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Real Identity: Zatanna "Zee" Zatara
Appearances (Super Shorts): #TheLateBabsy, #BatAndSwitch, #KaraCare, #WasabiWar, #TheSlowAndTheFurious, #DyeHarder, #AdBlockers, #ArtificialIntelligence, #VanityInsanity, #PhotoOops, #ToughCrowd, #PurseScratcher, and #AbraKachoo
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #SweetJustice Part 2, #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #AdventuresInBunnysitting, #MeetTheCheetah, #Beeline, #SuperWho?, #ShockItToMe, #SheMightBeGiant, #FightAtTheMuseum, #FromBatToWorse, #CrushingIt, #MisgivingTree, #IllusionsOfGrandeur, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #Frenemies Part 1, #Frenemies Part 2, #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, #Abracadabrapalooza, #BackInAFlash, #PowerSurge, #ScrambledEggs, #DramaQueen, #AllyCat Part 1, #AllyCat Part 2, #LivingTheNightmare, #AllAboutZee, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #CrashCourse, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #HousePest, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, #AwesomeAuntAntiope, #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 1, and #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 2
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!): Superhero Feud
Appearances (Comics): Teenage Crisis, Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14), Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco and Fall Festival), Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs and A Sticky Zit-Uation), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained and Honey, I Shrunk My Friends)
Appearances (Books): Lights-Out
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Kari Wahlgren

Zee Zatara is the daughter of Giovanni Zatara, and together they traveled the country in their recreation vehicle performing their magic act at small venues like country fairs, kid's birthdays, and senior retirement homes. Most lacked a stage. Still, they tried to get their act off the ground. Sometimes they made mistakes like her falling out of the disappearing cabinet or the fake legs falling off in the sawing in half act. Despite that or the crowds being small, they were happy because they were together. Before each act, Giovanni Zatara would get out his deck of cards and say "Across the land... Across the sea..." then turn the ace of spades then "Together out hearts...will always be." The card he picked and gave to her would always be the two of hearts. Their act wasn't the greatest and they didn't have much money but they always had each other. Zee Zatara never wanted anything to change. One morning, her magical powers finally manifested but she didn't notice at first. It started with her levitating in her sleep then the toothpaste applying itself, changing her hair by brushing it, and summoning rabbits from hats she tried on.

Still unaware, she stepped outside to join her father for breakfast. After she drank her cup of orange juice, he noticed she had a "zit" on her hose. She ran to the bathroom and tried to treat it but it vanished. Several dots of different colors appeared all over her face. He checked on her but she put on a green face peel and pretended everything was okay. He was suspicious but didn't question it any further. While Giovanni Zatara pumped gas, Zee Zatara went inside the Food-Mart to stock up. She did the coin-behind-the-ear trick on the boy in front of her in line. However, a flood of coins gushed out of his ear. She panicked and ran away. At a diner, she flirted with a boy. She parted her hair and leaned on the front display. A portal was created and she fell through it and dropped on top of him from the ceiling. The boy backwards scooted away right into another portal. She panicked and ran away. Zee Zatara went inside a Big Borger. The employee at the register greeted her with the company pun, "How mayo I help you." She tried to order a Number One combo, one cherry pie, and one order of onion rings. She suddenly spoke backwards each time she spoke. The food on the shelves behind the employee levitated and circled above her. He ducked down in fear. She panicked and ran away. The food followed after her.

Zee Zatara thought she was losing her mind. While sitting at park table, her arm suddenly got super long and punched her dad while he read the newspaper. While she got ready in the RV, a mustache and beard manifested on her face. The beard only got longer. She quickly wrapped a cloth around it. He was none the wiser. She had no idea what was happening to her and didn't think she had anyone to talk to about it. During practice, she noticed he was using the saw upside down and gestured to him. He chuckled and admitted he was planning to wait until dinner but he couldn't hold back anymore. He announced they got into Abracadabrapalooza, the biggest magic showcase in the country. It was the big break they were waiting for. He got out his phone and confirmed the booking. She became worried she would ruin everything if she performed with him. The fake legs prop stood up and kicked her from behind.

Before the showcase, Giovanni Zatara did his usual card trick but she interrupted him and told him she changed and couldn't be part of the act anymore. He understood and promised he would never make her do anything she didn't want to do. He left the dressing room. She burst into tears. Suddenly, her powers went out of control and moved everything around. The mirror cracked then the ceiling then the couch burst and the lights around the mirror turned on and off then shattered. The items in the room swirled around her then she levitated. She curled up in a ball. Giovanni Zatara knew something was wrong and called to her but the door was locked. He rammed it open and was shocked. He pulled out his wand and cast a backwards spell. Everything returned to normal. He was proud she had magical powers like him and revealed he kept them a secret so he couldn't hurt her feelings. He conjured a trunk with a top hat, wand, and book with a "Z" on the cover.

He explained it belonged to his grandfather, Luigi Zatara, who gave it to him when he got his powers. The book was now her book. She was surprised everything that happened to her was real magic. He promised the book would teach her everything she needed to know to control it. He instructed her to repeat after him. She did and she automatically read all of chapter one. Things instantly became clearer to her. He assured her the change could be a very good thing then admitted he always needed her for their show. She agreed. They hugged. Their performance was a success. A booking agent in the crowd was impressed and got them their first official tour. They traveled the country and steadily improved their act. After some time, they booked a residency at a casino in Metropolis. She began attending Metropolis High School and started to perform her own magic shows. In her teens, she became confident, fashion conscious, and a bit of a showoff.

Zee Zatara continued practicing magic but she's still getting the hang of it and hasn't realized everything what she's truly capable of. To cast her spells, she speaks it backwards. She can fly, open portals, and shoot magic blasts. At Metropolis High School, she is a member of the Drama Club. On the first day of school, Zee Zatara stepped out of her father's black limo but Mr. Zatara popped out of the sun roof and told her she forgot her backpack. Suddenly the bag was in Zee Zatara's hands as she entered the school. Barbara Gordon wiped her eyes in disbelief. During lunch, Gordon sat alone and came up with a scheme to figure who was a super, by getting them all in detention with her. She threw spaghetti right into Kara Danvers' face. Danvers thought it was Karen Beecher and threw her burger at Beecher's head. Jessica Cruz came to her rescue and deflected the second burger with a tray. It instead landed on Zee Zatara's head. Upset about her hair, Zatara threw a milk carton at Cruz's head. Gordon jumped onto the cheerleader table and declared a food fight.

The entire student body got into act. Mr. Chapin happened to be passing by the cafeteria. After being hit in the left eye, he ended the food fight. Kara Danvers finished her last move and smashed a cupcake in Zatara's face. The students pointed at Gordon, Beecher, Danvers, Cruz, and Zatara who were all in a dog pile. Chapin took the five to detention. Danvers boasted she had better aim than Zatara after she threatened to sue everyone. Cruz wasn't interested in another fight. Chapin returned with a truant officer who found a teenage girl cutting class. After they left, the girls realized she was Wonder Woman. Danvers thought she was a dumb cosplay girl. Wonder Woman declared she was Diana, Princess of the Amazons and she alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite. Danvers and Wonder Woman got into a fight. Wonder Woman easily dodged Danver's punches. To everyone's shock, Danvers punched Wonder Woman through several walls but she tackled Danvers like nothing happened. Zatara ignored everyone and filed her nails.

They realized Mr. Chapin was coming back and tried to quickly reassemble the room. Zatara cast a spell speaking backwards and the room was magically restored to what it looked like before detention started. Chapin entered and everyone grinned back at him. He asked if everything was all right. Zatara confirmed. Chapin retrieved his keys and left. Gordon felt validated. She admitted her scheme then announced she was Batgirl. Wonder Woman was elated and hugged her as a sister-in-arms to help carry her burden. Gordon got loose and corrected her, she had five. The others weren't interested. Zatara stated she was an artiste, not a police officer. Gordon tried to appeal to them with the allure of heroes and villains, fighting crime, hidden lairs, and secret identities. Zatara pointed out to maintain a secret identity, one had to convincingly pass as a normal human being. Gordon made them a proposition: give the team idea try and Wonder Woman would train them in how to be a hero and in exchange, they would give Wonder Woman a makeover.

Everyone agreed to try it out. Zatara couldn't refuse the offer of makeover and joined in. Gordon hugged them all at once and declared super awesome, super hero-ness was imminent. The girls took Wonder Woman to a department store to work on her alter ego's wardrobe. After everyone piled clothes onto her, Zatara tripped Gordon before she could get an accessories then cast a spell and dressed Wonder Woman in geek chic. Zatara presented her as Diana Prince, foreign exchange student from Greece. Before Wonder Woman started training them, she took them to a roof and asked them to list their name, rank, and skills. She assessed their weaknesses, too. Zatara changed into her stage costume in an instant and called herself Zatanna. Wonder Woman was impressed and asked what else she could do. Zatanna listed she could turn a red heart black, asked if she ever saw a jumping jack then invited her to check behind her ear. Wonder Woman found a card and recognized it was some sort of sorcery.

Zatanna did the unending cloth out of the top hat trick next. Wonder Woman recognized she possessed great quantities of style but she had to learn to channel her magic into a cause, their cause. She also didn't approve of Zatanna's costume and told her to think of another. Batgirl suggested a cape. Wonder Woman took the team to a junkyard and set up mannequins as substitutes for citizens in peril. All they had to do was save them in time. For Zatanna's challenge, mannequins were placed on a conveyor belt headed to the compactor. Zatanna performed an overly elaborate set of motions then sent a magic beam to simply flip the switch off. She bowed to constructs of clapping hands she made. Batgirl got her attention and pointed. Zatanna realized all of the mannequins got compacted into cubes. For normal teenager lesson number four, Gordon took Wonder Woman to a comic book store to learn about pop culture. Zatara was skeptical and picked up a random comic book in disgust. Gordon realized it was a super-rare Batman giant super-special with a limited edition pull-out Batman poster.

For lesson number 26, Zatara chose Star Nails. She claimed it was important for a normal teenage girl to pamper and take care of herself. Wonder Woman, however, didn't understand the concept of relaxing and resisted the efforts of the Star Nails staff. She inquired if toe nails were the point of focus in the world of man. Zatara took a cucumber off her eye and confirmed. One of the workers noticed Wonder Woman had enormous calluses and readied a grinder. Wonder Woman mistook it as a weapon and chased the staff around with the Lasso of Truth. To cap the night, Zee Zatara proposed they go to an ice cream parlor named Sweet Justice. Gordon and Prince were bewildered since it was their first visit. Zatara ordered a candy cake triple ripple tower with rainbow sprinkles for Gordon and a death by chocolate for Prince. Diana Prince declared they had to celebrate every future victory at Sweet Justice. Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started.

