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Real Identity: Myglom
Affiliation(s): Spider Guild
Appearances: Razer's Edge
Powers/Skills: Administration, Armed Combat, and Web Secretion
Voiced By: Robert Englund

Myglom is a warden who operated a privatized penitentiary in Frontier Space on behalf of the Spider Guild. He prides himself in the prison's rehabilitation program and its 100% success rate. Myglom and his guards secretly ate all of the prisoners and discovered a mineral that could nullify Green Power Rings.

At one point, Myglom attempted to torture the code for the Lighthouse out of Tahvaarus. He unknowingly passed on a fake code to the Red Lantern Corps. Some time later, Myglom attempted to feast on Hal Jordan and Kilowog after they stumbled upon the prison's secret. However, Myglom was defeated in combat against Hal Jordan. Myglom and the others were imprisoned in the aftermath. Goggan succeeded Myglom as warden until the Guardian's replacement arrived.