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July 19
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September 10
2 Disc DVD

September 10

The Flash

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Real Identity: Barry Allen
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed and Time Travel
Voiced By: Justin Chambers

After coming home from school, Barry Allen arrived home to a grizzly sight. Nora Allen, his mother, was murdered on her birthday. The crime went unsolved and for the rest of his life, Allen blamed himself. He believed if he ran home a little faster, he could have stopped the tragedy somehow. As an adult, Allen worked in Forensics at the Central City Police Department. Late one night, an electro-chemical reaction set off by a lightning bolt struck Allen. Instead of killing him, the accident gave Allen the power of enhanced speed from the Speed Force. Barry Allen became the heroic speedster named the Flash. Flash was beloved by his city so much, a museum was erected in his honor. On the anniversary of his mother's death, the Flash responded first to a breaking and entering at the Flash Museum. He encountered the Rogues and began to realize the intricacy of their plan was not indictive of their collective intelligence.

The Rogues were hired by Professor Zoom, a homicidal maniac from the future so obsessed with the Flash he duplicated his powers. Zoom wished to bring down the museum over the Flash while taking out as much innocent bystanders as possible. Unrevealed to the Rogues, Zoom planted them and Flash with futuristic high explosives. Unable to escape from a special adhesive, Flash spread it over Zoom. Still, Zoom was willing to die if that meant the Flash would. The rest of the Justice League arrived and saved the day. The Flash became pensive when Zoom alluded to him not being able to save his mother. The Flash ran off and used his speed to time travel and save his mother's life. However, his amateur attempt broke the time barrier and sent out ripples of distortion that shifted the entire timeline, creating a new reality. Barry Allen awoke at his desk at the Central City Police Department and learned he had no superpowers. Allen ran into his mother and began to realize he was in a much different world, unaware he was the cause of it.

Barry Allen drove to Gotham City and sought out Bruce Wayne but found his father instead. Despite sounding like a lunatic, Allen's revelation of a world where Bruce Wayne was still alive appealed to Batman. He agreed to help the Flash restore this world. First, they went about restoring Allen's powers. They took to the balcony of Wayne Manor during a lightning storm and tried to replicate the initial accident. A chemical fire broke out and Allen suffered third degree burns. Despite being close to death, Allen wanted to try again. In the second attempt, Allen regained his powers and began rapidly healing. Back as the Flash, Allen theorized Professor Zoom was responsible for changing the room. Unable to run fast enough due to Zoom's interference, Flash sought out Superman's aid. However, he didn't exist. Kal-El was taken into government custody and kept locked up underground for 30 years. Flash, Batman, and Cyborg freed him but Flash suffered a seizure. His memories were realigning to the new reality. He remembered moments from both timelines but was losing the old ones.

Flash awoke in the Shazam children's home. Upon learning Captain Jordan sacrificed his life in a failed assault, Flash convinced Cyborg and Batman to fight on by appealing to their inner good - a base belief they should use their powers, abilities, and skills to make the world a better place. Flash, Cyborg, Batman, and Captain Thunder went directly after Aquaman and Wonder Woman. In mid-battle, Flash rescued Batman after he was fatally shot by Ocean Master. Professor Zoom revealed himself and battled the Flash. Zoom beat Flash into submission and made him realize he was the one responsible for changing the world into what it was. All because of an act of selfishness. Flash watched helplessly as his allies died one by one. Zoom gloated he would finally witness the Flash's death but Batman shot him in the head from behind. The Flash took a letter from Batman and ran off to save the world. He was finally able to generate enough speed and entered the Speed Force. Flash stopped his past self from saving Nora Allen.

Barry Allen woke up at his desk again but this time all was right again. He left work to visit his mother's grave and admitted he finally understood something his mother once told him, "Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference." As the Flash, he ran to the Batcave and informed Batman of everything that transpired. The Flash was still puzzled why he still retained memories from the Flashpoint era. As he mused it was a temporal after-effect, Batman interjected and remarked it was a gift. Flash then gave Batman his father's letter. Batman immediately recognized the hand writing and was moved to tears. Batman thanked Flash, who then departed.