Wonder Woman

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Real Identity: Diana Prince
Affiliations: Amazons and Metropolis High School
Appearances (Super Shorts): #TheLateBabsy, #HashtagFrownyFace, #PackBat, #KaraCare, #PrizeFighter, #HardRock, #LetThemEatPie, #TheSlowAndTheFurious, #DyeHarder, #LostAndFound, #ArtificialIntelligence, #VanityInsanity, #PhotoOops, and #TheBeeStandsAlone
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #SweetJustice Part 2, #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #MeetTheCheetah, #Beeline, #SuperWho?, #ShockItToMe, #SheMightBeGiant, #FightAtTheMuseum, #CrushingIt, #MisgivingTree, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #Frenemies Part 1, #Frenemies Part 2, #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, #RageCat, #BackInAFlash, #PowerSurge, #ScrambledEggs, #AllyCat Part 1, #AllyCat Part 2, #LivingTheNightmare, #AllAboutZee, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #CrashCourse, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #HousePest, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, #AwesomeAuntAntiope, #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 1, and #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 2
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!): Superhero Feud
Appearances (Comics): Teenage Crisis, Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14), Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco and Fall Festival), Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs and A Sticky Zit-Uation), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained and Honey, I Shrunk My Friends)
Appearances (Books): Lights-Out
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Flight, Unarmed Combat, and Lasso
Voiced By: Grey Griffin and Lily Aspell (Young Diana)

Diana was sculpted from clay and given life. She was born the princess of the Amazons and grew up on a Themyscira, an island hidden from the world of man. For a long time, Diana thought her Aunt Antiope was a legendary monster hunter and slayer (and super duper fun). According to legend, she once captured the Cerberus when it escaped from the death realm Hades. In reality, it was Antiope's mistake that led to the Cerberus escaping in the first place. One day, Antiope and young Diana played a pretend fight despite the latter being forbidden from using any yet due to her being a child. Antiope donned a green bandanna turned crude Cyclops mask and battled Diana with a spear while she used a sword. Diana avoided the spear thrust of the "Cyclops" and counter attacked. The "Cyclops" pretended to lose and declared it was outmatched. The spear landed at the feet of Hippolyta. They stood at attention. Before Diana could come up with a story, Hippolyta scolded her. She reminded her she still had two more years of training before she was allowed to use a sword. Diana looked at the floor. Antiope tried to calm Hippolyta down and pointed out Diana was working hard. Hippolyta picked up the spear and reminded Antiope she was told many times not to interfere with Diana's studies. As queen, Hippolyta commanded her to stop. She threw the spear to her. Antiope acknowledged her decree but winked at Diana on the sly.

Hippolyta decided to let the punishment fit the crime. Diana was ordered to polish every single weapon in the Amazons' arsenal. She began her new chore but Antiope returned atop a Pegasus and whispered to her, asking her if she wanted to see a real Cyclops. Diana gasped and ran to Antiope then they departed the temple. Diana thought studying was boring and just wanted to be a warrior. Hippolyta instilled in Diana the belief that there was more to a warrior than running around with a sword. She taught her that studying was important because no matter what the challenge, they would always be ready. Hippolyta continued the lesson and asked Diana what were the three ways to stop a Kraken. At 317 years old, she went against the wishes of her mother Hippolyta and disguised herself as a common warrior. She alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite and earned the right of womanhood and to choice what to do with her life. She decided it was her destiny to bring the Amazon way of peace and prosperity to the world of man and eradicate all evil.

Diana thanked the gods for bestowing the honor on her then she sneaked off Themyscira without permission and wound up in Metropolis. When Wonder Woman made landfall and arrived in Man's World, the first person she met was a boy named Steve Trevor at a beach in Metropolis. He walked right past her as she dragged her large boat ashore and picked up a nickel. This was the first time she saw a real boy in real life. She offered her hand in friendship. They shook hands. Her poise changed and she giggled like an idiot then fell on her face in the sand. On the morning of the first day of Metropolis High School, Diana fought a giant monster in Midtown. The various news outlets and podcasts speculated on who she was as well as dubbed her Wonder Woman. A truant officer came across Wonder Woman and assumed she was a student cutting class. The officer took her to Metropolis High. Mr. Chapin and the officer left her in detention with Barbara Gordon, Jessica Cruz, Kara Danvers, Karen Beecher, and Zee Zatara while it was determined what homeroom she was in.

After they left, the girls realized she was Wonder Woman. Danvers thought she was a dumb cosplay girl. Wonder Woman declared she was Diana, Princess of the Amazons and told her tale. Danvers told her not to start with her. Wonder Woman took it as a challenge. Danvers and Wonder Woman got into a fight. Wonder Woman easily dodged Danver's punches. To everyone's shock, Danvers finally punched Wonder Woman but she went through several walls but she tackled Danvers like nothing happened. The room was utterly wrecked. They realized Mr. Chapin was coming back and tried to quickly reassemble the room. Zatara cast a spell speaking backwards and the room was magically restored to what it looked like before detention started. Chapin entered and everyone grinned back at him. Chapin asked if everything was all right. Zatara confirmed. Chapin retrieved his keys and left. Gordon felt validated. She admitted to her scheme to figure out who was a super then announced she was Batgirl. Wonder Woman was elated and hugged her as a sister-in-arms to help carry her burden. She didn't think she would find the warrior spirit of an Amazon in man's world.

Gordon got loose and corrected her, she had five. The others weren't interested. Wonder Woman found their excuses cowardly. Gordon tried to appeal to them with the allure of heroes and villains, fighting crime, hidden lairs, and secret identities. Zatara pointed out to maintain a secret identity, one had to convincingly pass as a normal human being. Gordon made them a proposition: give the team idea try and Wonder Woman would train them in how to be a hero and in exchange, they would give Wonder Woman a makeover. Everyone agreed to try it out. Zatara couldn't refuse the offer of makeover and joined in. Gordon hugged them all at once and declared super awesome, super hero-ness was imminent. The girls took Wonder Woman to a department store to work on her alter ego's wardrobe. She asked by the white beard of Zeus what the place was. Gordon stated normal teenager lesson number one was to never say stuff like "By the white beard of Zeus" then moved to lesson two, look the part. Gordon suggested bright colors and big logos, then stuffed a pink sweater over her. Danvers gave her a stack of leather.

Gordon moved to lesson three, your phone is your life. Wonder Woman was overwhelmed. Cruz disagreed with leather and gave her clothes all made with organic cotton from Turkey. Beecher suggested dressing to not draw attention to herself. Wonder Woman went to the dressing room and was in over her head. Zatara tripped Gordon before she could get an accessories then cast a spell and dressed Wonder Woman in geek chic. Zatara presented her as Diana Prince, foreign exchange student from Greece. Before Wonder Woman started training them, she took them to a roof and asked them to list their name, rank, and skills. Wonder Woman assessed their weaknesses, too. She found Green Lantern's aversion to violence admirable, told Batgirl she lacked focus, told Zatanna to channel her magic into their cause and change her costume, told Bumblee she was strong but lacked confidence, and lastly told Supergirl she lacked proper motivation and believed she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl denied it. Wonder Woman threw Batgirl off the roof. Supergirl flew after her and returned.

Wonder Woman took the team to a junkyard and set up mannequins as substitutes for citizens in peril. All they had to do was save them in time. She demonstrated and threw a hub cap at a pile of cars. When the dust settled, Wonder Woman stood atop the wreckage with all the mannequins unharmed. They all had a long way to go. For normal teenager lesson number four, Gordon took Wonder Woman to a comic book store to learn about pop culture. Zatara was skeptical and picked up a random comic book in disgust. Gordon realized it was a super-rare Batman giant super-special with a limited edition pull-out Batman poster. She declared she would kill for it. Prince misunderstood and scolded her. Cruz tried to explain a figure of speech. Prince tried one with a burrito stand but told the owner she would kill him for a burrito. He ran away as she demanded he accept her payment or he would die. For lesson number 26, Zatara chose Star Nails. She claimed it was important for a normal teenage girl to pamper and take care of herself.

Wonder Woman, however, didn't understand the concept of relaxing and resisted the efforts of the Star Nails staff. She inquired if toe nails were the point of focus in the world of man. Zatara took a cucumber off her eye and confirmed. One of the workers noticed Wonder Woman had enormous calluses and readied a grinder. Wonder Woman mistook it as a weapon and chased the staff around with the Lasso of Truth. For lesson 86, the girls took her to a screening of the movie "Just Before Dusk" at a theater. Wonder Woman didn't get it and found teenage males very confusing. They agreed. Gordon got an idea to take her to the carnival at the Metropolis Pier to finally loosen her up. To cap the night, Zee Zatara proposed they go to an ice cream parlor named Sweet Justice. Gordon and Prince were bewildered . Zatara ordered a candy cake triple ripple tower with rainbow sprinkles for Gordon and a death by chocolate for Prince. Prince readied a mace. Zatara repeated it was a figure of speech.

Barry Allen was working the counter and got their orders all done in an instant. He told Prince it was nice to meet her. She reciprocated but said she would await his text message in three days time. Allen scratched his head in confusion. Diana Prince was floored and gobbled her ice cream and everyone's orders then declared they had to celebrate every future victory at Sweet Justice. Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started. The girls were unsure of what to do until one of the robots charged towards a little boy wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses who was unaware of what was happening. Wonder Woman shoved it and declared their mission was to protect the innocent. She was astonished most of the teenagers weren't running away and kept using their VR Glasses. When beckoned by Wonder Woman, Supergirl went ahead of her orders and attacked. The Demo-Bot was launched in the air towards the teens.

Green Lantern made a trampoline construct but it bounced into a support beam and the roof started to collapse. Bumblebee was too scared to try short circuiting the robots. Wonder Woman snapped two buzz saw arms of one and attacked the rest but she was accidentally hit by Zatanna's beam and crashed into Supergirl. Green Lantern shoveled the rest of the civilians outside. Wonder Woman admonished Supergirl for insubordination but she countered she was the one doing the real fighting and pointed out Green Lantern could have taken all the robots out with a flick of her ring. While the girls bickered, Batgirl dug a logo out of the rubble and realized the Demo-Bots were Lexcorp property. She immediately suspected Lex Luthor. The girls were skeptical then disbanded. To make matters worse, Hippolyta, Diana's mother, and the Amazons arrived to take Wonder Woman back to Themyscira. Hippolyta declared she brought shame on her people, pulled her along by the ear, and promised she was in for the grounding of her immortal life.

Batgirl was re-energized by a random call from Harleen Quinzel, her best friend in Gotham City, and tried to reunite the team on account of it being worth it to fight for your best friends. She informed them of Wonder Woman's plight and pleaded with them to help save her. The girls clung to the rear of the Amazonian ship. Batgirl slipped onto the ship and tried to get Wonder Woman's attention but the others were quickly caught. They pleaded with Wonder Woman to be their leader again. From the bottom of a dog pile, Supergirl reminded her of the time she said she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl admitted that wasn't going to be herself, it was going to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman smiled and stood up. As princess, she ordered the Amazons to stop. They froze. Hippolyta told them to continue. Wonder Woman told them to stop. They inched closer and closer to each other until it became a literal stand off. Hippolyta believed she was too young and naive to make her own decisions. Wonder Woman declared Amazon law confirmed she was a woman for surviving the 21 tests and was free to choose who she wanted to be.

