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Real Identity: Kara Danvers
Affiliations: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Super Shorts): #TheLateBabsy, #SuperSleeper, #StreetStyle, #PlightoftheBumblebee, #KaraCare, #SilverScream, #PrizeFighter, #HardRock, #WasabiWar, #TheSlowAndTheFurious, #DyeHarder, #LostAndFound, #StainedFighter, #AdBlockers, #ArtificialIntelligence, #VanityInsanity, #PhotoOops, #StressTest, #Booked, #SuckerPunch, #ShellShock, #TheCommute, #AbraKachoo, and Lairs
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #SweetJustice Part 2, #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #AdventuresInBunnysitting, #MeetTheCheetah, #Beeline, #SuperWho?, #ShockItToMe, #SheMightBeGiant, #FightAtTheMuseum, #CrushingIt, #MisgivingTree, #BeastsInShow, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #Frenemies Part 1, #Frenemies Part 2, #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre, #BackInAFlash, #PowerSurge, #ScrambledEggs, #AllyCat Part 1, #AllyCat Part 2, #LivingTheNightmare, #AllAboutZee, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #CrashCourse, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #HousePest, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, #SchoolGhoul, #AwesomeAuntAntiope, #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 1, and #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 2
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!): Superhero Feud
Appearances (Comics): Teenage Crisis, Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14), Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco and Fall Festival), Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs and A Sticky Zit-Uation), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained and Honey, I Shrunk My Friends)
Appearances (Books): Lights-Out
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Enhanced Vision, Invulnerability, Flight, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Nicole Sullivan

Kara Danvers is a rebel and rocker who prefers people to think she doesn't care but she's a softie at heart. She was 12 years old when her cousin, later known as Superman, was born to her Uncle Jor-El and Aunt Lara on Krypton. Kara even babysat him. Alura Zor-El, her mother, banished General Zod, Ursa, and Nod to the Phantom Zone after they staged an insurrection on Krypton. She realized Kara was in the room, too, in tears. They hugged. Kara asked who they were and where her cousin Kal-El was. Alura assured her they couldn't hurt her anymore and she would be joining her cousin soon somewhere safe. They made a run for it as the building began to come apart. Both were went to Earth but she got stuck in space stasis for years. Kara was reunited with her cousin but he was already a young man.

When Kara Denvers arrived at Smallville High School, she displayed antisocial tendencies. Unbeknowst to her, there was a Bizarro version of her out to prove she was more evil than Bizarro Superman. Bizarro Supergirl demolished Smallville High's gym. Danvers found herself in the middle of the gym in the aftermath. Her classmates blamed her for it. After a brief discussion over the weekend, the school expelled Danvers despite her claims she was framed. She didn't fight it and transferred to Metropolis High School. Mr. Chapin, Metropolis High's principal, managed to acquire her redacted file from Smallville.

On the first day of school, she talked to her legal guardians, Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers. She insisted she was being punished for something she didn't do but the Danvers suggested a new school was more an adventure and less a punishment. Mr. Danvers reiterated Metropolis High would help her be the best Kara she could be and it was their responsibility to help her on her journey to impulse control. To Barbara Gordon's surprise, Danvers slapped the car and it was rocked so hard it tilted on its left tires. Eliza told her to have a good day. Jeremiah told her not if that's what she wanted.

During lunch, Gordon sat alone and came up with a scheme to figure who was a super, by getting them all in detention with her. She threw spaghetti right into Kara Danvers' face. Danvers thought it was Karen Beecher and threw her burger at Beecher's head. Jessica Cruz came to her rescue and deflected the second burger with a tray. It instead landed on Zee Zatara's head. Upset about her hair, Zatara threw a milk carton at Cruz's head. Gordon jumped onto the cheerleader table and declared a food fight. The entire student body got into act. Mr. Chapin happened to be passing by the cafeteria. After being hit in the left eye, he ended the food fight. Danvers finished her last move and smashed a cupcake in Zatara's face. The students pointed at Gordon, Beecher, Danvers, Cruz, and Zatara who were all in a dog pile. Chapin took the five to detention. Danvers boasted she had better aim than Zatara after she threatened to sue everyone. Cruz wasn't interested in another fight. Chapin returned with a truant officer who found a teenage girl cutting class. After they left, the girls realized she was Wonder Woman. Danvers thought she was a dumb cosplay girl.

Wonder Woman declared she was Diana, Princess of the Amazons and she alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite. Danvers warned her not to start with her. Wonder Woman thought that was a challenge. Danvers and Wonder Woman got into a fight. Wonder Woman easily dodged Danver's punches. To everyone's shock, Danvers punched Wonder Woman through several walls but she tackled Danvers like nothing happened. Cruz cast a spring construct between them and yelled fighting was never the answer. They realized Mr. Chapin was coming back and tried to quickly reassemble the room. Zatara cast a spell speaking backwards and the room was magically restored to what it looked like before detention started. Chapin entered and everyone grinned back at him. He asked if everything was all right. Zatara confirmed. Chapin retrieved his keys and left. Gordon felt validated. She admitted her scheme then announced she was Batgirl. Danvers wasn't happy to learn there was another "cosplayer" in their midst.

Wonder Woman was elated and hugged her as a sister-in-arms to help carry her burden. Gordon got loose and corrected her, she had five. The others weren't interested. Danvers refused because every time she used her powers, she got in trouble. Gordon tried to appeal to them with the allure of heroes and villains, fighting crime, hidden lairs, and secret identities. Gordon made them a proposition: give the team idea try and Wonder Woman would train them in how to be a hero and in exchange, they would give Wonder Woman a makeover. Everyone agreed to try it out. Danvers caved and was the last to join in. Gordon hugged them all at once and declared super awesome, super hero-ness was imminent. The girls took Wonder Woman to a department store to work on her alter ego's wardrobe. Danvers stressed leather. Zatara cast a spell and dressed Wonder Woman in geek chic, then presented her as Diana Prince, foreign exchange student from Greece.

Before Wonder Woman started training them, she took them to a roof and asked them to list their name, rank, and skills. She assessed their weaknesses, too. Danvers didn't think she was a hero and thought that racket was for chumps. Wonder Woman told her she could be the greatest hero the world of man has ever known but she lacked the proper motivation. Wonder Woman suddenly threw Batgirl off the roof. Danvers quickly changed into Supergirl and flew after Batgirl. She admitted she was a super hero. Batgirl wanted to do it again. Wonder Woman took the team to a junkyard and set up mannequins as substitutes for citizens in peril. All they had to do was save them in time. Danvers fell asleep in the theater when the girls when to see a screening of "Just Before Dusk." To cap the night, they went to an ice cream parlor named Sweet Justice. Diana Prince declared they had to celebrate every future victory at Sweet Justice. Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started.

The girls were unsure of what to do until one of the robots charged towards a little boy wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses who was unaware of what was happening. Wonder Woman shoved it and declared their mission was to protect the innocent. Supergirl threw and punched several robots. When beckoned by Wonder Woman, Supergirl went ahead of her orders and attacked. The Demo-Bot was launched in the air towards the teens. Green Lantern made a trampoline construct but it bounced into a support beam and the roof started to collapse. Bumblebee was too scared to try short circuiting the robots. Wonder Woman snapped two buzz saw arms of one and attacked the rest but she was accidentally hit by Zatanna's beam and crashed into Supergirl. Green Lantern shoveled the rest of the civilians outside. Wonder Woman admonished Supergirl for insubordination but she countered she was the one doing the real fighting and pointed out Green Lantern could have taken all the robots out with a flick of her ring.

While the girls bickered, Batgirl dug a logo out of the rubble and realized the Demo-Bots were Lexcorp property. She immediately suspected Lex Luthor. The girls were skeptical then disbanded. To make matters worse, Hippolyta, Diana's mother, and the Amazons arrived to take Wonder Woman back to Themyscira because she left without permission. After a late night call from Harleen Quinzel, Gordon remembered best friends were worth fighting for. Gordon suited up and drove around the city going door to door to try to convince everyone to get the team back together but everyone refused. Batgirl got another idea. She triggered an alarm on everyone's phones to get them to listen to her or the alarm would keep ringing. She informed them of Wonder Woman's plight and pleaded with them to help save her because best friends were worth fighting for. Danvers asked her to repeat what she said because she cut out. The girls clung to the rear of the Amazonian ship. They were quickly caught.

Supergirl remembered who she was and punched an Amazon far off into the ocean. They pleaded with Wonder Woman to be their leader again. From the bottom of a dog pile, Supergirl reminded her of the time she said she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl admitted that wasn't going to be herself, it was going to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman smiled and stood up to her mother, declaring Amazon law confirmed she was a woman and free to choose who she wanted to be. Supergirl arm wrestled an Amazon but the chain of command became muddled when Wonder Woman ordered them to stop but Hippolyta ordered them to stop. Supergirl sneaked in the win during the confusion. The team was reunited and flew back to Metropolis on a carpet construct. Batgirl declared to Wonder Woman that disobeying her mother was lesson 218 and she was officially a teenager (and they were a team again). As they made landfall, they sighted the Demo-Bots approaching the Metropolis Pier. They met Lena Luthor, the true mastermind behind several businesses being destroyed.

Luthor spelled out her plan, after Supergirl's behest, was to trap ever teenager in the VR world of Lexcorp's VR Glasses then children would rule the city. They found it rather dumb. Batgirl declared their friendship would never be destroyed. The robots were too large in number for the six heroes to stop. Wonder Woman suggested they take out the general to defeat the army and Batgirl came up with a plan to short out the warsuit by jolting the mainframe. Supergirl got an idea to use a guitar and amp to short out Luthor's warsuit. Bumblebee connected the motherboard and cable to the suit's CPU while Batgirl rigged the amp to go past its maximum of 10. Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl distracted Luthor while Bumblebee flew into the suit and Green Lantern got Batgirl past the Demo-Bots in a bumper car construct. Supergirl held one of the suit's arms behind its back. With the amp hooked up, Batgirl turned it to 11 and threw the guitar to Supergirl. Supergirl performed her solo and took out the suit.

As soon as the suit went offline, so did all the Demo-Bots and the Lexcorp VR Glasses. A crowd gathered and cheered them on as the Super Hero Girls. Barbara Gordon got an idea to use Sweet Justice after Wonder Woman declared the team should celebrate every victory there. During the three months it took for Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild Sweet Justice, Gordon made a few late night trips to the construction site to build a secret underground base. On the night of the grand opening, Gordon revealed the base to the team. Zee Zatara had her first paid performance as a solo magician coming up and needed someone to bunnysit Blackberry and Dandelion. She texted Kara Danvers and got her to "agree" to bunnysit the next day. Danvers was woken up from her sleep early the next morning. Zatara presented Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III and Dandelion Pipkin Da Heisenplay, in seperate cages, to Danvers. Danvers had little recollection of her promise and asked why she didn't include them in her act.

Zatara scoffed at the suggestion and found that a bit much for a children's birthday party. Zatara cast a spell to clean up the bedroom then gave Danvers instructions. First, they were to be given only organic vegetables, cut into segments of no larger than one inch cubed. Second, their intake of cruciferous vegetables had to be limited. Blackberry, in particular, had some issues with stomach discomfort recently. Third, they needed access to freshwater at all times that had to be no cooler than 57 degrees Fahrenheit or 13.5 degrees Celsius. Fourth, for brushing, it was three gentle strokes to the left and five to the right. Lastly, the most important rule was to never put them together. She told the rabbits goodbye and they waved back. After Zatara left, Danvers couldn't resist their cuteness and marveled at them. She renamed Blackberry "Merlin" and Dandelion "Harry Houdini." She took out Blackberry first and hugged him, put him back, then took a selfie with Dandelion. They tried to reach out to each other and whined.

