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Real Identity: Veon
Affiliation(s): Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Reckoning, Regime Change, Flight Club, Invasion, Homecoming, and Loss
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Jason Spisak

Veon is a Red Lantern. Unlike most of his comrades, Veon appears to walk on all fours. He was shocked when Razer, thought dead, returned to Shard. Veon was later dispatched to Betrassus after Prince Ragnar took power. In an assault on a Liberator, Veon was overpowered by Hal Jordan, whose ring was boosted by a prototype battery. In search of the code to activate the Lighthouse, Veon thought Myglom secured the correct iteration but it was a fluke. A short time later, Veon was sent to secure the Lighthouse with Bleez and Skallox. When the armada finally reached the Maelstrom, Veon was blown away by Kilowog after Saint Walker supercharged his ring.