The Amazons echoed her assertion and bowed. Hippolyta grunted in frustration and walked away. Wonder Woman was elated. The others, soundly beaten up, wearily cheered for her. The team was reunited and flew back to Metropolis on a carpet construct. Batgirl declared to Wonder Woman that disobeying her mother was lesson 218 and she was officially a teenager. As they made landfall, they sighted the Demo-Bots approaching the Metropolis Pier. They met Lena Luthor, the true mastermind behind several businesses being destroyed. She told them her plan was to trap ever teenager in the VR world of Lexcorp's VR Glasses then children would rule the city. They found it rather dumb. Batgirl declared their friendship would never be destroyed. The robots were too large in number for the six heroes to stop. Wonder Woman suggested they take out the general to defeat the army and Batgirl came up with a plan to short out the warsuit by jolting the mainframe. Supergirl got an idea to use a guitar and amp to short out Luthor's warsuit. Bumblebee connected the motherboard and cable to the suit's CPU while Batgirl rigged the amp to go past its maximum of 10. Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl distracted Luthor while Bumblebee flew into the suit and Green Lantern got Batgirl past the Demo-Bots in a bumper car construct. Wonder Woman held one of the warsuit's arms down with her Lasso of Truth.

With the amp hooked up, Batgirl turned it to 11 and threw the guitar to Supergirl. As soon as the suit went offline, so did all the Demo-Bots and the Lexcorp VR Glasses. A crowd gathered and cheered them on as the Super Hero Girls. Barbara Gordon got an idea to use Sweet Justice after Wonder Woman declared the team should celebrate every victory there. During the three months it took for Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild Sweet Justice, Gordon made a few late night trips to the construction site to build a secret underground base. On the night of the grand opening, Gordon revealed the base to the team. The girls went to the base to watch Gordon and Beecher unveil the new Bumblebee suit. The growth tech still failed. Prince was eager to gather to needed components. Beecher, Gordon, Prince, and Danvers went to the mall. Prince walked with Beecher to the electronics store but a stationary bicycle landed in front of them. They saw merchandise being thrown out of the sporting goods store then an employee was thrown out past them.

Prince quickly changed into Wonder Woman and caught the basketball pole. She jumped and punched Giganta in the face but did no damage at all, even hurt her first a little. Wonder Woman slid between Giganta's legs and grabbed a hockey stick then dodged her attacks. Giganta grabbed a barbell and loaded the weights on one side. They charged each other. Wonder Woman stopped short and dodged Giganta's swing. Wonder Woman kept up her attacks but Giganta broke it to pieces with the barbell. Wonder Woman was still confident and took out her Lasso of Truth. She snagged Giganta's wrist but she got wrapped up in the lasso herself. Giganta went to the Big Time Closet and hung Wonder Woman up on the "S" then knocked the "C" and "T" away to spell "Big Time Lose." She felt humiliated. Bumblebee managed to defeat Giganta by herself. Wonder Woman told her she made Athena proud. Diana Prince went last on the vault jump for the gymnastics team. Prince prayed to Boreas and asked that his wintery breath keep her aloft. The coach yelled her surname. Prince performed a perfect vault. The coach wanted to make Barbi Minerva and Diana Prince co-captains but the former refused so the coach made Prince the captain. Minerva became angry and growled.

In AP Calculus, Minerva got a 100 percent on a test. The teacher noted that didn't happen often but praised Prince for getting a 102 percent and setting a new school record. Minerva drove up in her convertible and invited her team to a pool party at her mansion but they were staying behind to help Prince decorate for the homecoming dance on Friday night. Prince invited Minerva to join them. She screamed and gunned the gas pedal, heading back home. Prince was unaware she threatened Minerva's status as Metropolis High's perfect student-athelete. Prince couldn't wait to show the other Super Hero Girls the dance decorations but they discovered someone vandalized all the posters. Danvers joked someone already tore it up. Cruz didn't find her funny at all. Prince went into the girls locker room to get ready for practice while the others cleaned up in the halls. Cheetah slashed her locker door than ambushed her. The girls heard Prince scream and checked on her. Prince didn't get a good look at her assailant.

Gordon immediately deduced the perpetrator was someone suffering from having their status quo upended by Diana's arrival in Metropolis, and their crippling insecurity most likely caused by absentee parenting and a lack of proper modeling in childhood had unleashed a horrible ancient curse that manifested itself in the form of a weird cat beast now stalking its perceived enemy, Diana Prince. Cruz proposed they get her somewhere safe. Danvers disagreed and didn't think she was the one that needed protecting. Prince was worried about the other students. While they pondered how to evacuate the students outside without causing them distress, Danvers hit the fire alarm. They suited up but Cheetah slashed up the electrical panel and caused a school-wide blackout during the storm. With a lot of territory to cover, they split up. Wonder Woman arrived in the gym. Cheetah spit Bumblebee out of her mouth then charged with slashes and kicks. Wonder Woman took a defensive stance and blocked her attacks with her bracelets.

Cheetah kept up her assault. Wonder Woman eventually jumped up to the rings. Cheetah jumped off the bar but missed. Wonder Woman landed and they traded blows again. Wonder Woman grabbed Cheetah's tail but was dragged along then crashed into a bar. They charged and jumped off spring boards at each other. Wonder Woman made a perfect landing while Cheetah landed on her back. Cheetah escaped into the locker room and changed back into Barbi Minerva. Wonder Woman changed back and ran in and thought she was another victim. Minerva admitted to being jealous of her and releasing the Cheetah. Prince told her she needn't be jealous because one person's success doesn't preclude another's and jealousy would consume her if she didn't let it go. Prince checked on a noise in the gym but it was the other Super Hero Girls. She was worried about Supergirl, frozen by magic spell by mistake. Zatanna assured her Supergirl would be fine in a few hours. They were unaware Minerva was the Cheetah.

While Metropolis was under attack by Shaggy Man, Wonder Woman led a group huddle. She believed it relied on animal instincts and they would have the advantage if they flanked it it. Supergirl ignored her and flew on on her own then punched the monster out of the city. Before Wonder Woman could finish analyzing a giant robot's electrical attack, Supergirl flew off and punched it out of the city. At Sweet Justice, Prince dropped a chess board onto the girls' table and tried to tell Danvers that strategy and teamwork was superior in the long run. The other girls scooted out of the booth while they played each other. Danvers had only one piece left on the board. Prince advised her to learn to think strategically to anticipate her next several moves. It didn't sink in with her, and Danvers simply flipped the board. The chess pieces narrowly missed Gordon and were embedded in the wall behind her. The chess board, however, knocked her chocolate ice cream into the wall. Danvers declared checkmate and asked Prince if she anticipated that.

Starro rampaged through the city. The Super Hero Girls responded and tried to restrain it by grabbing each appendage. Wonder Woman announced its days of terror were over and revealed Bumblebee went on a long and perilous quest to locate the Hatorei Crystals, objects capable of sending it back to its dimension of origin. She was interrupted by the ringing of Batgirl's cell phone. They barely succeeded in banishing Starro. During lunch, Prince observed how Selina Kyle had acquired several friends: Doris Zeul, Leslie Willis, Carol Ferris, and Pamela Isley. Harleen Quinzel admitted she chose to be fashionably late on her first day. Prince tried to shake her hand but got electrocuted by a joy buzzer. Gordon presented her idea to give Quinzel a tour of Metropolis together. Prince gritted her teeth and agreed to do so. After Gordon and Quinzel left, the others quickly objected. Prince pointed out it was their divine duty as hosts to offer hospitality to their new guest and she was important to Gordon for some reason.

They headed to the Metropolis Subway. Quinzel jumped the turnstile. Prince groaned and put in an extra coin for her. Quinzel continued jumping the turnstile until Prince ran out of coins. Quinzel advised her to manage her finances better. Prince turned red-faced and grumbled. The girls recovered from a day with Harleen Quinzel in the secret headquarters. Gordon arrived and declared it was the best day ever and thought they loved Quinzel as much as she did. She even wanted to book activities a year in advance then changed it to five years then 50 then suggested they should all plan to die on the same day and have one big besties gravestone. She wanted to invite Quinzel into the headquarters. Prince did not find that prudent. Gordon started to realize they didn't want to hang out with Quinzel. They tried to deny it but Gordon used the Lasso of Truth on them. They all thought Quinzel was the worst. Gordon felt betrayed and announced they weren't friends anymore.

Catwoman's crew eventually caught the attention of the Super Hero Girls just as they planned. Catwoman flicked her nails at Wonder Woman who used her bracelets to deflect them. She thought they were evenly matched. Wonder Woman disagreed but Harley whacked her from behind. Catwoman was thrown into a wall. Wonder Woman momentarily looked away, giving Catwoman an opening to steal the Lasso of Truth. She threw it to Harley Quinn. Harley lassoed the Super Hero Girls and was given the honor of finishing them off. Harley cocked and raised her mallet but her cell phone went off. It was Gordon. Catwoman was flummoxed and dropped the rope. The Super Hero Girls rallied back. At 8:25 pm, the fight raged on. Livewire blasted at Wonder Woman. Catwoman called for a retreat after Batgirl then police arrived. Batgirl apologized to everyone and wanted to prove it with the Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman stopped her and apologized on everyone's behalf, too.

The girls were late for the S.S. Tardy ferry and ran for it. All but Beecher were able to jump aboard. Cruz worried but her but Prince reminded she had great strength yet undiscovered. Beecher stumbled upon a plot to blow up the bridge. She thought of Wonder Woman first and tried to call her. Prince had not yet mastered the art of video chats. Prince was unable to hear Bumblebee and failed to press the green button. She called her phone infernal then hung up. Zatanna later found her and all the Super Hero Girls backed up Bumblebee on the bridge. Wonder Woman caught Giganta's punch before she hurt Bumblebee then Supergirl tackled her. Wonder Woman lifted up Zatanna's cape and told Bumblebee she had the courage of a Nemean lion. She tossed her Lasso of Truth and snagged Livewire. The teams regrouped and charged each other. After Kara Danvers became adamant about proving herself as a hero, Prince warned her seeking glory sometimes blinded people to the greater good. Danvers agreed and vowed to knock Superman's face off the right page. Prince groaned.

After Supergirl saved the city from Chemo, Superman got the credit instead. Prince congratulated her for choosing the greater good over glory. Prince was happy to hear Supergirl say she learned a valuable lesson. She realized it was important to always bring your own camera. Prince sighed. Wonder Woman saved a cat stuck up in a tree and it was covered by Lois Lane for the Daily Planetoid. While all of Metropolis High loved Leslie Willis' mean memes, Prince did not. She was aghast the other Super Hero Girls laughed, too. She didn't find the suffering of others to be humorous. Zee Zatara explained they were just embarrassing moments. Prince pointed out anyone was hurt when they were mocked and ridiculed. She believed mankind was better than this. Willis pranked Lane in the hallway and everyone laughed. Prince did not and glared at the girls. They stopped and whistled. Prince went to the Metropolis Plaza to return a pair of sandals to a shoe store, claiming the warranty stated they would withstand vigorous activity but didn't withstand infantry training.

Prince overheard a scream and saw the elevator failed and dropped. She changed into Wonder Woman and used the Lasso of Truth to prevent it from a deadly outcome. The crowd cheered but Willis accused her of ruining her shot. Wonder Woman realized she was the one behind the mean memes and told her they were mean in spirit. Willis apologized but Wonder Woman failed to sense her sarcasm. Willis promised an extra special announcement for the Super Hero Girls that night. Livewire promised to supe things up. Prince's lap top blew up. She admitted it didn't go like she thought. After pranking all the girls but Wonder Woman individually, Livewire invited them to her most epic prank yet at Glen Morgan Square. Prince was amused she dared to challenge them. The others sighed wearily. On the night of, Wonder Woman couldn't believe at how frightened the other girls were. They informed people people came to see them fail, not to see them triumph.