Danvers decided to forego the rules and let them out of their cages. She went to look for carrots and quickly returned then noticed three baby rabbits. Without questioning it, she was excited and took a selfie then more appeared. Jeremiah Danvers called out that he was heading to the farmer's market and asked her if she needed anything. She replied carrots. More babies appeared. She stuffed them into a cage but another pile of babies was waiting for her. She grabbed her guitar and scooped them into her laundry basket but there was suddenly a pile to the ceiling. She grabbed her blanket and wrapped them up but they continued appearing and burst through, flooding the room. They soon flooded out of Danvers' bedroom into the city past. Supergirl blocked their access to a bridge and prevented their spread to Midtown but the wave of rabbits were diverted to Pelham Park where Zee Zatara happened to be performing her magic show for Tommy's birthday party.

Just as she was about to produce a quarter from behind his ear, a wave of magical rabbit babies made its way to the park. Zatanna and Supergirl emerged from the rabbits. Zatanna was not happy and exclaimed she gave her one rule about bunnysitting, to keep her two magical rabbits apart. Supergirl claimed she did for 10 minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl claimed five minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl claimed three minutes. Zatanna glared. Supergirl admitted it was only for a minute. Zatanna was upset. Supergirl asked how she could have ignored their love for each other. Zatanna pointed out that was exactly the problem. Tommy, now seated at the top of a slide, complimented Supergirl's "Superman" costume. Supergirl corrected him that it was not. Zatanna introduced Supergirl as her lovely assistant for her next trick, to make all the rabbits disappear. She demonstrated and tossed a baby rabbit into her hat, an open portal. Tommy and his friends cheered. Supergirl tossed more then ripped the slide off and funneled them into the hat.

Supergirl flew around the rest and created a whirlwind that went into the hat. As Zatanna and Supergirl bowed, Tommy proclaimed Superman's sister was the best. Supergirl had just about enough of him. However, another wave flooded the park and carried Supergirl, Zatanna, Tommy, and his friends into the city. Zatanna was upset Supergirl broke the one rule that mattered and got even more annoyed when she learned Supergirl renamed them Merlin and Harry Houdini. She changed into her hero costume and cast a hate spell to drive her rabbits apart. She worded it incorrectly and the baby rabbits combined into a giant monster. Supergirl was unable to land a blow because the monster could recede its "skin" and Supergirl would fly right through the temporary hole then it reformed the hole. It grabbed Supergirl and threw her into its mouth. Supergirl found Zatanna's rabbits and flew out of the monster's chest. With reservations, she pulled them apart and the monster vanished. The citizens witnessing the incident cheered.

Back at Danvers' bedroom, Zee Zatara cast another spell to clean things up and repeated her rules to Danvers. Danvers ignored her and told Blackberry and Dandelion that rules couldn't stop love. The girls gathered at the base to see Gordon and Beecher unveil the new Bumblebee suit but the growth tech still malfunctioned. Beecher, Gordon, Prince, and Danvers went to the mall on a parts run. Danvers split off to get chili fries. She told them to get her when they were done. She eventually starting walking back and saw Giganta. She changed into Supergirl, flew to Giganta and punched her repeatedly. Supergirl took her attention away from Giganta. She got grabbed by the legs and slammed around on the floor. Supergirl weakly stood up and asked if that was all she had. Giganta grabbed her head, swung her around, and launched her through the skylight. Supergirl made her way back but Bumblebee already defeated Giganta by herself. Supergirl told her nice work.

Diana Prince couldn't wait to show the other Super Hero Girls the dance decorations but they discovered someone vandalized all the posters. Danvers joked someone already tore it up. Cruz didn't find her funny at all. Danvers kept cracking jokes like wishing they didn't book a band that shredded so hard or hoping students wouldn't think tickets got slashed. Cruz groaned. They found Prince in the locker room a little roughed up. Cruz proposed they get her somewhere safe. Danvers disagreed and didn't think she was the one that needed protecting. Prince was worried about the other students. While they pondered how to evacuate the students outside without causing them distress, Danvers hit the fire alarm. They suited up but Cheetah slashed up the electrical panel and caused a school-wide blackout during the storm.

With a lot of territory to cover, they split up. Supergirl looked in the principal's office. She used her infrared vision but was unable to land a punch. She wasn't impressed with its super speed and tried chasing after it into the hall but Zatanna was spooked and blasted Supergirl. Supergirl was immobilized and frozen in mid-flight like a statue. After Wonder Woman and Cheetah's battle, Prince checked on a noise in the gym but it was the other Super Hero Girls carrying Supergirl around. Wonder Woman was worried about Supergirl but Zatanna promised she would be fine in about seven hours. Shaggy Man ripped the transmission tower off a roof and started chomping on it. Before the Super Hero Girls could finish conferring on a strategy to flank it, Supergirl flew off on her own and punched the monster out of the city. A giant robot stomped the streets with its palms lit up. Wonder Woman anticipated it was capable of great surges of electrical attacks but Supergirl again flew off on her own and punched it out of the city.

Supergirl became full of herself and convinced that Wonder Woman was overthinking it. In another instance, the girls simply waited on the roof in boredom while Supergirl dealt with the monster. Green Lantern floated the idea of going to Sweet Justice. Only Danvers ate. She eventually realized that. Zatara observed she was enjoying herself a lot lately. Danvers preferred to call it "rocking it." Prince dropped a chess board onto their table and tried to tell Danvers that strategy and teamwork was superior in the long run. The other girls scooted out of the booth while they played each other. Danvers had only one piece left on the board. Prince advised her to learn to think strategically to anticipate her next several moves. It didn't sink in with her, and Danvers simply flipped the board. The chess pieces narrowly missed Gordon and were embedded in the wall behind her. The chess board, however, knocked her chocolate ice cream into the wall. Danvers declared checkmate and asked Prince if she anticipated that.

One night, upon exiting the Lazarus Pit, Danvers overheard someone breaking into the Science Lexplorium through the roof and investigated. In reality, Catwoman bashed the skylight in anticipation of Supergirl being the only one able to hear it. Luckily, Supergirl was also feeling overconfident at the time and went in alone. Catwoman counted herself lucky and revealed herself from an upper floor. She challenged Supergirl to catch her. Supergirl went into the Parade of Planets on level 3. Supergirl chased her around the hanging planet models but she slipped away at every turn until she tricked Supergirl into getting stuck in an asteroid. Supergirl broke free but Catwoman severed the line holding up Earth. Supergirl caught it over her back. Catwoman then released Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and after a brief debate, Pluto. Supergirl couldn't support the weight and the planets tumbled across the floor. Supergirl followed her into the Tour of Taxidermy only to be confused by stuffed prehistoric cats.

Catwoman was amused and pointed out the family resemblance was uncanny. Supergirl realized she was in the same pose as a caveman display. She angrily punched another cat but she shattered the tank behind it holding a giant squid. She was swept outside and emerged from the squid covered in its bodily fluid. Supergirl chased after Catwoman into the Marvels of Magnets. She grabbed a large steel ball from a display and prepared to attack Catwoman but a giant magnet was activated. Supergirl was stuck only to see the other steel balls coming to her. In the Caldarium of Current, Supergirl was zapped. In the Cavalcade of Chemistry, Catwoman opened several cannisters of Helium and Sulfur hexafluoride. Supergirl declared she couldn't make a fool of her, only to release the gases gave her a high pitched then low pitched voice. Supergirl was further annoyed to see Catwoman with her back to her looking into a compact mirror. Supergirl used her heat vision, but Catwoman deflected it with the compact and triggered an explosion.

Infuriated, Supergirl pursued her into the Treasures from Space exhibit. Catwoman jumped over and slid under several displays but Supergirl just plowed through them. Catwoman jumped behind the Kryptonite safe and pleaded for her life. Unable to see into the safe like Catwoman thought, Supergirl punched the safe. Catwoman grabbed the Kryptonite and weakened Supergirl. She dragged Supergirl back to the lobby wearing all the crown jewels she stole. Supergirl tried to dial a group call but she was too weak and Catwoman placed her phone on a life-size chess piece then put the Kryptonite on her head. Catwoman laughed on her way out. Supergirl couldn't believe it would end with her powerless, friendless, and surrounded by "nerd stuff." She remembered Diana Prince's lesson about strategy and grabbed a pearl left behind by Catwoman. Supergirl flicked it with what little strength she had. It rolled under a gear, jammed it and caused all gears to go flying.

A hot air balloon was severed from its basket and was punctured by a pterodactyl display. It shot off into a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. The skeletons hit a Newton's cradle which hit a domino that struck the rest down. The last domino knocked the chess pieces over and Supergirl's phone went flying. It landed right on her head. After she finished lamenting how painful pain was, she dialed the other Super Hero Girls. They arrived, freed her, and surrounded Catwoman on a roof. Supergirl introduced Catwoman to her real team and admitted it was really nice they saved her butt after she was such a jerk lately. With little choice, Catwoman shoved her bag of stolen crown jewels into Batgirl and leaped off the roof. Starro rampaged through the city. The Super Hero Girls responded and tried to restrain it by grabbing each appendage. After Batgirl walked away to answer her phone, Starro chased after the other girls. Supergirl attempted to crawl away but Starro pounded her into the street then dragged her back. They were barely able to succeed and use the Hatorei Crystals to banish Starro.

During lunch, Gordon introduced Harleen Quinzel to everyone. Quinzel appeared between Karen Beecher and Kara Danvers and blew her whoopee cushion then dropped it on Danvers' head. Gordon presented her idea to give Quinzel a tour of Metropolis together. Prince gritted her teeth and agreed to do so because it was their divine duty as hosts to offer hospitality to their new guest and she was important to Gordon for some reason. The whoopee cushion let out another fart to Danvers' embarrassment. Danvers tried to win a chicken arcade game but Quinzel kept popping up and asking annoying questions which led to a game over. Danvers angrily ripped out the joystick. The girls recovered from a day with Harleen Quinzel in the secret headquarters. Danvers was happy she couldn't feel pain for once. Gordon wanted them to spend even more time with Quinzel and bring her to the headquarters. Danvers quickly made up the excuse that there wasn't enough chairs and vaporized them, the couch, and bean bags with her heat vision.

Gordon started to realize they didn't want to hang out with Quinzel. They tried to deny it but Gordon used the Lasso of Truth on them. They all thought Quinzel was the worst. Gordon gasped. Danvers realized she missed her and awkwardly joined the others. Gordon felt betrayed and un-friended them. Catwoman's crew eventually caught the attention of the Super Hero Girls just as they planned. Supergirl punched Giganta through a building then into a bus. Supergirl fired off her heat vision but Harley popped up in front of Giganta and deflected the heat vision with a mirror. She joked she gave her something to reflect on. Giganta didn't catch on. Supergirl and Giganta reached a stalemate until Harley used the Lasso of Truth to capture the Super Hero Girls. Things fell apart then Batgirl and the police arrived, prompting Catwoman to order a retreat. The Super Hero Girls reconciled. Supergirl agreed with Green Lantern about sticking together especially with Catwoman's crew around. Batgirl declared they were SBFFs again. Zatanna told Supergirl she meant "Super Best Friends Forever."

Karen Beecher stumbled on a plot to blow up the bridge. After failing to get in touch with Wonder Woman, Bumblebee flew to the Lazarus Pit in search of Supergirl. She turned back to her civies and blended with the concert crowd but couldn't get Danvers' attention. Danvers was carried off by a mosh pit but still didn't hear Beecher. Beecher was then carried away but she ended up getting tossed outside onto the sidewalk. Zatanna found Supergirl and the Super Hero Girls backed up Bumblebee on the bridge. Supergirl tackled Giganta and unleashed a flurry of punches on her while while bragging she told everyone Bumblebee would be fine. The two teams regrouped and charged at each other. After a tirade of Superman coverage in the news and on advertisements in the city, Kara Danvers was relieved to finally make it to Metropolis High. She thought it a refuge from Superman but the school paper, the Daily Planetoid, had Superman on the front page snatching a jewel thief. A copy landed on her face as a skateboarder passed by.