The girls were unsure of what to do until one of the robots charged towards a little boy wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses who was unaware of what was happening. Wonder Woman shoved it and declared their mission was to protect the innocent. Zatanna blasted them. When beckoned by Wonder Woman, Supergirl went ahead of her orders and attacked. One of Zatanna's blasts went through a wrecked robot, hit Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman crashed into Supergirl. The Demo-Bot was launched in the air towards the teens. Green Lantern made a trampoline construct but it bounced into a support beam and the roof started to collapse. Green Lantern shoveled the rest of the civilians outside. While the girls bickered, Batgirl dug a logo out of the rubble and realized the Demo-Bots were Lexcorp property. She immediately suspected Lex Luthor. The girls were skeptical then disbanded. To make matters worse, Hippolyta, Diana's mother, and the Amazons arrived to take Wonder Woman back to Themyscira because she left without permission.

After a late night call from Harleen Quinzel, Gordon remembered best friends were worth fighting for. Gordon suited up and drove around the city going door to door to try to convince everyone to get the team back together but everyone refused. Batgirl got another idea. She triggered an alarm on everyone's phones to get them to listen to her or the alarm would keep ringing. She informed them of Wonder Woman's plight and pleaded with them to help save her because best friends were worth fighting for. Danvers asked her to report what she said because she cut out. The girls clung to the rear of the Amazonian ship. They were quickly caught. They pleaded with Wonder Woman to be their leader again. Zatanna and an Amazon pulled at each other's hair. Supergirl reminded her of the time she said she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl admitted that wasn't going to be herself, it was going to be Wonder Woman. Zatanna got into a slap fight with an Amazon. Wonder Woman smiled and stood up to her mother, declaring Amazon law confirmed she was a woman and free to choose who she wanted to be.

The team was reunited and flew back to Metropolis on a carpet construct. Batgirl declared to Wonder Woman that disobeying her mother was lesson 218 and she was officially a teenager (and they were a team again). As they made landfall, they sighted the Demo-Bots approaching the Metropolis Pier. They met Lena Luthor, the true mastermind behind several businesses being destroyed. She told them her plan was to trap ever teenager in the VR world of Lexcorp's VR Glasses then children would rule the city. They found it rather dumb. Batgirl declared their friendship would never be destroyed. The robots were too large in number for the six heroes to stop. Wonder Woman suggested they take out the general to defeat the army and Batgirl came up with a plan to short out the warsuit by jolting the mainframe. Supergirl got an idea to use a guitar and amp to short out Luthor's warsuit. Bumblebee connected the motherboard and cable to the suit's CPU while Batgirl rigged the amp to go past its maximum of 10.

Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl distracted Luthor while Bumblebee flew into the suit and Green Lantern got Batgirl past the Demo-Bots in a bumper car construct. Zatanna created many mirages of herself. With the amp hooked up, Batgirl turned it to 11 and threw the guitar to Supergirl. As soon as the suit went offline, so did all the Demo-Bots and the Lexcorp VR Glasses. A crowd gathered and cheered them on as the Super Hero Girls. Barbara Gordon got an idea to use Sweet Justice after Wonder Woman declared the team should celebrate every victory there. During the three months it took for Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild Sweet Justice, Gordon made a few late night trips to the construction site to build a secret underground base. On the night of the grand opening, Gordon revealed the base to the team. Zee Zatara had her first paid performance as a solo magician coming up and needed someone to bunnysit her two magical rabbits. She texted Kara Danvers and got her to "agree" to bunnysit the next day.

Danvers was woken up from her sleep early the next morning. Zatara presented Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III and Dandelion Pipkin Da Heisenplay, in seperate cages, to Danvers. Danvers had little recollection of her promise and asked why she didn't include them in her act. Zatara scoffed at the suggestion and found that a bit much for a children's birthday party. Zatara cast a spell to clean up the bedroom then gave Danvers instructions. First, they were to be given only organic vegetables, cut into segments of no larger than one inch cubed. Second, their intake of cruciferous vegetables had to be limited. Blackberry, in particular, had some issues with stomach discomfort recently. Third, they needed access to freshwater at all times that had to be no cooler than 57 degrees Fahrenheit or 13.5 degrees Celsius. Fourth, for brushing, it was three gentle strokes to the left and five to the right. Lastly, the most important rule was to never put them together. She told the rabbits goodbye and they waved back. She went to Pelham Park and performed her magic act at a birthday party for a boy named Tommy.

Danvers ignored the big rule and she was soon overwhelmed with baby magical rabbits exponentially appearing into existence. Just as Zatara was about to produce a quarter from behind his ear, a wave of magical rabbit babies made its way to the park. Zatanna and Supergirl emerged from the rabbits. Zatanna was not happy and exclaimed she gave her one rule about bunnysitting, to keep her two magical rabbits apart. Supergirl claimed she did for 10 minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl claimed five minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl claimed three minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl admitted it was only for a minute. Zatanna was upset. Supergirl asked how she could have ignored their love for each other. Zatanna pointed out that was exactly the problem. Tommy, now seated at the top of a slide, complimented Supergirl's "Superman" costume. Supergirl corrected him that it was not. Zatanna introduced Supergirl as her lovely assistant for her next trick, to make all the rabbits disappear. She demonstrated and tossed a baby rabbit into her hat, an open portal. Tommy and his friends cheered. Supergirl tossed more then ripped the slide off and funneled them into the hat.

Supergirl flew around the rest and created a whirlwind that went into the hat. As Zatanna and Supergirl bowed, Tommy proclaimed Superman's sister was the best. Supergirl had just about enough of him. However, another wave flooded the park and carried Supergirl, Zatanna, Tommy, and his friends into the city. Zatanna was upset Supergirl broke the one rule that mattered and got even more annoyed when she learned Supergirl renamed them Merlin and Harry Houdini. She changed into her hero costume and cast a hate spell to drive her rabbits apart. She worded it incorrectly and the baby rabbits combined into a giant monster. Supergirl was unable to land a blow because the monster could recede its "skin" and Supergirl would fly right through the temporary hole then it reformed the hole. It grabbed Supergirl and threw her into its mouth. Supergirl found Zatanna's rabbits and flew out of the monster's chest. With reservations, she pulled them apart and the monster vanished. The citizens witnessing the incident cheered. Back at Danvers' bedroom, Zee Zatara cast another spell to clean things up and repeated her rules to Danvers.

The girls went to the base to watch Gordon and Beecher unveil the Bumblebee suit. Zee Zatara thought it was simply divine. The growth tech still failed. Zatara pointed out she was cute in her small form. Gordon assured her they just had to make a quick trip to the mall for parts. Zatara had a show with her father that night and had to decline going along with them. Cruz revealed she was protesting their show for using animals. Zatara was elated and proposed they share a cab. Diana Prince went into the girls locker room to get ready for gymnastics practice while the others cleaned up in the halls of the vandalized school dance posters. Cheetah ambushed Prince in the locker room. The girls heard Prince scream and checked on her. Prince didn't get a good look at her assailant. Danvers hit the fire alarm to evacuate the other students. They suited up but Cheetah slashed up the electrical panel and caused a school-wide blackout during the storm. With a lot of territory to cover, they split up.

Zatanna searched the cafeteria. Cheetah peered out from a table. Zatanna freaked out and blasted blindly. She thought she saw it atop the vending machine. Cheetah shoved tables aside and charged but Zatanna flew out of the cafeteria. Supergirl wasn't impressed with its super speed and tried chasing after it into the hall but Zatanna was spooked and blasted Supergirl. Supergirl was immobilized for about seven hours. Cheetah attacked Zatanna. After the battle with Cheetah, Prince checked on a noise in the gym but it was the other Super Hero Girls. She was worried about Supergirl. Zatanna assured her she would be fine in about seven hours. Zatara found Leslie Willis' mean memes funny at first. Prince did not. Zatara thought they were just embarrassing moments but Prince believed it hurts anyone when they were mocked and ridiculed. Zatanna made a flashier entrance, coming out of a portal, than Livewire and drew more applause. Livewire fried her hair. During prank night at Glen Morgan Square, Livewire asked the audience who wore it better: Zatanna or porcupines. Zatanna's mouth was open in shock. Zatanna and the other girls eventually joined Wonder Woman and braced themselves against Livewire's attacks.

Zee Zatara and Jessica Cruz helped Barbara Gordon finish unpacking her belongings in her bedroom and organize the contents. Cruz saw one last box and it had Gordon's Bat-Mite doll in it. She told them a story about one of the times she tried to meet Batman but got teased by Robin instead. Zatara was confident her directing debut at Metropolis High would be an absolute triumph because Prince would be her Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet." On Friday, Zatara watched the play from backstage. She thought Prince was amazing. She also thought she was, too. Beecher informed Zatara that their Romeo, Oliver Queen, refused to go on stage on account of the costume being inaccurate. He stormed off. Zatara was still confident the understudy would continue in his place. Beecher informed her Garth Bernstein was out sick. Trevor, the under-understudy took to the stage. Zatara contemplated sending Bernstein to the 27th dimension. Trevor read his lines terribly from a sheet then puckered up to kiss as the play dictated. Prince blushed with intensity and the set collapsed on them along with the curtains, lighting, and scaffolding.

Things got progressively worse until Prince slipped into a delirious state. Gordon suggested they take out the source of her crush, Steve Trevor. The girls prepared to attack him in an ambush but Batgirl simply hacked the military academy he applied to and got him accepted so he would leave Metropolis High. After Cruz spent a lot of time trying to befriend Pamela Isley, the girls staged an intervention. and lured Cruz to a classroom with a fake ad about orphaned puppies. Diana Prince admitted it was a clever ruse then told her Isley was not exhibiting signs of receptive to her amicable advances. Cruz was oblivious and believed they were chatting all day and were becoming quite close actually. Zee Zatara shook Cruz and yelled at her to wake up and smell reality because she wasn't into her. Cruz calmly pushed Zatara off her and left the room.

At end of another successful performance, Zatara magically appeared on stage and thanked the audience then asked for a round of applause for his daughter. Zee Zatara smiled and did a curtsy. Zatara performed his last trick, a disappearing act. After she stepped into a cabinet, Zatara cast a spell. The cabinet levitated off the stage. When it was opened, she was gone. The audience applauded. She exited a portal backstage. Later that night, Beecher hung out with her in her bedroom. She saw the whole show and thought they were amazing. Zee Zatara was oddly glum. When Beecher mentioned she was the biggest celebrity she knew, Zatara perked up and declared she was about to become bigger. She had been working on her on act on the side. Beecher became her unwitting assistant and they headed to the Metropolis Pier the next day. Zatara gave her a bullhorn and gestured her to start. Beecher took out her script and read off it but couldn't pronounce "prestidigitation."

To Zatara's surprise, the crowd gathered around a street magician named Ace of Spades and paid her no attention. She was not impressed and saw through his coin trick as a combination of switching hands and using a double-headed coin. To her dismay, he did a detachable thumb trick. Next, he had a woman pick a card from deck. He tore off his shirt to reveal an ace of spade tattoo on his chest. It was the card she drew. Another woman fainted. Zatara had enough and called him a fraud then knocked his deck to the ground. A boy thought he turned all his cards into the ace of spade rather than cheating. She performed her magic, turning a man's flower prints from his aloha shirt into an actual bouquet of flowers. A bald man grew luscious blonde hair. Confetti turned into butterflies. A man in the crowd called it fake and the crowd dispersed. A man loved Ace's magic because he found it raw and real. Zatara became enraged and cast a spell at Ace. When he tried his card trick again, it failed because there was a monster's face on his chest instead of an ace.