After taunting the girls about their recent encounters, Livewire called out Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was shocked the others wouldn't come out. She implored them to believe in people's humanity, they were good and would never laugh at true suffering. She walked to the stage alone then declared Livewire's reign of cruelty and humiliation had reached its end. Livewire countered it had just begun. Wonder Woman leapt at her. Livewire blew a kiss of electricity and knocked her sword away. Wonder Woman still charged but was knocked off her feet. Everyone laughed. Livewire called her Blunder Woman and pointed out everyone loved mean then called her a joke. Livewire drew electricity from a light and blasted Wonder Woman. The people gasped. Wonder Woman was blown off the stage into the street. Livewire drew even more electricity and fired. The other Super Hero Girls joined Wonder Woman and together, took on Livewire's attack together. Livewire was forced to run away after she ran out of power. All of Livewire's followers left her and joined the Super Hero Girls' page. Wonder Woman trended for breaking the internet. Tons of photos of them saving cats garnered 50 million followers to Willis' dismay.

Some time later, Steve Trevor's application to a military academy was rejected and he ended up attending Metropolis High on a week where Diana Prince happened to have a big event each day. On Monday, she was crushing it at a volleyball game. With the score 15-0, Prince jumped for a spike and saw Trevor entering the gym eating a sandwich. She went into a trance-like state and the ball hit her in the face. She fell and landed on her back. The crowd was shocked. Prince began screwing up from missing a dig, walking into a teammate, and serving the ball into her face. After the game was over, the girls went to check on her. Gordon doused her with water from an orange cooler. She awoke unaware of what happened. Prince admitted she hardly knew Trevor but he was the first boy she met when she arrived in Man's World. Prince didn't think it was a large deal. Danvers told her it was "big deal." Trevor walked over and greeted everyone. Prince started giggling like an idiot.

Trevor explained his situation then left to check out the other extra-cirricular activities going on. He returned to say goodbye. Prince giggled, babbled, then backed up into the net. She bounced into a table, fell on her face, the table landed on her back, and the water cooler was launched in the air. The girls realized the Amazons trained Prince for everything except talking to boys. Gordon declared Trevor was Prince's Kryptonite. Danvers took offense to the analogy and was confident Prince could handle it. Prince gathered all the loose volleyballs except one and tripped on it. It then hit her face. On Tuesday, Prince had the debate in the bag with her inspired answer to the topic, hanging toilet paper in the over or under position. However, Trevor was on the other team and he admitted he didn't know much about the topic but thought both were equally valid. Prince digressed again and thought his answer was so eloquent she conceded to Cruz' horror. On Wednesday, Prince and Beecher prepared their exhibit about alchemy.

Prince talked about how the Philospher's Stone was given to the Amazons. Beecher was excited with the prospect of their victory but Prince's vial started to overflow. Beecher realized she saw Trevor in the doorway. The experiment went out of control, exploded, and caused an evacuation. On Thursday, the marching band performed at the football game. Prince was the lead and Gordon was on keyboard. Everything was going perfectly until Prince saw Trevor on his paper route in the nearby neighborhood. She led the band after him, leaving Gordon alone on the field. On Friday, Zee Zatara debuted as a director for the school's performance of "Romeo and Juliet." Prince, as Juliet, began. Beecher informed Zatara that their Romeo, Oliver Queen, refused to go on stage on account of the costume being inaccurate. He stormed off. Zatara was still confident the understudy would continue in his place. Beecher informed her Garth Bernstein was out sick. Trevor, the under-understudy took to the stage.

Trevor read his lines terribly from a sheet then puckered up to kiss as the play dictated. Prince blushed with intensity and the set collapsed on them along with the curtains, lighting, and scaffolding. In the audience, Cruz quipped at least the week was over. On Saturday, the girls settled at the cave on Saturday and watched one of the Just Before Dusk movies. However, they soon realized Diana Prince was love sick over Trevor when she walked in wearing a blanket and looked pale then described how she couldn't eat or sleep and her stomach was full of butterflies. Danvers had enough of her crush and declared they were taking her out to get her mind off Trevor. The girls took Diana Prince to the Metropolis Plaza mall to get her mind off him. When she stopped at a pretzel stand, the others saw Trevor at the Every Shade of Beige store. They quickly shoved her in the opposite direction before she could make eye contact. In a bookstore, Prince found a copy of "The Odyssey" and took it off the shelf.

Trevor happened to be in the next aisle. Danvers shoved the book back in and took Prince away. In an electronics store, the display of HDTVs had a cat playing a ball of yarn. Prince stopped to watch it but the other TVs suddenly showed Trevor waving. They pushed Prince out of the store before she saw Trevor looking at the display camcorder. The girls took Diana Prince to the pier to try to get her mind off him. However, he was in the rollercoaster, too. They yanked Prince out and somehow he was everywhere like across the street, in the subway station, in a car. Prince had slipped into a delirious state. Gordon tried dousing her in water from an orange cooler but it had no affect. Danvers stated that's how she was going to be from now on. Gordon tried to continue with her Trevor-is-her-Kryptonite analogy but Danvers shut her down. Danvers shook and slapped Prince and reminded her she was an Amazon warrior and the literal symbol of female empowerment. Cruz told her she was entitled to her feelings and she should deal with it her way. Prince started talking out loud to Trevor saying she loved vanilla, too.

Gordon suggested they take out Trevor. They all quickly agreed to the new plan. On Sunday, Zatanna, Bumblebee, Green Lantern, and Supergirl hid around the mailbox with the 557 address and waited until Trevor passed by. Green Latern hid in a green recycling bin construct, Supergirl hid on a roof, Bumblebee shrunk and hid in a newspaper with stingers ready. They all lunged at him from behind but paused when his phone rang. Trevor learned he got into the academy. The girls were confused and looked at Batgirl who was on her laptop. Batgirl hacked the military academy's computers and got Trevor accepted. She asked them what they thought the plan was. On Monday, the volleyball team won 52-0. While waiting for Prince to change clothes, the girls were relieved Trevor wouldn't be a problem anymore. They had no idea Prince had a photograph of him on the inside of her locker door.

The Super Hero Girls searched for vandals in Sinister Slum and encountered five suspects. Green Lantern lassoed all them at once. Wonder Woman approved of the construct. The suspects turned out to actually be a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow. The other Lantern then accused them of being the vandals. Wonder Woman called him a deceiver and claimed they were the vandals. Lantern was amused and called Green Lantern by her first name, asking what was up with Wonder Woman. Green Lantern was annoyed and resorted to pig Latin to get him to stop. Soon, they started to figure out each other's secret identities. No one was really surprised Diana Prince was Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman pointed out they were taken for fools and the same graffiti art was on a wall. She asked Bumblebee to use her phone to predict the next location. She did and gave her phone to Wonder Woman who then proposed they set aside their differences and find the real villains with her as the leader.

Hal Jordan turned down the offer and boasted they already had a leader who had similar experience in war as her. Supergirl was skeptical he also forged his courage in the flames of battle. Jordan noted he went to a military academy and chalked it up as the same thing. The girls were horrified to see Steve Trevor was their leader. He greeted them and apologized for being late then explained the rapid bus wasn't so rapid. He saw Wonder Woman, said hi, and asked what she had in her hand. Wonder Woman was overcome and reverted to her lovestruck state of mind. She handed him the phone and he saw the next location was the LexBucks across Centennial Park. The two teams raced over there. Wonder Woman kept up pace with Hawkman then bounced between buildings and jumped roof to roof. Hawkman threw Trevor to her and she was effectively neutralized. They walked to LexBucks holding hands. The graffiti turned out to be Kryptonian symbols used to open a portal between the Phantom Zone and Earth. General Zod, Ursa, and Non appeared.

Things went terribly. Bumblebee tried to snap Wonder Woman out her lovestruck trance to no avail. Hal Jordan noticed. He asked Steve Trevor if he could get them donuts. Trevor happily complied and marched away. Wonder Woman returned to normal and blurted out they had to work together. Jordan implored her to call the play and they would follow. Wonder Woman instructed everyone to pair up then they were going to send the villains back to the Phantom Zone using Kryptonite. While Hawkman and Bumblebee went in search of some at the Science Lexplorium, the others had to stall for time. Zod knocked Wonder Woman into a truck. She leaped and threw her shield at him but he effortlessly deflected it, dodged her, and kicked Supergirl into a building. Zod dodged her heat vision and threw her across the city. He was snagged with the Lasso of Truth but he pulled and threw Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman yelled, leaped, and threw another punch. Zod effortlessly caught her punch then counter punched her into the pavement. She groaned in pain as Supergirl watched in shock.

Zod claimed victory and declared all of Earth would kneel before him. She flew up to him. After a stare down, she abruptly flew away at super speed. Zod was surprised then scoffed. Zod, Ursa, and Non laughed then began to cough. He turned and saw Hawkman above them with Kryptonite. Bumblebee excitedly gave the play by play of how they got it but Hawkman growled. She stopped. Hawkman tossed the Kryptonite into the air and shattered it into three pieces with his mace. Wonder Woman stood up and gave the signal. Flash and Batgirl banished Ursa with their piece, Zatanna and Green Arrow banished Non with theirs, and Wonder Woman threw a dagger. Zod caught it by reflex, but he resisted and crushed the third piece to dust. Aqualad made a giant sea dragon out of water from a hydrant and tackled Zod back into the Phantom Zone. The teams retired to a girder above the city and enjoyed the donuts Trevor brought. Wonder Woman giggled and fell off. Supergirl anticipated that and carried her back to the girder. Flash realized if Trevor hadn't left to get the donuts, Wonder Woman would never have had the idea to get the Kryptonite, and Zod would have taken over the planet. Green Arrow cheered Trevor on. The other boys yelled their "Yo, Bros!" catchphrase. The girls groaned.

Diana Prince once again dominated the Metropolis Fencing Club at the Metropolis Rec Center. She congratulated Nathaniel on lasting two seconds against her, twice as long as before. She asked if anyone else desired a rematch. The other fencers were sheepish and turned away. Nathaniel joked everyone was done losing for the day and assumed she was staying to train. Prince confirmed he was correct. He chuckled and asked her to turn out the lights when she was done. After they all left, Prince noticed another fencer. They started a match. Prince noticed her footwork was impeccable and she was using the Danpei technique. The fencer admitted she thought it appropriate since she didn't know any of her weaknesses yet. She charged but to her surprise, Prince was happy. Prince revealed she fought left handed to give the club a chance then switched to her right. The fencer admitted she had something to reveal, too. Prince asked if it was she wasn't left-handed either. The fencer confirmed she was left handed but she wanted to say she was not distracted. Prince was tapped in the chest.

Prince was thrilled to have finally lost and thought she was incredible. Prince introduced herself. The fencer introduced herself as Tatsu Yamashiro and explained she just moved from Japan. She found Prince to be the first worthy opponent she met so far. Prince asked her to teach her how to parry like she could one day. Yamashiro offered to do it immediately. They kept practicing into the night. Prince succeeded and defeated Yamashiro. She was impressed how quick a study Prince was. Prince countered she was an excellent teacher. Prince saw the time and realized she had to go but invited her to hang out. Yamashiro admitted she trained more for fun after she was done training. Prince was amused and admitted she did so, too. Diana Prince and Tatsu Yamashiro trained together at several places in Metropolis, including Buff Gym. They started off easy with 25 pound weights, locked arms, drank, and did arm curls with way bigger weights. They raced up stairwells of a skyscraper, punched each other in their abs, did yoga on a girder being moved by a crane, and climbed a mountain.

