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Written, Directed and Produced By: Carl Greenblatt
Producer: Ben Jones
Associate Producer: Kimberly S. Moreau
Starring the Voice of: Matt Jones as Deadman and Woman
Deadman Created By: Arnold Drake
Associate Production Manager: Jeff Adams
Background Design and Paint: Jeff Palm
Effects Animation: Brett Hardin
X-Sheet Direction: Bob Nesler
Animation Checking: Chuck Gefre
Animation Services Provided By: Hong Ying Universe Co., LTD
Animation Director: Qui Panlin
Animation Supervision: Tony Tang
Key Animation: Yang Yong, Tang Xun, and Cao Dongbiao
In-Between: Zhou Yihua, Zhou Bo, and Miao Huapeng
Compositing: He Jianlin
EFX: Zhu Jian
Editor: Kyle Stafford
Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor: Mark A. Keatts
ADR/Dialogue Editors: Kelly Foley Downs and Mike Garcia
Recording Facility: Atlas Oceanic Sound and Picture
Sound Reading: Fred Salinas
Post Production Manager: Matt Singer
Recording Machine Operators: Jeff O. Collins and Sarah Baluch
Online Editor: Gabriel Thorburn
Post Production Sound Services: DigiPost.TV
Production Administrator: Zoe Lane
Production Support: Tina Fallah, Audrey Kim, Tamara Miles, Kira Tirimacco, and Renee Toporzysek
Casting Administration: Liz Carroll
Production Accounting: Yadira Davis, Luisa Guzman, Debbie Lindquist, Maral Simonian, and Athena Wingate
Executive in Charge of Music: Nikki Sherrod
Business & Legal Affairs: Lori Blackstone, Sharmalee Lall, Rebecca Mathany, Bonnie Negrete, and Joulene St. Catherine
Production Supervision: Bobbi Page
Production Management: Ed Adams
Executive in Charge of Production for Cartoon Network: Tatiana Krokar and Tramm Wigzell
Executive in Charge of Production: Jay Bastian, Peter Girardi, and Jeff Prezenkowski
Executive Producer: Sam Register