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Real Identity: Drusa
Affiliation(s): Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Lost Planet, Invasion, and Homecoming
Powers/Skills: Engineering, Piloting, and Technology
Voiced By: Juliet Landau

Drusa, a technical genius, is one of many stranded on Mogo. She allied with General Zartok and Grood to survive. When they met Hal Jordan's group, Drusa went off with Aya to find the new Green Lantern. She quickly saw Aya's artifical intelligence as a weakness to exploit. Drusa faked a twisted ankle and requested to be taken back to the Interceptor for medical attention. Drusa then planted a device on the main access panel to Aya's CPU chamber to disable her. Drusa took command of the ship and met up with General Zartok. Luckily, Drusa's piloting was no match for Mogo. She was taken into Mogo's custody, wrapped in rock and soil then released.

The Red Lanterns recruited Drusa and brought her along to take control of Aya and the Interceptor in anticipation of Hal Jordan destroying the Lighthouse. Drusa operated Aya once they arrived in Oan space and secured safe passage to the planet. While Atrocitus and Zox proceeded to kill the Guardians, Drusa remained on the Interceptor and went to work deleting Aya's higher functions but was knocked unconscious by Razer.