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Real Identity: Larfleeze
Affiliation(s): Orange Lantern Corps
Appearances: Larfleeze
Powers/Skills: Wields a Power Ring
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Larfleeze is the Keeper of the Orange Light. At some point, it appears he may have killed off the rest of the Orange Lantern Corps until only he was left. From a cavern temple located on Okaara, home world of the Corps, Larfleeze hoarded the Orange Power Battery, Orange Power Rings, and other treasures accumulated from uninvited guests. Over time, it became clear he was insane and putrid. In recent times, he encountered Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. Jordan fell under the battery's influence and stole it. He later returned as an Orange Lantern and evicted Larfleeze.

In anger, Larfleeze attacked Kilowog and Razer with his Glomulus avatar. They broke free and managed to work out a temporary alliance. Larfleeze would get his battery, his home, and his stuff back while Kilowog and Razer got Jordan back. Larfleeze was no match for Jordan but Kilowog and Razer convinced Jordan to overcome the Orange Light. Jordan succeeded and returned the battery to Larfleeze. Larfleeze was smitten and almost gave them a gift. He stopped himself and simply wished them a safe trip.