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Real Identity: Karen Beecher
Affiliations: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Super Shorts): #TheLateBabsy, #HashtagFrownyFace, #PlightoftheBumblebee, #Buzzkill, #GoFish, #KaraCare, #TacoTuesday, #TheSlowAndTheFurious, #BigScreenBully, #LostAndFound, #AdBlockers, #ArtificialIntelligence, #VanityInsanity, #PhotoOops, #Vegecide, #StressTest, #SofaSoGood, #TheBeeStandsAlone, #ShellShock, #AbraKachoo, and Bab's Vlog
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #SweetJustice Part 2, #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #MeetTheCheetah, #Beeline, #SuperWho?, #ShockItToMe, #SheMightBeGiant, #FightAtTheMuseum, #CrushingIt, #MisgivingTree, #IllusionsOfGrandeur, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #Frenemies Part 1, #Frenemies Part 2, #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, #Abracadabrapalooza, #BackInAFlash, #PowerSurge, #ScrambledEggs, #DramaQueen, #AllyCat Part 1, #AllyCat Part 2, #Retreat, #LivingTheNightmare, #AllAboutZee, #TweenTitans, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #CrashCourse, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #HousePest, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, #AwesomeAuntAntiope, #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 1, and #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 2
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!): Superhero Feud
Appearances (Comics): Teenage Crisis, Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14), Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco and Fall Festival), Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs and A Sticky Zit-Uation), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained and Honey, I Shrunk My Friends)
Appearances (Books): Lights-Out
Powers/Skills: Size Manipulation and Flight
Voiced By: Kimberly Brooks

Karen Beecher is brilliant and throws herself into books. She prefers not to stand out on account of being shy and insecure and she's also a little clumsy. Karen Beecher tried to build a super suit so that she could turn bigger and stronger so people could notice her. But the growth technology backfired and she ended up being able to shrink. She continued tinkering with the suit and integrating new technologies but was unable to figure out the malfunctioning rocket launcher. On the morning of the first day of school, Karen Beecher stepped out of the school bus and tripped. Gordon zoomed to her side, helped pick up her tools, and tried to befriend her. Beecher was too shy. She whispered her name was Karen, thanked her, then walked away. During lunch, Barbara Gordon sat alone and came up with a scheme to figure who was a super, by getting them all in detention with her. She threw spaghetti right into Kara Danvers' face.

Danvers thought it was Karen Beecher and threw her burger at Beecher's head. Jessica Cruz came to her rescue and deflected the second burger with a tray. It instead landed on Zee Zatara's head. Upset about her hair, Zatara threw a milk carton at Cruz's head. Gordon jumped onto the cheerleader table and declared a food fight. The entire student body got into act. Mr. Chapin happened to be passing by the cafeteria. After being hit in the left eye, he ended the food fight. The students pointed at Gordon, Beecher, Danvers, Cruz, and Zatara who were all in a dog pile. Chapin took the five to detention. Beecher apologized if she offended someone. Chapin soon returned with a truant officer who found a teenage girl cutting class. After they left, the girls realized she was Wonder Woman. Danvers thought she was a dumb cosplay girl. Wonder Woman declared she was Diana, Princess of the Amazons and she alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite.

Danvers and Wonder Woman got into a fight. To everyone's shock, Danvers punched Wonder Woman through several walls but she tackled Danvers like nothing happened. They realized Mr. Chapin was coming back and tried to quickly reassemble the room. Zatara cast a spell speaking backwards and the room was magically restored to what it looked like before detention started. Chapin entered and everyone grinned back at him. He asked if everything was all right. Zatara confirmed. Chapin retrieved his keys and left. Gordon felt validated. She admitted her scheme then announced she was Batgirl. Wonder Woman was elated and hugged her as a sister-in-arms to help carry her burden. Gordon got loose and corrected her, she had five. The others weren't interested. Beecher didn't think she would be good at it. Gordon tried to appeal to them with the allure of heroes and villains, fighting crime, hidden lairs, and secret identities. Gordon made them a proposition: give the team idea try and Wonder Woman would train them in how to be a hero and in exchange, they would give Wonder Woman a makeover. Everyone agreed to try it out. Gordon hugged them all at once and declared super awesome, super hero-ness was imminent.

The girls took Wonder Woman to a department store to work on her alter ego's wardrobe. Beecher suggested dressing not to draw attention to herself. Zatara cast a spell and dressed Wonder Woman in geek chic, then presented her as Diana Prince, foreign exchange student from Greece. Before Wonder Woman started training them, she took them to a roof and asked them to list their name, rank, and skills. She assessed their weaknesses, too. Wonder Woman concluded she lacked confidence and told her she possessed more strength than she knew then named her Bumblebee. Beecher preferred to call her suit the "Indestructible, Gamma Phase, 1000k--" but Wonder Woman was adamant. Batgirl though it was a better name, too. Wonder Woman took the team to a junkyard and set up mannequins as substitutes for citizens in peril. All they had to do was save them in time. A steak was affixed to the face of a mannequin. All that stood between it and a bulldog was Bumblebee. She shrank but her rocket launcher malfunctioned again.

Bumblebee flew away with the dog nipping at her heels. She hid on Wonder Woman's shoulder while everyone chased after the dog. They went to see "Just Before Dusk" but Wonder Woman was confused. Beecher explained the complex love between the characters Aiden and Caitlyn. She found it both sad and beautiful. To cap the night, they went to an ice cream parlor named Sweet Justice. Diana Prince declared they had to celebrate every future victory at Sweet Justice. Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started. The girls were unsure of what to do until one of the robots charged towards a little boy wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses who was unaware of what was happening. Wonder Woman shoved it and declared their mission was to protect the innocent. Supergirl went ahead of Wonder Woman's orders and attacked.

The Demo-Bot was launched in the air towards the teens. Green Lantern made a trampoline construct but it bounced into a support beam and the roof started to collapse. Bumblebee was too scared to try short circuiting the robots. Wonder Woman snapped two buzz saw arms of one and attacked the rest but she was accidentally hit by Zatanna's beam and crashed into Supergirl. Green Lantern shoveled the rest of the civilians outside. While the girls bickered, Batgirl dug a logo out of the rubble and realized the Demo-Bots were Lexcorp property. She immediately suspected Lex Luthor. The girls were skeptical then disbanded. To make matters worse, Hippolyta, Diana's mother, and the Amazons arrived to take Wonder Woman back to Themyscira because she left without permission. After a late night call from Harleen Quinzel, Gordon remembered best friends were worth fighting for. Gordon suited up and drove around the city going door to door to try to convince everyone to get the team back together but everyone refused.

