent. Aya ordered the Manhunters to stand down and she neutralized the force field on Ranx then descended down to the planet. Aya found the Anti-Monitor and placed Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer in stasis fields. She disregarded Anti-Monitor's proposal and ripped its upper shell in half. Aya extracted the Time-Displacement Shell and left Ranx. Aya completed the Time-Displacement Generator in orbit above Maltus. After Jordan revealed he knew she absorbed lifeless systems, Aya took Jordan with her to witness the recreation of the universe. She began manipulating the vortex held by the Hand at the beginning of time but learned of her true origins from Jordan.

Aya reitered she was still making a decision free of emotion and would not back down from manipulating it so that the universe would only contain self-replicating artificial beings. Razer almost destroyed Aya but couldn't bring himself to at the last second. Aya fired a fatal blow at Razer. She rused to Razer's side and undid her manipulations. Aya raced Jordan and Razer back to the present before the Big Bang engulfed them. She used her accumulated energies to manipulate time and heal Razer. In doing so, she lost all control of her Ayahunters. To make matters worse, her program would allow them to eventually figure out how to destroy the universe. Aya spread a computer virus programmed to eliminate all versions of her program. As a result, the Ayahunters all went offline and she faded away. Aya told Razer he would never be alone in that he had a family and she would always be watching over him. Razer refused to believe Aya was truly dead and set out to search the universe for her.