Danvers went to the confront the paper's Editor-in-Chief, Lois Lane. Danvers closed her laptop and asked why she was printing stuff about Superman when there were more important stories out there. Cruz agreed and chimed in about a lead on chemical dumping. She was ignored. Lane was intrigued with Danvers' claim of another superhero with the same powers as Superman but more awesome. Lane asked what other hero would get her an internship with the Daily Planet. Danvers told her about Supergirl. Lane thought it sounded like a retread and couldn't find her pencils. Danvers removed three pencils from her hair and snapped them in half then left. During chemistry class, Danvers ranted to the other girls about Superman during a lab. Beecher cautioned just a few more grams of that potassium, but Danvers continued about how she was 12 years old when he was born on Krypton. Beecher tried to hint at not adding so much lithium chloride. Danvers continued on about she would be the one loved if she made it to Earth first but she got stuck in space stasis.

Danvers and Beecher's beaker exploded. Danvers wondered what happened. She thought Beecher measured everything. Beecher tried to tell her about adding heat to a highly volatile chemical but Danvers wondered why everyone loved Superman and not her. The other girls rose up from the ground. Gordon suggested she make the people notice her. Prince tried to caution her about seeking glory could blind one towards the greater good. Danvers vowed to knock Superman's face off the front page. Prince groaned. Supergirl stopped a purse snatcher but Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and citizens were focused on watching Superman stop criminals from leaving the Bank of Moolah in a stolen armored truck. Supergirl tried to save a Metropolis Railways high speed train by using her body to bridge a gap in the tracks but the rest of the track was gone. Luckily, Superman carried the train to safety in the city. Supergirl flew into a burning building and rescued a mother, her daughter, and her infant child but the attention went to Superman as he emptied a water tower over the building.

Supergirl tried to stop a meteor from striking the city. She bounced off the globe of the Planet. It fell down towards many citizens but Superman caught it and tossed it over his shoulder back onto the roof. The crowd lauded him. Supergirl went unnoticed. She tossed the meteor aside in defeat. Supergirl rescued a couple drowning at the beach but everyone was watching Superman punch sharks back into the ocean. Even the couple clapped. Supergirl dropped them back into the water. She saved a school bus then jumped on dynamite planted outside the Bank of Moolah but everyone was watching Superman rescue a black cat out a tree at Pelham Park. He gently punched the tree and the cat dropped onto his other hand then he handed it back to the elderly woman who owned it. Supergirl had enough and flew after Superman. She told him to back off to his befuddlement. Supergirl stressed she was working her butt off proving she was a hero. Superman advised her that being a real hero took time and experience that he had as an adult.

Supergirl retorted he was "Superboy" just last summer. Superman insisted it was two summers ago. Supergirl had enough and charged at him. Superman dodged her and wasn't impressed. Supergirl came up behind him and bashed him into a roof. Superman told her she had a lot to learn. Supergirl teased that's what she told him when he was potty training on Krypton. Superman tackled her into a building and accused her of jealousy. Superman called him a pompous bonehead. They headbutted each other. Superman adjusted his hair only to be punched into a billboard about him. Superman punched her into a reactor. Supergirl started mocking him as "Clark" and used freeze breath then heat vision. She inadvertently sliced some pipes with her heat vision and the pieces hit a switch that released toxic waste into dumpster. Chemo manifested and went on a rampage. Outside the Metropolis Library, Lois Lane saw Chemo as the opportunity at the Planet internship. She threw a rock at it. Chemo's mass splashed and dissolved everything it touched. Chemo turned around and chased after Lane and Olsen.

Karen Beecher happened to be at the library reading up on advanced chemistry. Lane called out to Superman for help. He tossed Supergirl across town and stood up to Chemo, easily dodging its punches. Bumblebee found Supergirl and warned her she had to stop Superman from punching it or the splatter of its hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride would reduce the city to a smoking hole in the ground because it was 20 quintillion times more corrosive than sulfuric acid. Supergirl wasn't following. She translated her warning and told Supergirl to get it away from Superman then blow it up. Supergirl zipped Chemo off to space and blew it up with heat vision. Superman got the credit though the other Super Hero Girls knew the truth. Gordon ran up and hugged her. Danvers acknowledged Beecher for paying attention in chemistry but Beecher pointed out she saved the city. Danvers was still bummed Superman got the credit. Prince was proud of her until Danvers stated the lesson she learned was to bring your own camera. Prince sighed.

Danvers found Leslie Willis' mean memes amusing at first. When Livewire turned her sights on the Super Hero Girls, Danvers still wasn't concerned and didn't think "Ms. Swak Jock" could scare them. Supergirl and Livewire faced off in the city. Livewire drew electricity from a light pole but Supergirl shrugged off the blast. Livewire drew more electricity from a movie theater and blew Supergirl into the back of a garbage truck. On prank night at Glen Morgan Square, Livewire called her costume a recycled outfit. Wonder Woman confronted Livewire alone because the others were too afraid to stand up to her. Supergirl was the first to join the battle and took a blast for Wonder Woman. The girls braced themselves for Livewire's onslaught until she ran out of power and fled the scene. Kara Danvers was confident the Metropolis High Lady Hamsters volleyball would have an undefeated season with Prince on the team. The game took a tragic turn and Prince started screwing up over and over after Steve Trevor arrived.

Prince told the girls he was the first boy she ever met but she didn't even know him that well. Gordon realized he was Prince's Kryptonite. Danvers took offense and detailed real Kryptonite was extremely painful and awful. She believed Prince would handle anything. Prince tripped and dropped all the volley balls she picked up. Then one hit her face. By Saturday, Danvers had enough of Prince being lovesick and declared the girls were taking her out so she'd forget about Trevor. They went to Metropolis Plaza but Trevor was there, too. The girls took Prince somewhere else at every turn. In a bookstore, Prince found a copy of "The Odyssey" and took it off the shelf. Trevor happened to be in the next aisle. Danvers shoved the book back in and took Prince away. The girls night out failed and Prince slipped into a delirious state. Gordon tried her Kryptonite analogy to Danvers' annoyance. Danvers shook and slapped Prince and reminded her she was an Amazon warrior and the literal symbol of female empowerment.

Cruz told her she was entitled to her feelings and she should deal with it her way. Prince started talking out loud to Trevor saying she loved vanilla, too. Gordon suggested they take out Trevor. They all quickly agreed to the new plan. On Sunday, Zatanna, Bumblebee, Green Lantern, and Supergirl hid around the mailbox with the 557 address and waited until Trevor passed by. They all lunged at him from behind but paused when his phone rang. Trevor learned he got into the military academy. The girls were confused and looked at Batgirl who was on her laptop. Batgirl hacked the military academy's computers and got Trevor accepted. She asked them what they thought the plan was. On Monday, the volleyball team won 52-0. While waiting for Prince to change clothes, the girls were relieved Trevor wouldn't be a problem anymore. They had no idea Prince had a photograph of him on the inside of her locker door.

Kara Danvers was walking past Pelham Park when a tennis ball popped out of a hedge. Curious, she picked it up and was tackled by Ace. Barbara Gordon emerged and hugged Ace, her pet dog. She explained he was Commissioner Gordon's retired police dog. Danvers picked Ace up and placed him on the sidewalk. He never moved and remained sitting the whole time. Gordon boasted he was the greatest dog in the entire history of the universe. Danvers disagreed and summoned Krypto from Smallville with a whistle. Krypto, also a Kryptonian refugee, arrived at super speed but charged through several buildings in the process.

Danvers and Gordon got into an argument about whose dog was better and took eventually it to the 41st Annual Metropolis Kennel Dog Show. Harley Quinn's hyenas, Ethel and Lucy, walked the halls of the arena and attacked a hot dog stand. They ran out to the main arena and threatened Waffles. Gordon and Danvers were still busy arguing with each other. Ace and Krypto understood what had to be done and saved the day. The commentator admitted he never felt more alive and Waffles was declared Best in Show to Danvers and Gordon's dismay. They had a play date at Pelham Park and finally admitted they both had great dogs. Ace and Krypto took off after a cat. Danvers and Gordon chased after them. In search of vandals in Sinister Slum, the Super Hero Girls tangled with five suspects in a darkened warehouse. Eventually, Supergirl had enough and pushed the roll up door upwards to let sunlight in. The girls met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow.

They soon figured out each other's secret identities. Supergirl grew impatient and used her X-Ray vision on Hawkman to confirm he was the emo shop student Carter Hall and Aqualad was Garth Bernstein, the football team's water boy. Aqualad inquired how she knew that. She told him his mom wrote his name on the inside of his clothes to his chagrin. She then told everyone she was Kara Danvers and Wonder Woman was Diana Prince. Everyone could see that. The next location was the LexBucks across Centennial Park. The teams had a stare down. The Invincibros dashed off. Flash pulled the roll up door down on them. Supergirl angrily shoved it up and broke it. The teams raced. Supergirl arrived at the LexBucks. Aqualad stepped out an alley and used his powers against her. She immediately vaporized the water with heat vision and scoffed. Aqualad promised it would have been really awesome in the ocean or at a big community pool. They watched as the eighth symbol appeared and General Zod, Ursa, and Non flew down through the portal.

Zod ordered everyone to kneel before him. Supergirl remembered her mother, Alura Zor-El, ended their insurrection on Krypton and banished them to the Phantom Zone years ago. Ursa introduced Zod as the new emperor of Earth since he needed a new planet to rule. Supergirl told the others they had to return the trio through the portal before it closed. Zod demanded the heir to the House of El be brought to him or all of Earth would suffer. Supergirl misinterpreted him and surrendered to save the world. He had no idea who she was even after she identified herself as Supergirl, daughter of Alura Zor-El. She was speechless. Zod clarified he wanted Superman. Supergirl couldn't believe it was happening to her again. She zipped over to him and told him in his face she was just as good. She demanded to be taken prisoner or the Super Hero Girls would kick their butts through the portal. Da Invincibros barged in on their moment and attacked.

Zod opted to draw Superman out instead. Ursa and Non picked up a bus full of people and flew up. Zod started a 10 count. As each second passed, Ursa and Non crunched the bus a little further towards the center. Lantern urged Supergirl to just call Superman. Supergirl caved and dialed. Superman answered for once but he didn't believe her since she recently crank called him about Zod. He hung up. She sheepishly claimed it was a bad connection. The teams split into pairs and fought the Kryptonians. Zod knocked Wonder Woman into a truck. She leaped and threw her shield at him but he effortlessly deflected it, dodged her, and kicked Supergirl into a building. Zod dodged her heat vision and threw her across the city. He was snagged with the Lasso of Truth but he pulled and threw Wonder Woman. Aqualad wanted to help but no one gave him orders. Supergirl attacked with a flying elbow but was chopped to the street. She cracked her back and told Aqualad to stay put. Wonder Woman yelled, leaped, and threw another punch. Zod effortlessly caught her punch then counter punched her into the pavement. She groaned in pain as Supergirl watched in shock.

Zod claimed victory and declared all of Earth would kneel before him. She flew up to him. After a stare down, she abruptly flew away at super speed. Zod was surprised then scoffed. Zod, Ursa, and Non laughed then began to cough. He turned and saw Hawkman above them with Kryptonite. Ursa and Non were sent back but Zod resisted. Supergirl gave Aqualad a head's up. She shot a hydrant with heat vision and told him to go for it. He crafted all the water into a giant sea dragon construct. Zod was stunned. It charged and tackled him through the portal. The Lanterns released their hold and the portal closed. Jordan and Flash hoisted Aqualad up and cheered. They marched off with the others. Supergirl paused and thought of her mother, Alura Zor-El, telling her they got Zod. During the celebration atop a girder, Supergirl was on standby to save Wonder Woman everytime she fell off in Steve Trevor's presence.

Supergirl couldn't help but use Zatanna's lipstick all over Catwoman's face and using hair spray to mess up Star Sapphire's hair while their souls were in possession of Katana. Supergirl was the first Super Hero Girl to fall to Katana's Soultaker. After months of effort, Supergirl was finally given the respect she deserved and was the talk of the city. She saved Metropolis from a squadron of deep space invaders as they attempted to enslave everyone in the city and also saved some orphans. The next day, Danvers walked to school on cloud nine. She saw posters of Supergirl plastered all over, Supergirl on the Daily Planet front page, and people chanting "Supergirl." Mr. Chapin summoned Kara Danvers to the principal's office immediately after several incidents were attributed to her doing. Chapin told her she went too far and didn't mean her spelling. He showed a photo of graffiti that read, "MR CHAPIN STINCKS!" Danvers denied it and assured him she knew his name was spelled with two "p"s.