Batgirl got another idea. She triggered an alarm on everyone's phones to get them to listen to her or the alarm would keep ringing. She informed them of Wonder Woman's plight and pleaded with them to help save her because best friends were worth fighting for. The girls clung to the rear of the Amazonian ship. Batgirl slipped onto the ship and tried to get Wonder Woman's attention but the others were quickly caught. An Amazon chased after Bumblebee with a net. They pleaded with Wonder Woman to be their leader again. Supergirl reminded her of the time she said she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl admitted that wasn't going to be herself, it was going to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman smiled and stood up to her mother, declaring Amazon law confirmed she was a woman and free to choose who she wanted to be. The team was reunited and flew back to Metropolis on a carpet construct. Batgirl declared to Wonder Woman that disobeying her mother was lesson 218 and she was officially a teenager (and they were a team again).

As they made landfall, they sighted the Demo-Bots approaching the Metropolis Pier. They met Lena Luthor, the true mastermind behind several businesses being destroyed. She told them her plan was to trap ever teenager in the VR world of Lexcorp's VR Glasses then children would rule the city. They found it rather dumb. Batgirl declared their friendship would never be destroyed. The robots were too large in number for the six heroes to stop. Wonder Woman suggested they take out the general to defeat the army and Batgirl came up with a plan to short out the warsuit by jolting the mainframe. Supergirl got an idea to use a guitar and amp to short out Luthor's warsuit. Bumblebee connected the motherboard and cable to the suit's CPU while Batgirl rigged the amp to go past its maximum of 10. Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl distracted Luthor while Bumblebee flew into the suit and Green Lantern got Batgirl past the Demo-Bots in a bumper car construct. With the amp hooked up, Batgirl turned it to 11 and threw the guitar to Supergirl.

Unable to keep the cable connected because of its short length, Bumblebee used herself as a bridge and took the jolt. As soon as the suit went offline, so did all the Demo-Bots and the Lexcorp VR Glasses. Bumblebee survived the ordeal but discovered a new yellow streak in her hair. A crowd gathered and cheered them on as the Super Hero Girls. During the three months it took for Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild Sweet Justice, Gordon made a few late night trips to the construction site to build a secret underground base. On the night of the grand opening, Gordon revealed the base to the team. Gordon helped Beecher work on a new version of her Bumblebee suit. They added thin film photovoltaic modules to make the suit solar-powered, modified the wing mechanism for a more dulcet tone, worked on quartz prisms to emit an electrical sting, and perfect the growth tech. They couldn't wait to show off the new suit to the others. After being bullied four times in the same month by Doris Zeul, Beecher took the extra, extra long way to chemistry class.

Beecher still ran afoul of Zeul and also Leslie Willis on the field. She was hit by a football. Zeul elected to "escort" her to chemistry. They carried her into a locker room. Beecher pointed out it wasn't the Science building. Zeul revealed to Beecher she irritated and bugged her like a puny little insect. Zeul grabbed Beecher by the wrists and made her punch herself while mockingly telling her to stop hitting herself. Beecher admitted it was very funny. Willis believed she needed a little time to herself to think about how comedy works. Zeul opened a locker. Beecher elected to do it herself and backed into the locker. Beecher vented to Gordon as they walked home. Beecher didn't get it and wondered what she ever did to Zeul. Gordon recalled psychological profiles of bullies suggest they always target the small and weak. Beecher stopped walking and glared at Gordon. Gordon tried to correct herself and offered an apple. Beecher found nothing awesome about being small.

The girls gathered at the base for the unveiling. Bumblebee got annoyed that Gordon kept pointing out the new modifications made her look more like a bee. Lastly, Beecher tried the growth tech but it failed and she shrunk. Gordon reassured her they probably inverted the zeta component when they had to cross-wire the other thing because they were out of the other things then proposed a quick trip to the mall. Beecher and Gordon were accompanied by Danvers and Prince. Gordon got distracted by the new Gotham glory line of cowls at the Emo Emporium and took off. Danvers went to get chili fries. Beecher and Prince walked to the electronics store but a stationary bicycle landed in front of them. They looked towards the sporting goods store and saw equipment and an employee get thrown out. A new supervillain, Giganta, emerged. Wonder Woman fought her alone while Beecher ran into the electronics store to finish her suit. She quickly piled everything onto the floor and searched. She shocked herself then looked for the 20 ohm resistor.

Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl were all defeated. Beecher suited up and got Giganta's attention telling her to fight someone her own size. Bumblebee used her growth tech but only worked for a few seconds. Giganta tried to smash her with a hand but Bumblebee was so tiny she was unharmed and stood between two of her fingers. She embraced her size and buzzed around Giganta, forcing her to swat around blindly. Bumblebee then flew into her suit and tickled her. Bumblebee dodged a clap then led Giganta on a chase to the top floor then fired her stingers. They did no harm. She made a note to self to upgrade them and dodged a punch. She got an idea and flew for Giganta's face then flew away suddenly. Giganta punched herself in the face. Bumblebee echoed Zuel's taunt from school then poked her in the forehead. Giganta fell through the ground floor down several levels of the parking garage. Bumblebee couldn't believe she did it and flew down. Giganta was gone but Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl peered down from the ground floor and congratulated her. She swooned.

The next day, Beecher walked through the field texting again. Zuel threw her football again. Beecher held out her arm and was shocked to see she caught it. Zeul demanded it back. Without thinking, Beecher told her to come and get it and called her a meathead. Zeul chased her around the field. Diana Prince couldn't wait to show the other Super Hero Girls the dance decorations. Beecher confessed she didn't know how to dance. Prince and Gordon displayed their dance moves for her. They discovered someone vandalized all the posters. Prince went into the girls locker room to get ready for practice while the others cleaned up in the halls. They suited up but Cheetah slashed up the electrical panel and caused a school-wide blackout during the storm. With a lot of territory to cover, they split up.