At the end of a school day, the girls exited Metropolis High in agreement they would go see "Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space IV" because it had a good story for Cruz, lots of special effects for Beecher, great costume design for Zatara, and a ton of action for Danvers. Gordon simply wanted to sneak in a bucket of burritos in her backpack. Cruz asked Prince if she was sure she couldn't come. Prince apologized and stated she had plans with her new friend Tatsu Yamashiro. Danvers made light of her mysterious training partner and asked if they were ever going to meet her. Yamashiro suddenly appeared behind them. Cruz tried to make small talk and mentioned they heard so much about her. Yamashiro misinterpreted her, got defensive, and demanded to know who the rumor-mongers were then she would ensure they never speak again. Cruz clarified she meant from they heard good things from Prince. Zatara asked where she was from. She cryptically told them she came from a place she could never go again.

A breeze blew her hair around and an eagle called. The girls looked around for it. Danvers asked her if it was true she liked training as much as Prince. Yamashiro stated the strong are driven by discipline, not desire. Prince asked them all if they thought she was great. Everyone smiled and chuckled nervously. Prince and Yamashiro boxed but the latter was feeling bad about not making a good impression with Jessica Cruz, Karen Beecher, Kara Danvers, Zee Zatara, and Barbara Gordon. Prince realized something was wrong because she wasn't being punched in the face. Yamashiro came clean and explained she had trouble fitting in and people always thought she was strange or too intense so she was destined to be a loner. Prince confessed she, too, felt out of place and no one truly understood her but stated they now had each other. Yamashiro cheered up and admitted she was glad for her friendship. Prince felt the same way and felt it was time for them to try most vigorously to injure one another.

Prince was called to Gordon's house. She inquired about the make up and wires. Gordon explained she was making it look like a slumber party to trick her father. He knocked to check up on things. Gordon put on the show and he fell for it to the others' dismay. They headed out into the city. Wonder Woman believed they had to find the next target. Katana called out to them and claimed their tainted souls were hers. Supergirl, Zatanna, and Green Lantern fell easily. Wonder Woman called for a retreat. She watched as Batgirl and Bumblebee behind her were struck with a wave and lost their souls. She hid in a tight crevice until Katana left. She dropped to her knees and blamed herself. She gathered up everyone with the Lasso of Truth and dragged them to Gordon's bedroom. Prince went to the Metropolis Library to learn about Katana's Soultaker sword. She found a copy of "Ancient Weaponry Myth & Magic" and found an entry on the Soultaker and its origins in 14th century Japan. She discovered an incantation that could free souls from the sword but it was written in eight kanji characters.

Prince tried to call Yamashiro but she dialed the Metropolis Department of Water and Power instead. The very loud automated message played. The librarian at the information desk pointed at the no cellphone sign. She apologized. Yamashiro happened to be in the library enriching her mind and sneaked over. She tapped Prince's shoulder to get her attention then hung up her phone for her. Prince was again happy to find another reason they were so alike then asked for her help to translate the passage. Yamashiro saw the pages and realized Prince was Wonder Woman. Prince realized she was Katana. Yamashiro attacked with a jump kick. Prince threw a lamp. Yamashiro pounced. Prince leaned back in her chair and used her legs to propel Yamashiro into the information desk. The librarian pointed to the no loud fighting sign. Yamashiro apologized. Prince asked about the sign but got shushed. She spoke quietly. The librarian explained since it was Metropolis, that was the best they could hope for. They laughed and retreated to the bookshelves where fought quietly.

Yamashiro claimed she and the others were interfering with her mission. She tossed books off a cart and kicked them. Prince caught them and opened "The Art of Distraction" to block Yamashiro's punch then shut it. The dust went on Yamashiro. Prince pressed her hands on Yamashiro's mouth and nose just in time to muffle her sneeze. Yamashiro swiped repeatedly at Prince, causing her to lean on a shelf. A bust on top rocked. They gasped and climbed to it. They stabilized it in time and sighed but the shelf fell over and hit another shelf then another and so on. The librarian growled as she stamped something. She kicked them out. They apologized profusely. Yamashiro changed into Katana and claimed a hero's mission was to punish villains. Prince turned into Wonder Woman and claimed heroes protected the innocent then demanded the Soultaker. They fought sword to sword. Katana jumped atop one of the library's lion statues then kicked Wonder Woman down a level. She knocked the Soultaker away and jumped for it. Katana grabbed her legs and slammed her into the ground.

Katana revealed she would spare her soul because she had a good heart and suggested she give up since she couldn't win. Wonder Woman still stood up and declared she would not allow her friends to remain trapped inside the sword. Katana leap at her. Wonder Woman blocked with her sword. They continued fighting down the stairs. Katana revealed freeing her friends' souls would mean she would have to free every soul in the sword then knocked Wonder Woman's sword away. She then called Wonder Woman's methods weak and allowed villains to return again and again. Katana noticed a man trying to break into a parked car nearby. Katana used him as an example of why her method worked. One strike from Soultaker and he would never steal another again. Wonder Woman told her to stop. Katana asked if she was begging for a criminal's soul. Wonder Woman claimed she was begging for Katana's because she would become no better than the villains she punished if she continued on as judge, jury, and executioner.

Katana looked at Soultaker then unleashed a strike. Wonder Woman ran in front of the man and took the attack instead. Katana watched in horror as Wonder Woman's soul was taken. The man apologized and explained he locked his keys in his car. Katana realized the grave mistake she made. Katana took Wonder Woman's body back to her home. She lit candles and prepared for the ritual. She recited the incantation, "Gi. Yu. Jin. Rei. Makoto. Meiyo. Chugi. Jisei." All souls in the Soultaker were released back to their bodies. Wonder Woman came to and asked her why. Katana explained what she did to protect the young man inspired her and she was right about what true heroism was, protecting. Wonder Woman what she would do next. Katana pointed out someone had to recapture all the criminals but she would do it the right way. She wondered how she could shoulder the responsibility without Soultaker's power. Wonder Woman told her it could be a force for good. Katana asked how. Wonder Woman stated they would train. Katana understood and smiled.

Jessica Cruz believed Dexter the unadoptable cat needed an owner with a strong will and a leader to follow. She drove to Metropolis High and asked Diana Prince if she was interested. Prince accepted the call to help Dexter and boasted how she cared for others' animal companions on Themyscira and even became known as the "Minotaur Whisperer." She began to sneeze. Cruz realized she was allergic to cats. Dexter knew this, too, and brushed his tail on her nose. She collapsed. He perched atop her face. Prince clenched her fists and demanded his removal. Prince thought Good Girl was very clear in meaning but Supergirl chose Powergirl for her new codename. Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Prince and Beecher were happy to be paired up.

Beecher was excited because she happened to be experimenting with 3D printing packing peanuts that were 250 percent shock absorbent. Prince told her she raised griffons from eggs since she was 170 years old. Prince and Beecher failed to notice their egg roll away after the latter moved her desk close to the former's. It hit the floor and broke open. Yamashiro reveled in the chance to finally surpass Prince as valedictorian. By Sunday, most of the Home Ec pairs sulked outside. Gordon admitted they all messed up and there was no way any of them could walk into class on Monday. Danvers and Quinzel held each other and cried at the prospect of having to take summer school. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. Everyone stared at it and lunged at it. It rolled down the street. Gordon reached. Beecher warned her to be careful then bumped her away. Prince suddenly plucked it up. Beecher was annoyed. Prince held it out to her but Jordan ran by and grabbed it. Carter Hall tackled him. The egg rolled to Metropolis Pier but Isley got it.

With Batgirl out of town for the weekend, the Super Hero Girls called on Catwoman to help them infiltrate the Lexcorp Tower so they could steal the Book of Eternity and prevent its misuse. Wonder Woman told Catwoman if she helped, they would let her go after a failed museum break in. Catwoman realized she was being blackmailed. Wonder Woman denied it and told her they were using her situation to make her do something she would not usually do. Catwoman pointed out that was the definition of blackmail. Wonder Woman's role was to pretend to bump into Lex Luthor in order to steal his keycard but on the night of, she kept stealing the wrong thing like his library card and a Lexcorp Platinum credit card. She eventually tackled Luthor and took the keycard. Luthor waited for them in his secret lair and easily defeated them thanks to the Book of Eternity. Wonder Woman was the first to fall, figuratively and literally. She feel through a trap door. In the end, Catwoman freed the girls and they destroyed a meteor before it hit the city. Catwoman tried to steal the Book for herself but was forced to turn it over to Wonder Woman.

Zee Zatara pursued a magical being into Diana's nightmare. Diana pounced on her and warned her to stay quiet because "they" approached, those with jaws of steel, fangs like swords, whose kind have terrorized the forests of Earth since time immemorial, ravaging whatever creature they should find for their supper yet in the world of Man, these same monsters were placed in the cradles of infants. Teddy bears of many colors appeared to them. Zatara was not impressed with Diana's fear of bears. The teddy bears kept saying "I like to hug" over and over as they swarmed around Diana and buried her alive. Zatara tried in vain to pull them away. A green teddy bear stop the pile shifted its face into a sinister grin then twisted only its head towards Zatara, laughed, and jumped through a portal. Zatara followed. Diana and the others woke up after Zatanna pulled Fuseli to the real world.

Beecher and the others liked Casey Krinsky after she got them coveted tots for lunch and later kittens. They didn't believe Zatara's claims she was crazy obsessed with her. Things got worse when Krinsky revealed her super power to steal the powers of her victim. She took on Zatara's appearance and the girls were none the wiser. Things got even worse when they all went to the secret headquarters. Krinsky realized they were the Super Hero Girls and stole their powers and costumes, too, and left them powerless and weak until Zatara tricked her into going back to normal. The girls' secret identities were in danger of being exposed by Lois Lane. Diana Prince was resolute about facing the problem directly. Danvers perked up. Prince told her the plan was more cunning than a space punch. Diana Prince greeted Lois Lane outside the front entrance to Metropolis High and sighted Wonder Woman across the street. It was clearly Karen Beecher atop Jessica Cruz badly dressed as Wonder Woman. Lane was speechless at first then jotted notes. Prince got nervous.

In the final battle with Killer Moth, Wonder Woman used her Lasso of Truth to round up multiple Moth-Monsters. The girls charged and defeated Killer Moth. Lane decided to kill the story after she remembered the good the girls did for the city. The girls arrived at the hiking trail parking lot at 8:00 am. Prince ran there on foot. Jessica Cruz called up Beecher and discovered she was a bus stop. Cruz felt bad for Beecher because she got up so early and still couldn't make it to the hike. Danvers wasn't as sympathetic about her being 14 and too young to drive. The importance of driving was lost on Diana Prince as she pointed out people have feet to carry them. Barbara Gordon insisted driving was all about freedom and a little about how the mass transit system was messed up. Prince realized if she got a driver's license, she could transport Beecher around to the "cool stuff" they did together. Prince studied non-stop for her driver's license for two weeks then went to the Metropolis DMV with Beecher.