Chapin yelled it didn't have two "p"s then continued about how she stole the roof off his convertible, threw the bell from the tower into the pool, tp'ed his house, and flipped the Lady Justice statue upside down. Danvers thought the last one was funny was something she would do but she didn't in this case. She insisted she was one of the good guys. Chapin moved her files aside and picked up her redacted file from Smallville High School and read about her expulsion. Danvers claimed she was framed. Chapin suspended her for a week and advised her to get it together or she would be expelled a second time. As she walked home with Gordon, Danvers told her about how she was blamed for the demolished gym at Smallville High School but she didn't try to fight the accusation. Gordon assured her she believed her. Danvers took solace that Supergirl's reputation was still okay. Gordon ran over to a crowd watching breaking news about Supergirl leaving graffiti on the Great Wall of China. Everyone believed it, even Gordon. Another report came up about Supergirl ripping the roof off the Taj Mahal. Danvers vowed she wouldn't let herself get framed again.

Batgirl was able to triangulate Bizarro Supergirl's next target was London. They landed on the Westminster Bridge and noticed a distraught crowd. Batgirl got out a scope and looked around the river until she saw Stonehenge. The crowd mistook Supergirl for Bizarro Supergirl and surrounded her. Supergirl insisted she just arrived but no one believed her. A boy claimed he saw Supergirl do it. The angry mob produced pitchforks. Batgirl suddenly announced she figured out the next target. Supergirl grabbed her and took off for Russia. The Kremlin was completely TP'ed by the time Supergirl and Batgirl arrived in Russia. Russians and a bear thought Supergirl was the vandal and produced pitch forks. One man presented a photo of her on his phone. Supergirl snatched it. Batgirl thought it was a match, to Supergirl's annoyance. She studied the photo. They took off. They found an upside down pyramid in Egypt. Batgirl noticed the similarity to when Supergirl flipped Lady Justice upside down at Metropolis High School. Supergirl yelled at her to stop saying it was her.

An angry mob ran over to them with pitch forks ready. After the dust cleared, Supergirl insisted it wasn't her. She vowed to prove she was a good guy by being one. She lifted up the pyramid and was about to fix it but Bizarro Supergirl tackled her into a dune. She declared Supergirl couldn't stop her. She flew her up then punched Supergirl into the dune. Batgirl peered down into the crater and told Supergirl she believed her now. Supergirl sighed. Supergirl managed to get Clark Kent to answer his phone while he waited for his coffee at a stand and asked him about "Bizarro." He was dismayed she had one, too. She was confused. Kent explained Bizarro was a nemesis he faced pretty often, was basically a weird-looking version of him that destroyed things for no reason but unlike her he defeated his. He clarified if his Bizarro was like hers, she should be the opposite of her, smart and pretty. Supergirl laughed sarcastically and asked if that was all he had on them.

Kent assured her there was not much to Bizarros. They were big, weird monsters who destroyed things for no reason. Supergirl realized her Bizarro demolished the Smallville High School gym and got her expelled. Kent waited then pointed out she was burning through his minutes. She hung up, huffed, and sped back to Metropolis, the next target. Batgirl was bugged about the claim the Bizarros were the opposite of their counterpart and wondered why Supergirl's was still strong or could fly. Just as Supergirl and Batgirl landed in Metropolis, the former was hit by Bizarro Supergirl's fire breath. Batgirl pointed out they were both angry and violent. Bizarro Supergirl yelled at her to say out of the way and exhaled fire breath again. Supergirl countered with her freeze breath. It was a draw. Batgirl pointed out that was opposite. Bizarro Supergirl fired ice vision and Supergirl countered with heat vision. Batgirl pointed out the difference again.

Bizarro Supergirl inhaled and started pulling everything nearby to her but Supergirl countered with her super breath and knocked her into a building. She grabbed Bizarro and decked her to space. Bizarro stomped her into the street then started throwing cars at her. Batgirl kept score of differences on a white board. Supergirl refused to let her destroy her city. She noticed a Superman statue and used heat vision to destroy the head. Bizarro threw a tour bus and destroyed the rest of the statue but it hit a building then the building fell on Supergirl. Citizens blamed Supergirl. Supergirl dropped to her knees and gave up, no matter what she did she was blamed for things. Batgirl tried to rally her with using one last super power. Supergirl recalled Superman told her about a Super Flare, using all the solar energy in her cells and concentrating all her Kryptonian strength into one powerful blast but she would be left powerless for a time. Bizarro fired ice vision at the citizens and they ran away.

Supergirl decided to stick up for herself and lay it all on the line. She posed, embraced Batgirl, then flew away. Batgirl's resolve broke and she cried in pain over her broken hand. She donned gloves, a welder's mask, and shield as Supergirl and Bizarro used a Super Flare on each other. A giant crater was left in their wake. Bizarro sat up but Batgirl tied her up with rope. To her surprise, Bizarro started crying at the thought of Bizarro Superman getting all the glory instead of her. Supergirl empathized and hugged her. Batgirl pointed out that was not opposite. The confusion was cleared up. Supergirl got her reputation back and Bizarro Supergirl was declared a terrifying new villain on the front page of the Daily Planet. They celebrated over ice cream at Sweet Justice as their alter egos. They clinked bowls and ate rapidly. Barbara Gordon stepped in and saw them eating. She changed her mind and left.

Livewire and Supergirl battled at the Metropolis Power Plant one night. Livewire told Supergirl to give it up because the spotlight belonged to her. Supergirl rose above the roof of a building on site and threw a turbine blade at her. She shape shifted into electricity and dodged the attack. Four plant workers braced themselves. Supergirl checked on them but was zapped into a tower. Livewire laughed at her expense. Supergirl grabbed a girder and swatted Livewire away. She tapped into two conduits and powered up. She flew up into the clouds screaming and unleashed a massive electric blast at Supergirl, leaving a deep crater. The workers took off their hard hats out of respect. Livewire concluded she killed Supergirl and celebrated. A news reporter from 24/7 was live from the plant but erroneously called Supergirl, "Superman Girl." Livewire popped out of his microphone and called herself the Kryptoninan Krusher. The Super Hero Girls watched the Metropolis Power Plant battle live on TV and were horrified to learn Supergirl was dead.

They failed to notice Supergirl, fried, walk behind them to the refrigerator. The reporter continued to get facts wrong about Supergirl like her being Superman's kid sister but noted her acts of heroism were overshadowed by her emotional nature and hot temper. Clark Kent texted Supergirl and asked if she was dead. Supergirl replied "no" and he sent a thumbs up emoji. Zee Zatara wondered how they would go on. Jessica Cruz felt her spirit was with them. They heard Supergirl open a can of soda on the couch next to them. They all hugged her at the same time. The reporter interviewed one of the workers. He complained she threw turbine blades around and crashed into stuff and begged the question if she knew how expensive a power plant was. Supergirl was annoyed she tried to save him. Diana Price answered she did because she was Supergirl and was eager to clear the misconception of her death. They were about to suit up when Supergirl stopped them. She felt Metropolis was better off without Supergirl and so was she.

The others were shocked. Supergirl saw it as a fresh start and wanted to adopt a new superhero identity and costume. Zatara cast a makeover spell but Supergirl shot down every costume. After some time, the other girls lost interest and became listless. She finally settled on a blue, red, and white costume. Zatara wasn't impressed. Supergirl wanted to decide on a new attitude next and asked the girls what the one thing they would change about her. They lied and told her there was nothing they would. Supergirl asked Beecher. Beecher hesitantly told her she would change her "teeniest" anger problem. Supergirl thanked her for being honest. Gordon felt comfortable and got out her list. It rolled across the floor. She revealed she had a list like that for everyone then told Supergirl she was always late, cracked her knuckles, drooled when she slept, said things like "irregardless" and "supposedly," and mixed up her "theirs," "there's," and "they'res" but before she could continue, Supergirl grabbed her by the collar. Supergirl paused and told Gordon the old her would have knocked her out but the new her wasn't going there but spelled out "their."

The next task was a new name. But she rejected them all. Cruz made a recycle bin construct for all the rejected ideas. Zatara thought Likeable Lass had excellent superhero alliteration. Beecher again suggested Power Girl. Prince thought Good Girl was very clear in meaning. Beecher insisted Power Girl was pretty clear. Supergirl floated above her and wanted something with some oomph, some kick, and some girl power but not "Power Girl." Beecher was annoyed. Gordon what was wrong with Awesome Girl. Supergirl suddenly thought of her new name, "Powergirl." Powergirl swiftly put out an apartment fire, tied up three masked robbers mid-heist, and saved a cat stuck up in a tree. A 24/7 reporter asked her who she was. She replied she was "Powergirl." Beecher was livid and guessed she suggested "Power Girl" about ten times.

Powergirl thanked the crowd but Superman descended behind her and outed her as Supergirl in disguise. Powergirl lied that she was an from an alternate universe called Earth-2. Superman fell for it and exclaimed he loved Earth-2 which was nothing like Earth-5, a total dump. Powergirl played along and agreed. Zatara hoped the new identity of Powergirl wouldn't go to Danvers' head. Powergirl was invited to commence a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Metropolis Plaza. The fame went to her head and she plastered the hideout with front pages and banners about her. Powergirl cut a ribbon at a park opening while the other Super Hero Girls were overwhelmed by a giant green monster with tentacles. It grabbed them and left them slimed, defeated, and tired. They recuperated at the hideout. Powergirl threw self-branded water bottles to them with "Powergirl" replaced the "H" in water. She took autographs and selfies with fans all the time. She rolled up to Sweet Justice in a limo.

Helen invited Powergirl on her talk show at the height of her fame. After a break, Helen continued a discussion about how her powers were totally different from Supergirl's. Powergirl confirmed that was true and stated while Supergirl had freeze breath, she had frost air. She added it was a thing on Earth-2 and people from that dimension say "supposebly." She sipped her drink. The crowd applauded. Helen asked if she would be joining a team like Supergirl did. Powergirl chuckled and declared teams were overrated. She pointed out she had an awesome outfit, great name, and best non-angry temperament ever so she didn't need a team. The other Super Hero Girls saw the episode and were not pleased. Zee Zatara asked if anyone had Kryptonite. Beecher arrived in a panic and showed them a book written by Livewire, "How I Did It. Destroying Supergirl. A Memoir." Powergirl didn't care. But Beecher started reading and it quickly became apparent it was a biased and inaccurate account of events. Livewire even wrote Supergirl was a menace and needed to be taken down. Powergirl flinched but insisted she was better anyway. Prince shouted that was lie.

Cruz told her Supergirl was a hero who did to help people, not become famous, and she didn't deserve to be treated like that. Cruz placed Supergirl's folded costume atop the book. Powergirl left to cut the ribbon at the grand reopening of the Metropolis Power Plant. Livewire interrupted the reopening. Declaring herself a best selling author, Livewire admitted she hankered for a new car and was going to write a new sequel. She balanced on a power line then teleported to the conduits to power up again. She flew up to the clouds and fired on Powergirl, creating another huge crater. Livewire gloated she was two for two and Powergirl was just as much a loser as Supergirl was. Powergirl remembered Cruz's words about how Supergirl was a hero. Livewire admitted she kinda missed "Stupidgirl." Supergirl got her attention. Livewire was shocked and fired. Supergirl dodged. Then Powergirl taunted her that haters didn't matter. She dodged a blast. Supergirl added haters didn't know you. Powergirl stated only "you know you".

