Mentors Part 1 | Comic 02

Released: May 6, 2020 and May 21, 2020 (Digital First), July 8, 2020
Reprinted: September 8, 2020
Heroes: Batman, Robin, and Batgirl
Supporting: Annie, Commissioner Gordon, Summer Gleason, Alfred Pennyworth, and Cassidy
Villains: Red Hood, Clayface, Deathstroke, Roxy Rocket, Sunny, Firefly, Mad Hatter, and Wonderland Gang
Objects: Utility Belt (Batarang, Rope, Freeze Capsule, Electric Batarang, Grapnel Gun, and Flashlight), Batcycle, Heavy Armor, and Hephaestus Sword
Places: Gotham City, Wayne Manor, and Gotham Natural History Museum
References: "Growing Pains", Farmer Brown, Interpol, Soder, Arkham Asylum, "Self-Portrait in the Green Bugatti", "Torch Song", "Legends of the Dark Knight", Zurich, Red Queen, Alice, and Alice in Wonderland
Writers: Alan Burnett and Paul Dini
Artist: Ty Templeton
Colorist: Monica Kubina
Letterer: Joshua Reed
Cover: Sean Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth and Dustin Nguyen (Variant Cover)
Retailer Exclusive Cover Artists: Peach Momoko (Retailer Exclusive Cover Frankie's Comics) and David Nakayama (Sanctum Sanctorum Comics)
Editor: Andrew Marino