Prince told an employee she was "Diana, Princess of Themyscira" but Beecher covered her mouth and stated her name was "Diana Prince" and she was an exchange student from Greece. Prince started to go into an elaborate speech that her getting a license would be like a Creten Ibex summiting the Samarian Gorge. She was quickly handed a written test. Prince completed it then the eye exam. The employee passed her and instructed her to wait outside for the road test instructor. Prince and Beecher high fived. Beecher was confident she would pass the road test. Prince prayed to Helios for guidance then put the key in the ignition and somehow stalled the car, even though it was an automatic transmission. She started sweating a lot and recalled she had to allow the proper number of car lengths for braking distance. She braked way ahead of a family of ducks to cross. Romero advised her to practice normal traffic speeds. Beecher cheered her on. Harley Quinn, Livewire, and Catwoman zoomed the DMV in a stolen car. Prince couldn't ignore it and sped after them.

Harley recognized Prince from school and wondered when she got cool. Catwoman indulged and raced her. A Daily Planet newspaper flew into Romero's face. He ordered Prince to pull over. Prince stated she was fine with being failed and she swore a solemn duty to bring the lawbreakers to justice. She turned on the radio and bluegrass started playing. Bernstein thought it was the weirdest car-chase music ever. They zig-zagged in and out of lanes then hopped over the bridge as it split. They went through a Farmers Market. Romero had no idea how Prince was shifting and started hyperventilating into a bag. Catwoman and Prince were face-to-face. Romero shouted this wasn't on the test. Bernstein and Beecher held each other. The emergency brake was pulled and Prince's car flipped. She reversed after them, drove up the surf board display and bounced off a bouncy castle onto the roller coaster tracks. Catwoman drove off the top of the track onto a ferry boat. Prince landed into the ocean. Bernstein generated a water hand and deposited them onto dry land.

Romero stepped out and gasped. Prince was saddened for failing her test and failing to catch the supervillains. Romero confirmed she definitely failed. Prince went on her hands and knees and begged for forgiveness for disrespecting his laws then asked for one more chance. Romero conceded but noted that was really weird. He clarified if she went as much as one mile per hour too fast, she would never get a license. She nodded. Prince drove past the ferry station. Catwoman zoomed past. Romero warned not to even think about it. Prince promised all laws would be obeyed. Beecher told her they were headed north on Second so she should take Fourth to Allenford and they would pass all the bus traffic on 23rd. She then chose Up Past 8 for the chase music. Prince stopped at a stop light and put on her blinker. Catwoman couldn't believe they caught up. Prince stopped and let a senior citizen use the cross walk. He waved at her. Catwoman drove down a flight of stairs. To her shock, Prince was waiting at the bottom.

Catwoman zoomed off near Seymore Street. Prince was already waiting out in front. Harley declared it wasn't fun anymore and implored Catwoman to lose them. Catwoman made a left on DeVries. Beecher told Prince to hurry and take a right on 17th since there was a new LexBucks being built on 23rd and causing traffic on Ninth. As Beecher predicted, the villains were stuck in traffic. Prince waited and waved at them. Catwoman was astonished and thought that was impossible. Livewire chimed she should have said "Im-paws-ible." Harley warned her but it was too late. They drove up a ramp and landed in a dumpster. Romero warned Prince about ducks crossing. Prince pulled the emergency brake and they flipped over the ducks safely, spun, and parallel parked in one move. Romero was impressed and declared that was the best parallel park he ever saw. Prince passed and got her Class C Driver's License, #FK00135AZE. She asked Beecher where she would like to go. Beecher elected to catch the bus.

Wonder Woman and the rest of the girls helped free Supergirl from Ra's Al Ghul's Red Kryptonite and mind control song. She connected with a flying kick and drop kick but Supergirl adjusted, dodged her punches, blocked a knee, and threw her off. The combined force of the girls piling on her in mid-air and the Up Past 8 song sung by Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Garth Bernstein restored Supergirl to normal. The girls concluded a study session at the Metropolis Library. During cleanup, Gordon realized they had Prince's bag. They got into Cruz's van and went to drop it off. Cruz eventually realized she didn't know where Prince lived. The others had no idea either even though it had been months since they met her. Gordon used her phone to pinpoint Prince at Centennial Park and admitted she put trackers on everyone. She was met with glares. Danvers asked her to not be creepy for once. In search of Diana Prince, Barbara Gordon tracked her to a giant tree in Centennial Park. Prince was camped atop the tree and greeted the girls. Kara Danvers couldn't believe she was living in a tree the whole time.

Prince hopped down and explained that when Amazons take up a quest far from home, they sleep where the day lands them. Zee Zatara declared she couldn't live like that. Karen Beecher agreed. Prince conceded but asked where they would have her. Jessica Cruz took Prince to her home. Prince was surprised by the multitude of pets inside. Cruz explained she and her family adopted all kinds of animals in need, even a stray friend this time. She showed her to the living room. Prince asked where the dying room was. Cruz showed her the bathroom. Prince noticed there was only one toilet whereas school had many. Cruz explained houses had just one usually. Prince stated she would not fight her for the porcelain throne and submitted. Cruz suggested an alternative that Prince use this one and she would use the downstairs one. She left Prince alone to go pick up her parents at the airport and suggested she run a bath, make a snack, and relax. Cruz and her moms came home to a catastrophe. The refrigerator was wide open and stuff was melted, her sack was on top of a potted plant leaning over, and the dishwasher was stuffed with Prince's weapons and burst open.

In the meantime, Prince hand turned a huge ham over the over stove top. Specks started falling down. They looked up. The bath tub and tons of water dropped down through the ceiling. Prince added she ran a bath like Cruz suggested. The Cruzes were dumbfounded. Jessica Cruz laughed nervously. After the incident at the Cruzes, Diana Prince went to live with Zee Zatara. She went over her patented bedtime ritual, which included two dabs of overnight, rejuvenating sunflower extract and rice serum. Prince was fascinated. Zatara explained the most part and secret ingredient was beauty sleep. Prince thanked her for her kindness and wished Posidia to guide her on her dream journey. Zatara clapped and the lights turned off. She was stirred awake to the sound of Prince chanting to Posidia. Prince had a fire going and wished to share her bedtime ritual. She did a handstand walk, vocalized, and breathed heavily. Zatara slunk under her blanket then clapped the lights off again. Prince crept to the edge of Zatara's bed and woke her up for some water. Zatara called room service and paid the $20 for bottled water.

Some time later, Zatara awoke to Prince slicing a piece of carpet off the floor with her sword because it was much too comfortable. Later in the night, she crept face to face with Zatara and asked her what a concierge was. She later lifted up the blanket and thought she heard a Chimera. Zatara told her she was incredibly tolerant of her bedtime rituals, vandalizing her bedroom, and multiple requests for room service and yelled it was time for her to go to sleep. Prince complied. Zatara sighed and closed her eyes. The alarm clock rang and the Sun had risen. Zatara's hair was all frazzled and her eyes were red. She hissed as the sunlight burned her rejuvenating mask. Prince stretched and looked fabulous. A blue bird inexplicably landed on the palm of her hand and chirped. Zatara growled and her mask shattered. After trying out living with Jessica Cruz and Zee Zatara, Diana Prince went to the Beecher's. Karen Beecher assured Prince that everybody loves staying at her house because it had every modern convenience.

Prince balled up on the couch to avoid contact with the Roomba. Two drones dusted the house as well. Beecher demonstrated her Athena and asked for the television to be turned on. Athena initiated entertainment protocol. The TV turned on to whales singing. Beecher then asked Athena to close the blinds. Athena initiated light control protocol. Beecher implored Prince to try. Prince referred to Athena as the goddess of wisdom and asked it to rain courage down on her soul so she may withstand Beecher's modern conveniences. Athena mistakenly activated the lawn irrigation protocol and the sprinklers turned on. Beecher handed her several remotes so she could find something to watch while she dealt with the sprinklers. Prince was unsure of what to do but switched it to a Just Before Dusk movie but it was super loud. She dropped the remotes and frantically mashed buttons. The ceiling fans turned out. Neon lights activated. Up Past 8 played. The drones chased Prince around. She asked Athena to help because she was under attack.

Athena mistakenly activated the security protocol and the house underwent lockdown. Beecher got worried. The drones pulled at Prince's hair. Beecher tried to instruct her to go to the console on the wall but she opted to suit up as Bumblebee, shrink, and enter the house through vents. She entered the 2-8-5 password and deactivated the security protocol. Beecher gasped at the sight of the wrecked house. The Roomba repeatedly drove into Prince's face. After Cruz, Zatara, and Beecher, Diana Prince went to the Danvers's. She was weary of Danvers' parents not liking her either. They sat down for dinner. Eliza told Prince it was a treat to have someone from another culture over for dinner. Prince was humbled by her kindness. She grabbed mashed potatoes with her hands and chomped away. Jeremiah and Eliza was speechless then tried using their hands, too. Jeremiah loved it and found it so freeing then asked Prince what other rituals she practiced back home. Prince recalled the strongest warrior opened the feast by taking the first bite. Danvers fake sneezed, adding "second strongest."

Prince announced it was time for the nightly proclamation of deficiencies. Eliza was fascinated. Prince explained her mother Hippolyta pronounced her failings and shortcomings for all to hear so she may improve. She demonstrated and told Eliza her decorative cat plate collection was worthy of severe ridicule and was a hobby for children, not grown women. Danvers did a spit take. Prince told Jeremiah he had the reflexes of an ancient crone. She threw a pepper shaker and it sailed right past him. She stated he would never be able to defend a tribe. She ate more mashed potatoes as Jeremiah and Eliza were in shock. They looked at each other then laughed to Danvers' surprise. Jeremiah tried and told Danvers she wasn't very good at remembering her pleases and thank yous. Eliza told her her bedroom smelled like rodents. She was speechless. Prince munched on asparagus. Jeremiah added her hostile attitude was a front to mask her deep insecurity. Eliza added her rebellious nature was a sad desperate cry for attention. They both laughed. Danvers got angry.

Lastly, Diana Prince tried living with Barbara Gordon. Gordon admitted she always wanted a sister and hugged Prince. Prince happily accepted her welcome and admitted since she was sculpted from clay by her mother's hand, she always wanted a father. Gordon declared she had the best dad ever and climbed up to the top bunk. She declared everything was perfect. Commissioner Gordon peeked in and bid the girls good night. Some time later, Gordon was stirred awake by the sound of Prince sleep fighting with a spear. In the kitchen, Commissioner Gordon made a sandwich while he played EZ Listening with his phone and wireless headphones. He inadvertently dodged Prince's attacks. Gordon freaked out and jumped in front of her father. Prince gathered her belongings. Gordon apologized about it not working out. Prince apologized for trying to vanquish her dad. Commissioner Gordon wrapped his left wrist. Prince whimpered after the front door closed. Prince returned to Centennial Park and sighed at a bridge.

Prince admitted to herself a tree was no proper home even for an Amazon and she longed for the love and warmth of a real home. She lamented she was unable to return home to Themyscira until she completed her mission to save the world of man. She resolved to cease being Diana of Themyscira and to be Diana of Metropolis. She closed her eyes and heaved her belongings over the bridge. It knocked Julia Kapatelis off her feet. Kapatelis recognized a Hestian Xiphos and a dory engraved with the symbols of Artemis. Prince hurried down to her and apologized. Kapatelis realized she was an Amazon and invited her to her apartment. Prince accepted and learned she was a professor of archaeology. Kapatelis explained her specialty was ancient Greece but her first love was Themyscira. Prince gasped at the sight of her collection. She recognized a bracelet once owned by her aunt, Antiope, her Jumpa stuffed animal that she had when she was 72 years old, and a bust of Hippolyta. Prince stopped herself and resolved to put her past aside.