Zatara and Beecher went to get ice cream. Gremlins teleported out of Ace's chest because of the spell. They chased children from the bumper cars, a bouncy castle, and the carousel. Beecher and Zatara were unaware of the developing situation and the latter sulked. A Gremlin landed on their ice cream. Zatara didn't know what to do until Beecher talked some sense into her and they changed into their hero guises. One landed on Zatanna's head. She was grossed out and tossed it. Two gremlins chased after a mother and her child in bumper cars. Zatanna flew off on a horse from the carousel and blasted the cars. Bumblebee chaster after gremlins into the claw crane. They tried to grab her with the claw. Zatanna saved the mother and child at the end of the pier but was knocked off her horse into the arcade. She attempted to play the claw crane but missed. Zatanna told her to just fly out. Bumblebee told her to teleport her out. Zatanna realized she should have done that and did. It was chaos outside. The rollercoaster crashed. A Ferris Wheel rolled away.

Zatanna didn't know what to do. Bumblebee realized the gremlins weren't evil and were just trying to have fun. Zatanna got an idea to perform her show for them. Beecher read her script again and was finally able to say "prestidigitation." The gremlins were intrigued and gathered for the show. Zatanna conjured constructs of a deck of cards and turned the ace of hearts purple. Beecher's dress turned into the same color. Then turquoise and red. She levitated Beecher through a ring and she returned to normal. She conjured a basket and Beecher dropped in. Zatanna held out her hat and Beecher dropped out of it back onto the stage. She performed the disappearing act then asked if anyone in the audience wanted to try. The gremlins piled into the cabinet. Zatanna cast a spell the teleported them back to their home dimension. She was unaware two were hiding in her trunk.

While the Super Hero Girls looked for vandals in Sinister Slum, they met Da Invincibros. Green Arrow found Zatanna's reaction to a Green Lantern being Hal Jordan bland and overly dramatic then realized she was Zee Zatara, his onstage nemesis. She had no idea who he was even after he took off his domino mask, said his real name was Oliver Queen, and the Trisan to her Isolde. Zatanna cut through the awkwardness and pointed out Batgirl was Barbara Gordon to her annoyance. Once it became clear to even Jordan that neither team were the vandals, Wonder Woman pointed out they were taken for fools and the same Kryptonian art was on a wall. Arrow bemoaned the irony. Zatanna finally remembered who he was. The teams raced to the next location. Green Arrow pinned Zatanna to wall by shooting an arrow into her cape. She conjured a portal and he ran right in. The teams faced off against General Zod, Ursa, and Non. Things didn't go well until Wonder Woman snapped out of her crush trance on Steve Trevor and devised a plan.

Green Arrow called out to Non. Zatanna appeared with a big neon sign advertising her magic act. She conjured a radio that started playing rock music. Arrow tossed his quiver to Zatanna then a cabinet appeared and he was crammed inside it. Zatanna readied an arrow then stabbed it through the cabinet. Arrow groaned in pain. Non's curiosity was piqued and his grip on the bus began to loosen. Non was pleased with the tons of arrows jammed through the cabinet. He gleefully clapped. Ursa and Non both let go of the bus full of people they were holding hostage. The Green Lanterns created giant hands and cradled the underside of the bus as it fell to the street. Zatanna readied the grand finale and pierced the cabinet with a giant arrow. There was a loud groan and Arrow proclaimed he was dead. Non clapped. Arrow popped out unharmed. Non became very upset. Zatanna told Arrow to get back into the cabinet and readied another arrow. He refused. Non fired his heat vision. Zatanna incanted and teleported herself and Arrow away.

On Wonder Woman's signal, Zatanna and Green Arrow appeared. Arrow grabbed one of the three pieces of Kryptonite made by Hawkman but Zatanna swiped it to his dismay. Zatanna tapped Non's shoulder. She told him to wait and asked what was behind his ear. He checked and it was her piece of Kryptonite. He was powerless. Green Arrow fired a boxing glove arrow at his chest and he was knocked through the portal back to the Phantom Zone. Starro rampaged through the city. The Super Hero Girls responded and tried to restrain it by grabbing each appendage but Batgirl walked off to take a call. Green Lantern tried to pull Zatanna free of Starro but all three were propelled backwards like a rubber band. The girls traded blasts with it and were barely able to send Starro to another dimension with the crystals. During their first encounter, Harleen Quinzel produced a pen and claimed it was invisible ink. However, it was super permanent industrial ink and it spilled on Zee Zatara's vest. Not even magic could get rid of it.

The girls took Harleen Quinzel on a tour of the city, mostly out of respect for Gordon. Zee Zatara tried to enjoy a cupcake with sprinkles but Harleen Quinzel gobbled hers down loudly and with her mouth open. Some sprinkles even fell on Zatara's cheek. She ran out of the booth. Quinzel ate her cupcake, too. The girls recovered from a day with Harleen Quinzel in the secret headquarters. Zatara believed Gordon had to know it was a disaster. Gordon wanted to book even more time with Quinzel and show her the headquarters. Zatara agreed with Prince that wouldn't be prudent. They all admitted Quinzel was the worst. Gordon tried to exit up the chute but kept sliding back down. Zatara quietly stopped Beecher from intervening. Catwoman's crew eventually caught the attention of the Super Hero Girls just as they planned. Zatanna and Livewire fired at each other. Zatanna and Green Lantern were forced back to back using shields to defend against Sapphire and Livewire. Harley planted a bomb near them.

Zatanna and Livewire were at a stalemate until Harley captured the Super Hero Girls with the Lasso of Truth. Batgirl then the police arrived and prompted the villains to retreat. Unable to tell anyone about Harley Quinn's plot to blow up the bridge, Bumblebee flew to Zatanna's penthouse. Zatanna was reading and swatted her aside without thinking then realized she was Bumblebee. Bumblebee unleashed a stream of conscious thought about her not saying anything and listening to her. Zatara gestured her to continue. Bumblebee told her about Harley, the other villains, and the bombs. Zatara agreed they had to stop the villains and save the city but first, she had to find her cape. She dug around her bedroom. Bumblebee lost her cool and flied back to the bridge screaming. She found her cape, changed to Zatanna, alerted everyone else, and gathered at the bridge. Zatanna ruined the heroic pose and told Bumblebee she found her cape. During the fight, Zatanna zapped Star Sapphire. The two teams regrouped and charged at each other.

On the night of another magic show at the casino, Zee Zatara had Karen Beecher assist her in getting ready. In order, she used foundation, shade and highlight, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Beecher became concerned. Zatara assured her the secret to looking good was to look exaggerated up close, so you look fabulous from afar. Beecher saw her reflection and shoved Zatara aside. She realized she had a zit between her eyebrows. She asked Zatara for help. She was reminded of when her magical powers first manifested and told Beecher the very long story since it showcased the lesson of going through confusing changes at a certain point in life. She ended by emphasizing the secret is to embrace the changes when they came even if they seemed strange at first. Beecher pondered her words then asked if she could borrow her makeup or not. Zatara frowned and groaned. She used a makeover spell to try and find a new costume for Supergirl but she kept rejecting everyone until she finally settled on one that was mostly white. Zatara thought Likeable Lass had excellent superhero alliteration. She worried the newfound game would go to her head. It did.

Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Zatara and Queen were paired, to their collective annoyance. On Saturday, at the mall, Zatara asked Oliver Queen if he agreed they both despised him. He agreed then questioned what she asked. Zatara proposed to treat the assignment like an acting exercise: she would play the role of Mother and he would play the role of Father. Queen accepted, stated he could play a father in his sleep, and wanted to come up with a tragic backstory. Zatara swiped the egg and walked over to sit with Garth Bernstein and Barbara Gordon. Gordon revealed Bernstein had an old baby carrier laying around so they used it for the egg. Bernstein was a little embarrassed his mother kept all his baby stuff in his room for him to use instead of getting normal things.

Queen joined them and jabbed that he had a mother who actually had affection for her offspring. Gordon asked Bernstein to have the egg for the night to introduce it to the superhero life. Bernstein refused and thought it would be too dangerous. Zatara agreed and thought they had their A in the bag. Queen scoffed at her talking about grades. Zatara raised her voice and asked if they could just have a meal. Everyone in the immediate area froze and stared at their table. Queen and Zatara started arguing. On Sunday, Quinzel and Danvers plotted to steal Queen and Zatara's egg to replace theirs. Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel sneaked around the casino. The plan was for Quinzel to make a distraction while Danvers stole Zatara's egg. They overheard Oliver Queen yelling about how she didn't know the first thing about raising an egg. Zatara was insulted. Something crashed. Queen took offense to her thinking she could walk all over him. Something shattered. Quinzel remembered there was another egg. Danvers quickly agreed to go after it. They sneaked away. Queen demanded to see his egg.

Zatara went to Sweet Justice, shoved Hal Jordan aside, and told Queen she spoke to her attorney and decided to allow partial custody. She handed him half of a boiled egg. Queen gasped. Zatara realized she disqualified them from getting a passing grade in Home Ec. Danvers and Quinzel screamed outside. The former fainted. Zee Zatara was set to direct another play. She didn't like anyone for Swash Buckler. Zatara declared tryouts a disaster even though it stood to be the best play she ever did. She pointed out the hand-sewn costumes soaked in seawater for authenticity and the most ambitious set in Metropolis High history, an accurate ship named the Impolite Minnow. She also implied she, the finest and most gifted actor to grace the stage, would portray Lady Catharine. Karen Beecher didn't catch on she was talking about herself. She showed Beecher a sketch of Swash Buckler and sighed in exasperation. Oliver Queen arrived, to her dismay. Queen touted his past portrayals as the Phantom and the Streetcar and reviews from Lois Lane who wrote his performances were "bold," "brash," and "bang on the beam." Queen was ready for dress rehearsal.

Beecher thought he seemed pretty perfect. Zatara hesitated to agree then another try out appeared, Mortimer Drake. Drake aced it and even got Bernstein, Allen, and Jordan to carry Queen away. Queen protested and had them put him down then sped back to the stage. He was shocked they were considering Drake. Beecher and Zatara huddled. Zatara wasn't sure who to pick. Beecher suggested a callback. Zatara realized Queen would hate that and issued a callback. As she predicted, Queen hated it and felt the greatest insult in his life. Mortimer Drake was clearly favored by Zatara and Beecher during the callback. Queen noticed a print out of Up Past 8's "Out 2 Late" lyrics in Beecher's backpack. He snatched it and ran to backstage. He waited for the right moment and fired it with an arrow onto Drake's script right when he turned away. Drake read the lyrics aloud and upset Zatara. Beecher sang along. Zatara decided to make Drake an understudy of Queen. On the night of the play, Queen warned Drake. Drake naturally was coy. Queen slipped that he sabotaged Drake during callback. Zatara heard and gave the role to Drake.

