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Real Identity: Ghia'ta
Affiliation(s): Star Sapphire Corps
Appearances: ...In Love and War, Homecoming, and Love is a Battlefield
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Jennifer Hale

Ghia'ta is the niece of Queen Aga'po and is a member of the Star Sapphire Corps. When Hal Jordan's group rested on Zamaron, Ghia'ta was tasked with crystallizing Jordan. However, she began to develop feelings for him and Jordan did not return them as he loved Carol Ferris. Ferris then suddenly appeared on Zamaron to Jordan. Ferris misinterpreted events and blasted Ghia'ta. Once Jordan restored Ferris to her senses, Ferris rejected her ring. Ghia'ta was amazed by the act and was inspired by Ferris to teach the true concept of love. She helped Jordan's group escape by keeping the Cephalon at bay. While Aga'po believed she had much to learn, Ghia'ta believed she had much to teach. Ghia'ta's words were initially met with resistance but eventually took hold and the Corps dedicated themselves to reform. Ghia'ta was brought in as a royal advisor to Queen Aga'po. A short time later, Ghia'ta was brought in to help with Hal Jordan and Razer's request. After Jordan left for Earth, Ghia'ta managed to open a portal to Oa for Razer to save Aya.

Ghia'ta held her own in the Manhunter invasion but found herself attempting to defend the existence of love to Aya. Unable to elaborate, Ghia'ta admitted the Corps learned of love's true nature from another. Aya demanded her presence and generated a portal using Ghia'ta. Carol Ferris emerged on Zamaron. Ferris, too, was unable to convince Aya and a battle between love and hate was arranged. Atrocitus was selected to fight Ferris. Ghia'ta returned Ferris' Star Sapphire Ring to her. However, as the fight progressed, Ferris was forced to summon Ha Jordan. Just as Atrocitus was about to kill Jordan with a mouth blast, Ghia'ta leapt in front and took the full force of the attack. She died in Jordan's arms honored her last deed was one born of true love.