Supergirl declared she was a hero and clocked Livewire into the crater. A 24/7 reporter reported Supergirl and Powergirl defeated Livewire but the latter shockingly announced she was returning home to Earth-2 to spend more time with friends. Powergirl told the crowd she was leaving them in good hands with the coolest superhero in any of the universes, Supergirl, complimented her hair then "left." The crowd cheered. Kara Danvers retired Powergirl and resigned herself to being hated by everyone again. Prince disagreed. The girls all hugged her at once. A power plant worker was interviewed. He sarcastically thanked Supergirl for leaving a giant mess and pleaded with Powergirl to come back. Danvers threw the table into the TV then yelled at Beecher she didn't have an anger problem.Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Quinzel was stirred awake and learned she was paired with Kara Danvers.

Danvers and Quinzel asked Chapin if they could switch partners. Quinzel told Chapin Danvers had emotional problems and wanted to be with Ferris. Chapin denied them and stated Ferris was alone. Ferris shouted she wasn't. Chapin reminded them they were one F away from summer school and they could either spend the next two days or the next three months together. Danvers and Quinzel glared at each other, groaned, and shook hands. On Saturday, they went to the mall's Lexpress and bought "fragile" tape, cardboard boxes, and packing peanuts to protect their Home Ec egg project then rushed out with the cart. They left their egg on the counter. The worker didn't notice either and unknowingly bumped the egg into an open box he was working on. He sealed and set it up the conveyor belt. Danvers and Quinzel ran back into the Lexpress but the egg was gone. They ran out in a panic. Quinzel shoved her head into a trash can. Quinzel saw everyone else's eggs and got an idea. She asked Danvers how bad she wanted to stay out of summer school.

They waited outside Garth Bernstein's window to steal his egg. Danvers reached for the egg but she couldn't bring herself to steal it. She had Quinzel do it. They realized the egg was gone then noticed another open window. They sneaked around the casino. The plan was for Quinzel to make a distraction while Danvers stole Zatara's egg. They overheard Oliver Queen yelling about how she didn't know the first thing about raising an egg. Zatara was insulted. Something crashed. Queen took offense to her thinking she could walk all over him. Something shattered. Quinzel remembered there was another egg. Danvers quickly agreed to go after it. They sneaked away. Queen demanded to see his egg. Hal Jordan made his smoothie while Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel spied on him from outside. He poured milk then the eggs but he grabbed Ferris' egg by mistake and blended to their horror. At Sweet Justice, Zatara realized she hard boiled and cut her egg in half. Danvers and Quinzel screamed outside. The former fainted.

Danvers and Quinzel held each other and cried at the prospect of having to take summer school. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. It ended up on top of the strength tester at the Metropolis Pier. Selina Kyle bounced off Kara Danvers' head and made her way to the egg. Danvers grabbed the mallet and smashed the bell, stunning Kyle and launching the egg. It landed in the bumper car manned by Jimmy Olsen. The pairs chased after Olsen until Danvers and Quinzel rear ended him. Olsen landed in a pool of stuffed animals. They chased the egg around the pier but Isley ultimately ate it. On Monday, the Home Ec teacher decided to rescind the assignment. Danvers and Quinzel were stoked and happily nodded to each other. With Batgirl out of town for the weekend, the Super Hero Girls called on Catwoman to help them infiltrate the Lexcorp Tower so they could steal the Book of Eternity and prevent its misuse.

Supergirl's role was to cause a distraction by starting a fight with the biggest, meanest guy she could find then Catwoman would slip into Luthor's private elevator during the chaos. She did it too early on the account of the snobs annoying her. She dropped a man and told the guard it was cool. When the time came, she taunted a huge man and called him ugly. The man was overly apologetic and asked her what he could do to make things right for offending her. Bumblebee pointed out the camera inside wasn't disabled. Zatanna opened a portal and Supergirl neutralized the guard watching the camera feeds. Luthor waited for them in his secret lair and easily defeated them thanks to the Book of Eternity. Supergirl was amused at Superman's imprisonment. He weakly told her to shut up and called her a doofus. Luthor was even able to dodge Supergirl's charges and vision blasts. A Kryptonite ray was used on her. Superman weakly laughed at her. In the end, Catwoman freed the girls and they destroyed a meteor before it hit the city. Catwoman tried to steal the Book for herself but was forced to turn it over to Wonder Woman.

The girls had a slumber party at Zee Zatara's hotel room. Danvers dozed off and had a nightmare about cockroaches in her bedroom. Each stomp only created more of them. She ended up destroying her bedroom but one crawled down the middle of her face. She screamed and woke up on the couch with the others staring at her. She brushed it off as a little nightmare. Soon enough, they were all asleep. Danvers' foot dropped down and woke Zatara up. She pushed it away then turned over. Danvers' kicked in her sleep and launched Zatara into the TV. She stood up from the floor annoyed but noticed everyone was whimpering in their sleep. She opened one of Beecher's eyelids and realized magic was at play. Zatara went to her bed and took her spell book out. She recited a new spell and learned it then she lied back down, crossed her arms, and cast the spell. She astral projected herself then went into Beecher first. Danvers found herself in a desert where a cowboy roach riding a giant roach chased after her and tried to lasso her until Zatanna brought Fuseli, the perpetrator, to the real world.

Beecher and the others liked Casey Krinsky after she got them coveted tots for lunch and later kittens. They didn't believe Zatara's claims she was crazy obsessed with her. Things got worse when Krinsky revealed her super power to steal the powers of her victim. She took on Zatara's appearance and the girls were none the wiser. Things got even worse when they all went to the secret headquarters. Krinsky realized they were the Super Hero Girls and stole their powers and costumes, too, and left them powerless and weak until Zatara tricked her into going back to normal. When the city became infested with giant Moth-Monsters, Supergirl opted to use her space punch and decked them into outer space. During lunch, Cruz told the other girls about Lois Lane's new story idea to find out the Super Hero Girls' secret identities. Danvers wasn't concerned. She was confident Lane wouldn't figure out who they were. Lane quickly figured out who the Super Hero Girls really were but she still needed proof.

Danvers got an idea to deal with Lane. Cruz told her not every problem could be solved by punching it into space. Danvers rescinded. Diana popped up from behind the couch and was resolute about facing the problem directly. Danvers perked up. Diana told her the plan was more cunning than a space punch. Supergirl left off some steam by punching a Moth-Monster into space. Batgirl noted a good reporter like Lois Lane was going to investigate the scene so they should plant false evidence to throw her off their trail. She dumped a bunch of things then hid behind a dumpster with Supergirl. Lane arrived and deduced it was the work of Barbara Gordon. Supergirl was stunned. Batgirl concluded they needed to steal her notepad. The girls sulked at Sweet Justice. Danvers asked Cruz why she didn't warn them about Lois Lane. Cruz was livid and recalled she did a "zillion" times. The girls managed to defeat Killer Moth and its Moth-Monster army. Lane decided to kill the story upon remembering the good the girls did for the city.

Danvers went on a nature hike with the other girls but Beecher was absent. Danvers wasn't as sympathetic about her being 14 and too young to drive. The importance of driving was lost on Diana Prince as she pointed out people have feet to carry them but realized if she got a driver's license, she could transport Beecher around to the "cool stuff" they did together. A viewing of a Just Before Dusk movie by Gordon, Prince, Cruz, Zatara, Bernstein, Jordan, and Allen was interrupted by Danvers. She blocked the TV while she explained she was finally going to get to see the League of Shadows perform live and at a secret show at the Lazarus Pit. She shook Allen, broke the table in two, and totally hyped the League. Jordan had no clue who Ra's Al Ghul was. Danvers retorted he didn't have any real taste. Everyone noticed Beecher was listening to music on her phone. Danvers admired her interest in music.

Beecher thought she was saying she would go to the Up Past 8 concert with her. Danvers presented her tickets and declared she was going to see the League with her, after a make over. She took Beecher to a clothing store and dressed her like a punk rocker. Beecher gravitated towards an Up Past 8 section but Danvers persisted. They went to a tattoo parlor next but Beecher ran out before anything happened. Danvers sighed and left, too. Beecher was taken to a hair salon for new hair do. Lastly, they went back to Danvers' bedroom for the finishing touches. Beecher was shocked by her new look. Danvers still wanted to add a nose ring and sick neck tattoo to pull the look together. She revealed her super skin prevented her from getting tattoos and her hair was resistant to dye jobs. They left for the League of Shadows concert despite Beecher's apprehension. Beecher felt weird about everything. Danvers told her it only mattered that she looked cool and asked her to show her dance move. Danvers showed her how to get her freak on properly.

Beecher copied her but got dizzy and accidentally bumped into a man. She was carried off by a mosh pit. Danvers jumped in. Ra's Al Ghul observed her with the club's security camera system. He sent Ubu to the floor to summon Kara Danvers backstage to meet him and the League. Beecher momentarily lost Danvers and was freaked out by everyone's appearances. Danvers pulled her out of the crowd. Beecher was relieved and hugged her. Danvers awkwardly pushed her off in front of Ubu. Ubu then took them to the elevator and they descended to the Lower Lower Basement. Danvers only nodded to the band. Ubu then gestured her to a room. Ra's introduced himself but Danvers and Beecher were surprised he knew the former's full name. Ra's insisted he was aware she was superfan of the band and one of his most faithful shadow puppets, a term given to the band's fandom. He admitted he toured the world many times and amassed many true believers of his rock and roll but believed Danvers could be his ultimate shadow puppet because he rarely met someone so cool. Danvers was enamored.

For her dedication, Ra's gifted Kara Danvers with a Demon's Fang. During the concert, Beecher became suspicious of the band's lyrics. Danvers told her all the suggestive phrases like the League being a cure for the world and his atrocities or the survivors being ruled by Ra's were just a metaphor. Beecher frowned when the next lyrics stated the song wasn't a metaphor and they were being literal. Beecher wanted to leave but Danvers was having too much fun. Ra's played his mind control song next and dedicated it to Danvers. The room shifted from its usual green ambiance to a sinister red and Danvers drifted into a hypnotic state. She was under Ra's' complete control. Danvers, now under Ra's Al Ghul's mind control, slid in so hard she destroyed the bed at the base. She yelled the concert was the bomb into Gordon's microphone so loud that Kite Man and his buyer noticed and disabled a camera. Then she kicked green paint all over Cruz's posters, slapped Zatara's cards into Up Past 8 posters, used super breath on Prince and swatter her book to the ground, stole Allen's chips, and stepped on the video game console.

They all stared at her. Danvers was upset with their lack of a sense of humor and flew up through the ceiling. Beecher asked if Danvers was acting a little different than usual. Nobody else saw it. Beecher realized her tickets were gone. Jordan teased they probably spontaneously combusted from sheer lameness. Cruz slapped the back of his head. Beecher gasped and wondered if Danvers stole them. Everyone laughed at her theory. She left and followed Danvers to the Up Past 8 concert. Danvers shoved her way up the line to the box office and presented Beecher's tickets. In her shrunken state, Beecher observed as Danvers pushed more people aside and swatted drinks away. She then spooked a boy out of his seat in the front row and waited. Bumblebee thought Danvers saw her and hid but realized she was looking up at the sky box. Bumblebee checked and spotted Ra's Al Ghul. The League cheered as Ra's outlined his master plan to purify the planet of humanity and its many evils, including bad music. Bumblebee sneaked into their room and overheard Ra's discussing his plans and controlling Supergirl with a stone from outer space.

Bumblebee ran an analysis on the Demon's Fang around Danvers' neck and her suit's computer identified it as Red Kryptonite. One such thing it could do was make a person open to mind control. She called in everyone for help. Up Past 8 was tied up back stage by Bumblebee while Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Garth Bernstein took their place on the stage. Ra's used his pick to manipulate Supergirl but she was uppercut with a punch construct made by Jordan. She was met with resistance from the other Super Hero Girls as the performance went on. Wonder Woman nailed her with a jump kick. Green Lantern created a giant trampoline construct in front of the boys to dampen her aerial charge. She broke through and zoomed right past them. Zatanna fired energy discs at Supergirl before she could punch Wonder Woman. She used heat vision to destroy several but bright overhead lights were shone on her. Wonder Woman leaped down and drop kicked her. Supergirl dodged her punches, blocked a knee, and threw her into guitar cases.