Bumblebee looked around the corner and saw Cheetah. She shrank and hid in a drawer in the gym. She steeled herself then burst out and fired stingers. Cheetah stared her down, shook the stingers off, and chomped on Bumblebee. Wonder Woman arrived. Cheetah spit Bumblebee out then charged with slashes and kicks. After Wonder Woman and Cheetah's fight, Prince checked on a noise in the gym but it was the other Super Hero Girls. During chemistry class, Danvers ranted to the other girls about Superman getting all the credit. Beecher cautioned just a few more grams of that potassium, but Danvers continued about how she was 12 years old when he was born on Krypton. Beecher tried to hint at not adding so much lithium chloride. Danvers continued on about she would be the one loved if she made it to Earth first but she got stuck in space stasis.

Danvers and Beecher's beaker exploded. Danvers wondered what happened. She thought Beecher measured everything. Beecher tried to tell her about adding heat to a highly volatile chemical but Danvers wondered why everyone loved Superman and not her. Beecher went to the Metropolis Library on Saturday and read about advanced chemistry. She watched Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen antagonize a chemical monster. She suited up as Bumblebee and found Supergirl then warned her she had to stop Superman from punching it or the splatter of its hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride would reduce the city to a smoking hole in the ground since it was 20 quintillion times more corrosive than sulfuric acid. Supergirl wasn't following. She translated her warning and told Supergirl to get it away from Superman then blow it up. Supergirl zipped it off to space and blew it up with heat vision. Superman got the credit though the other Super Hero Girls knew the truth. Danvers acknowledged Beecher for paying attention in chemistry but Beecher pointed out she saved the city herself.

Beecher laughed along with Leslie Willis' reign of mean memes at first. One night, Bumblebee landed in the La France Boulevard intersection and her suit was possessed by Livewire. She was forced to do several corny dance moves. Willis hash tagged it #BeesDontDance and people thought it was the funniest video ever. Beecher cried in Prince's closet and refused to ever come out again. During prank night at Glen Morgan Square, Bumblebee hid in a trash can because of the embarrassment. She and the girls later joined Wonder Woman and braced themselves against Livewire's attack. Beecher was thrilled with having Prince as her science fair partner and was sure her knowledge of ancient Greek alchemy would get them the win. Things took a turn for the worse when Steve Trevor, the first boy Prince ever met, showed up for his first day of school. Prince was no longer perfect and turned into a giggling idiot. Beecher remembered her first crush was brutal, too. On Wednesday, the day of the fair, Prince talked about the Philosopher's Stone while conducting the experiment.

Beecher was excited with the prospect of their victory but Prince's vial started to overflow. Beecher realized she saw Trevor in the doorway. The experiment went out of control, exploded, and caused an evacuation. On Friday, Beecher was Zatara's assistant for her directing debut, a performance of Romeo and Juliet. She informed Zatara that Oliver Queen refused to perform his role as Romeo. He stormed off because the costume was inaccurate. Zatara was not worried and asked for the understudy. Beecher told her Garth Bernstein was out sick. Steve Trevor was the under-understudy to their horror. The play turned into a disaster. By the weekend, Prince was in a delirious state and nothing was working. Gordon suggested they take out Trevor. They agreed. On Sunday, Bumblebee hid in a newspaper with the others hiding nearby, too, until Trevor passed by. They lunged at him from behind but he got a phone call and learned he got accepted into the military academy he applied for. Batgirl explained she hacked into the academy computers and got him accepted.

Karen Beecher attended Zatara's magic act. Later that night, Beecher hung out with Zee Zatara in her bedroom. She saw the whole show and thought they were amazing. Zee Zatara was oddly glum. When Beecher mentioned she was the biggest celebrity she knew, Zatara perked up and declared she was about to become bigger. She had been working on her on act on the side. Beecher became her unwitting assistant and they headed to the Metropolis Pier the next day. Zatara gave her a bullhorn and gestured her to start. Beecher took out her script and read off it but couldn't pronounce "prestidigitation." To Zatara's surprise, the crowd gathered around a street magician named Ace of Spades and paid her no attention. She was not impressed. Zatara became enraged and cast a spell at Ace. When he tried his card trick again, it failed because there was a monster's face on his chest instead of an ace. Zatara and Beecher went to get ice cream. Gremlins teleported out of Ace's chest because of the spell. They chased children from the bumper cars, a bouncy castle, and the carousel.

Beecher and Zatara were unaware of the developing situation and the latter sulked. A Gremlin landed on their ice cream. Zatara didn't know what to do until Beecher talked some sense into her and they changed into their hero guises. Bumblebee chaster after gremlins into the claw crane. They tried to grab her with the claw. Zatanna attempted to play the claw crane but missed. Zatanna told her to just fly out. Bumblebee told her to teleport her out. Zatanna realized she should have done that and did. It was chaos outside. The rollercoaster crashed. A Ferris Wheel rolled away. Zatanna didn't know what to do. Bumblebee realized the gremlins weren't evil and were just trying to have fun. Zatanna got an idea to perform her show for them. Beecher read her script again and was finally able to say "prestidigitation." The gremlins were intrigued and gathered for the show. Zatanna conjured constructs of a deck of cards and turned the ace of hearts purple. Beecher's dress turned into the same color. Then turquoise and red.

Zatanna levitated Beecher through a ring and she returned to normal. She conjured a basket and Beecher dropped in. Zatanna held out her hat and Beecher dropped out of it back onto the stage. She performed the disappearing act then asked if anyone in the audience wanted to try. The gremlins piled into the cabinet. Zatanna cast a spell the teleported them back to their home dimension. The people still thought it was fake. As they left Bumblebee assured her she was going to be the world's greatest magician the world has ever known. Zatara perked up and told her she was the best assistant a magical girl could ask for. The Super Hero Girls performed a stake out on the roof of a building across from the Daily Planet. They confirmed the Planet was the sixth target of what they believed to be a gang of taggers. The Kryptonian symbol appeared on the front doors of the Planet. The Super Hero Girls were insulted a taggers were trying to creep in on their turf.