Queen discovered a review of a fifth grade production of The Three Musketeers and read it. He discovered Drake was lambasted for his performance as D'Artagnan while Zatara was praised for her Milady de Winter. Queen then saw numerous photos of Zatara crossed out. He realized Drake was out for revenge and suited up as Green Arrow. Meanwhile, as the play went on, Drake deviated from script and declared he knew the exquisite sting of public humiliation, repeating that awful experience in his head over and over, being stuck in the worst day imaginable then announced it was the day his life was ruined by Zee Zatara. The crowd gasped. Zatara didn't understand what was happening. Drake ripped off the costume, revealing another costume under it, and proclaimed he was the Cavalier. Garth Bernstein manned a fan near him so his cape would flow dramatically. He asked her if "Mortimer Drake" rang any bells. Zatara didn't remember him at all. He even mentioned Central City Elementary. She noted she met so many people in her lifetime.

Drake was annoyed and pressed on with getting his revenge then threw his sword. Green Arrow swung by and grabbed Zatara just in time. She was disgusted and ordered him to get off her. Arrow asked for a sword. Cavalier told Arrow to stay out of his way. Arrow countered he would always protect his friends, even the ones he hated like Zee Zatara. The battle began. Zatara ordered Beecher to lower the curtain because her play was ruined. However, the crowd loved what was going on. Zatara shook Beecher and told her to raise the curtain because it was a triumph. Arrow teased he deserved the bad reviews. Cavalier countered he had as much stage presence as Zatara. She took offense. Cavalier was defeated and put on a remarkable death scene asking to be remembered as an actor. It even impressed Arrow. Cavalier thanked him and admitted he lied about his delivery and found it exquisite, musing he could even make the terrible play sound good. Queen thought he was too kind and thought his immense talent shows right through Zatara's unimaginative direction. Cavalier thought her acting was as dynamic as a wet cloth draped over a radiator. They laughed. Zatara pointed out she was standing right by them.

The girls were at their booth in Sweet Justice when a 24/7 Live news report came on the TV. Zee Zatara recognized what the Book of Eternity was and did a spit take. Beecher ducked to avoid the stream of ice cream. Zatara told the girls about the Book and how dangerous it was. With Batgirl out of town for the weekend, the Super Hero Girls called on Catwoman to help them infiltrate the Lexcorp Tower so they could steal the Book of Eternity and prevent its misuse. Zatanna was supposed to make small talk with Luthor and get him to say "Lex Rules" because it was required for them to be able to use his private elevator but he ignored her and talked to two other women. She eventually teleported the women away then told Luthor off and eventually got him to say the words with a guessing game. Bumblebee pointed out the camera inside wasn't disabled. Zatanna opened a portal and Supergirl neutralized the guard watching the camera feeds. Luthor waited for them in his secret lair and easily defeated them thanks to the Book of Eternity.

Zatanna was silenced mid-casting when a gun fired an adhesive over her mouth then on her hands. In the end, Catwoman freed the girls and they destroyed a meteor before it hit the city. Catwoman tried to steal the Book for herself but was forced to turn it over to Wonder Woman. The girls had a slumber party at Zee Zatara's hotel room. Danvers had a little nightmare about roaches. They all admitted they hated nightmares, to Zatara's surprise. She admitted she had no fears or insecurities, hidden or otherwise, then stated she didn't get why they all did because they were all too fabulous for that sort of thing. Danvers' foot dropped down and woke Zatara up. She pushed it away then turned over. Danvers' kicked in her sleep and launched Zatara into the TV. She stood up from the floor annoyed but noticed everyone was whimpering in their sleep. She opened one of Beecher's eyelids and realized magic was at play. Zatara went to her bed and took her spell book out. She recited a new spell and learned it then she lied back down, crossed her arms, and cast the spell. She astral projected herself then went into Beecher first.

Beecher was subjected to her fear of public speaking. Fuseli hid among the panel present and taunted Beecher as she tried to lecture about the quantum mechanical model of the atom. Zatara tried to reason with her in vain. Beecher was suddenly wearing the bunny pajamas from her Aunt Carol. Fuseli mocked Beecher then opened a portal and jumped through it. Zatara pursued the being into Diana's nightmare. Diana warned Zatara to stay quiet because "they" approached, those with jaws of steel, fangs like swords, whose kind have terrorized the forests of Earth since time immemorial, ravaging whatever creature they should find for their supper yet in the world of Man, these same monsters were placed in the cradles of infants. Teddy bears of many colors appeared to them. Zatara was not impressed with Diana's fear of bears. The teddy bears kept saying "I like to hug" over and over as they swarmed around Diana and buried her alive. Zatara tried in vain to pull them away. A green teddy bear stop the pile shifted its face into a sinister grin then twisted only its head towards Zatara, laughed, and jumped through a portal. Zatara followed.

The dream realm represented Metropolis. Suddenly, Batgirl dropped out of the sky into her arms. Batgirl was noticeably scared and urged her to run away. Zatara scoffed and figured it was Easter bunnies. Flying sharks rained down on them. Batgirl outran Zatara and yelled for the shark-repellent Bat-Spray. Zatara had no idea what she was talking about then realized she was holding a tray of Bat-Sprays. One for whales, one for manta rays, and one for sharks. The evil teddy bear from Wonder Woman's nightmare rode one of the sharks. The bear revealed its impish form. Batgirl sprayed the shark and it skidded across the street. He left the nightmare in a portal. The realm now resembled Metropolis High. She called out asking who he was. Fuseli introduced himself as the bump in the night, the monster under the bed, Lord of Night Terrors. She wasn't impressed and asked why he was in her friends' dreams. He corrected her. He was in their nightmares. While he filed his claws, he remarked nightmares were where the fun was and were he could feed off fear and insecurity.

Fuseli darted around in a game of cat and mouse with Zatara. She eventually found Cruz in the library Fuseli pointed out types like her had a gold mine of fears and insecurities if you dug deep enough. A female voice told Cruz she wasn't good enough. Books with teeth starting flying around telling Cruz she was weak and useless. Fuseli joked they sounded like his ex. The bookshelves closed in around Cruz. Zatara tried to cast but could not. Fuseli teleported around and revealed her she had no power in nightmares. The bookshelves started to close in around Zatara but she got an idea and opened a portal to her dream. It was where she would have her magic powers because she lacked fear or insecurity. Fuseli was not impressed. She changed into Zatanna and blasted at him. He skidded around and dodged her blasts then hid under her bed and found a chest. He realized she didn't know what it was and someone else magically locked her fears away for her. He unlocked it by changing an index finger into a key and Nega-Zatanna manifested, the culmination of the fear she had of herself and what her magic might do. Fuseli found that to be the funnest kind.

Zatanna strained to repel Nega-Zatanna's magic. Fuseli laughed and mimicked Zatanna's prior claim she had no fears and insecurities. She realized it was still her magic and despite what she knew, what she had yet to discover, good or bad, light or dark, it was her magic to do with as she chose. Fuseli became nervous. She absorbed all of the magic and Nega-Zatanna then pulled Fuseli to her. He frantically tried to hold onto her bed post but lost his grip and she held him close. She woke up with Fuseli. The other girls soon woke up, too. Zatara explained Fuseli was the source of their nightmares and he was now completely, totally, and utterly powerless in their realm. Danvers asked what they should do with him. Zatara mused it should have to do with fears and insecurities. Fuseli gulped at her implication.

One day at Metropolis High School, Casey Krinsky bumped into Zee Zatara. She apologized for being such a klutz and realized who she bumped into. To her surprise, Zatara helped her up and gave her her bag since her backpack got torn up. Krinsky declared she was the most popular and most nicest girl in school. Zatara chuckled and asked what her name was then told her it was nice to meet her. Zatara told her she would see her around then left. Krinsky was enamored. The cafeteria was serving tots for Tot Day so Krinsky secured six bowls for the girls before it ran out. By the time the girls rushed inside, it was all gone. Krinsky called out to Zatara and presented the tots. She was an instant hit with the girls. Krinsky commented it was her pleasure then ominously stated she would do anything for Zee Zatara. The next day, Zatara stepped out of her limousine and Krinsky was already waiting. She presented her itinerary for the whole day and picked up her favorite, a half-caf vanilla latte. Zatara chuckled nervously and thanked her.

While out shopping, Zee Zatara saw Casey Krinsky in a dressing room with the same outfit and hairstyle as her. Krinsky didn't see her. Zatara nervously stepped back and avoided detection. Zatara became paranoid. While in the girls locker room, she looked around for Krinsky then opened her locker. Krinsky's reflection was in her mirror. Sure enough, Krinsky was behind her. She revealed she noticed a conflict on Zatara's calendar so she had Roxanne move her dance recital to next week so Zatara could attend Sandra's quinceanera. Zatara wondered how she got her calendar. Krinsky replied it was on her cell phone. Zatara asked how she got her phone. Krinsky replied it was in her purse, suggested putting a lock on it, presented said lock, and told her the combination was her great-grandmother's birthday backwards then bid her goodbye until that night. Zatara was confused. Krinsky told her to check her calendar. Zatara looked and there was an item for bonding time at Zee's place at 5 pm with Krinsky. Zatara was horrified.

The next day, Zatara sent Krinsky across town to get her Stella-Gabrielles re-heeled so she would have enough time to tell the other Super Hero Girls about her plight. They didn't think Krinsky was obsessed with her. Zatara listed off that she got her lattes, helped with her math homework, and rearranged her social calendar so she could attend every event she wanted to. They were not swayed. Krinsky had returned with the heels and a tray of tots she arranged for secretly with the lunch lady. She also presented a gift for everyone, kittens. Zatara was stunned speechless. Krinsky named hers Zee and creepily petted it. Zatara ran to the rest room and splashed water on her face. Krinsky followed her. Zatara had enough and yelled at her to stop following her around like a little lost kitten and that they weren't BFFs. Krinsky apologized and mused she wouldn't want to be friends with her either. Zatara sighed and apologized for misunderstanding her kindness. Krinsky hugged Zatara but wouldn't budge. Zatara became nervous and told her it was time to let go.

Krinsky didn't take kindly to her words and proclaimed she wouldn't let go until she had Zatara's beauty, popularity, and friends. Krinsky's skin crystallized then in a flash, she looked exactly like Zee Zatara. Zatara tried to cast but her magic was gone. Krinsky was confused then realized she stole Zatara's magical powers, too. She cast and hit Zatara with a blast that made her look like Krinsky. Krinsky walked outside to the girls and they were unaware of what happened. Zatara tried to warn them but the girls only saw Krinsky and realized Zatara was right about her weird obsession. The girls went to Sweet Justice after school. As everyone ate, Krinsky took everything in. Cruz asked if something was wrong. Krinsky remarked she couldn't see how life could get any better. Danvers believed hot sauce would make it better. Gordon triggered the dispenser and they headed downstairs to their base. While Cruz used a hand construct to pour some hot sauce on Danvers' dish, Krinsky realized they were all of the Super Hero Girls. She gleefully activated her ability and stole everyone's.