A giant fan rose up behind the boys and was turned on by Batgirl while Green Lantern formed a parachute construct around Supergirl. She tried to fly back but Zatanna formed a portal to pull her in but Supergirl resisted so hard, the girls were pulled in instead and shot into the stage. As the fight went in Ra's' favor, Bumblebee realized the mind control song was stuck in Supergirl's head and they needed something to hit her right in the heart and feel something to break the trance. Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein belted out a love ballad. The girls embraced Supergirl all at once. The Red Kryptonite around her neck and Ra's' pick shattered. Supergirl was back to normal. The girls all danced on stage as fireworks were set off into the sky. The girls concluded a study session at the Metropolis Library. During cleanup, Gordon realized they had Prince's bag. They got into Cruz's van and went to drop it off but nobody knew where she lived. Gordon used her phone to pinpoint Prince at Centennial Park and admitted she put trackers on everyone. She was met with glares. Danvers asked her to not be creepy for once.

Gordon tracked her to a giant tree in Centennial Park. Prince was camped atop the tree and greeted the girls. They convinced her to try living with one of them. After Cruz, Zatara, and Beecher, Diana Prince went to the Danvers's. She was weary of Danvers' parents not liking her either. They sat down for dinner. Eliza told Prince it was a treat to have someone from another culture over for dinner. Prince was humbled by her kindness. She grabbed mashed potatoes with her hands and chomped away. Jeremiah and Eliza was speechless then tried using their hands, too. Jeremiah loved it and found it so freeing then asked Prince what other rituals she practiced back home. Prince recalled the strongest warrior opened the feast by taking the first bite. Danvers fake sneezed, adding "second strongest." Prince announced it was time for the nightly proclamation of deficiencies. Eliza was fascinated. Prince explained her mother Hippolyta pronounced her failings and shortcomings for all to hear so she may improve.

Prince demonstrated and told Eliza her decorative cat plate collection was worthy of severe ridicule and was a hobby for children, not grown women. Danvers did a spit take. Prince told Jeremiah he had the reflexes of an ancient crone. She threw a pepper shaker and it sailed right past him. She stated he would never be able to defend a tribe. She ate more mashed potatoes as Jeremiah and Eliza were in shock. They looked at each other then laughed to Danvers' surprise. Jeremiah tried and told Danvers she wasn't very good at remembering her pleases and thank yous. Eliza told her her bedroom smelled like rodents. She was speechless. Prince munched on asparagus. Jeremiah added her hostile attitude was a front to mask her deep insecurity. Eliza added her rebellious nature was a sad desperate cry for attention. They both laughed. Danvers got angry. During a battle with a big humanoid monster, Supergirl was paired with Aqualad. During a response to a robbery at Bank of Moolah, Bumblebee tried to hide behind Supergirl so she wouldn't be paired with Hawkman. In response to a building on fire, she was paired with boy Green Lantern.

Tatsu Yamashiro reached out to Diana Prince but she wasn't around to answer it. Yamashiro sent a text saying she needed her help. Barbara Gordon paused from welding a gadget and yelled out a phone was buzzing. Kara Danvers identified it as Prince's phone but she wasn't present. Gordon groaned and checked it. She was intrigued by the text and asked Danvers if she wanted to do something "fun." Floating up above while riffing on her guitar, Danvers' interest was piqued. Barbara Gordon and Kara Danvers infiltrated McDougal Academy as new students. Tatsu Yamashiro saw them and pushed them aside, annoyed they would blow her cover. She believed Headmaster McDougal would suspect her immediately if he saw unauthorized visitors. McDougal stopped them and asked what was going on. Gordon insisted they were just three happy McDougal students being totally ordinary and normal. Headmaster added "ordinary and normal" at his school were authorized uniforms only. He confiscated Gordon's purple Batman shoelaces.

Yamashiro explained to Gordon and Danvers that McDougal Academy used to be in a castle in Scotland belonging to the Headmaster's cruel ancestor, Bevin McDougal and years ago, it was moved to Metropolis brick by brick and rebuilt. She noted cruelty apparently ran in the family. Danvers asked if the Headmaster needed to get roughed up. Yamashiro explained she needed Prince's help because girls at the academy were losing some meaningful item to them and she suspect a haunting. She apprised them of the telltale pattern that took place each night: when the bell tolls midnight, the Silver Banshee awakens, stalks the halls, and ransacks rooms. She didn't know what Banshee was searching for and she got the name from her vengeful cry. Yamashiro hoped to trap Banshee in her Soultaker Sword but had no luck. Danvers dug her ear and smelled her finger. Danvers was amused they believed in ghosts. Yamashiro pointed out she literally turned her into one once. Danvers countered that was hardly proof. Yamashiro exclaimed it was. Danvers brushed her off and agreed to come along because it would be hilarious to watch them be dummies.

Gordon and Yamashiro paused at the sound of crunching but it was just Danvers eating chips. Gordon picked up a lot of activity on her EMF Detector. Yamashiro took Danvers' bag away and told her to be serious. Danvers stated she was going to document all the ghost activity with her phone. She was unaware a bagpipe was levitating on its own behind her. The others pointed but by the time Danvers turned around, it was back on the mantle. She shrugged. Flying books followed Danvers but when she looked, they were back in the book case. While Danvers looked in a closet, Gordon and Yamashiro were chased around by levitating chairs, a piano, lamp, and billiard balls. Yamashiro hopped into Gordon's arms and they screamed. Danvers was bored and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Gordon and Yamashiro chased after Silver Banshee and bounced off Danvers, who didn't see Banshee. They came upon three paths and split up. Gordon gave everyone comms and instructions to hail everyone whoever encountered the ghost first. Yamashiro asked Danvers to report.

Danvers got bread and meat. A tomato, egg, and carrot followed her. Danvers pretended to be under attack by paranormal forces. Gordon and Yamashiro fell for it and made their way to the kitchen. Danvers didn't question the prepared sandwich and ate. She chuckled and prepared to get a shot of Yamashiro and Gordon for Metropovids. Danvers saw Banshee on her screen reflection and screamed. Banshee screeched and it knocked Danvers into the others. They quickly suited up. Katana unleashed a slash from her Soultaker but Banshee's scream neutralized the attack. Danvers charged but flew through Banshee into a cabinet. While Banshee was distracted by Batgirl, Katana got behind her and slashed. Banshee was successfully trapped in the Soultaker. She cried out it was not justice. She took hold of Katana and revealed her true origins. Katana realized she made a grave mistake and knew where to find what Banshee was looking for. The girls went to Headmaster McDougal's office and burst in. He yelped and asked what was the meaning of their intrusion.

Supergirl asked if this was the right move. Katana was sure what they did was not justice and released Banshee. Naturally, Headmaster McDougal freaked out and ran away. Banshee charged and possessed Headmaster. He experienced all of her memories and learned the truth. He apologized and gave her the badge, then acknowledged her as the rightful leader of the McDougal clan. Banshee accepted the badge, put it on, and peacefully dispersed. The next day, Danvers noticed every student got their stuff back and the overall tone on campus was more lively. She noted Headmaster seemed to have changed his ways. Yamashiro added she did too and asked if she now believed in ghosts. Danvers dismissed it and called it smoke and mirrors. Gordon spooked her and Danvers jumped into Yamashiro's arms. They laughed at her expense. During a night out with Wonder Woman's aunt Antiope, Danvers, in a rare occurence, got full at an eatery. However, Antiope's negligence allowed a Kraken to escape from its cage and threaten the city.

The girls attempted to restrain the Kraken and set it up to get knocked out by Supergirl, who came flying in at full speed. However, the Kraken's magic skin was impervious to Supergirl's super strength and she bounced off. Wonder Woman disengaged and caught Supergirl. Ultimately, Wonder Woman beseeched Hypnos for a Stygian Bloom. On her signal, Supergirl threw Wonder Woman to the Kraken. She used the grounded up flower to put the Kraken into a deep sleep. Kara Danvers went to the Ye Olde Metropolis Renaissance Faire but did not dress up. She only came along for the turkey legs and to laugh at geeks. She quickly stopped Gordon from singing about princesses and dragons. Danvers joked she spotted two geeks. Cruz and Beecher found them and revealed Prince and Zatara were running late and would meet them inside. Beecher was worried about the news report about people going missing at the ren faire but Danvers assured her those were just rumors to scare people off to keep the crowds down so they don't run out of turkey legs.

Danvers caught a whiff of the legs and found the booth. She asked "Amber" for one to go. Ember corrected her but it didn't register. Cruz was surprised Danvers came. They took their food. Danvers called Ember a geek and left. Cruz apologized for her. Ember left the booth and stalked a girl dressed like a princess. She began to transform as she closed in one the princess but she was interrupted by Danvers, who wanted more turkey legs. Danvers implored her to keep them coming because she was starving. She took plate worth after plate worth of legs. She wanted one more and opened her mouth. Ember complied and put the last leg in her mouth. Both Prince and Zatara didn't understand the point of the mud wrestling. Danvers found it hilarious. Danvers was oblivious to Prince and Zatara's fight and ate happily. Danvers looked around for Zatara after the joust and saw her all tied up. Ember threw a turkey leg at her head and flew off with Zatara, into a tower. Ember prepared to eat her but Supergirl arrived and suggested a knuckle sandwich.

Ember stated the only way it was ending was with a princess in her belly. She breathed fire and sent Supergirl packing. The others paused and dove out of the tower just in time to avoid more fire. They landed in a haystack and knew they had no time to waste. Cruz turned to Supergirl and only saw a massive scorched trail. Supergirl exited a Rental Vestments tent dressed as a viking. She grumbled about having to fight magic fire. Bumblebee spotted a mace. Supergirl had never used a weapon before but gave it a shot and flew back to the tower, decking Ember outside. Supergirl liked the mace. Ember flew back in, tackled Supergirl out of the tower, and threw fireballs at her in the sky. Supergirl knocked them away but Ember generated a large one and blew Supergirl up. She was propelled into the ground. Supergirl charged but Ember generated a black smoke screen and sidestepped her. Cruz made a giant falcon construct and sent it to the tower but Ember formed her fire into a rope, snatched the construct, and slammed it into the ground, dissipating it.

Supergirl was not impressed. Ember made a fireball, pushed it into the ground, and four flaming cobra constructs appeared. Supergirl admitted that was slightly more impressive but had no idea what her name was. Ember yelled her name. The girls dodged bat fire constructs while Supergirl batted them away. Ember eventually trapped the girls in a fire cage and returned to the tower but she was defeated by the combined might of Wonder Woman and Zatanna. As they left the faire, Danvers resumed eating.

One night, Wonder Woman called up Batgirl to recruit her for a mission to stop Mr. Freeze from causing mayhem in town. Batgirl had to wait for her father, Commissioner Gordon, to fall asleep and asked for a few minutes. Supergirl refused to wuss out on the fun because of Gordon. Wonder Woman departed with Supergirl, Zatanna, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern. Batgirl ended up the first on the scene and was joined by them then they charged Mr. Freeze. Kara Danvers slept over at the Gordon residence on a school night. She quickly dozed off but woke up and informed Barbara Gordon to just tell her to go back to bed if she started talking in her sleep. However, she sleep flew outside. Batgirl chased after her roof to roof but couldn't reach her so she fired a grapnel line and snagged a leg but was dragged into a parked car. She tried tying the grapnel to the bumper of a school bus but it was lifted up into the air.

Batgirl leaped onto the underside of the bus as Danvers drifted towards Metropolis proper. She severed the grapnel line with a Batarang without thinking and the bus went plummeting down into the city. Danvers sleep flew through a Loans Inc. company building with Batgirl then she dropped down into an apartment's roof top pool. Things took a turn for the worst as Danvers approached a group of wind turbines. Batgirl frantically tried to wake up Danvers in vain. Batgirl wondered why she couldn't just go back to bed. At the last second, Danvers obeyed Batgirl's words and went back to the Gordon residence. Batgirl stayed up and kept an eye on her. Danvers woke up in the morning feeling great unaware of what happened.

