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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The New Guy, Reboot, Steam Lantern, Loss, Cold Fury, and Ranx
Powers/Skills: Energy Projection, Antimatter Conversion, Antimatter Absorption, Time Manipulation, Technology Manipulation, Invulnerability, Survival in Space, and Flight
Voiced By: Tom Kenny

Eons ago, on the planet Maltus, a renegade Guardian of the Universe named Krona became obsessed with constructing the ultimate being so powerful it could accomplish anything, even time travel. Krona programmed its primary objective to probe the mystery of creation and utilize a Time-Displacement Cylinder to travel back in time to witness the birth of the universe. The Anti-Monitor was born. Once Krona activated it, the Anti-Monitor became cognizant of its own superiority and attacked. Krona managed to banish it to the Anti-Matter Universe.

The Anti-Monitor became a powerful being bent on domination and destruction. It conquered the universe alone, turned all its planets into antimatter, and consumed them. However, it was not enough. On one planet, Duke Nigel made a deal with the Anti-Monitor. If it spared his planet, he would invent a ray to cut through to another dimension. The promise of a new universe to consume satiated the Anti-Monitor. On the scheduled day, the Anti-Monitor appeared to the Duke. At the same time, the Steam Lantern attacked the Anti-Monitor. Duke Nigel fired his Ray and the Anti-Monitor moved on to another universe. However, the Anti-Monitor had consumed enough nuclear fuel of the planet's sun to doom the people in a few month's time.

The Anti-Monitor arrived at the planet Biot and sent out a low level antimatter pulse that reactivated all decommissioned Manhunters throughout the universe. Soon, an army of Manhunters would aid it in its quest of destruction. A week later, the Anti-Monitor attacked Hal Jordan's team after the Interceptor blasted the Manhunter factory. Hal Jordan formed a shield construct to block the Anti-Monitor's blast while Tomar-Re and Kilowog retreated to the Interceptor. However, the blast overpowered the construct and Jordan vanished. The Anti-Monitor and its army of Manhunters reached the Maelstrom and entered the Forgotten Zone. It detected a long range burst scan from the Interceptor and directed its forces to attack. During the battle, it fired upon Aya and Razer. Aya shoved Razer out of the way and took a direct hit. The Interceptor extracted Razer and fled the area as the Anti-Monitor opened fire again.

The Science Director attempted to destroy the Anti-Monitor with powers long thought to be locked away by the Guardians. The Anti-Monitor resisted her assault and killed her with an antimatter blast. It then proceeded to consume the Interceptor in front of Hal Jordan but Shard arrived and opened fire. It, too, resisted Shard's attacks then consumed the base. Upon shutting down her emotions, Aya came up with a strategy to defeat the Anti-Monitor once and for all. She absorbed the Interceptor's power battery's energy and operated at super-peak capacity. Aya shoved a Red Lantern Warship into the Anti-Monitor. While it was preoccupied with consuming the ship, Aya charged right into the Anti-Monitor's chest. Aya blew up the top half of the Anti-Monitor from the inside, which also deactivated the Manhunters. However, Aya fused to the remnants of the Anti-Monitor and declared herself queen of the Manhunters then left, having rejected all organic lifeforms.

The Anti-Monitor's life force survived and clung to the upper shell. It soon sensed the pull of another automated presence like the Manhunters but more complex and expansive. The Anti-Monitor arrived at the planet Ranx and devised a plan to utilize its resources to rebuild and become more powerful than ever. However, the arrival of the Manhunters prompted the Anti-Monitor to erect a planetary force field and send out a signal to recruit Hal Jordan's protection. Jordan agreed to protect Anti-Monitor but Aya arrived. She dispatched the Green Lantern Corps, neutralized the force field, and placed Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer in stasis fields. The Anti-Monitor attempted to bargain with Aya for its life. He offered to guide Aya to the beginning of time. Aya declined and ripped his upper shell in half then extracted the Time-Displacement Cylinder.