Krinsky took on aspects of everyone's costume into her form and stole all their powers then flew up through the street above and rampaged. She declared herself Mega Casey Krinsky. Civilians ran for it. Krinsky landed atop a parked car and squashed it flat. She vowed to would be the most popular girl in school and the most powerful hero in the world. She grabbed a light pole and threw it into a print shop then bashed an ice cream cart. She remarked she was super hot, too. The girls peeked up from the hole Krinsky made. Danvers took off after Krinsky but instead of flying, she fell flat on her face. Danvers deduced their powers were stolen. Diana reminded everyone they only had to work together to stop her. Krinsky snagged her with the Lasso of Truth. Diana stated they had no chance. Krinsky pulled over over then kicked her into Danvers and they slammed into the others, knocking them out. Krinsky was pleased the mousy little girl was now gone. She noticed Zatara in an alley then remarked she will be. Zatara ran to the Metropolis Pier and dodged several Batarangs.

Krinksy used Bumblebee's visor and locked onto her then fired several missile constructs. Nearly all the stands were blown up. Zatara climbed out of the debris and ran into the House of Mirrors. Krinsky shrank and flew in after her then went to normal size. Krinsky was reduced to punching mirrors while Zatara ran around. Annoyed with the smoke and mirrors, Krinsky goaded her to come out and fight because she was tired of seeing her face. She stopped and corrected it was now Zatara's. Zatara keyed on that and mocked her, asking if she didn't like what she saw. Krinsky exclaimed no one did. She created a mallet construct. Zatara states she and her friends liked her at first but her evil plot messed up a chance at friendship and acceptance. Krinsky began to shed her diamond skin and lost her focus. She casted and was reduced to her normal form. Zatanna offered a fresh start but Krinsky rejected her. She promised she would reveal their secret identities to the city then ran off. The other Super Hero Girls arrived and tried to console Zatanna. The next day, Krinsky tried telling everyone at school who the girls were but she was met with skepticism and sarcasm. One girl recalled she was running around the previous day claiming she was Zee Zatara. Krinsky told her she was Zatara but now she wasn't and was back to herself again. Everyone walked away unconvinced.

Lois Lane quickly figured out who the Super Hero Girls really were but she still needed proof for her story. Lane found Zee Zatara at her locker. Zatara tried to back away but couldn't resist an interview about her amazing magic show. Zatara explained it was a performance that artfully blended divination, transfiguration, and conjuration with a dash of incantation to create a unique and surreal experience. Lane then asked her where she was on the night Sweet Justice got destroyed. She answered she was there with her friends and almost slipped. She shrieked and ran off. Lane jotted down notes. Zatara told Cruz she was right about Lane and called her a word wizard whose unassuming charms matched her own. Beecher jumped into a recycle bin and hyperventilated into her sack. Cruz realized they couldn't let Lane talk to anyone else. Zatara agreed but saw her talking to Hal Jordan. Zatara grilled him. Cruz pointed out she was against violence but was willing to make an exception. During a brainstorming session, Gordon asked Zatara if there was a spell to erase her memory. Zatara realized there was but she didn't know it and it was super hard to cast.

The girls sulked at Sweet Justice. Danvers asked Cruz why she didn't warn them about Lois Lane. Cruz was livid and recalled she did a "zillion" times. Zatara was annoyed to see Lane at a table. Cruz lamented their normal lives were soon over. Zatara lamented over people seeing her tricks as real magic. The girls slipped away and defeated Killer Moth and its Moth-Monster army. Lane decided to kill the story upon remembering how much good the Super Hero Girls did for the city. Zatara went on a nature hike with the girls but noticed Beecher wasn't around. It spurred Prince to get a driver's license so she could drive Beecher to their outings. Zatanna and the rest of the girls helped free Supergirl from Ra's Al Ghul's Red Kryptonite and mind control song. Zatanna tried casting energy projectiles but Supergirl started using heat vision to destroy them. She tried to create a portal but Supergirl resisted so hard, the other girls were pulled in and shot into the stage.

The girls concluded a study session at the Metropolis Library. During cleanup, Gordon realized they had Prince's bag. They got into Cruz's van and went to drop it off but nobody knew where she lived. Gordon used her phone to pinpoint Prince at Centennial Park and admitted she put trackers on everyone. She was met with glares. Danvers asked her to not be creepy for once. Gordon tracked her to a giant tree in Centennial Park. Prince was camped atop the tree and greeted the girls. They convinced her to try living with one of them. After the incident at the Cruzes, Diana Prince went to live with Zee Zatara. She went over her patented bedtime ritual, which included two dabs of overnight, rejuvenating sunflower extract and rice serum. Prince was fascinated. Zatara explained the most part and secret ingredient was beauty sleep. Prince thanked her for her kindness and wished Posidia to guide her on her dream journey. Zatara clapped and the lights turned off. She was stirred awake to the sound of Prince chanting to Posidia.

Prince had a fire going and wished to share her bedtime ritual. She did a handstand walk, vocalized, and breathed heavily. Zatara slunk under her blanket then clapped the lights off again. Prince crept to the edge of Zatara's bed and woke her up for some water. Zatara called room service and paid the $20 for bottled water. Some time later, Zatara awoke to Prince slicing a piece of carpet off the floor with her sword because it was much too comfortable. Later in the night, she crept face to face with Zatara and asked her what a concierge was. She later lifted up the blanket and thought she heard a Chimera. Zatara told her she was incredibly tolerant of her bedtime rituals, vandalizing her bedroom, and multiple requests for room service and yelled it was time for her to go to sleep. Prince complied. Zatara sighed and closed her eyes. The alarm clock rang and the Sun had risen. Zatara's hair was all frazzled and her eyes were red. She hissed as the sunlight burned her rejuvenating mask. Prince stretched and looked fabulous. A blue bird inexplicably landed on the palm of her hand and chirped. Zatara growled and her mask shattered.

During a battle with a big humanoid monster, Zatanna was paired with Green Arrow. In response to a building on fire, she was paired with Aqualad. Zee Zatara arrived late at the Ye Olde Metropolis Renaissance Faire with Diana Prince. Ember, a girl working at the Turkey Legs booth, sighed and noted she did not have a decent meal in centuries. All the people dressed up as princesses looked bland, tasteless, and nothing but empty calories. She mused she would give anything for an old fashioned, authentic, delicious princess. She sniffed the air and saw Zee Zatara, dressed in a pink princess dress. Ember got excited, drooled a little, and began scheming. She closed the booth. Zatara encouraged others to take photos and use the hashtag #PrincessZee. She intimated two gorgeous princesses would have been far more social media worthy. Prince didn't understand her and stated she was dressed like a princess as instructed and the actual point of being a princess was leadership and diplomacy. Zatara didn't see the fun in that. Prince didn't see why ruling kingdoms was supposed to be fun.

Gordon started singing again, making a back handed comment about how it was okay they were late. Ember tailed them the whole time. She hid behind a clothes rack and reached for Zatara but at the same time, Prince tested out her sword and inadvertently cut the rope holding up the tent. It collapsed on top of Ember to her dismay. The girls went to watch a falconer but his bird ignored him. Prince took offense to the insolence and took over the performance. Ladyhawk, the falcon, listened to Prince's commands and went to her arm right away. She told the falcon to seek out worthy prey. It took off. Ember crept under the bleachers and reached for Zatara but the falcon attacked her and chased her around. Zatara was upset Prince ruined the show. The girls looked at the Little Piggie Mud Pit. Both Prince and Zatara didn't understand the point of the mud wrestling. Danvers found it hilarious. Prince inspected the mud and found it unsuitable for proper throwing because it contained too much pig filth. Zatara was aghast and was horrified when some got on her dress. Ember was behind her and was knocked over into the mud.

The girls went to the main event, a joust. Zatara used magic to make the mud vanish and was scolded by Beecher for using it in public. The announcer told the crowd the two champions would choose a fair maiden to fight for. Zatara perked up and called out to them. They took to her and got into a fight. She thought they were adorable. Prince thought it was a disgrace and a poor display of equestrians. She asked Zatara why she encouraged the charade. The blue knight won and tossed his rose to Zatara. Out of reflex, Prince snatched it out of the air. Zatara snapped at her and pointed out she got to be a princess every day of the year while she just wanted to be one for a day. Prince stated it was a lifetime of responsibility. Zatara screamed, told her to be the responsible princess with a lifetime of drudgery and awfulness, and stormed off. Prince was offended and went in the opposite direction, far away from Zatara's delusions of nobility. The others exchanged looks.

While Zatara sulked, Ember closed in and transformed into a humanoid dragon form. She lunged and tied her up and put a handkerchief around her mouth. Danvers looked around for Zatara and saw her all tied up. Ember threw a turkey leg at her head and flew off with Zatara, into a tower. Ember prepared to eat her but the other arrived and fought Ember. Zatara hopped to the window and watched as the battle continued. Cruz made a giant falcon construct and sent it to the tower but Ember formed her fire into a rope, snatched the construct, and slammed it into the ground, dissipating it. Some of Ember's bat fire constructs hit a haystack and the tower caught on fire. Bumblebee spotted a nearby water tower. Cruz used the shield construct atop Ember's flames and surfed it while she fired arrow constructs at the water tower's legs. The fire was successfully put out but it quickly reignited. Ember trapped the girls in a fire cage and returned to the tower. She licked Zatara then paused, groaned, wiped her tongue, and fired fire into her mouth in disgust. She dragged her tongue across the floor then noticed an amazing smell.

Outside, Wonder Woman addressed her as a demon and stated she was Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons and princess of Themyscira. Ember didn't think she looked like a princess. Zatara reacted. Eventually, Ember transformed into a giant dragon and breathed a wave of fire so strong it propelled Wonder Woman backwards into the tower. A fracture went up the middle of the tower. Zatara slid out a window as the tower fell and bounced off several tents to the mud pit. Zatara had no choice and dove into the pit and crawled to an exposed nail on a wooden fence post. Once she got the handkerchief off, she levitated to the battle and declared it was time to fight magic with magic. She cast a spell and it cleaned off her dress. Ember was annoyed and clung to the stereotype of a princess being helpless and weak. Wonder Woman called her a fool and stated princesses were strong and powerful. Zatara cast a spell on Wonder Woman and formed a knight's armor around her then empowered her sword. Wonder Woman and Ember charged each other.

They were surrounded in the build up of magic. Zatara saw the silhouette of Ember first but she was petrified then faded away. Wonder Woman sat triumphant on her horse and declared she was more than okay, she was a princess. As the girls left the faire, Gordon started singing from Lo! again but Zatara took the book away on account the lyrics were a bit narrow minded. She mused there are all sorts of ways to be a princess. Prince did not agree and stated a princess was the female descendant of royal heritage. Zatara frowned and shoved the book to Beecher then clarified she wasn't talking about Prince. Prince pointed out she explained what a princess was in so many different ways.