Kara Danvers woke up at 8 am after smashing her latest alarm clock and found a note from her adoptive parents, the Danvers, about school picture day. With all her clothes in the laundry, she was forced to wear a vintage dress they left for her. As she walked to school, Danvers got wrapped up in several incidents throughout the city. She sped after an out of control baby carriage and ripped her sleeves off only to find a creepy doll inside. She stopped a car from ramming them then punched it back into working shape. Her skirt got caught on the license plate holder and was torn off. An out of control dog charged Danvers but she quickly taught it how to be a good dog. During the tussle, its studded dog collar got on her neck and her peace sign necklace got around its neck. A bank robber ran out of a bank right into her. She tied him up with her flower head piece and locked his bag. The dye pack exploded all over her. After she arrived for picture day, the photographer happened to call her name. She was a wreck from all the incidents she broke up on the way. The photographer asked her if she wanted to clean up. Danvers declined and looked in the mirror. He suggested at least brushing her hair. She was surprisingly happy with what she saw then quickly took a photograph for the yearbook.

Karen Beecher waited for Barbara Gordon at the lockers but she was late. She noticed Kara Danvers at her locker and tried to get her attention. Danvers was listening to her rock music and mistook Beecher for a fly. Danvers swiped at her. Just as Gordon arrived, Danvers threw a punch at Beecher. Luckily, Beecher wound up inside Danvers' locker. Gordon flipped out and told Danvers what transpired. Danvers took her headphones off. The locker door fell off then the Bumblebee costume. Beecher asked if the bell rang yet then slid out. In the finale of an epic battle with Metallo, Wonder Woman ordered Supergirl to flew into the villain's Kryptonite chest. The explosion generated defeated Metallo but exposed Supergirl to a lot of Kryptonite. Wonder Woman found her motionless in a crater. After the girls gathered, Supergirl coughed. Wonder Woman vowed to nurse her back to health herself. She took advantage of Wonder Woman. Prince brought her a glass of water to her bedroom. Danvers asked for ice.

Prince set her up on the living room recliner and turned on the TV. Danvers asked for the remote. Prince stopped and told her to was right next to her. Danvers cited flying into Metallo took a lot out of her. Danvers flipped through the stations. Danvers kept telling her to go slower. Prince took Danvers to Sweet Justice and fed her. Danvers asked for more sprinkles. Prince was surprised. Danvers remembered when she watched her life slip away, the promise of chocolate sprinkles kept her going. Prince got annoyed and dunked the spoon into the sprinkles. Danvers opened her mouth. Prince tried to get her outside in time but the school bus drove past the house. Danvers coughed and closed the door on Prince. Prince got angry then got an idea. Danvers put on wireless headphones and rocked. She flew back under her blanket when Cruz knocked on her door. Cruz and Beecher pretended to check up on Danvers. She lied again and noted she was just recovering from barely defeating Metallo and saving the world. Wonder Woman burst in claiming Doomsday was attacking the city. After they left, Danvers flew out on her costume and looked around. The other girls were gathered on the roof. Wonder Woman asked her if she was feeling better.

Kara Danvers went to a screening of "Summer of Danger VII He Remembers What You Don't Remember" and was excited to see it. She exclaimed when the title came up. She was shushed. An overweight boy squeezed past her then her super hearing picked up two girls crushing on the male lead. She closed her ears then sucked up her popcorn then fired them like bullets at the girls until they left. A snuggled couple annoyed her next. Danvers went to the seat behind them and spun them around. The boy found himself snuggling with another girl. His girlfriend socked him. He landed on the other girl and was socked again. A crowd walked to the row in front of Danvers and wouldn't sit down. She used her heat vision on the floor and they plummeted down below. Davers was relieved but someone sucked on their straw loudly then texted. Danvers turned to her left and was about to tell the person off but it was Barbara Gordon with a guzzler helmet on. Gordon asked what she missed. Danvers groaned and slumped back.

Barbara Gordon, Diana Prince, and Kara Danvers went to the arcade on the Metropolis Pier. Gordon introduced Danvers to the Hit Em All game that she mastered. Danvers was skeptical and thought it looked easy. Gordon assured her it wasn't and took months of practice. A carney convinced Danvers with the allure of prizes to try the basketball game. Danvers fell for it and wasted her money, never making a basket. Gordon, meanwhile, won a giant stuffed bear and lot's and lot's of tickets. Danvers lost her temper and launched the basketball at super speed. It bounced off a light fixture, pipes, and one of the gophers in the Hit Em All before exiting through the ceiling. It eventually returned from space and impacted back in the arcade. The carney wearily rose out of a hole in the floor. Danvers won a key chain. Gordon played along and admitted she won. Danvers pulled Prince away from the fortune teller machine.

One night, Diana Prince accompanied Kara Danvers to a rock concert at the Lazarus Pit night club. Danvers asked her if she was ready to have her face melted off. A boy was carried off by a mosh pit. Prince thought they found a demon pit and everyone was possessed by Hades. She mistook Danvers' head banging as her agreeing. Prince suggested they masquerade as demons. She tried to blend in but mistook the mosh pit for a battle. Danvers made it to the front and rocked near the stage. Danvers eventually noticed and confronted Prince. She realized she misunderstood. To her surprise, Danvers thought it was awesome. The mosh pit carried them away. Prince declared she was very much enjoying her face melting. After months of trying, Zee Zatara finally got a reservation at Metropolis' most exclusive sushi restaurant and took Danvers with her. She warned Danvers not to embarrass her. Danvers used her chop sticks to pretend to play drums. To her annoyance, Danvers refused to eat any of the dishes.

Danvers was unsure of the sushi and asked the host for ketchup when the red dragon rolls were brought to them. Zatara went on the table and tried to force Danvers to eat the sushi but she shook her head. Danvers poked the grilled fish and freaked out when its eye rolled over. She wanted to leave and get a burger. After the octopus, Zatara caved and cast a spell to turn Danvers' into a burger. She realized she accidentally used her chop sticks. The tentacles became huge and hostile, grabbing both of them. Danvers told Zatara she should have taken her to a place with an oven. Danvers used her heat vision to neutralize it. Zatara fretted she would never be able to come back to the restaurant. Danvers tried a piece of tentacle and thought it wasn't bad but still needed ketchup. Zatara groaned. Kara Danvers bumped into Zatara and Prince outside the 99 Ways to Dye salon. Zatara suggested she try Paulette, too, but Danvers was hesitant as she liked her hairstyle. They insisted and shoved her inside.

Paulette looked her over, told her not to speak, and decided she would get the extra special treatment for being her last customer of the day. Danvers became concerned when she said it was going to be about cleaning up the old and making way for the new. She instructed Danvers to remain quiet and to close his eyes. She played some soothing music and massaged her scalp. The music put Danvers to sleep. Paulette tried scissors but it could cut her super hair. She wondered what kind of product she used then tried a shaver but it failed, too, and broke. Paulette tried unconventional methods. A grinder bounced off her head and Paulette went sliding across the floor. She tried a flame thrower then lost her composure. She fashioned dynamite as hair curlers then detonated them. The front doors were blown away. Danvers strode out convinced Paulette was a master, too, but her hairstyle looked the same. Zatara played again and complimented Danvers' hair. Amid the wreckage inside, Paulette put up the closed sign.

Danvers hung out with Prince as she frantically looked for the missing Lasso of Truth in her locker. Danvers asked her if she was sure she didn't leave it home or misplaced it. Prince insisted a true Amazon would never lose sight of their weapons. Danvers looked at her Happy 317th Birthday card. Eventually, Wonder Woman and Supergirl found the culprit, Harley Quinn. She was entangled in the lasso in a tree after a failed robbery of the Bank of Moolah because she tried using the lasso as a bungee cord, unaware of its unlimited length. Supergirl got an idea and decided to have a little conversation before turning her over to the police. Kara Danvers was doing some laundry at a laundromat when Shaggyman happened to walk past. However, her Supergirl suit was still in the wash and soaked. She improvised and borrowed some clothes from a dryer for a makeshift costume. Before Shaggyman could eat a truck, Danvers snatched it away then pelted him with punches to the chest, head, and back. She finished him off with an uppercut but she was branded "Hot Mess Girl" by the Daily Planet for her terrible choice in wearing a mix of things like a sombrero, scuba mask, T-shirt, and tube socks.

Supergirl battled Livewire outside a theater. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but Livewire blasted Supergirl then triggered a blackout. The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. It managed to grab Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Bumblebee blasted it with her stingers, Zatanna blasted its eye, and Green Lantern lassoed an appendage with a rope construct. Wonder Woman managed to lasso another. Batgirl tried a green spray. Supergirl used her heat vision. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. They all posed just in time. On September 19, Supergirl and Green Lantern flew from Metropolis High to the scene of Starro's rampage. Kara Danvers served detention in the school library. She feel asleep as the librarian explained she was going to help sort out books. She yelled at Danvers to wake her then emphasized being methodical and precise. She directed Danvers to piles of books nearby then stated she would be back to check on her. Danvers saw books going to the ceiling.

Danvers tried to use her super powers but the librarian was always nearby. To Danvers' dismay, she got a text from Carter Hall about a surprise concert at the Lazarus Pit featuring Ra's al Ghul and the League of Shadows. She texted him back she was in detention but would try to get there as soon as possible. The librarian pointed to a sign about keeping cell phones on silent. She tried to use super speed but stopped once she spotted the librarian. As she put them on shelves, Danvers noticed books dropping to the floor. She used x-ray vision and saw Harleen Quinzel carelessly tossing books around. She observed through a gap in a shelf. Quinzel finally found a book with pictures. Danvers used super breath and buried Quinzel under a pile of books. The librarian saw the pile and ordered Danvers to sort it. Hall sent another text and stated the concert was awesome. Danvers had no idea where all the returned books were coming from. She braced herself and started shelving them like a normal person. For the last book, she levitated to put it back but she saw piles of returned books. Barry Allen was using his super speed to borrow and return tons of books. The piles became bigger and bigger. Hall sent her a text saying she missed the best concert. Danvers dropped to her knees in anguish.

Kara Danvers rode her skateboard on the Metropolis Pier and ran into Barbara Gordon at a punching bag stand. She asked if she could help. Gordon played it cool and declined. Danvers obliged her and headed to the corn dog stand. Danvers came back over to check on Gordon's progress. Gordon asked to borrow her skateboard. She went to the top of the roller coaster and rode the tracks then veered off intent on hitting the bag. She missed and ended up in the harbor. She climbed out. Danvers called an audible and they joined forces. Gordon perched atop one of her hands and was thrown into the bag. The booth was smashed to pieces but Gordon scored 500 points at last. Danvers exclaimed that was awesome. Gordon realized the doll was on top of her head. They celebrated their victory. In science class, Beecher and Danvers were assigned an egg to teach them responsibility and attentiveness. All they had to do was bring the egg back the next day uncracked and they would get an A. If it was broken, they failed. Beecher named it "Karen Jr." and drew eyes and a smile on it.

Beecher told Danvers her parents were having work done at home and asked her to take it but be extra careful. Danvers insisted she was crazy nurturing but didn't notice she knocked Karen Jr. out of Beecher's hands and she caught it after bobbling it. Danvers went in the 139 bus and gently put Karen Jr. on the seat next to her. Beecher started sending overbearing text after text to Danvers. Danvers texted her back she didn't want to fail either and walked off the bus without Karen Jr. then realized it after the bus left. She ran after the bus, pried the doors open, and saw a boy about to sit on the egg. She yelled "Stop!" but the driver hit the brakes. The egg was launched into a crying baby's mouth, it was spit into an old man's Daily Planet newspaper then bounced to a woman's curly hair then out an open window into a bicyclist's tray. Danvers screamed then ran after him. The horse masked robber stepped out of a bank and proclaimed he was rich. Danvers bowled right through him after the bicyclist.

