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July 19
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September 10
2 Disc DVD

September 10


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Real Identity: King Orin
Powers/Skills: Animal Telepathy, Survival Underwater, and Enhanced Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Cary Elwes

Orin is the king of underwater kingdom of Atlantis and the superhero known as Aquaman. As Aquaman, he joined the Justice League and fought in many foes including Starro. The Justice League gathered at the Flash Museum after an alert about a breaking and entering was flagged. The perpetrators, the Rogues, were planted with futuristic bombs by Professor Zoom and left to die, all to kill the Flash. Aquaman took custody of Top and tossed him into the harbor nearby. He then summoned a million microbes to eat away at the bomb's wiring. In the Flashpoint timeline, Orin never became a superhero. With his queen, Mera, men, Aquaman journeyed to the shores of Themyscira and formed an alliance with the Amazons. However, Orin and Diana, queen of the Amazons, had an affair. Mera knew of this and tried to assassinate Diana. Mera was instead killed. At the beckoning of his people, Orin declared war. He attempted to slaughter the Amazons with a doomsday device powered by Captain Atom. The Amazons were protected by magic and instead, over 100 million people died and western Europe sank into the ocean.

Dr. Vulko convinced Aquaman the doomsday device was too unstable. Aquaman ordered his armadas to prepare for a surface invasion of New Themyscira. Amid battle against Wonder Woman, Aquaman was ambushed by Cyborg, Flash, and Batman. As the battle progressed, Aquaman was swallowed whole by Cerberus. He killed the beast from within and sliced his way out. Aquaman then threw his trident into Cyborg's arm cannon and ripped him apart piece by piece until his heart was exposed. Just as Aquaman was about to apply the finishing blow, Kal-El shot his right arm off and blew him into a building. Aquaman discovered the lifeless bodies of his brother Ocean Master and subjects but was stabbed from behind by Wonder Woman. As she prepared to execute him, Aquaman remotely activated the doomsday device. Wonder Woman held Aquaman as the blastwave obliterated the island and everyone on it. The Flash ran back into the past and stopped himself from changing history, effectively undoing the Flashpoint timeline.