One night, Wonder Woman called up Batgirl to recruit her for a mission to stop Mr. Freeze from causing mayhem in town. Batgirl had to wait for her father, Commissioner Gordon, to fall asleep and asked for a few minutes. Supergirl refused to wuss out on the fun because of Gordon. Wonder Woman departed with Supergirl, Zatanna, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern. Batgirl ended up the first on the scene and was joined by them then they charged Mr. Freeze. Zatanna came through a portal. Zatanna visited Barbara Gordon at her home. Gordon eagerly demonstrated her new invention, the Batgirl 300 Crimestopper Glue Gun, but failed to prove it hit its target 100% of the time. Commissioner Gordon asked Barbara to finish the dishes for him while he went out for an appointment. Zatanna offered to help them see eye to eye with a magic spell. It went badly. First the essences of Gordon and a cat outside swapped bodies. She tried again but Gordon was in a boy's body outside as he skateboarded into a pole. Then a newscaster, Megan who was being proposed to, a pizza maker, a construction worker, a juggler, a masked robber, a parachuter, and lastly Commissioner Gordon. After she undid the spell, Zatanna claimed she technically did as she promised. Gordon blasted her hair with the glue gun.

After months of trying, Zee Zatara finally got a reservation at Metropolis' most exclusive sushi restaurant. She took Kara Danvers with her. She warned Danvers not to embarrass her. To her annoyance, Danvers refused to eat any of the dishes. She couldn't believe Danvers asked the host for ketchup when the red dragon sushi rolls were brought to them. She went on the table and tried to force Danvers to eat the sushi but she shook her head. After the octopus, Zatara caved and cast a spell to turn Danvers' into a burger. She realized she accidentally used her chop sticks. The tentacles became huge and hostile, grabbing both of them. Danvers used her heat vision to neutralize it. Zatara fretted she would never be able to come back to the restaurant. Danvers tried a piece of tentacle and thought it wasn't bad but still needed ketchup. Zatara groaned. Zatara convinced Diana Prince to come with her to her stylist, Paulette. Prince was amazed by her mastery. Kara Danvers bumped into them outside the salon.

Zatara suggested she try Paulette, too, but Danvers was hesitant as she liked her hairstyle. They insisted and shoved her inside. After Paulette crashed inside, Prince became worried but Zatara insisted she let Paulette work her magic. Soon enough, the salon blew up. Danvers strode out and told Zatara she was right even though her hair looked the same. Zee Zatara was excited to have her first solo show. It was set for a Friday starting at 7:30 pm in Theatre A at Metropolis High School. Oliver Queen was set for a solo theater performance on the same day and time in Theatre B. Zatara came upon Kara Danvers and told her about the show but failed to notice she was listening to her headphones (and didn't care). Queen told Karen Beecher and Barbara Gordon about his show but Zatara interrupted and teased his parents would love it then put up on his posters. Queen gasped and noted the city's three year olds must be ecstatic. He noted the time. Zatara teased, hoping the line to her show didn't block his theatre much.

Queen retorted he hoped those who failed to get tickets to his sold out show could hear all her spells over the applause at his show. She wished him the best of luck. He gasped and reminded her wishing a thespian bad luck was the worst thing someone would do. Zatara corrected herself and wished him heaps of bad luck. Queen started vandalizing her posters and advertising for his show. He later noticed his posters were vandalized, saying his show was canceled because of bad acne. Queen readied his bow and fired arrows, armed with his show posters, at Zatara's. She responded with casting spells to change his posters to his. They chased each other around the halls trading shots. They didn't even notice it was 8:30 and they missed both of their own shows.

Zee Zatara made sure she was perfect and used her locker mirror. Picture Day was the most important day for her rather than beating Sargon the Sorcerer the other day. Jessica Cruz complimented her but Zatara didn't take to "good" and declared she had to look mesmerizing because it could make or break her when she became a star and the best magician in the world and someone did an Internet search on her. Oliver Queen passed by and mentioned the unslightly curl coming from her head. Zatara panicked about it for the rest of the day. During science lab, she checked her compact mirror and asked her partner, Karen Beecher. Beecher assured her Queen was just messing with her but noticed her hair was too close to the boiling vial and it started smoking. Zatara ran around in a panic. Queen threw a bucket of water on her. She ran off to the men's locker room. Garth Bernstein flushed and walked out a stall in a white towel. He gasped at the sight of Zatara. Zatara sternly requested the room. Bernstein scurried outside.

Zatara went to a sink and conjured her purse. After rifling out one of her rabbits and several props, Zatara found her wand and started to incant. A dolphin popped out of the drain hole and she dropped the wand down the sink. A green slime grew exponentially and carried her out into the cafeteria. Zatara tried to shake it off but it got on other students like Doris Zeul, Diana Prince, and Kara Danvers. A food fight broke out by accident. Zatara fled the cafeteria a mess. Mr. Chapin came on the loudspeaker and announced Picture Day was starting up in the gymnasium. Zatara was depressed and found herself behind Queen. Queen mocked her that she looked her best and promised to post a photo online over and over again. An overhead pipe groaned and the slime poured out on all the students in line except Zatara. Her wand popped out into her hand. She finished her incantation and cleaned herself up to perfection. She told Queen he looked good in green and sat on the stool to take her photo. Just as the photographer took the picture, Zatara's curl popped out.

Zatanna battled Giganta, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn all at once one night. She cast a spell and pulled one of her rabbits from out of her hat. It fired magic lasers from its eyes. Giganta shielded herself with a piece of pavement but it vanished. Catwoman and Harley dodged. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but he was teleported back to the photo lab. The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. It managed to grab Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Bumblebee blasted it with her stingers, Zatanna blasted its eye, and Green Lantern lassoed an appendage with a rope construct. Wonder Woman managed to lasso another. Batgirl tried a green spray. Supergirl used her heat vision. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. They all posed just in time.

Zee Zatara performed at another birthday party in Pelham Park. However, it was to an older crowd of boys who were more interested in the birthday boy's gaming skills. She managed to get their attention and started her first trick, pulling one of her magical rabbits from her hat. The rabbit waved at the boys. She pulled more to reveal a multitude of rabbits standing on each other's heads. The boys continued watching the video game being played. She levitated in mid-air and moved a ring around her but was ignored. She tried a card trick but was ignored. She made an elaborate balloon animal but was ignored. She sawed herself in half but was ignored. Zatara was enraged and summoned more powerful magic. Barbara Gordon, who posed as Zatara's legs, exited the other half of the trunk. Gordon was concerned Zatara was losing control again but she struggled to stand in heels and feel off the stage. Zatara teleported herself and the boys into space. The boys had no clue what happened and kept watching the video game.

Zatara couldn't believe it and snapped her fingers. They returned to Pelham. She considered making their thumbs vanish. The boys were suddenly enthralled with her doing the simple thumb trick and lost their minds. The birthday boy declared it the best birthday ever. After a prolonged squabble with Cheetah over a purse, Selina Kyle came out ahead. Before she could grab the purse, Zee Zatara declared it was divine and took it off a mannequin draped with an unconscious Cheetah. Not knowing that was Cheetah, Zatara commented she wouldn't have paired it with such tacky faux fur and thought the idea was hideous. Kyle facepalmed. Zee Zatara found Karen Beecher in the gym watching a basketball game. Beecher noticed Zatara looked sick but she denied it. She sneezed and the top of a hoop turned into a portal. Beecher asked her if she was sure about that. Zatara claimed she totally was. She sneezed again. The student in the Hamster mascot was turned into a monster. He chased after a girl. Zatara brushed it off as weird then sneezed again. Two girls were turned into chickens. Beecher was about to say something but Zatara still denied she was sick.

Some time later, Zatara checked her face on her locker mirror. She saw several dots on her tongue. She closed her locker. Danvers passed by and realized she was sick and joked she thought she saw a ghost. Zatara was not amused and denied it but sneezed. Danvers was suddenly gone. Zatara found that rude. The Hamster mascot continued chasing the girl through the halls. At the end of science class, Mr. Chapin concluded his Biology 101 lecture by asking the students what a virus was. No one raised their hand. He called on Zatara, who was sleeping on her desk. She sat up and blew her nose on her handkerchief first before answering. Chapin's pants disappeared and the whole class saw his Batman boxers. Chapin dismissed the class. Zatara walked out in disbelief everyone thought she was sick. Outside science class, Butch was bullying a boy for his money as usual. The boy pleaded to be spared. Zatara sneezed and Butch found himself holding a raw steak and a large bulldog. Zatara went to the library and continued sneezing. A book bit a girl.

During lunch, she sneezed and tentacles erupted out of a pot and grabbed a boy. It slammed him around then pulled him into the pot. In another class, Zatara sneezed amid Garth Bernstein's show and tell of his goldfish. Bernstein was jammed into the fish bowl. She sneezed again. A boy chomped on a shoe instead of his sandwich. Bats, explosions and a giant lizard littered the halls. Zee Zatara finally admitted she was a little under the weather. She turned into Zatanna and cast a spell to turn things back to normal. Danvers, stuck as a chicken, asked her to take some cough medicine and stay at home the next time she got sick.

The girls ate lunch until Gordon picked up a museum heist on her police scanner app. Zee Zatara had a feeling they were being watched, unaware a Zatanna from a parallel dimension opened a portal for her classmates to view so they could better appreciate their lives at Super Hero High School. She cast a spell to get everyone quickly into their costumes. After recovering the diamond stolen by Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman, Green Lantern attached wings to it and sent it back to the museum while they rushed back to school. Zatanna cast a spell that put them back in their regular clothes. They bumped into Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harleen Quinzel as they headed inside. Zatara didn't sense anyone watching them anymore.

On a Monday morning, the Super Hero Girls fought Giganta who sat on a highway. Zatanna cast a spell intended to teleport her across town to chill out. In reality, she teleported Giganta to the Arctic. The Super Hero Girls rushed back to school but Zatara stopped them and fixed them up, refusing to let them look like hot messes. Mr. Chapin and Dr. Sieve revealed the winner of the science fair would receive a summer internship with the Project Cadmus and a year of unlimited goodies from Sweet Justice. Zatara asked if participating in the science fair was required. Chapin revealed all the teachers in the science department agreed to make the fair worth 80 percent of each student's final grade, no matter which science class they were enrolled in. The girls went to hang out at Sweet Justice after school and after learning the news. They noticed Zatara was really quiet and learned she found the fair boring since she used magic all the time. Beecher promised science can totally feel like magic and promised to show her the next day. Danvers invited her to come to Smallville with her after. Gordon proposed she help everyone with their projects until she thought of what she wanted to do.

Zatanna joined Bumblebee in a field as she prepared to film some bees. Zatanna admired the view and found it gorgeous and declared it was the perfect backdrop of a frielfie. Bumblebee didn't follow. Zatanna explained it was a selfie with a friend and took it. Bumblebee shrank down and Zatanna turned herself into a butterfly. Bumblebee reminded her to please try to avoid getting caught on her antenna cam. She admitted as much as it pained her to, she promised to stay out of the spotlight. Bumblebee got excited and pointed out a Bombus pennsylvanicus. Zatanna mistook that as a spell. Bumblebee clarified she used scientific names when she got excited. Zatanna found nature to be pretty relaxing but the pollen made her sneeze. The sudden burst of magic got a bee's attention and it stared her down. It decided Zatanna wasn't a threat and flew away. Bumblebee handed Zatanna pollen as they prepared to enter the hive but she sneezed and Bumblebee got teleported to the Arctic. Zatanna cast a spell to return her and apologized.