Kapatelis recalled an Amazon proverb, "A warrior's home is where she needs no armor." Prince gasped in surprise. Kapatelis reckoned in the world of man it was "home is where the heart is." She showed Prince her daughter's room next and explained she was away at college. Kapatelis empathized with Prince's loneliness and if she cared to stay, she could always be Diana of Themyscira. She accepted and they hugged. Later in the night, Kapatelis checked in and saw the room was already adorned with her belongings but Prince was already asleep with her Jumpa. She smiled and turned the light off. Prince sighed happily in her sleep. A humanoid monster terrorized Metropolis, stepping on vehicles and crushing them into pancakes. The Super Hero Girls teamed up with Da Invincibros. It roared right in front of Wonder Woman but she didn't flinch. She paired everyone up for the offensive. Batgirl and Flash, Green Lantern and Green Lantern, Supergirl and Aqualad, Zatanna and Green Arrow, and Bumblebee and Hawkman.

The two teams later teamed up to stop a stolen armored car after it departed the Bank of Moolah. Bumblebee attempted to hide behind Supergirl when Wonder Woman picked the pairs. The two teams responding to a building fire. Bumblebee poked Wonder Woman and suggested mixing up the teams. Wonder Woman found that to be an excellent suggestion but Bumblebee was placed with Hawkman again. Diana Prince returned home after another day of high school ended. Julia Kapatelis informed her dinner was in the oven, kissed her goodbye on the cheek , and revealed she was able to get those dents out of her armor. Kapatelis came back into the condo and remembered something came for her, too, and she left it in her bedroom. It was a scroll from Hippolyta. Several items rolled out after Prince grabbed it: Themysciran nectar, her summer toga, socks made from wild boar intestines, and an egg. Prince mistook the egg as dinner. At some point after she went to sleep, the egg hatched and a baby griffin wandered into the kitchen and made a ruckus.

Prince thought it was an intruder and grabbed her spear after she noticed her egg was in pieces. She saw a pot moving and lifted it up with her spear. She fell instantly in love with the griffin and declared he would be her pet. His stomach rumbled and she grabbed a bunch of food but he refused a carrot. She offered him a spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream. His mind was blown and he dived in. He zipped out of the kitchen into the study and knocked some vases off the chimney, ran through a harp, and broke a pot. Prince caught the vases just in time. Kapatelis called out to Prince to see if everything was all right. Prince grabbed the griffin and reassembled the pot by hand very quickly. She neglected to put back the last piece and left. The Hydra seeped out of the pot in a non-corporeal state then out the apartment through a crack in the wall. Diana Prince showed off her baby griffin to the girls at Sweet Justice. They thought he was so fluffy and cute. Only Jessica Cruz pointed out he was a griffin.

Prince declared she took another stride in her quest to become a normal adolescent teenager. The griffin wanted the ice cream at the table but he was pulled away. He didn't like the dog treat Prince offered and went for the ice cream. Danvers asked what his name was. Prince asserted an ancient creature of grace and nobility needed to possess a name worthy of his majesty. She named him "Steve." Everyone thought that was cute. He ate a piece of glass. Cruz asked Prince if she was sure about having a pet because that was a big responsibility. Danvers reminded her Diana Prince could handle anything. Steve ran off and caused a commotion. That night, back home, Prince told Steve he shouldn't blame himself because she too succumbed to the siren song of ice cream when she first arrived in Metropolis. Steve laid on his back in a shoe box, very full. He burped and purred. She assured he would learn self-control like she did. They went to sleep. The next morning, Prince woke up to see the shoe box flattened and Steve was way bigger.

Diana Prince smuggled Steve into Metropolis High School in her back pack. She tried to act normal but the girls saw right through her awkward facade. Cruz realized she brought Steve. Gordon rushed in between them and wanted to see him. They thought he was goofier and cuter. Cruz thought Prince lost her mind and pointed out the trouble she would get if Mr. Chapin found out. Mr. Chapin asked them what he was going to find out. They quickly grouped around Prince to hid Steve. Danvers improvised and revealed he wouldn't believe how much they admired him. Chapin wasn't buying it. More so after they smiled. He gestured he was watching them and walked away. Prince assured Cruz that Steve was well-behaved. She discovered her back pack was empty and there was a big hole in it. Steve ran past Chapin undetected as he took a drink from a water fountain. Steve entered the science lab and cornered Hammy the Hamster. Beecher implored Hammy to run for her life. Steve swallowed Hammy whole. Beecher sighed and fainted.

Cruz was stern and ordered Steve to drop the hamster. Steve groaned and spit Hammy out. Cruz wanted Prince to admit Steve was no ordinary pet, he was a wild beast. Prince wasn't hearing it and stated he was the perfect pet. She hugged him. Prince admitted he just needed a little discipline. Gordon took the lead and blew a whistle. Prince brought Steve to Pelham Park to train with Barbara Gordon and Ace. Gordon boasted there was no pet more disciplined than Ace. As she talked, Steve ran circles around Prince. She struggled with controlling the leash. Gordon started with fetch. She threw the ball then told Ace to fetch it. He zipped off, returned the ball in her hand, zipped off, and returned with a napkin. Gordon wiped the ball and wanted Prince to try. Steve ate the ball. He saw a blue bird in a tree and took off after it. He ended up knocking down all the trees like dominoes. The trees randomly missed Ace as he sat stoically. Prince landed on her bum and caught Steve. Everyone glared at them. She bid all the pet owners good bye and hoped to see them the next day. Steve dragged her in the opposite direction.

The night after failed obedience lessons, Prince tucked Steve into her bed and assured him they would try again the next day and adjust to the world of man. The next morning, Steve was adult sized and pushed Prince out of the bed by mistake. Prince chuckled at the sight of him and considered limiting his ice cream consumption. She noticed he now had wings and wondered if he could fly. He charged through her wall and flew away. She exited the apartment as Wonder Woman and ran towards Steve, commanding him in vain to stop. Steve devoured a Frozen Pops stand and a girl's popsicle. Wonder Woman nervously told them he was a playful scamp. She yelled at him to heel. Steve flew to the Metropolis Pier and attacked stuffed animals at a prize booth. Wonder Woman ordered him not to do it. It was too late and he smashed the booth to pieces. He was annoyed it wasn't a real animal and snatched a caught marlin that Jimmy Olsen was trying to take a picture of. Wonder Woman apologized and lied she had no idea how he got loose. Steve pit out the marlin's skeleton.

Wonder Woman threw the Lasso of Truth and snagged Steve's neck. Steve continued to screech and resist. She ordered him down and told the people he was usually so sweet. She saw some girls and a boy having fun with their pet dogs and started to see the truth but was disrupted by a disturbance in the city. The three headed Hydra was fully grown and wreaking havoc. Wonder Woman dragged Steve along. The heads tugged at a bus until the middle head chomped it. Steve realized what was happening and his demeanor changed. She got on his back and drew her sword. He took off and dodged the Hydra then Wonder Woman sliced their heads off. She congratulated Steve but the Hydra reformed with six heads total. Steve grabbed her and flew off. He dodged their strikes but dropped her. He recovered her just in time. They noticed two heads getting tied up in a knot and got an idea. They flew around and tricked the Hydra into twisted its necks around until it fell on its back. Wonder Woman declared it was time to send the Hydra back to where it came but she realized she had no idea where it was from. She thought and took out the piece of the broken pot. It bore artwork of the Hydra.

They returned home and put the last piece back. The pot magically assembled like it was never broken. The Hydra was sucked back into the pot and Wonder Woman put the cover back on. She noted the curse was contained and balance was restored. However, she noticed Steve was sadly pawing at the window. She knew what she had to do. Wonder Woman rowed a boat to Themyscira with Steve. He was excited about the ride. After clearing a fog, they made land fall. She ordered him to come to her on the beach, Themyscira was where he belonged. She admitted it was selfish of her to force him to do as she wished, rather than what was right for him. He hopped off the boat and nudged at her while purring. She stroked her beak and opened a cooler full of ice cream bars. Steve was elated and started eating. Wonder Woman left in her boat. Her spirits rose when she sighted Steve flying with other Griffins. She bid Steve farewell and stated no matter the distance between their worlds, he shall always be a good boy. He watched her from a ledge then took off back into the sky.

The girls hunkered down at Sweet Justice and crammed for final exams. Prince returned to the booth and declared she had excellent news. Gordon asked if the school was crushed by a giant monster and they would no longer have to take finals. Prince announced her Aunt Antiope will be visiting the city. No one knew who she was talking about so she explained. Even Danvers was more concerned with studying for finals the next day. Antiope pulled up to Sweet Justice on a motorcycle and complimentary attire. Prince zipped over and hugged her. Antiope could not believe it had been over 100 years since they last saw each other. Prince introduced her friends. Antiope declared there were her friends as well. She slid into the booth and Gordon popped out as a result. Antiope asked what the plan was for the evening's entertainment. They informed her they had to study. Antiope was aghast they chose to read books when they lived in a world of motorcycles, movies, men, pizza, men, and even more men. She pointed out they didn't give their minds a rest, they would be exhausted when they needed them. The girls saw some logic in that.

After going to a night club, Antiope convinced them they needed to eat, too. Prince was left with the bill. Antiope hit the pool hall next. She won an arm wrestling match against a biker and even slammed him off his seat. Prince was eager to end the festivities since their final exams were now seven hours away. Gordon didn't take kindly to her bringing down the mood. Antiope defended her but stated one last thing to do was find something to help them unwind. Prince wasn't having it. Antiope ended up in card game against the Royal Flush Gang that was broken up by the police. Antiope flipped the table and told the girls to run. They climbed out of a basement window into an alley. Antiope pulled up in a green car. They piled in and fled the scene. Prince questioned why they were fleeing the scene then realized she had no idea when her aunt got a car. Antiope thought parked cars were for anyone to use. The girls recuperated in the hideout. Antiope was still amped and wanted to go get breakfast.

Antiope dug around in the fridge while Prince pointed out they had no more time to study. She told her aunt to leave and stop interfering with their schooling. Antiope realized how she sounded like her mother. Prince gasped. The tension was interrupted by a city-wide rumble. A Kraken rose up near the Metropolis Pier. Antiope realized it was already Friday and became nervous. She revealed Hippolyta tasked her with changing the lock on the Kraken's underwater cage. She forgot to do it and as a result, the Kraken escaped. Prince could not believe she was the same Antiope she grew up admiring. Antiope admitted she captured the Cerberus because she was the reason it escaped in the first place. The Kraken marched onto the city. The girls attempted to restrain it. Wonder Woman attacked its eyes then threw out her Lasso of Truth around another tentacle after she landed on a roof. She gave the signal. Supergirl flew straight into the Kraken but she did no damage and bounced right off. Wonder Woman caught her. Supergirl grimaced and was annoyed the Kraken had impervious magic skin.

The Kraken broke free and continued on. Antiope pointed out they needed to journey to Greece, secure a Gorgon's head, then turn the Kraken to stone. Wonder Woman was annoyed and yelled they had no time for that. Antiope presented an alternative, feed a beautiful maiden to it and suggested drawing straws. They glared at her. Wonder Woman told her to think of another way. Antiope stammered she didn't spend her life studying Krakens. Wonder Woman suddenly remembered the third way to stop the Kraken. The girls regrouped at Metropolis High and wore togas. Wonder Woman drew a glyph on the ground then instructed everyone to focus and join hands around it. Wonder Woman then recited an incantation, "From eternal darkness deep below...let the Stygian Bloom of Hypnos grow!" The glyph lit up as the Kraken approached. They all levitated above the glyph. A fissure formed in the center of it and a Stygian Bloom surfaced through it. Batgirl didn't understand what the big deal was.