Batgirl recognized the tags were appearing at specific times in specific places. She took out her laptop and attempted to triangulate the coordinates of each location in order to accurately predict where the gang would strike next. Bumblebee beat her to the punch using her cell phone. They found themselves in one of the more seedier sections of the city, Sinister Slum. They met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow. Bumblebee was confused there were two Green Lanterns. The other Lantern assured her it was complicated. Everyone started figuring out each other's secret identities. Bumblebee blurted out she was Karen Beecher. Everyone paused. Jordan had no idea who she was. Arrow had no clue who Bumblebee was. Wonder Woman asked Bumblebee to use her phone to predict the next location. She did and gave her phone to Wonder Woman who then proposed they set aside their differences and find the real villains with her as the leader.

Hal Jordan turned the offer down and presented their leader, Steve Trevor. The teams raced to the next location, a LexBucks across from Centennial Park. Bumblebee zipped by Hawkman and made some bee puns to his annoyance. She quickly apologized after he growled. Bumblebee traced the location to the very narrow alley next to LexBucks. They tried to jam in at the same time. They watched as the eight pieces of graffiti opened a portal to the Phantom Zone and General Zod, Ursa, and Non returned. Things went badly for the heroes. Bumblebee tried to snap Wonder Woman out her lovestruck trance to no avail. Hal Jordan noticed. He asked Steve Trevor if he could get them donuts. Trevor happily complied and marched away. Wonder Woman returned to normal and blurted out they had to work together. Hawkman and Bumblebee broke into the Science Lexplorium and headed to the Treasures From Space exhibit in search of Kryptonite to use against General Zod, Ursa, and Non.

Hawkman accidentally tripped the laser security system and the lockdown procedure was initiated. Lasers appeared in a pattern around the Kryptonite display and doors started dropping around it. Hawkman lunged and used his strength to hold up a door. Bumblebee realized he wanted her to fly under. He yelled at her to hurry. She shrank and flew to the display but struggled to lift the Kryptonite. Zod, Ursa, and Non gloated prematurely then started coughing. Hawkman was above them with the Kryptonite. Bumblebee excitedly gave the play by play of how they got it but Hawkman growled. She stopped. Hawkman tossed the Kryptonite into the air and shattered it into three pieces with his mace for each of the fighting pairs. The Kryptonians were banished again. Starro rampaged through the city. The Super Hero Girls responded and tried to restrain it by grabbing each appendage. Wonder Woman announced its days of terror were over and revealed Bumblebee went on a long and perilous quest to locate the Hatorei Crystals, objects capable of sending it back to its dimension of origin.

Batgirl walked off to answer a call. They barely banished Starro. On Harleen Quinzel's first day, she appeared between Karen Beecher and Kara Danvers and blew her whoopee cushion then dropped it on Danvers' head. The girls took Quinzel on a tour of the city, mostly out of respect for Gordon. Beecher took Quinzel to a showing of Just Before Dusk but the latter blurted out a bunch of spoilers. Gordon started to realize they didn't want to hang out with Quinzel. They tried to deny it but Gordon used the Lasso of Truth on them. They all thought Quinzel was the worst. Gordon gasped. Danvers realized she missed her and awkwardly joined the others. Gordon felt betrayed and un-friended them. She tried to exit up the chute but kept sliding back down. Zatara quietly stopped Beecher from intervening. Catwoman's crew eventually got the attention of the Super Hero Girls. Bumblebee navigated Poison Ivy's vines. Bumblebee got a lock on Ivy but Harley whacked her with a fly swatter. The police later arrived.

One night, the girls were late and ran for the S.S. Tardy ferry. They all jumped aboard just in time, except for Beecher. Lagging behind the girls, Beecher reached the end of the pier and couldn't bring herself to risk it and jump. Cruz worried but her but Prince reminded she had great strength yet undiscovered. Before she could buy another ticket, the station closed. With no other choice, Beecher walked to the bridge. She began to doubt herself as a hero but stumbled upon a plot by Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Giganta, Livewire, Poison Ivy, and Star Sapphire to blow up the bridge. Beecher suited up then flew off to get Wonder Woman. Bumblebee tried to call her. Prince had not yet mastered the art of video chats. Prince was unable to hear Bumblebee and failed to press the green button. She called her phone infernal then hung up. Bumblebee flew to the Lazarus Pit in search of Supergirl. She turned back to her civies and blended with the concert crowd but couldn't get Danvers' attention.

Danvers was carried off by a mosh pit but still didn't hear Beecher. Beecher was then carried away but she ended up getting tossed outside onto the sidewalk. Beecher later entered Burrito Bucket and tried to tell Gordon about Harley Quinn's plot to blow up the bridge but she only recited company rhetoric. Beecher turned around and realized she cut in front of a long line. She went to the back and apologized to everyone as she went. After some time, she finally made it to the register but Gordon was on break. Jimmy informed her Gordon left something. Beecher left with four burrito buckets. Beecher ran into Cruz, who was protesting the franchise. She drafted Beecher into her cause and handed her a stack of fliers about saving the cows. She misunderstood Beecher and thought she made an eloquent speech about mankind blowing up the bridge between man and animal. She saw a man walk by with burrito buckets and chased after him with pamphlets. Bumblebee flew to Zatanna's penthouse. Zatanna was reading and swatted her aside without thinking then realized she was Bumblebee.

Bumblebee unleashed a stream of conscious thought about her not saying anything and listening to her. Zatara gestured her to continue. Bumblebee told her about Harley, the other villains, and the bombs. She had to cross the bridge for piano lessons and she was not interested in spending more time than she already did in the car listening to her dad talk about the 90s. Zatara agreed they had to stop the villains and save the city but first, she had to find her cape. She dug around her bedroom. Bumblebee lost her cool and flied back to the bridge screaming. She doubted she could take on six villains at once yet the city needed a hero. She gave it a try and flew right into Harley Quinn, busting up the detonator in the process. Bumblebee couldn't believe she did it but the villains were still standing. At the last second, Wonder Woman came between Bumblebee and Giganta and blocked her punch. Batgirl scaled the bridge and was impressed with Bumblebee tackling Harley. Seh swung down and kicked Harley. She wanted to call the new move the Beeline. Harley stood up. Batgirl suggested she try again. Bumblebee was intent on doing, not trying. The two teams charged at each other.

