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July 19
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September 10
2 Disc DVD

September 10

Professor Zoom

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Real Identity: Eobard Thawne
Powers: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: C. Thomas Howell

Eobard Thawne lived during the 25th century. Thawne became obessed with the Flash and replicated the accident that allowed him to tap into the Speed Force, becoming the criminal Professor Zoom. Zoom ran fast enough to time travel and journeyed to the past to kill the Flash, even if it meant destroying everything around him. Due to Zoom's psychosis, luckily, he often declared his intent to the Flash and was defeated over and over. In his latest scheme, Zoom hired the Rogues to break into the Flash Museum. Once the Flash arrived, Zoom planted 25th century bombs on each of the Rogues' belts. Each bomb had enough explosives to take out 10 square blocks of Central City. Zoom wanted to erase the Flash by bringing down his shrine down around him and kill thousands of innocent bystanders. Zoom then planted a bomb on the Flash, who was bound with adhesive from one of Captain Boomerang's special boomerangs. Flash was unable to break free so he spread the adhesive over Zoom. Zoom was undaunted and prepared to die. Soon after, the Justice League arrived. Wonder Woman tried to use her Lasso of Truth to learn how to disarm the bombs. Zoom only stated the bombs could not be shut off once they were activated. Once all the bombs were defused or detonated safely, Zoom was taken to a cell at S.T.A.R. Labs by Superman. Before they left, Zoom alluded to Flash's dead mother leading him to use time travel to save Nora Allen.

Zoom was unchanged when the Flashpoint timeline manifested. He siphoned off the Speed Force in order to prevent the Flash from using time travel to stop himself in the past and rewrite history again. In mockery, Zoom planted one of his costumes in Barry Allen's Flash Ring. Knowing the Flash, Zoom also attacked and killed several Amazons, who were coincidentally about to kill Lois Lane. Batman intercepted footage of the battle and Flash deduced Zoom was taunting him. Zoom took pleasure in making Flash realize he was responsible for the end of the world because he went back to save his mother. A supreme act of selfishness shattered the time barrier and ripples of distortion radiated out through the point of impact shifting everything just a little enough for events to happen slightly differently. Zoom beat the Flash over and over as the end of the world approached. Batman used Joe Chill's gun and shot Zoom through the head. Flash was then able to muster enough energy to time travel and stop his past self from breaking the time barrier.