Bumblebee asked if everyone was sent to the same place and if they should be worried about Giganta. Zatanna assured her that was intential but she sent her by mistake. Once inside the hive, Zatanna marveled at the architecture and wondered if her father could design a backdrop like it for their show. She inquired what the bees were doing. Bumblebee explained they were flapping their wings to help the water evaporate and make the honey thicker and stickier. Zatanna noticed it also stirred the pollen around and she sneezed, accidnetally turning into a spider. The bees surrounded them. Zatanna dodged one's charge but flew on some honey and got stuck. Bumblebee elbowed another out of the way then got stuck, too. Zatanna opted to change them back to normal size but Bumblebee objected because it would ruin her project and destroy a habitat. Then asked if she could tell Cruz they did that. Zatanna called that a fair point and tried changing back into a butterfly but it didn't work. Bumblebee remembered beekeepers used smoke to calm bees. Zatanna cast a smoke show but it failed, too.

Zatanna got a new idea and promised it wouldn't hurt the hive. She transformed herself into a queen bee. Bumblebee pointed out queen bees didn't wear crowns. Zatanna boasted she did then ordered the bees to leave them alone. To Bumblebee's surprise, the bees obeyed her command. Zatanna hinted sometimes all it took was a little pizzazz. Bumblebee realized she lost her camera and an antenna. They started digging around the floor. Zatanna didn't think it was work for a queen and magically forced the bees to help look around. Bumblebee had misgivings about it but Zatanna promised they would get awesome footage of the bees rebuilding the hive. The real queen bee approached Zatanna and challenged her to a duel. Bumblebee tried to calm things down but she tripped and bumped into the queen bee. Zatanna refused to back down and declared she always won her fights. Bumblebee warned her it was a fight to the death. They ran for it. They exited the hive, returned to normal size, and jumped into a river. Zatanna cast a spell to form protective bubbles around their heads.

Once the coast was clear, they floated on their backs. Zatanna admitted biology wasn't her jam and apologized about her broken suit. Beecher told her it was okay and she was sure she could fix it and finish her project on time. Zatanna offered to help. Bumblebee assured her she was fine and was okay with her leaving to help Danvers with her project. She flew to Smallville with Danvers and put a plane on autopilot after the pilot was startled by Supergirl's greeting. Danvers wanted to help make the Kent Farm run more efficiently since both she and Clark Kent no longer lived there full time. Ma Kent greeted them with two glasses of lemonade. She found the idea sweet and left them to it. Danvers held a tractor up in the air while Zee Zatara cast a spell. Danvers wanted to test it and see how fast it ran compared to her. She was impressed it now ran almost as quick as her. Zatara wanted to take a break and see what kind of entertainment Smallville had to offer. She asked if there were parties in a barn or something. They found a party in a barn.

Danvers tried to rock out to the band playing but she bumped into a teenage boy. The others recognized her and remarked that was exactly why she got kicked out of Smallville High School. Zatara could sense Danvers' mood changing. She demonstrated some of her magic acts and produced several dollar bills in the air and a dove. The teenagers realized she was Zee Zatara. A girl asked if everyone in the city dressed like her. Zatara told them Danvers was actually the coolest and edgy punk vibes were totally the rage in Metropolis. She mused they probably fought to make her the prom queen before she left. Zatara then told Danvers it was time for them to find a place with a cooler vibe. One girl told Danvers not to forget them and write. Another admitted they always liked her. Another asked to come back soon with Zatara and some clothes they could borrow. On the walk home, Danvers told her she didn't have to make everything up back there but thanked her. They learned the tractor was still running for some reason and raced over to stop it.

Supergirl lifted it up and Zatanna cast a spell that teleported it away. Zatanna didn't think her magic set off any of the vehicles. Supergirl smashed one up then tried to turn off another but it was jammed. Zatanna froze it. Ma Kent checked and saw a frozen vehicle melting. Danvers promised to fix it. Zatanna conjured some ducks for the new pond. Ma Kent thought about calling Clark Kent to come and help them. Danvers promised it was not necessary and promised they had it under control. Zatanna agreed and assured her that looks can be deceiving. Danvers asked her to give them until tomorrow and it would be better than new. Ma Kent gave her the day. Danvers was frustrated because part of her plan was to prove she didn't need Superman's help. Zatanna restored the farm vehicles back to normal and asked her if she wanted to try again. Supergirl declined and revealed Karen Beecher helped her create new quick-growing fertilizer. Supergirl planned to track the crop's growth as part of her new plan. The corn stalks, however, grew instantly.

Supergirl and Zatanna became separated. She used heat vision but the stalks grew back in an instant. Zatanna cast a spell and turned the crops into popcorn. She was grossed out after Supergirl told her fertilizer was made from cow pats and minerals and vowed to never eat popcorn again. Supergirl informed her that was how all food was grown. Supergirl decided to get rid of the fertilizer but it was gone. Zatanna denied her magic made it disappear and was ready to try again. Supergirl declined and suggested he was better off solo. Zatanna teleported back to Metropolis to help out Diana Prince. Ma Kent called up Clark and asked for his help. Diana Prince picked Steve Trevor up and tossed him into a wall. Zee Zatara asked him if her color was too raspberry. He asked Prince how she threw him so well. Prince helped him up and explained it was all about understanding center of gravity. He asked what he should do first. She was at a loss for words and explained a feline grabbed her tongue muscle.

Zatara yelled out a cat got her tongue. Trevor got it and admitted it happened him, too. Prince threw him again. She checked with Zatara if she was taking proper photos for her display. Zatara was mostly taking selfies and some had Trevor in the background. She thought she finally found a science that appealed to her. Trevor tried to subtly ask Prince out for a bite but she replied she only ate full meals. He tried again, saying he was enjoying working with her then asked she liked movies because he was thinking about seeing "Shazam!" Prince asked him to let her know how he liked it. Zatara couldn't take it and took Prince to the rest room to school her on the art of flirting since he clearly had a crush on her since he clearly had a crush on her. Prince misunderstood and thought she was crushing him. Zatara called a time out on the science project. She told Prince that Trevor was trying to ask her out to the movies with him in a subtle way. Prince wondered why he just didn't say so.

Zatara decided to role play and changed her clothes to match Trevor's. She had to correct Prince and always answer "no" if he asked her if she had plans for the weekend. Prince stated she was a planner. Zatara told her all the different code words. Prince felt it was a lot to remember. Zatara decided to adjust her look but couldn't settle on something. She realized she already had the perfect look and cast a spell. After awhile, Trevor started to wonder. They returned but to his surprise, Prince was dressed like Zatara. She asked Trevor if he was ready to try again. To Zatara's dismay, Prince failed at playing hard to get and Trevor made up having homework and marching practice. She decided to teach Prince another time honored tradition of flirting. Prince downed "grief" milkshakes at Sweet Justice. Zatara sent a text to the other girls. Danvers keyed on Prince talking about her failed experiment in love. Zatara got down on herself for wrecking projects and went outside for a walk.

She bumped into Dr. Sieve. Sieve recognized her and asked what her name was. Zatara replied. Sieve asked her if she found a project worthy of her time. Zatara admitted she only accomplished finding projects to ruin. Sieve didn't think it was that bad and told her a story about how she wasn't even sure she liked science and caused a dangerous lab accident while she worked alone. In the end, she told Zatara about how it's important to take a step back and let those around you to help you grow and become even more amazing whether it's a scientist or something else. Zatara decided to take her advice. The next day, Zee Zatara met up with Cruz on the school's roof. She admired the view and saw its potential for a photo shoot. Cruz unveiled solar panels infused with some Oan energy. They got to work installing them with magic and a wrench construct. Just as Cruz talked about finding the right spot to get plenty of sunlight throughout the day, dark clouds eclipsed the Sun even though the forecast didn't predict it.

Cruz wilted and asked Zatara if she wanted to go downtown with her and help her walk some shelter dogs. Zatara refused to give up. She cast a spell to shine but the clouds only sparkled. Cruz turned into Green Lantern and made a giant Asian-styled fan to blow the clouds away but it didn't work either. Zatanna got a confusing text from Wonder Woman about cats. Green Lantern got excited and hoped it was about cat adoptions because so many needed homes and to be spayed and neutered. She made a lantern construct and they flew into the city. They noticed the Bat-signal projected on some feral cats. Batgirl looked up and shined up on them, happy they arrived. Eventually, Zatanna cast a spell to immobilize Catwoman but her army of feral cats swarmed the girls. Several cats ruined Zatanna's hair. After they were dealt with and Catwoman was captured, Wonder Woman stressed diligence since more crime was expected as long as it was dark. Zatanna suggested they better figure out how to shed a little light on a solution to the eclipse. Batgirl was amused by the pun.

The girls tried their own ideas but couldn't destroy the cloud. Zatanna wasn't ready to give up and asked Bumblebee to tell her about clouds. Bumblebee recalled clouds could be dissipated with an increase of temperature, air sinking within the cloud, and mixing the clouds with drier air. Zatanna got an idea to combine science and magic to get rid of the cloud. She left with Bumblebee and returned later with modified silica gel. Zatanna cast a spell to lift the gel balls into the cloud then got it to disappear once and for all. Zatara went to Gordon's house and met Sparrow. Gordon demonstrated its distraction technique, singing, and a defensive skill, the "Bird Nest." Zatara was impressed but thought it could use some style. She cast a spell that made it look more humanoid with arms, legs, and red hair. Gordon got an idea and wanted to request a color change. Zatara understood and gave it Robin's colors. They took it out for a test spin. Batgirl ordered it to help an old woman cross the street, save a kitten stuck up in a tree, help charge a phone.

Zatanna and Sparrow flew off for Burrito Bucket once Batgirl realized she was five minutes late to her shift. Gordon demonstrated how to get the soda fountain working by kicking it. Zatara found it excessive and admitted if she said that, she would want to rethink her strategy. Gordon countered getting the order to the customer as quickly as possible was the correct strategy. Shane O'Shaughnessy came out into the front and warned Gordon she better not be fraternizing on company time. Gordon denied it and asked Zatara and her "cousin," whom she never saw before, if her order was two burritos. Zatara confirmed and asked her not to skimp on guacamole. She told O'Shaughnessy her quality of service merited a raise. He suspected something was fishy. Gordon reminded him the daily special was Mahi-Mahi tacos. He went back to his office to do paperwork but told Gordon he was watching her. Gordon put a Burrito Bucket shirt on Sparrow and proceeded with testing its balance, agility, and stamina through taking tacos to customers in their booth and preparing tacos.

Dr. Sieve happened to be on lunch break and was impressed with Sparrow. Gordon introduced herself and offered fish tacos on the house. Without knowing it, Zatara said one of Sparrow's command words, "overdrive," and it made tons of tacos. Zatara cast a spell to stop the tacos and froze them in mid-air. She told Sparrow to get Zatara a large lemon lime soda. Sparrow couldn't get the fountain to work and attacked it. Zatara called in the other girls to help get Sparrow away. Gordon wrapped herself around Sparrow and tried to calm it down. O'Shaughnessy thought she was attacking a customer. Zatara interrupted him and asked for guacamole. She mentioned the customer was always right and would hate to have to leave a bad Welp review and Gordon saved her cousin with the Heimlich Maneuver. She again mentioned Gordon should get a raise. Prince called for a meeting at headquarters on Saturday. Zatara arrived last, ordered a mint chocolate chip cone and got it from Allen before she finished her sentence, then took the passage down.