On the night of another magic show at the casino, Zee Zatara had Karen Beecher assist her in getting ready. In order, she used foundation, shade and highlight, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. Beecher became concerned. Zatara assured her the secret to looking good was to look exaggerated up close, so you look fabulous from afar. Beecher saw her reflection and shoved Zatara aside. She realized she had a zit between her eyebrows. She asked Zatara for help. She was reminded of when her magical powers first manifested and told Beecher the very long story since it showcased the lesson of going through confusing changes at a certain point in life. She ended by emphasizing the secret is to embrace the changes when they came even if they seemed strange at first. Beecher pondered her words then asked if she could borrow her makeup or not. Zatara frowned and groaned.

Supergirl took advantage of being declared dead and wanted to create a new persona. Supergirl wanted to decide on a new attitude next and asked the girls what the one thing they would change about her. They lied and told her there was nothing they would. Supergirl asked Beecher. Beecher hesitantly told her she would change her "teeniest" anger problem. Supergirl thanked her for being honest. Beecher kept suggesting "Power Girl" for the new name but Supergirl ignored her. She later told a reporter she was "Powergirl." Beecher was livid and guessed she suggested "Power Girl" about ten times. Beecher returned to the hideout in a panic and showed them a book written by Livewire, "How I Did It. Destroying Supergirl. A Memoir." Powergirl didn't care. But Beecher started reading and it quickly became apparent it was a biased and inaccurate account of events. After Supergirl defeated Livewire at the power plant's reopening, a worker was interviewed. He sarcastically thanked Supergirl for leaving a giant mess and pleaded with Powergirl to come back. Danvers threw the table into the TV then yelled at Beecher she didn't have an anger problem.

Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Prince and Beecher were happy to be paired up. Beecher was excited because she happened to be experimenting with 3D printing packing peanuts that were 250 percent shock absorbent. Prince told her she raised griffons from eggs since she was 170 years old. Prince and Beecher failed to notice their egg roll away after the latter moved her desk close to the former's. It hit the floor and broke open. Yamashiro reveled in the chance to finally surpass Prince as valedictorian. By Sunday, most of the Home Ec pairs sulked outside. Gordon admitted they all messed up and there was no way any of them could walk into class on Monday.

A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. Everyone stared at it and lunged at it. It rolled down the street. Gordon reached. Beecher warned her to be careful then bumped her away. Prince suddenly plucked it up. Beecher was annoyed. Prince held it out to her but Jordan ran by and grabbed it. Carter Hall tackled him. The egg rolled to Metropolis Pier but Isley got it. Bumblebee worked on the production Swash Buckler on the Seven Seas for Zee Zatara. Zatara also implied she, the finest and most gifted actor to grace the stage, would portray Lady Catharine. Karen Beecher didn't catch on she was talking about herself. She showed Beecher a sketch of Swash Buckler and sighed in exasperation. Oliver Queen arrived, to her dismay. Queen touted his past portrayals as the Phantom and the Streetcar and reviews from Lois Lane who wrote his performances were "bold," "brash," and "bang on the beam." Queen was ready for dress rehearsal. Beecher thought he seemed pretty perfect. Zatara hesitated to agree then another try out appeared, Mortimer Drake.

Beecher and Zatara huddled. Zatara wasn't sure who to pick. Beecher suggested a callback. Zatara realized Queen would hate that and issued a callback. As she predicted, Queen hated it and felt the greatest insult in his life. Beecher told him not to be hard on Zatara because she was just making sure the right person got the role. Queen agreed with the decision, as long as it was him. Mortimer Drake was clearly favored by Zatara and Beecher during the callback. Queen noticed a print out of Up Past 8's "Out 2 Late" lyrics in Beecher's backpack. He snatched it and ran to backstage. He waited for the right moment and fired it with an arrow onto Drake's script right when he turned away. Drake read the lyrics aloud and upset Zatara. Beecher sang along. Zatara decided to make Drake an understudy of Queen. Queen slipped that he sabotaged Drake during callback. Zatara heard and gave the role to Drake. Beecher tried to console Queen and offer it as a chance to redeem himself and be the bigger man. Queen remarked that wasn't him and he left to trash Drake's dressing room.

The play went off the rails because Mortimer Drake actually wanted revenge on Zatara. He announced he was Cavalier and fought Green Arrow on the stage. Zatara ordered Beecher to lower the curtain because her play was ruined. However, the crowd loved what was going on. Zatara shook Beecher and told her to raise the curtain because it was a triumph. With Batgirl out of town for the weekend, the Super Hero Girls called on Catwoman to help them infiltrate the Lexcorp Tower so they could steal the Book of Eternity and prevent its misuse. Bumblebee's role was to use a device to put the camera feed of Lex Luthor's private elevator on a loop. However, she flew right into a spider web in the vents. She eventually got free but the spider attacked her. She was unable to loop the feed. She pointed out the camera inside wasn't disabled. Zatanna opened a portal and Supergirl neutralized the guard watching the camera feeds. Luthor waited for them in his secret lair and easily defeated them thanks to the Book of Eternity.

Bumblebee was deflected off a refridgerator door then zapped by twin blasts of electricity. In the end, Catwoman freed the girls and they destroyed a meteor before it hit the city. Jessica Cruz took Barbara Gordon, Pamela Isley, Garth Bernstein, Hal Jordan, and Karen Beecher to her parents' cabin for a weekend retreat. Eventually, Isley ran off into the forest and summoned Plant Zombies from the ground of various sizes and shapes to destroy everyone for their crimes like Beecher picking flowers. One grabbed Jordan's right leg and he tripped. Gordon jump kicked and rapidly stomped the zombie then Beecher pulled Jordan away. Gordon, Beecher, and Cruz were left and had to get past the army to get to their tech. Cruz implored Beecher and Gordon to improvise. They made makeshift armor and weapons using what they could find in the kitchen. Beecher tied cheese graters to her shins and took a hand crank whisker as a weapon. Beecher jumped atop one of the huge zombies and used a whisker to take it out. Beecher screamed she always hated vegetables as she was dragged off. Cruz eventually destroyed the army with her power ring.