Wonder Woman picked it up and gave Supergirl the signal. Supergirl tore the toga off her costume and threw Wonder Woman at the Kraken. En route, she crushed the flower into a powder and blew it in the monster's face. The Kraken fell asleep and landed on top of Metropolis High. Antiope declared victory and held up her hand for high fives but none were given. Bumblebee pointed out finals were probably canceled. Antiope cheered again. They all turned towards Antiope. She tried to leave but Wonder Woman, as princess of the Amazons, gave her a command. Antiope noted she sounded like her mother. Wonder Woman knew that. Antiope struggled to drag the sleeping Kraken across the city and back to its cage.

Zee Zatara wanted to be a princess for a day and dressed accordingly for the Ye Olde Metropolis Renaissance Faire. She and Prince showed up late. Zatara encouraged others to take photos and use the hashtag #PrincessZee. She intimated two gorgeous princesses would have been far more social media worthy. Prince didn't understand her and stated she was dressed like a princess as instructed and the actual point of being a princess was leadership and diplomacy. Zatara didn't see the fun in that. Prince didn't see why ruling kingdoms was supposed to be fun. Gordon started singing again, making a back handed comment about how it was okay they were late. Prince did not find the ren faire to be authentic and was annoyed to see the criminal in the gallows eating but admitted the turkey legs looked delicious. Gordon pointed out there was a Ye Old Snack Bar, Ye Old ATM Machine, and Ye Olde Wi-Fi Hotspot. Zatara told her to forget it because she was talking to the princess of party poop.

They came upon the blacksmith booth. Gordon picked up a mace and fell over. Prince looked at a blade and thought the workmanship was crude. She refined the sword on her own using the blacksmith's tools and anvil. Ember, a turkey leg booth worker who was really a dragon, thought Zatara was a real princess and tailed them the whole time intent on eating her. Prince tested out her sword and inadvertently cut the rope holding up the tent. It collapsed on top of Ember to her dismay. The girls went to watch a falconer but his bird ignored him. Prince took offense to the insolence and took over the performance. Ladyhawk, the falcon, listened to Prince's commands and went to her arm right away. She told the falcon to seek out worthy prey. It took off. Ember crept under the bleachers and reached for Zatara but the falcon attacked her and chased her around. Zatara was upset Prince ruined the show. The girls looked at the Little Piggie Mud Pit. Both Prince and Zatara didn't understand the point of the mud wrestling. Prince inspected the mud and found it unsuitable for proper throwing because it contained too much pig filth. Zatara was aghast and was horrified when some got on her dress.

The girls went to the main event, a joust. The announcer told the crowd the two champions would choose a fair maiden to fight for. Zatara perked up and called out to them. They took to her and got into a fight. She thought they were adorable. Prince thought it was a disgrace and a poor display of equestrians. She asked Zatara why she encouraged the charade. The blue knight won and tossed his rose to Zatara. Out of reflex, Prince snatched it out of the air. Zatara snapped at her and pointed out she got to be a princess every day of the year while she just wanted to be one for a day. Prince stated it was a lifetime of responsibility. Zatara screamed, told her to be the responsible princess with a lifetime of drudgery and awfulness, and stormed off. Prince was offended and went in the opposite direction, far away from Zatara's delusions of nobility.

Ember took a lick and realized Zatara was not a real princess and was disgusted then noticed an amazing smell. Outside, Wonder Woman addressed her as a demon and stated she was Diana, daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons and princess of Themyscira. Ember didn't think she looked like a princess. Zatara reacted. Ember attacked. Wonder Woman shielded herself from her fire, tossed her shield at Ember but it bounced off. Ember formed a gatling gun construct around her arm and fired. Wonder Woman defended herself with her bracelets and gave Ember the slip. While Ember tried to find her in the smoke, she was snagged with the Lasso of Truth and yanked down to the ground. Wonder Woman prematurely declared victory. She breathed fire around her and implored the girls to run. Ember transformed into a giant dragon and breathed a wave of fire so strong it propelled Wonder Woman backwards into the tower. A fracture went up the middle of the tower. Zatara slid out a window as the tower fell and bounced off several tents to the mud pit.

Ember pinned Wonder Woman with a claw and detected delicious fear. Once Zatara freed herself, she levitated to the battle and declared it was time to fight magic with magic. She cast a spell and it cleaned off her dress. Ember was annoyed and clung to the stereotype of a princess being helpless and weak. Wonder Woman called her a fool and stated princesses were strong and powerful. Zatara cast a spell on Wonder Woman and formed a knight's armor around her. Ember charged. Wonder Woman whistled and leaped onto a horse. They battled but Ember clamped on her shield and pulled it away then breathed fire. Zatara cast a spell on Wonder Woman's sword and empowered it. Wonder Woman and Ember charged each other. They were surrounded in the build up of magic. Zatara saw the silhouette of Ember first but she was petrified then faded away. Wonder Woman sat triumphant on her horse and declared she was more than okay, she was a princess. As the girls left the faire, Gordon started singing from Lo! again but Zatara took the book away on account the lyrics were a bit narrow minded. She mused there are all sorts of ways to be a princess. Prince did not agree and stated a princess was the female descendant of royal heritage. Zatara frowned and shoved the book to Beecher then clarified she wasn't talking about Prince. Prince pointed out she explained what a princess was in so many different ways.

One night, Wonder Woman called up Batgirl to recruit her for a mission to stop Mr. Freeze from causing mayhem in town. Batgirl had to wait for her father, Commissioner Gordon, to fall asleep and asked for a few minutes. Wonder Woman respected her ambitions to defeat a worthy foe and they still had a long stretch to travel and time was of the essence. Wonder Woman departed with Supergirl, Zatanna, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern. Batgirl ended up the first on the scene and was joined by them then they charged Mr. Freeze. One day, after finishing gym class, Diana Prince texted Kara Danvers from the girls' locker room. Prince became confused by Danvers' use of emojis instead of words. Barbara Gordon happened to be passing by and schooled Prince on the use of emojis to form an idea like a secret code. Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher found Prince in the cafeteria texting Gordon. They misinterpreted Gordon's texts. Prince thought she was eating at a new organic restaurant. Cruz was elated she became a vegan and thought all those pamphlets she gave her were finally read.

In reality Batgirl was battling Poison Ivy and her giant vines outside. Prince thought vegans were from another planet. Cruz laughed and admitted she didn't have much luck with the other Green Lanterns. Prince thought the sad face meant the restaurant wasn't good. Cruz speculated the rats were back in the kitchen again or eat something bad or the MSG made her bloated. Prince figured she was at least happy her emojis were being read. She eventually realized she meant Ivy. They turned around and saw Batgirl pressed up against the window. Jessica Cruz and Diana Prince staged an intervention when Barbara Gordon's hoarding began cluttering the base up. Prince read a prepared speech from her note cards. Prince informed her they looked hoarding up on the Internet. Gordon assumed it was true. They started going through the clutter for what to throw away. Gordon refused to throw away her night vision goggles, jet powered skates, Bat Shark Repellent, and cat brush. Cruz and Prince sighed then pointed to a pile of old food.

Gordon determined it was fresh meat loaf but couldn't bring herself to taking a bite. She promised to clean up. Cruz and Prince were sucked up into a tube. Gordon felt better then sat down and watched TV. Metropolis High voted her most likely to win an Olympic medal. In the finale of an epic battle with Metallo, Wonder Woman ordered Supergirl to flew into the villain's Kryptonite chest. The explosion generated defeated Metallo but exposed Supergirl to a lot of Kryptonite. Wonder Woman declared victory but was horrified to find her lifeless in a crater. After the girls gathered, Supergirl coughed. Wonder Woman vowed to nurse her back to health herself. She took advantage of Wonder Woman. Prince brought her a glass of water to her bedroom. Danvers asked for ice. Prince set her up on the living room recliner and turned on the TV. Danvers asked for the remote. Prince stopped and told her to was right next to her. Danvers cited flying into Metallo took a lot out of her. Danvers flipped through the stations. Danvers kept telling her to go slower.

Prince took Danvers to Sweet Justice and fed her. Danvers asked for more sprinkles. Prince was surprised. Danvers remembered when she watched her life slip away, the promise of chocolate sprinkles kept her going. Prince got annoyed and dunked the spoon into the sprinkles. Danvers opened her mouth. Prince tried to get her outside in time but the school bus drove past the house. Danvers coughed and closed the door on Prince. Prince got angry then got an idea. She asked Cruz and Beecher to check up on Danvers then she would burst in and falsely announce Doomsday was attacking the city so Danvers would expose her own lie. Cruz and Beecher arrived. She lied again and noted she was just recovering from barely defeating Metallo and saving the world. Wonder Woman burst in claiming Doomsday was attacking the city. After they left, Danvers flew out on her costume and looked around. The other girls were gathered on the roof. Wonder Woman asked her if she was feeling better.

Barbara Gordon, Diana Prince, and Kara Danvers went to the arcade on the pier. Prince never made it inside and became fascinated with an unplugged fortune teller machine. She asked it if her path was righteous. It asked her to put in money. She thought it meant an offering and complied. She was amazed by the fortune and wanted to know more. Prince spent the whole time with the machine. She started rambling she could see it all. A mother told her daughter to keep walking and to make no eye contact. Danvers pulled Prince away from the fortune teller machine as they left and suggested ice cream. One night, Diana Prince accompanied Kara Danvers to a rock concert at the Lazarus Pit night club. Danvers asked her if she was ready to have her face melted off. A boy was carried off by a mosh pit. Prince thought they found a demon pit and everyone was possessed by Hades. She mistook Danvers' head banging as her agreeing. Prince suggested they masquerade as demons. She tried to blend in but mistook the mosh pit for a battle.

Prince grabbed a girl by the leg, swung her around, and tossed her then tossed others in the pit. Prince demanded Hades to release them. Danvers eventually noticed and confronted Prince. She realized she misunderstood. To her surprise, Danvers thought it was awesome. The mosh pit carried them away. Prince declared she was very much enjoying her face melting. Prince competed in the annual pie eating contest at Sweet Justice. Before she went into a full blown speech, Lois Lane cut her off on account of a limited budget. Prince beseeched Hestia for her guidance. Rather than scarf down pies like her competition, Doris Zeul and Barry Allen, Prince examined a pumpkin pie. She made it wobble then smelled it. Lane advised her to try using her mouth. Prince took a bite and was infatuated with it. She soon caught up to the others. Even after Zeul and Prince were disqualified, Prince ate their untouched pies. Gordon and Cruz tried to pry her away in vain. Prince lunged for Lane's pie.

Zee Zatara convinced Diana Prince to give her stylist, Paulette, a try and was a satisfied customer. Prince remarked her hair now reminded her of the twilight surf flapping gently against the shores of Themyscira. Kara Danvers bumped into them outside the salon. They insisted she try Paulette, too, and shoved her inside. After Paulette crashed with a grinder, Prince got worried but Zatara told her to let Paulette work her magic. Soon enough, Paulette blew up the salon but failed to make a dent in Danvers' hair. Danvers hung out with Prince as she frantically looked for the missing Lasso of Truth in her locker. Danvers asked her if she was sure she didn't leave it home or misplaced it. Prince insisted a true Amazon would never lose sight of their weapons. Danvers looked at her Happy 317th Birthday card. Eventually, Wonder Woman and Supergirl found the culprit, Harley Quinn. She was entangled in the lasso in a tree after a failed robbery of the Bank of Moolah because she tried using the lasso as a bungee cord, unaware of its unlimited length. Supergirl got an idea and decided to have a little conversation before turning her over to the police.