The rope tied around a piano being lifted up snapped and almost fell on a mom and baby carriage passing under. Danvers leaped over her and caught the piano. The mother did not notice. Danvers saw a building on fire. She changed into Supergirl and froze the fire with her super breath. Danvers tracked the bicyclist to Pelham Park and was horrified to see there was a Farmer's Market featuring local egg farmers. She saw a woman break an egg into a bowl, a juggler swallowing many eggs, and eggs being thrown at a target. Danvers frantically searched cartons and hens then saw Karen Jr. under a white hen. She took the egg but the hen took offense and startled Danvers. Karen Jr. dropped back into a nest and the hen sat on it. Danvers swapped eggs but all the hens started gawking at her. She tried to leave but accidentally stepped on an egg. They chased Danvers around. She hid in a small shed but it was a temporary hen house. The hens saw she had an egg and attacked her. Danvers returned to Metropolis High a wreck.

Danvers' hair was ruined and there were feathers all over her. Beecher stated she was texting her for hours and asked if Karen Jr. was okay. Danvers put the egg down. It had no damage. Beecher was relieved and asked how it was. Danvers remarked she could really go for an omelet. Supergirl responded to a fire that broke out at the Metropolis Pier. She used her freeze breath. She asked Batgirl what took her so long and flew off. Zatara checked her face on her locker mirror. She saw several dots on her tongue. She closed her locker. Danvers passed by and realized she was sick and joked she thought she saw a ghost. Zatara was not amused and denied it but sneezed and cast by accident. Danvers was suddenly gone. Zatara found thought she was being rude and walked away. After Zatanna cast a spell to turn things back to normal. Danvers, stuck as a chicken, asked her to take some cough medicine and stay at home the next time she got sick.

The girls ate lunch until Gordon picked up a museum heist on her police scanner app. Supergirl tried using her super-breath on Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman but Ivy used it to dispense her pollen. It spread on the other Super Hero Girls and provided a distraction. Bumblebee used her powers to take the stolen diamond and Green Lantern attached wings to it then sent it back to the museum while they rushed back to school. They bumped into Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harleen Quinzel as they headed inside. On a Monday morning, the Super Hero Girls fought Giganta who sat on a highway. Supergirl punched her face but was counter punched her into the side of a building after getting a saying about revenge wrong. Mr. Chapin revealed the annual science fair was going to have a guest judge from Project Cadmus, Dr. Penelope Sieve. Danvers was going to Smallville to help the Kents with farming since she nor Superman lived with them anymore on a full time basis. They noticed Zatara was really quiet and learned she found the fair boring since she used magic all the time. Beecher promised science can totally feel like magic and promised to show her the next day. Danvers invited her to come to Smallville with her after.

For the project, Danvers decided to help make the Kent Farm run more efficiently. Ma Kent greeted Danvers and Zatara with two glasses of lemonade. She found the idea sweet and left them to it. Danvers held a tractor up in the air while Zee Zatara cast a spell. Danvers wanted to test it and see how fast it ran compared to her. She was impressed it now ran almost as quick as her. Zatara wanted to take a break and see what kind of entertainment Smallville had to offer. She asked if there were parties in a barn or something. They found a party in a barn. Danvers tried to rock out to the band playing but she bumped into a teenage boy. The others recognized her and remarked that was exactly why she got kicked out of Smallville High School. Zatara could sense Danvers' mood changing. She demonstrated some of her magic acts and produced several dollar bills in the air and a dove. The teenagers realized she was Zee Zatara. A girl asked if everyone in the city dressed like her.

Zatara told them Danvers was actually the coolest and edgy punk vibes were totally the rage in Metropolis. She mused they probably fought to make her the prom queen before she left. Zatara then told Danvers it was time for them to find a place with a cooler vibe. One girl told Danvers not to forget them and write. Another admitted they always liked her. Another asked to come back soon with Zatara and some clothes they could borrow. On the walk home, Danvers told her she didn't have to make everything up back there but thanked her. They learned the tractor was still running for some reason and raced over to stop it. Supergirl lifted it up and Zatanna cast a spell that teleported it away. Zatanna didn't think her magic set off any of the vehicles. Supergirl smashed one up then tried to turn off another but it was jammed. Zatanna froze it. Ma Kent checked and saw a frozen vehicle melting. Danvers promised to fix it. Zatanna conjured some ducks for the new pond. Ma Kent thought about calling Clark Kent to come and help them.

Danvers promised it was not necessary and promised they had it under control. Zatanna agreed and assured her that looks can be deceiving. Danvers asked her to give them until tomorrow and it would be better than new. Ma Kent gave her the day. Danvers was frustrated because part of her plan was to prove she didn't need Superman's help. Zatanna restored the farm vehicles back to normal and asked her if she wanted to try again. Supergirl declined and revealed Karen Beecher helped her create new quick-growing fertilizer. Supergirl planned to track the crop's growth as part of her new plan. The corn stalks, however, grew instantly. Supergirl and Zatanna became separated. She used heat vision but the stalks grew back in an instant. Zatanna cast a spell and turned the crops into popcorn. She was grossed out after Supergirl told her fertilizer was made from cow pats and minerals and vowed to never eat popcorn again. Supergirl informed her that was how all food was grown. Supergirl decided to get rid of the fertilizer but it was gone.

Zatanna denied her magic made it disappear and was ready to try again. Supergirl declined and suggested he was better off solo. Zatanna teleported back to Metropolis to help out Diana Prince. Ma Kent called up Clark and asked for his help. Danvers later met up with everyone back at Sweet Justice after getting a text about Prince's trouble with asking Steve Trevor out. Danvers noticed Prince was dressed like Zatara. Prince called it a failed experiment in love. Danvers caught on and teased how Zatara had real knack for helping. Supergirl arrived last to help the Super Hero Girls respond to a sudden eclipse over the city. She escorted an old woman in trouble out her apartment and flew her across town to help alleviate her cat allergy. The woman thought she was a sweet young girl. Supergirl asked her not to tell anyone. She returned ready to take Catwoman's feral cat army to the pound or start pounding. Lantern refused to let any animals get harmed. She made a laser light construct and led them into an animal shelter.

Supergirl clutched onto Wonder Woman to try to stop her from being carried off into the mystery cloud eclipsing the city. Zatanna cast an anchoring spell that brought both back down to the roof of Metropolis High. Supergirl then flew up and tried using her super breath to no avail. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Bumblebee were summoned to Zee Zatara by group text to help deal with Gordon's Sparrow. They later responded to another text and ended up fighting Dr. Sieve, the real culprit, in Metropolis High's storage room. Supergirl used her super breath to put out the fire from Sieve's beaker bombs then on Zatann's cue, helped further trap Sieve on a honey comb model with wind. As the others wondered about the science fair, Zatanna suggested the real prize was everything they learned. Supergirl joked and asked who she was. During the science fair battle with the rest of the Sieve-bots, Supergirl mistook Sparrow for one and threw it by mistake but Green Lantern made a pillow construct in time.

Danvers was horrified at Zatara's announcement of the "Enchanted Evening" school dance. Prince speculated it was a traditional dance in preparation for a great battle. Danvers told her it was much worse that a battle. Prince thought she was alluding to a sacrifice. Danvers refused to wear a dress. Zatara refused to let her get out of the dance and promised to loan her a tuxedo. Danvers caved in but refused to wear any flowers. At the dance, Danvers scarfed down the meatballs while Cruz protested their presence. Zatara made the meatballs and Cruz's sign vanish. She told them it was dance so they should be dancing. Danvers realized it was fun but started bumping classmates around. Livewire crashed the dance. Supergirl bumped Livewire off the stage. Teens danced out of her way. She stood up and stated her preference for the electric slide then zapped Supergirl. Wonder Woman grabbed Livewire's wrists and fired all over the gym. Supergirl flew teenagers out of the way. After Livewire was captured, Supergirl proposed ice cream.

Kara Danvers arrived at Metropolis High's Fall Festival on a tractor with a giant pumpkin she spent a year growing. She was confident she won the pumpking weigh-off and lifted hers in the air. Harley Quinn situated herself atop the bleachers and fired pumpkins with her bazooka. One hit Danvers' and blew it apart. She was disqualified. Danvers ran into a portable bathroom to change into Supergirl then vowed she would never do that again. After Beecher knocked the wind out of Harley with a pumpkin sling shot, Supergirl hauled her away. Kara Danvers woke up on a Saturday excited for Mosh-A-Thon at The Lazarus Pit. As soon as she stepped outside, she bumped into Jessica Cruz, who was on her way to protest and petition toxic chemicals being dumped into the water by Lexcorp. Cruz guilt tripped Danvers into helping her protest at the ferry station near a Lexcorp sewage pipe. Cruz tried to get petitions from a boy and a girl but they were completely enthralled with a new Lexcorp app game called Pigeon Party. Cruz thought it was cute and decided to play a round. She soon became obsessed with it and stopped protesting.

Danvers was able to slip away but Wonder Woman called down to her from a roof. Wonder Woman explained she needed a partner of unmatchable strength for rooftop sparring. Danvers was flattered and obliged her. Supergirl stood in place and took multiple punches to the chest from Wonder Woman then she braced herself with her shield while Supergirl used her super breath on her. Cruz sent the Pigeon Party game to Wonder Woman's phone and she became obsessed with it, too. Danvers continued on but Barbara Gordon fired a net onto her to test her new gadget. She admitted it needed more revisions. Danvers tried to tell her she was busy but Gordon interrupted and asked if Zee Zatara got a hold of her about being her magic show assistant, mainly for a water tank trick that required holding her breath. Danvers stated she wasn't helping anyone else and just wanted space and alone time. Danvers got a text from Karen Beecher about working on their science project. Danvers turned her phone off and went to The Lazarus Pit.

Some time after Blundie, Bathing Suit Murder, and Kitty Riot performed, all the bands and patrons became enamored with Pigeon Party. Danvers was bummed the marathon ended early and checked her phone. Beecher was now too busy playing Pigeon Party to work on the project. Danvers left and saw Diana Prince in an alley and Gordon on a sidewalk also obsessively playing the app. Danvers was smitten. She went to Sweet Justice and told Barry Allen to make her everyone's favorite dish but with just one spoon. Danvers later helped a choking man by performing the Heimlich maneuver. She decided to suit up and patrol. A young woman called out for help because Catwoman stole her phone while she was in the middle of playing Pigeon Party. Supergirl threw Catwoman over her shoulder and tossed the phone back to the woman while Zee Zatara sat around and played the app. Catwoman promised to be good if she let her go. Supergirl dropped her off at the Metropolis Police Headquarters.

Supergirl came to the aid of a vessel sinking after it was attacked by giant fish monsters. She lifted them to safety then saved four people from drowning. Supergirl sighted the three monsters and wished there was someone with water powers to help her. Coincidentally, Garth Bernstein was on the pier playing the app. Supergirl decked on with an uppercut when got swallowed whole by another. She flew through its mouth and shattered its teeth then threw it into the other two. Supergirl quipped something fishy was going on but realized no one was around to appreciate the pun. Supergirl pondered where the monsters came from and flew to the Lexcorp sewage pipe Jessica Cruz was protesting. Cruz was too busy playing the app to care. Supergirl protested and chained Cruz to her to jolt her back to normal. The rest of the girls were found. They went to Lexcorp to confront Luthor and shut down his app. Batgirl thanked Supergirl for saving them from the app and Supergirl admitted the city was super boring without them.

After Super Hero Girls defeated a giant robot cyclops, they retired to the hideout with ice cream orders from Sweet Justice but got little too overconfident about being the best superhero team. Supergirl declared they were the best team in the city. Wonder Woman warned the others not to rest on their butt-kicking laurels and that they must always be prepared to fight. Sure enough, they were kidnapped by Control Freak, a supervillain from another universe and teleported to his TV realm to compete in a game show against an alternate version of Titans to determine who was the best superhero team in all universes. For the first question about what the best super power was, Supergirl got the #5 answer for 9 points with "flight." She snagged the #1 answer for 65 points about the most tragic origin story with "having your whole planet destroyed." At the end of the game, Control Freak attempted to destroy them with a giant robot but they were saved by the Poop Patrol, a trio of superheroes who got poop-based powers by stepping on radioactive dog doo-doo.

Metropolis High voited her most likely to become a rock star.