Zee Zatara was stirred awake during a sleep over and noticed everyone was whimpering. She opened one of Beecher's eyelids and realized magic was at play. She casted a spell that astral projected herself then went into Karen Beecher first. Beecher was subjected to her fear of public speaking. Fuseli, the demonic perpetrator, hid among the panel present and taunted Beecher as she tried to lecture about the quantum mechanical model of the atom. Zatara tried to reason with her in vain. Beecher was suddenly wearing the bunny pajamas from her Aunt Carol. Fuseli mocked Beecher then opened a portal and jumped through it. Beecher and the others woke after Zatanna pulled Fuseli to the real world. Beecher and the others liked Casey Krinsky after she got them coveted tots for lunch and later kittens. They didn't believe Zatara's claims she was crazy obsessed with her. Things got worse when Krinsky revealed her super power to steal the powers of her victim. She took on Zatara's appearance and the girls were none the wiser.

Things got even worse when they all went to the secret headquarters. Krinsky realized they were the Super Hero Girls and stole their powers and costumes, too, and left them powerless and weak until Zatara tricked her into going back to normal. Barbara Gordon and Karen Beecher watched "Make It Wayne" at the former's place. Gordon proclaimed Bruce Wayne was the worst. Beecher recalled she always said that and wondered why she even watched the show. Gordon deflected and claimed she only watched it because she did then admitted she only watched it because of the "poor little orphan" Dick Grayson and found him super sweet. Beecher hoped Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale got together this season. Jessica Cruz arrived and honked her horn. Beecher again asked Gordon if she wanted to come along and babysit with them, emphasizing Cruz was a pro at it. Gordon turned her down and told her she was busy. Beecher told her goodbye and left. Once the coast was clear, Gordon turned the TV back on and continued watching "Make It Wayne."

In the ride over, Beecher looked at Dick Grayson's birthday party invite and told Cruz she never babysat any children before. Cruz admitted it could be tough to keep things under control but advised her that kids crave guidance. She drove over a little bridge to the client's property. Cruz claimed as long as they acted like the adult and proudly stated she had a rare and coveted five-star review on MetropoSits.com. The gates opened. Beecher realized they were at Wayne Manor East. Cruz was in her own world and thought Beecher was amazed about her rating. Cruz rang the doorbell and told Beecher not to be nervous. Pennyworth answered the door. Beecher was speechless. He welcomed them to the manor. Pennyworth took Cruz and Beecher to meet Grayson. He and his friends quickly lined up. Pennyworth introduced Grayson, Kory, Victor, Garfield, and Rachel. Cruz introduced herself then Beecher and wished Grayson a happy birthday. He thanked her. Wayne called out for Pennyworth to get the "Bruce-mobile" ready.

Pennyworth paused in the doorway and suggested some guidelines to Cruz and Beecher, including the children should not be permitted in the wast wing, flotation devices are by the pool already pre-inflated, the safety latches on cabinets must be used, and no sugar for Kory because it doesn't particularly agree with her. Cruz got all on of on a notepad while Beecher blanked. He wished them good luck then sped off. Cruz and Beecher turned around and saw the children in costume. Grayson, now Robin, declared they were the Tween Titans. The Titans caused a ruckus. Cruz acknowledged they might have powers. Beecher asserted they did, too, but Cruz stopped her from changing into Bumblebee. She claimed they didn't know any better and they were the adults. Robin rode a levitated vase like a cowboy on a bull. Cruz stressed they only needed the power of patience, understanding, and wisdom to give to all children, super or otherwise, plenty of freedom to express themselves. Beecher noted her mother said kids needed boundaries. A portal appeared and a piano fell through it and crashed to the floor.

Cruz thought Beecher was being naive. Cyborg transformed into a steam roller. Cruz believed boundaries kept things from growing. Starfire did aerial cartwheels. Beast Boy turned into a dog and ate a shoe. Cruz instructed Beecher to treat them with love and they would fall right in line. She demonstrated and called out to them. The Titans paused. Beast Boy landed in Cruz's arms and licked her face. Cruz felt validated children loved it when adults tried to connect with them. Cruz broke open a pinata to speed things up. broke the pinata open. Candy spilled out. Beecher remembered a rule and tackled Starfire before she could eat any candy. Starfire frowned. Beecher suggested it was time for another game. Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey didn't work as planned. Cyborg was challenged to prove he could do a cannonball from space into the swimming pool. Cruz and Beecher raced to the fifth floor but watched as Cyborg took off with his rocket boots and performed his cannonball. He generated a gigantic tidal wave and pushed all the water out of the pool.

Starfire burst out the birthday cake with her mouth full. The sugar rush got to her and she unleashed a massive starbolt wave bigger than the manor itself. Beecher asked if it was time for powers. Cruz confirmed. Beast Boy turned into monkey and swiped their pendant and power ring. Beecher had it and screamed they were on time out. The Titans tied them up and hung them upside down above a portal in the foyer. Cruz apologized to Beecher. Beecher tried to tell it was okay but Cruz knew better. Her MetropoSits rating will tank. Beecher observed Robin giving her locket to Cyborg and told Cruz it was time to stop acting like adults and stoop to the Titans' level. She dared Cyborg into getting past the mega hi-tech locking mechanism in her locket. Cyborg connected to the locket. Robin flicked Cruz's power ring into the portal. Cyborg unlocked the portal. The Bumblebee suit flew out to Beecher. She flew off and grabbed the ring in time then put it on Cruz. She made a pair of giant safety scissors to cut herself down.

Bumblebee zipped around Beast Boy, now a tiger. She blew her tongue at him. He turned into a frog and tried to snag her with his tongue. She dodged and he was pulled into the window and was knocked out. Raven levitated objects at Bumblebee but she dodged and tickled her. Raven realized she was looking into a mirror, became embarrassed, blasted the mirror, and ran away. Lantern fired a giant twister construct at the Titans. Bumblebee tossed their clothes into the twister. Lantern made a giant cradle construct for them then Bumblebee threw baby bottles into their mouths. They rocked the cradle and the Titans fell asleep. The Titans were successfully transferred to a real bed. Pennyworth, Wayne, and the crew returned but the manor was still a wreck. Cruz and Beecher had no idea what to do. Raven sleepwalked and appeared behind them. She stated in the dark realm, displays of respect and affection were considered symptoms of sleep walking. She cast and the manor was restored to normal. Pennyworth stepped in and was amazed. It even looked cleaner than when they left. Wayne tossed a huge stack of money to Beecher and continued on. Pennyworth asked Cruz and Beecher if he could book them for next Saturday. They hightailed it.

