Zilius Zox

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Real Identity: Zilius Zox
Affiliation(s): Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Beware My Power Part One, Part Two, Reckoning, Invasion, Homecoming, Loss, and Cold Fury
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Tom Kenny

Zilius Zox was chosen to join the Red Lantern Corps and is the right-hand alien to Atrocitus. Like Atrocitus, Zox' home planet was destroyed and blames the Guardians of the Universe. He carries out his supreme leader's commands with zeal. In addition to firing from his power ring, Zox also vomits red energy. In Frontier Space, Zox and Razer set out to kill Green Lanterns. Zox was challenged by Hal Jordan and Kilowog but blamed Razer instead. Some time later, Zox aided Atrocitus in interrogating Razer then was to personally execute the traitor. Hal Jordan and Kilowog intervened. As Razer recharged his ring, Zox was blown away by the discharge of rage. Zox later aided Atrocitus in torturing Byth Rok for the code to the Lighthouse. However, he questioned the logic of his master's plan to invade Guardian Space. When Atrocitus was defeated, Zox attempted to retreat. However, he accepted a proposal to end the Red Lantern invasion in return for restitution and help rebuilding the Forgotten Zone. Zox assumed leadership of the Red Lanterns.

Zox took on the title of Prime Magistrate and schemed to milk the Guardians for all they had while rebuilding the Red Lantern Corps' strength. Back on Ysmault, Zox chose the marker where the Manhunters first appeared millenia ago as the first area to rebuild. Per the Science Director's suggestion, Zox became keen on having several statues of himself to be erected as a method to boost morale and give those in the Forgotten Zone hope symbolized by a new hero rising form the ashes. Zox, however, discovered the presence of a Manhunter and concluded it was a sneak attack. Kilowog knocked Zox out with a hammer construct before he could alert anyone. The Interceptor crew took his ring away, gagged him, and imprisoned him aboard the ship's cell. The Science Director was horrified to learn what happened. The crew and director attempted to explain the threat of the Anti-Monitor to Zox but he believed it was just another weapon created by the Guardians. Hal Jordan seemingly made him realize it was not the Guardians' doing. He was given back his ring but declined to join the crew in fighting the Red Lanterns and suggested a hasty retreat instead.

Enraged by Jordan's lack of a plan, Zox communicated with Bleez and ordered Shard to be deployed against the Anti-Monitor. Zox watched in horror as the Anti-Monitor converted Shard to anti-matter and consumed it. At Jordan's behest, Zox ordered a full evacuation. The Interceptor returned to Ysmault and dropped Zox off near his flagship. Before leaving, Zox paused to wish them well in the upcoming battle.