Star Sapphire Corps

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliation(s): Star Sapphire Corps
Appearances: ...In Love and War, Homecoming, and Love is a Battlefield
Powers/Skills: Wield Power Rings
Voiced By: Various

A long time ago, an ideological conflict led to a schism of an ancient race. The Guardians of the Universe refused to allow emotion to influence their decisions. Several females argued they should. This faction of women eventually settled on a planet somewhere in Frontier Space and named it Zamaron. Some time later, the Star Sapphire Corps was founded. The Star Sapphire Corps are Lanterns who channel the power and serve the cause of love. Aga'po, their queen, believed men spread war and they should all be gentled and made whole again by love's violet light. Star Sapphire Rings are sent through energy vortices to various recruits. Upon acceptance, they are transported back to Zamaron. However, the power of the violet light appears to exert control over its user resulting in a more aggressive personality. For a time, the Corps lured males to Zamaron and trapped them in Violet Rehabilitation Crystals after offering them a respite from a staged attack by the Cephalon. The Corps often employ their feminine charm and drinks to their vicims then crystallize them and recruit their true loves.

The Star Sapphire Corps later met Hal Jordan's group and saw rare opportunity to take custody of three Lanterns. Kilowog was easily captured by his love, Galia. Hal Jordan, however, deflected the advances of Ghia'ta. Upon further examination, Queen Aga'po realized Jordan had a true love and sent a ring to Carol Ferris. Ferris accepted the ring and arrived on Zamaron. Ghia'ta was shocked when Ferris rejected her ring, a first, and returned it. Ferris' words about sacrifice and doing what is right inspired Ghia'ta to attempt to reform the dogma of the Star Sapphire Corps. After Ferris returned to Earth, Jordan's group fled the Star Sapphire Corps with Ghia'ta's help. Eventually, Ghia'ta convinced the Sapphires they had lost sight of the emotion they served and reformed. Hal Jordan and Razer later enlisted the help of the Star Sapphire Corps to defeat Atrocitus under the pretext of preventing love from being destroyed by the rage of the Red Lanterns.

The Star Sapphire Corps were later attacked by the Manhunters and were forced to stand by as the fate of Zamaron hung in the balance. Carol Ferris was chosen to serve as love's champion and battle for Zamaron's survival. In the finale, Ferris won but Ghia'ta sacrificed her life to save Hal Jordan's. Ferris chose to keep her ring and returned to Earth.

Current Members

Carol Ferris


Queen Aga'po

Deceased Members