Doris Zeul built a robot and fashioned it as a woman in distress then ran it through a street. Wonder Woman sighted it from a roof and fell for the sham. Wonder Woman attempted to grab her with her Lasso of Truth but as Zeul timed it, the 1:00 ray of sunshine bounced off the Daily Planet globe and blinded Wonder Woman. She instead snagged a pipe on the roof of a bus and was dragged through the city. As she anticipated, Wonder Woman's plight drew in the other five heroes. She landed on a giant red "x" painted at an intersection in the Central Business District where the other girls caught up to her. Zeul would fired on them with her Destructo Beam but Serum 44 wore off and she blasted herself by accident. Wonder Woman cut off a duo of bank robbers at a street corner and punched the hood of their getaway car. Jimmy Olsen was in the crowd and pushed forward to take a photo. The robbers were launched from their car right into Olsen.

The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. It managed to grab Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Bumblebee blasted it with her stingers, Zatanna blasted its eye, and Green Lantern lassoed an appendage with a rope construct. Wonder Woman managed to lasso another. Batgirl tried a green spray. Supergirl used her heat vision. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. The girls all posed just in time. Barbara Gordon was hit during a game of dodge ball and dramatically fell to the floor. Karen Beecher cradled her. She apologized to Diana Prince. Prince told her she fought well like a brave warrior and told her to rest. Gordon thanked her. Prince addressed her opponents Doris Zeul, Leslie Willis, Selina Kyle, and Barbi Minerva with a passionate speech about spirit, sacrifice, and determination. However, she dropped her ball on her side of the court.

Prince was bewildered by the strange rules of dodge ball and walked off the court. alone, Beecher began to lose any remaining confidence. Prince tried to cheer her on. Willis went first. Prince yelled at Beecher to duck. She did and avoided getting hit. Doris Zeul was ready to step up and end the game. Prince advised Beecher to face her fear head on. Beecher stood her ground and somehow, Zeul's ball launched off Beecher's face and took down all four of them like a pinball game. The teacher guessed Beecher won. Prince rushed over and hugged Beecher. Beecher was proud she "faced" it. Prince stated that was not what she meant but congratulated her anyway.

The girls ate lunch until Gordon picked up a museum heist on her police scanner app. Cruz advised them to hurry. Prince agreed and stated they had to prevent the villains' escape. Cruz added there wasn't much time left in their lunch period. Wonder Woman tried to lasso Catwoman but she proved too agile. Poison Ivy's pollen spread all over the Super Hero Girls. When it started to clear, Wonder Woman realized they were too late and the villains were on the sheep. Supergirl suggested it was "lam." Wonder Woman thought that's what she said. Bumblebee presented the stolen diamond and Green Lantern attached wings to it then sent it back to the museum while they rushed back to school. They bumped into Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harleen Quinzel as they headed inside.

On a Monday morning, the Super Hero Girls fought Giganta who sat on a highway. Wonder Woman declared they would not be intimidated and noted she fought gods much larger than her. She restrained Giganta's hands with the Lasso of Truth. Zatanna then cast a spell intended to teleport her across town to chill out. In reality, she teleported Giganta to the Arctic. At school, Mr. Chapin and Dr. Sieve revealed the prizes at stake for the annual science fair: a summer internship with the Project Cadmus and a year of unlimited goodies from Sweet Justice. Chapin revealed all the teachers in the science department agreed to make the fair worth 80 percent of each student's final grade, no matter which science class they were enrolled in. The girls went to hang out at Sweet Justice after school and after learning the news. Prince thought about asking that student she met from the military school, Steve, for help with a demonstration on the physics of proper self-defense. Gordon noted they had chemistry but it flew over Prince's head and she stated her project was about physics.

Diana Prince picked him up and tossed him into a wall. Zee Zatara asked him if her color was too raspberry. He asked Prince how she threw him so well. Prince helped him up and explained it was all about understanding center of gravity. He asked what he should do first. She was at a loss for words and explained a feline grabbed her tongue muscle. Zatara yelled out a cat got her tongue. Trevor got it and admitted it happened him, too. Prince threw him again. She checked with Zatara if she was taking proper photos for her display. Zatara was mostly taking selfies and some had Trevor in the background. Trevor tried to subtly ask Prince out for a bite but she replied she only ate full meals. He tried again, saying he was enjoying working with her then asked she liked movies because he was thinking about seeing "Shazam!" Prince asked him to let her know how he liked it. Zatara couldn't take it and took Prince to the rest room to school her on the art of flirting since he clearly had a crush on her since he clearly had a crush on her.

Prince misunderstood and thought she was crushing him. Zatara called a time out on the science project. She told Prince that Trevor was trying to ask her out to the movies with him in a subtle way. Prince wondered why he just didn't say so. Zatara decided to role play and changed her clothes to match Trevor's. She had to correct Prince and always answer "no" if he asked her if she had plans for the weekend. Prince stated she was a planner. Zatara told her all the different code words. Prince felt it was a lot to remember. Zatara decided to adjust her look but couldn't settle on something. She realized she already had the perfect look and cast a spell. After awhile, Trevor started to wonder. They returned but to his surprise, Prince was dressed like Zatara. She asked Trevor if he was ready to try again. Trevor asked if it was part of the project. Prince wasn't entirely sure and told him she was trying to slide into comfort. Zatara corrected her it was "slip into something more comfortable."

Trevor suggested getting back to the project. Prince tried to agree with him but he got confused. Prince confirmed she was the leader but asked if wanted to bite food instead. Trevor was tossed. Prince tried to say she like small and large bites of food and his smile. Trevor thanked her and thought the same thing about her. She dropped him by accident. Trevor said he was okay but asked if they could take a break and work on it some more over the weekend. Prince flubbed again and told him she did not have plans to go to the movies with him. She then asked him about eating small bites while they worked on defensive maneuvers. Trevor thought that sounded like a choking hazard. Prince opened the floor to him to think of activities they could do then her eyelashes could turn into bats. Trevor remembered he has to get back to the military academy and work on a ton of homework and lots of extra marching practice then he ran off. With the hard to get routine a flop, Zatara took Prince to Sweet Justice to teach her another tradition of flirting. Prince gulped down "grief" milkshakes with extra chocolate.

Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Bumblebee responded to Catwoman's rampage amid a sudden eclipse. She sent a confusing text about cats to Zatanna. Wonder Woman blindly deflected flower pots shoved her way by Catwoman's feral cat army. She noticed Green Lantern arrived and called out for her light. Eventually, Zatanna cast a spell to immobilize Catwoman but her army of feral cats swarmed the girls. Wonder Woman wondered how there so many cats. Lantern chimed in how spaying and neutering were important. After they were dealt with and Catwoman was captured, Wonder Woman stressed diligence since more crime was expected as long as it was dark. Zatanna suggested they better figure out how to shed a little light on a solution to the eclipse. Wonder Woman tried to dissipate the cloud eclipsing the city with the centrifugal force of her Lasso of Truth but it carried her off. Supergirl tried to hold her down but Zatanna grounded them with an anchor spell. Wonder Woman only punched a hole in the cloud.

Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Bumblebee were summoned to Zee Zatara by group text to help deal with Gordon's Sparrow. They later responded to Zatanna's text, apologized to Zatanna, and fought Dr. Sieve, the real culprit, in the Metropolis High storage room. Wonder Woman was impressed Zatanna applied centrifugal force to defeat Sieve. Wonder Woman and the others stopped the rest of the Sieve-bots at the science fair. She was impressed with Batgirl keeping a "chill" head and using Sparrow's song to save the day. Zatara announced the "Enchanted Evening" school dance. Prince had no idea what was going on. Zatara explained it was the beginning of her masterpiece, the best school dance theme ever created, as head of the decorating committee. Prince congratulated her despite not getting it. She speculated it was a traditional dance in preparation for a great battle. Danvers told her it was much worse that a battle. Prince thought she was alluding to a sacrifice. Cruz specified there would be no battle or sacrifice.

Gordon chimed in that the point of a school dance was fun. Prince realized it was another typical teen custom. Gordon added it was the most teen custom of all customs. Prince was eager to learn all about it. Beecher tried to explain the act of being asked to dance to Prince but she was roused and stated the honor should be bestowed upon them. She took Beecher outside and ordered Garth Bernstein to take her to the dance. Bernstein dropped his stack of water bottles in confusion. Prince was pleased then saw Steve Trevor outside campus. She told him he was escorting her to the dance. Trevor tried to tell her he didn't attend Metropolis High but she told him to procure transportation and she would be wearing blue. He didn't know what just happened. Beecher advised him to just go with it. The night of the dance, Prince dipped Trevor on the dance floor. Prince reminded Zatara they all promised to abstain from using their powers at the dance. Zatara insisted it was to make sure it was the best dance and asked them if they were having fun. Trevor admitted he was. Prince fell into another one of her love trances.

Livewire appeared and used a special frequency to force everyone to keep dancing. Prince asked Trevor to save the last dance and twirled him away. The girls danced to each other. After Zatanna provided a distraction, Wonder Woman grabbed Livewire's wrists and fired all over the gym. Supergirl flew teenagers out of the way. Wonder Woman twirled Livewire away. Green Lantern formed a tire construct around Livewire and ended the incident. Wonder Woman was disappointed it wasn't a typical teen dance experience. Batgirl assured her it was. At the school's Fall Festival, Diana Prince and Doris Zeul competed in a pumpkin pie-eating contest. Barry Allen officiated but realized he should have brought more pies. Harley Quinn broke up the festival by shooting pumpkins at everyone until Zatanna disabled the bazooka. Harley sprayed pumpkin seeds at Wonder Woman and bounced away on spring loaded heels.

On a Saturday, Wonder Woman called down to Danvers from a roof. Wonder Woman explained she needed a partner of unmatchable strength for rooftop sparring. Danvers was flattered and obliged her. Supergirl stood in place and took multiple punches to the chest from Wonder Woman then she braced herself with her shield while Supergirl used her super breath on her. Cruz sent the Pigeon Party game to Wonder Woman's phone and she became obsessed with it, too. Danvers later saw Diana Prince in an alley playing the app still. Wonder Woman was tied up with the Lasso of Truth and was asked if the team or app mattered more to her. She declared it was an honor to be their leader and was back to normal. Wonder Woman pushed the front doors of Lexcorp open and addressed the employees inside about the illegal dumping but even they were all obsessed with the app. Luthor unleashed a giant hamster and escaped in the chaos. Wonder Woman got an idea to send the giant animals to Themyscira.

After Super Hero Girls defeated a giant robot cyclops, they retired to the hideout with ice cream orders from Sweet Justice but got little too overconfident about being the best superhero team. Wonder Woman warned the others not to rest on their butt-kicking laurels and that they must always be prepared to fight. Sure enough, they were kidnapped by Control Freak, a supervillain from another universe and teleported to his TV realm to compete in a game show against an alternate version of Titans to determine who was the best superhero team in all universes. For the first question about what the best super power was, Wonder Woman got the early lead by saying the #1 answer for 52 points with "the power of wisdom." For the final question of "what is the most evil of all evil plans?", Wonder Woman got the #3 answer for 10 points with "raising the price of milk." At the end of the game, Control Freak attempted to destroy them with a giant robot but they were saved by the Poop Patrol, a trio of superheroes who got poop-based powers by stepping on radioactive dog doo-doo.