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Real Identity: Atrocitus
Affiliation(s): The Five Inversions and Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Beware My Power Part Two, Reckoning, Invasion, Homecoming, and Love is a Battlefield
Powers/Skills: Wields a Power Ring
Voiced By: Jonathan Adams

Atrocitus blames the Guardians of the Universe for the devastation of his home sector, the Forgotten Zone. He vowed to destroy their Green Lantern Corps. To achieve this, Atrocitus founded the Red Lantern Corps and began to recruit like-minded individuals to join his righteous cause. From the Shard, a space ship joined with the remnants of his homeworld, Atrocitus leads the Corps across the sectors. It is said the Orange Lantern Corps fought Atrocitus to a standstill. The Orange Lanterns' sector was the only in the Forgotten Zone not to be conquered by Atrocitus. While traveling the Forgotten Zone, Atrocitus observed a potential new recruit named Razer but he required a "nudge" to become a Red Lantern. Atrocitus secretly conquered Razer's homeworld, set its warlords against each other to foster chaos, and slain Razer's wife Ilana. Atrocitus then sent a power ring to Razer and he accepted the call.

In his latest campaign, Atrocitus sent his Corps after Green Lanterns in Frontier Space. Intrigued by Zilius Zox and Razer's claims of Green Lanterns from Oa, Atrocitus decided on a course of action to draw them out and destroy them. Razer's tracer tracked them to Colony 12. After a Liberator was planted above a volcano on Colony 12, Atrocitus issued an ultimatum: deliver the Green Lanterns to him in one solar hour or the planet would be vaporized. During the detonation countdown, Hal Jordan and Atrocitus fought atop the Liberator. Jordan was soundly beaten but at the urging of Zox, Atrocitus broke away from the battle to travel to a safe distance. Upon watching Colony 12's destruction, Atrocitus was assured the galaxy was now the Red Lantern Corps' and declared the Guardians of the Universe would soon pay for their sins.

Some time later, Atrocitus was alerted by Bleez of Razer's return. Anticipating betrayal, Atrocitus had Razer fooled into thinking his ring was recharged. Like he assumed, Razer tried to assassinate him. Atrocitus and Zilius Zox tortured and interrogated Razer about his time with the Green Lanterns. Razer remained silent and Atrocitus ordered his execution. When Hal Jordan and Kilowog appeared, Atrocitus declared no prisoners. Atrocitus inspected Shard's mainframe and captured Aya then threatened to destroy her at Battery Square. Razer faced Atrocitus alone. During the battle, Atrocitus revealed his part in Razer's recruitment to the Corps. Razer was overcome with intense rage and defeated Atrocitus. Razer chose to spare Atrocitus and took his battery and Aya back to the Interceptor.

Atrocitus later personally interrogated Byth Rok for the code of the Lighthouse. He then dispatched Bleez, Skallox, and Veon while he flew to Mogo and extracted Drusa. Atrocitus then pursued the Interceptor through the Maelstrom. As part of a set up, he had his ship rigged to explode. While Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer investigated it, Atrocitus boarded the Interceptor with Zilius Zox, Drusa, and a Red Lantern Soldier. After Aya was reprogrammed to serve Atrocitus, the ship activated its ultrawarp coils and set off for Oa. Three Liberators left by Atrocitus detonated and blew open a path through the Maelstrom for his armada to pass through. Atrocitus arrived on Oa and almost succeeded in killing the Guardians. Hal Jordan arrived just in time and offered a peaceful solution. Atrocitus rejected it and was surprisingly defeated by Hal Jordan, whose willpower was enough to save the day. Atrocitus was disarmed and taken away by Salaak for imprisonment.

Some time later, Atrocitus was teleported from his Sciencell by Aya to Zamaron to serve as the champion of hate in a battle against love's champion Carol Ferris. Atrocitus was offered freedom and the opportunity to kill the one who Hal Jordan loved. Atrocitus accepted and was reunited with his Red Power Ring. Ferris was no match for Atrocitus and summoned Jordan to Zamaron. The two held their own but just as Atrocitus fired a mouth blast at Jordan, Ghia'ta lept in front of him and took the entirety of the attack. After Ghia'ta died in his arms, Jordan punched out Atrocitus then Ferris crushed him under a crag of violet crystals. Aya was unsatisfied with the results and stripped Atrocitus of his ring. She returned Atrocitus to his cell on Oa.