After Jessica Cruz informed everyone that Lois Lane was looking into the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls, Beecher began to panic and hyperventilated into her paper sack. She calmed down after an hour until Zatara told Cruz she was right about Lane and called her a word wizard whose unassuming charms matched her own. Beecher jumped into a recycle bin and hyperventilated into her sack. Everyone got so concerned about Lane, Beecher asked if anyone thought they should do something about the Moth-Monsters that kept showing up and was shut down. Diana Prince greeted Lois Lane outside the front entrance to Metropolis High and sighted Wonder Woman across the street. It was clearly Karen Beecher atop Jessica Cruz badly dressed as Wonder Woman. Lane was speechless at first then jotted notes. Prince got nervous. Bumblebee hid in Lois Lane's locker and waited for her then stole her notepad. She flew to the other girls. Gordon realized it was a fake notepad that Lane made in anticipation of their scheme. Beecher fainted.

Beecher thought of moving to a new town to be unappreciated in. In the final battle, Bumblebee tricked three into flying into each other then the girls took down Killer Moth, the alpha, together. Lane decided to kill the story after remembering all the good they did. Karen Beecher woke up extra early at 2:30 am for a group hike with the others. She quickly got ready and ran for the Metropolis Train Association (MTA) station but it was out of service and taped off. She checked her watch and went for the raised rail but missed her stop. She took the bus and sat in the back but missed the ferry. Superman took a selfie with teenagers near a wrecked Metropolis Train Association station. Beecher made it to the express subway but she feel asleep and woke up at the last stop. She ran for it. The other girls arrived at the hiking trail parking lot at 8:00 am. Jessica Cruz called up Beecher and discovered she was a bus stop. Cruz felt bad for Beecher because she got up so early and still couldn't make it to the hike. Danvers wasn't as sympathetic about her being 14 and too young to drive.

Prince realized if she got a driver's license, she could transport Beecher around to the "cool stuff" they did together. Prince studied non-stop for her driver's license for two weeks then went to the Metropolis DMV with Beecher. Prince told an employee she was "Diana, Princess of Themyscira" but Beecher covered her mouth and stated her name was "Diana Prince" and she was an exchange student from Greece. She was quickly handed a written test. Prince completed it then the eye exam. The employee passed her and instructed her to wait outside for the road test instructor. Prince and Beecher high fived. Beecher was confident she would pass the road test. They overheard Garth Bernstein's boating license application being rejected. Bernstein went into a tirade about being the heir to an underwater kingdom. Beecher asked him what he was doing then pulled him aside to accompany her on Prince's road test. Prince couldn't resist and deviated to chase after Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Livewire.

After a setback at the pier, Prince was given one more chance. Catwoman zoomed past. Mr. Romero, the test instructor, warned not to even think about it. Prince promised all laws would be obeyed. Beecher told her they were headed north on Second so she should take Fourth to Allenford and they would pass all the bus traffic on 23rd. She then chose Up Past 8 for the chase music. Prince stopped at a stop light and put on her blinker. Catwoman couldn't believe they caught up. Prince stopped and let a senior citizen use the cross walk. He waved at her. Catwoman drove down a flight of stairs. To her shock, Prince was waiting at the bottom. Catwoman zoomed off near Seymore Street. Prince was already waiting out in front. Harley declared it wasn't fun anymore and implored Catwoman to lose them. Catwoman made a left on DeVries. Beecher told Prince to hurry and take a right on 17th since there was a new LexBucks being built on 23rd and causing traffic on Ninth.

As Beecher predicted, the villains were stuck in traffic. Prince waited and waved at them. They drove up a ramp and landed in a dumpster. Romero warned Prince about ducks crossing. Prince pulled the emergency brake and they flipped over the ducks safely, spun, and parallel parked in one move. Romero was impressed and declared that was the best parallel park he ever saw. Prince passed and got her Class C Driver's License, #FK00135AZE. She asked Beecher where she would like to go. Beecher elected to catch the bus. After Kara Danvers announced League of Shadows was playing a secret show at the Lazarus Pit, everyone noticed Beecher was listening to music on her phone. She paused and took out her headphones then asked them if they heard Up Past 8's latest hit. Everyone stared. Jordan teased her for listening to the boy band despite the fact she was their target age of 14. Beecher explained why she liked them and revealed he had two tickets to their concert the next night. She asked who wanted to go with her.

They all turned back to the TV and Zatara turned it back on with a finger snap. Danvers admired her interest in music. Beecher thought she was saying she would go to the concert with her. Danvers presented her tickets and declared she was going to see the League with her, after a make over. She took Beecher to a clothing store and dressed her like a punk rocker. Beecher gravitated towards an Up Past 8 section but Danvers persisted. They went to a tattoo parlor next but Beecher ran out before anything happened. Danvers sighed and left, too. Beecher was taken to a hair salon for new hair do. Lastly, they went back to Danvers' bedroom for the finishing touches. Beecher was shocked by her new look. Danvers still wanted to add a nose ring and sick neck tattoo to pull the look together. She revealed her super skin prevented her from getting tattoos and her hair was resistant to dye jobs. They left for the League of Shadows concert despite Beecher's apprehension.

Beecher felt weird about going to the show. Danvers told her it only mattered that she looked cool and asked her to show her dance move. Danvers showed her how to get her freak on properly. Beecher copied her but got dizzy and accidentally bumped into a man. She was carried off by a mosh pit. Beecher momentarily lost Danvers and was freaked out by everyone's appearances. Danvers pulled her out of the crowd. Beecher was relieved and hugged her. Danvers awkwardly pushed her off in front of Ubu who then took them to the lower lower basement to meet the League and Ra's Al Ghul. During the concert, Beecher became suspicious of the band's lyrics. Danvers told her all the suggestive phrases like the League being a cure for the world and his atrocities or the survivors being ruled by Ra's were just a metaphor. Beecher frowned when the next lyrics stated the song wasn't a metaphor and they were being literal. Beecher wanted to leave but Danvers was having too much fun. Ra's played his mind control song next and dedicated it to Danvers.