Zatara announced she figured out what her science project was going to be but was still available to help out. Prince revealed that was the subject of the meeting. Gordon revealed Sparrow's microchip was stolen after she left Burrito Bucket. Zatara was aghast she implied she stole it. Cruz pointed out nobody thought she did anything on purpose. Danvers interjected that things went wrong when she was around. Zatara claimed she wouldn't try to ruin anyone's project. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Beecher chimed in that she decided to go big and better and made a giant honeycomb display with real honey. Zatara was relieved. Prince stated her helping had to stop then flubbed one about the straw that broke the camel's back. Zatara was saddened to hear wasn't wanted and assured them she would never sabotage them then posited a set up. She looked to Beecher. Beecher told her it would just be until after the fair. Zatara heard enough and teleported out of the base. She set out to prove her innocence and conjured a map.

A tracking spell was cast and realized someone was following her from the start. She returned to Senre Ville then Smallville to confirm the stolen fertilizer then Metropolis High where a solar panel was stolen. She thought about sending a text but figured she would still get blamed. She headed to the Central Business District, flew over Burrito Bucket, and realized the map was pointing back to Metropolis High. It led her to the storage room which happened to be the temporary office of Dr. Sieve. The door was locked so she cast the spell to "unlock the truth." She found all the stolen projects inside and took photos. Even Beecher's new model was present. Sieve entered and told her how she was a great help in leading her to students with the most advanced projects but she wouldn't be around long enough to find out what was going on. Zatara realized she stole everything. Sieve already had her cover story and told her she was making a few improvements to some interesting projects she was working on for months and thought it was sweet her work inspired the students at Metropolis High.

Sieve pointed out it was her word, that of a world-renowned scientist, versus high school students if she let her go. Sieve's version of Sparrow, Sieve-bot, entered the room and an arm extended out of its chest and took Zatara's phone away. It pinned her with a nest trap then electrified it. Zatara vowed she wouldn't get away with it. Sieve remarked she got away with "it" for her entire career and didn't intend to ever stop. Zatara remembered her story. Sieve explained she learned the easiest way to get ahead was to let others do the dangerous work then take the credit for it. Zatara couldn't believe she trusted her. Sieve told her the lesson was to never trust anyone. Sieve had her Sieve-bot take away Zee Zatara's phone, trap her under a nest construct, electrify it, and keep guard until she figured out what to do with her. Zatanna cast a spell to levitate the trap away, bind Sieve-bot's legs, and take her phone back. After the other Super Hero Girls arrived, Sieve-bot launched more nest traps.

Zatanna warned Batgirl it wasn't Sparrow. Green Lantern made a giant sparrow construct that carried Sieve-bot up into the air. Batgirl removed her microchip and it powered down. Sieve returned in an armored super suit and found the six Super Hero Girls in her lab. As Wonder Woman apologized to Zatanna, Sieve retorted she was going to be more than sorry, took out an exploding beaker and threw it at the girls. Zatanna zeroed in on the honeycomb. Bumblebee understood and fired her stingers at Sieve. Sieve dodged them and chased after her. Zatanna grabbed her arm and applied centrifugal force. Sieve was tossed onto the honeycomb model. Zatanna had Supergirl apply some wind power to make the honey even stickier. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee were elated Zatanna remembered their lessons. Batgirl informed everyone the police were coming. Zatanna mused they better take the projects back to their rightful owners before the science fair started. Green Lantern wondered who the new judge would be.

Bumblebee wondered if the Cadmus internship was still going to be offered. Zatanna pointed out the real prize was all the science they learned along the way. Supergirl joked and asked who she was. Zee Zatara arrived at the science fair with her project about cloud evaporation. Karen Beecher and Barbara Gordon greeted her. Zatara noticed Barry Allen's project "The Effects of Slow Cooking on Nutritional Content" and admitted she had no idea he was into cooking. Allen, in turn, revealed he thought the slow part would be the challenge. She greeted Cruz but she was too busy reading Hal Jordan the riot act for making a presentation about his sports trophies. She looked at the Previous Winners Gallery. There was one about wildfires, there was one about "The Preservation of Ancient Artifacts in Controlled Temperator Environments" by Barbara Ann Minerva, "Instant Concrete Repair Adhesive for After Super Battle," and a Rube Goldberg Machine updated by Lex Luthor.

Zatara realized if anyone was going to come back years later to gloat, it would be him. Luthor quipped being proud of their superior intellect was a Luthor family trait then supposed all style and no substance was a Zatara family trait. Zatara was about to cast a spell to make him bite his tongue but Beecher interrupted and offered to help her set up. While setting up between Beecher and Gordon, Zatara noticed another Sparrow. Gordon stated she didn't make another and realized Sieve built not just one but an army of Sieve-bots, and they all came online. The robots attacked everyone and ruined many displays. Zatara spotted the janitor's closet and changed inside with Gordon and Beecher. Batgirl was infuriated to be captured in a nest of her own design. Supergirl and Wonder Woman joined them. Zatanna cast a spell and Sparrow helped Batgirl out. Supergirl mistook it for a Sieve-bot but Green Lantern made a pillow construct just in time. Batgirl got an idea and ordered Sparrow to sing.

It worked and the Sieve-bots became confused and stopped. The girls removed each robot's microchip and saved the fair. Mr. Chapin wasn't in the mood to give an award but the school board informed him failing to do so would be considered a breach of science funding. Mr. Chapin was about to declare the winner when Barbara Gordon thanked him. He informed she wasn't the winner, especially after what the robots did to the school. He awarded Zee Zatara with first prize and the internship then mentioned Project Cadmus was very interested in purchasing the patent for her cloud evaporation concoction. Zatara deferred the prize to Beecher. Chapin didn't care as long as the science funding remained with the school and he could pay a janitor to clean the gym up. Zatara told Beecher she built the project and she would enjoy the internship more than she would. She concluded she kinda loved science because it was like being part of a super hero team, when you combine the right elements, it's magic. Giganta suddenly slammed the doors open and screamed Zatanna's name. Zatara quipped magic wasn't always an exact science.

Zee Zatara revealed the theme of Metropolis High's latest school dance was "Enchanted Evening." She announced to the girls inside the entrance with a large book display. Zatara explained it was the beginning of her masterpiece, the best school dance theme ever created, as head of the decorating committee. Prince congratulated her despite not getting it. Prince realized it was another typical teen custom. Gordon added it was the most teen custom of all customs. Prince was eager to learn all about it. Zatara believed the most important part was dressing up. Danvers refused to wear a dress. Zatara refused to let her get out of the dance and promised to loan her a tuxedo. Danvers caved in but refused to wear any flowers. Gordon convinced Zatara to make her the D.J. instead of Leslie Willis in part because she was working on a new gadget that was a combination music player, laser light machine, and popcorn maker. Zatara cautiously agreed but warned her everything had to be perfect.

On the night of the dance, Zatara was putting her touch on every detail. Zatara dressed Doris Zeul and her date with a top hat and boa, respectively, before they took their photo. Zatara promised they would thank her later. She made the meatballs and Cruz's protest sign vanish. She told them it was dance so they should be dancing. Danvers realized it was fun but started bumping classmates around. Prince reminded Zatara they all promised to abstain from using their powers at the dance. Zatara insisted it was to make sure it was the best dance and asked them if they were having fun. Zatara cast another spell and forced Beecher and Bernstein to stand and dance. Livewire appeared and took over the DJ booth. Batgirl asked Zatanna to create a distraction. Zatanna reveled at stealing the spotlight. She danced over to Livewire and hit her with a drop kick while Batgirl searched for some plugs. Green Lantern formed a tire construct around Livewire's waist. Batgirl pulled the plug on her gadget, ending the dance. Wonder Woman was disappointed it wasn't a typical teen dance experience. Batgirl assured her it was. Supergirl proposed they get ice cream after they rolled Livewire to the precinct. Zatanna wondered how they would top it for prom.

Zee Zatara, Barbi Minerva, and Carol Ferris vied for Harvest Queen at the school's Fall Festival. Harley Quinn fired pumpkins at everyone. Zatara's hair was ruined. She cast a spell and sabotaged Harley's bazooka. A little later, the coach announced Zee Zatara was the Harvest Queen. Ferris demanded a recount. Zatara started her speech about how Harvest Queen represented the best of Metropolis High, was loyal, supportive, cared about her fellow students, and resourceful enough to use goal posts and science to defeat a villain. Zatara gave the honor to Beecher. Zee Zatara woke up with a zit on her forehead. Rather than use magic to fix it, she dressed up in her magician costume and wore her top hat. At school, the other girls were curious why she wasn't in her school attire. Gordon wondered if there was a magic show that day. Danvers ran past Zatara in fear of being late again. Zatara's hat fell off and revealed the zit. Danvers was horrified. Cruz admonished her and told her to something nice to make her feel better.

Danvers told her it was not that noticeable but she couldn't resist and made a pun with "insist" and "cyst." Everyone laughed. Zatara ran into the bathroom. Harleen Quinzel joked she was "Zit-tanna." Zatara resorted to magic and cast a spell to get rid of the zit. It worked but once she stepped outside, she realized everyone else got zits as a result. Zatara apologized but the zits started popping. She searched for somewhere quiet to cast a reversal spell. The school library was chosen. She sat in an aisle and started to cast but a librarian shushed her. She cast quietly and the spell sort of worked. Everyone's zits were gone but all their clothes bore a polka dot design and her zit was back. She claimed dots were the season's biggest trend.

On a Saturday, Zee Zatara tried to get a hold of Kara Danvers about being her magic show assistant, mainly for a water tank trick that required someone who could hold their breath, but she became obsessed with Lexcorp's Pigeon Party app. She didn't even lift a finger to help Supergirl apprehend Catwoman. She got to level 47. Green Lantern later made clapping hand constructs to snap Zee Zatara to her senses. Before the girls could confront Lex Luthor about illegal dumping, they encountered a giant pigeon. Zatanna and Bumblebee elected to stay behind and take care of the pigeon. Zatanna jumped on it while Bumblebee got a piece of bread.

After Super Hero Girls defeated a giant robot cyclops, they retired to the hideout with ice cream orders from Sweet Justice but got little too overconfident about being the best superhero team. Zatanna declared they were best on the planet. Wonder Woman warned the others not to rest on their butt-kicking laurels and that they must always be prepared to fight. Sure enough, they were kidnapped by Control Freak, a supervillain from another universe and teleported to his TV realm to compete in a game show against an alternate version of Titans to determine who was the best superhero team in all universes. For the first question about what the best super power was, Zatanna got the #4 answer for 10 points with "magic." After the game, Control Freak attempted to destroy them with a giant robot but they were saved by the Poop Patrol, a trio of superheroes who got poop-based powers by stepping on radioactive dog doo-doo.

The Metropolis High student body voted her most likely to become an actress.