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July 19
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September 10
2 Disc DVD

September 10

Batman (Thomas Wayne)

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Real Identity: Dr. Thomas Wayne
Powers/Skills: Deduction, Knowledge of Sciences, Unarmed Combat, Marksmanship, Above Average Physical Attributes, and Infiltration
Voiced By: Kevin McKidd

Dr. Thomas Wayne is the late father of Bruce Wayne. Thomas and Martha Wayne were fatally shot by a small time criminal named Joe Chill in Crime Alley. Witnessing the murder, Bruce Wayne would become Batman and fight an endless war on crime. In the Flashpoint timeline, Bruce Wayne was fatally shot. As Bruce died in his mother's arms, Dr. Wayne went into a rage and beat Joe Chill senseless. Wayne declared he would get revenge on the criminal element and became Batman. 10 years later, Wayne quit practicing medicine and used Wayne Casino to fund his vigilante career. As Batman, he was willing to use guns and to kill. After Judge Dent was kidnapped by the Joker, Batman sought the location of Joker's funhouse before it was too late. He pursued Yo-Yo, a henchmen of Joker's, through Crime Alley. After a brief fight, Batman interrogated her. When she failed to give him anything, Batman simply tossed her off the side of the building to her death. Cyborg saved Yo-Yo and confronted Batman. He wanted to recruit Batman for his plan to end the war between the Amazons and Atlanteans.

Batman was considered the best tactician on the planet and the key to holding Cyborg's coalition together. Batman, however, had long concluded the war was already over and the world's end was inevitable. Back at the Batcave, Batman found Barry Allen and interrogated him. Allen soon realized Batman wasn't Bruce Wayne and instead his father. Batman started by breaking a finger. Allen confessed he was the hero Flash and was shown the location of the Batcave by Bruce. Batman was not pleased to hear his dead son being mentioned and kicked Allen. Luckily, his Flash Ring tumbled out onto the ground. Intrigued, Batman allowed Allen to use the ring to prove who he was. Allen then told Batman about his enemy Professor Zoom, time travel, and a world where Bruce lived instead of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Batman was willing to help Allen regain his powers if that meant changing the world back to what it was. From a balcony on Wayne Manor, they attempted to recreate the electrochemical accident that gave Allen his powers. The first attempt failed and left Allen badly burned and barely alive.

Batman allowed Allen to try again. During the second attempt, Batman jumped to complete a circuit. The Speed Force manifested and granted Allen his powers once more. Batman was knocked off the roof by the pulse generated but the Flash grabbed him before he was impaled by his own fence. Batman was astonished to see Allen's burns healing rapidly. After the Flash went to test his powers, Batman took the handgun that killed Bruce Wayne - knowing it would be needed soon. Unable to run fast enough, Flash implored Batman to find Superman. Batman insisted no such person existed but Flash then recalled a meteor that hit Metropolis 30 years ago. Flash realized that must have been Kal-El. In exchange for helping find Kal-El, Batman agreed to join with Cyborg. Together, they infiltrated Project Superman and extracted Kal-El. After Kal-El flew off, Flash suffered another seizure. Batman and Cyborg took him to the home of the Shazam children. Flash convinced Batman to come with them to New Themyscira on account Bruce would have gone.

Batman commendeered a jet from Wayne Casinos and took the group to New Themyscira. Batman found intelligence coming out of Europe, footage from Lois Lane of a speedster killing Amazons. Batman and Flash deduced it was Professor Zoom. As Amazons, Atlanteans, and the Resistance fought, Batman guided the others to capture Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Batman, Cyborg and Flash attacked Aquaman while Captain Thunder dealt with Wonder Woman. Batman, however, was accidentally blasted outside where Black Manta was. Batman joined up with Grifter and shot Black Manta to death after exposing his face with a grenade. Batman was fatally shot in the back by Ocean Master. The Flash intervened and took Batman to a cafe to tend to his wound. Batman ordered him to flush out Zoom and change the timeline once more then disappeared. As Professor Zoom and Flash fought, Zoom gained the upper hand and forced Flash to watch the mayhem unfold. As Zoom gloated, Batman shot Zoom's head from behind at point blank range. With his dying breath, Batman gave Flash a letter to his son. After restoring the previous timeline, the Flash went to the Batcave and told Batman all about the Flashpoint. He then gave Batman the letter. Batman immediately recognized the hand writing, read the letter, and thanked the Flash.