Invasion | Episode 12

Working Title: Invasion Part One
Aired: May 19, 2012
Heroes: Green Lantern Corps (Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Mogo), Razer, Aya, and Saint Walker
Villains: Red Lantern Corps (Atrocitus, Zilius Zox, Bleez, Veon, and Skallox), Byth Rok, Drusa, General Zartok, and Red Lantern Soldier
Objects: Red Lantern Warships, Nth Metal, Red Power Ring, Interceptor, Green Power Ring, Interstellar Receiver, Thalian Moon Staff, The Lighthouse, Liberators, Green Power Battery, Blue Power Battery, and Blue Power Ring
Places: The Forgotten Zone, The Maelstrom, and Shard
Written By: Ernie Altbacker
Directed By: Rick Morales