The next day, Beecher returned to the hideout. Jordan was amused by her new look and called her "Karen Danvers." Cruz mused she had fun. Beecher was sullen and went to listen to music on her phone. It was set on a League song. She tossed her rock garb and switched to an Up Past 8 song. After Danvers acted weird and wrecked everyone's fun, Beecher asked if Danvers was acting a little different than usual. Nobody else saw it. Beecher realized her tickets were gone. Jordan teased they probably spontaneously combusted from sheer lameness. Cruz slapped the back of his head. Beecher gasped and wondered if Danvers stole them. Everyone laughed at her theory. She left and followed Danvers to the Up Past 8 concert. Danvers shoved her way up the line to the box office and presented Beecher's tickets. In her shrunken state, Beecher observed as Danvers pushed more people aside and swatted drinks away. She then spooked a boy out of his seat in the front row and waited. Bumblebee thought Danvers saw her and hid but realized she was looking up at the sky box.

Bumblebee checked and spotted Ra's Al Ghul, front man of the rock band League of Shadows. Bumblebee sneaked into their room and overheard Ra's discussing his plans and controlling Supergirl with a stone from outer space. Bumblebee ran an analysis on the Demon's Fang around Danvers' neck and her suit's computer identified it as Red Kryptonite. One such thing it could do was make a person open to mind control. She called in everyone for help. Up Past 8 was tied up back stage by Bumblebee while Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Garth Bernstein took their place on the stage. She assured them it was for their own safety, told them she thought they were all the cutest and took a selfie with them. The girls were only able to hold off Supergirl for so long. Bumblebee realized the mind control song was stuck in Supergirl's head and they needed something to hit her right in the heart and feel something to break the trance. Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein belted out a love ballad. The girls embraced Supergirl all at once. The Red Kryptonite around her neck and Ra's' pick shattered. Supergirl was restored to normal. The girls danced on stage as fireworks were set off into the sky.

The girls concluded a study session at the Metropolis Library. During cleanup, Gordon realized they had Prince's bag. They got into Cruz's van and went to drop it off but nobody knew where she lived. Gordon used her phone to pinpoint Prince at Centennial Park and admitted she put trackers on everyone. She was met with glares. Danvers asked her to not be creepy for once. Gordon tracked her to a giant tree in Centennial Park. Prince was camped atop the tree and greeted the girls. They convinced her to try living with one of them. After trying out living with Jessica Cruz and Zee Zatara, Diana Prince went to the Beecher's. Karen Beecher assured Prince that everybody loves staying at her house because it had every modern convenience. Prince balled up on the couch to avoid contact with the Roomba. Two drones dusted the house as well. Beecher demonstrated her Athena and asked for the television to be turned on. Athena initiated entertainment protocol. The TV turned on to whales singing.

Beecher then asked Athena to close the blinds. Athena initiated light control protocol. Beecher implored Prince to try. Prince referred to Athena as the goddess of wisdom and asked it to rain courage down on her soul so she may withstand Beecher's modern conveniences. Athena mistakenly activated the lawn irrigation protocol and the sprinklers turned on. Beecher handed her several remotes so she could find something to watch while she dealt with the sprinklers. Prince was unsure of what to do but switched it to a Just Before Dusk movie but it was super loud. She dropped the remotes and frantically mashed buttons. The ceiling fans turned out. Neon lights activated. Up Past 8 played. The drones chased Prince around. She asked Athena to help because she was under attack. Athena mistakenly activated the security protocol and the house underwent lockdown. Beecher got worried. The drones pulled at Prince's hair. Beecher tried to instruct her to go to the console on the wall but she opted to suit up as Bumblebee, shrink, and enter the house through vents. She entered the 2-8-5 password and deactivated the security protocol. Beecher gasped at the sight of the wrecked house. The Roomba repeatedly drove into Prince's face.

A humanoid monster terrorized Metropolis, stepping on vehicles and crushing them into pancakes. Wonder Woman paired one of the other Super Hero Girls with one of the Da Invincibros. She paired up Bumblebee and Hawkman. Bumblebee was nervous about the pairing. The two teams later teamed up to stop a stolen armored car after it departed the Bank of Moolah. Bumblebee attempted to hide behind Supergirl when Wonder Woman picked the pairs. The two teams responding to a building fire. Bumblebee poked Wonder Woman and suggested mixing up the teams. Wonder Woman found that to be an excellent suggestion. Bumblebee was still placed with Hawkman. She tried to make a battle cry but Hawkman simply flew off. She groaned and shrank. Karen Beecher was late to art class. The assignment was drawing a bowl of fruit. She went to the open seat, saw Carter Hall next to her, and bumped everyone's work down like dominoes by accident. As Hall picked his up, she was surprised to see the drawing of a girl. He was adamant it was a bowl of fruit.

Beecher recalled a scene from "Just Before Dusk" when Aiden sketched Caitlyn because emojis weren't capturing how he felt. Hall still stated it was a bowl of fruit. She took a closer look and asked him if he was in love. She got excited and kept asking over and over. Hall sighed and admitted the truth. She wanted details. Hall explained she was Princess Chay-Ara and he was her true love, Prince Khufu. She was shocked he was a prince. Hall continued that in one life he was a knight. In another, he was a knight. In another, a gunslinger. A spell was placed them and it became their destiny to be reincarnated over and over, always finding each other, and falling into a love that surpasses death. During a field trip to a museum, Carter Hall and Karen Beecher stopped at an Egyptian exhibit that had art of Princess Chay-Ara. Beecher thought their story was the most romantic thing she ever heard. Hall couldn't help but point out this creepy feeling he had that it always ended badly.

Beecher was excited and asked a flurry of questions: did he find her yet, what the wedding theme would be, and if she could be a bridesmaid. Hall pointed out it could take a lifetime to find her but vowed he would search the world to its end until he found her. In a stroke of luck, she happened to be in the same hall as them. He blushed and waved but she walked right past him. Hall informed Beecher that sometimes when they were reincarnated, they didn't remember their past lives. He recalled he once forgot the past 4 lives and Chay-Ara was really mad with him. He was ready to call it quits but Beecher had other plans. She got out her cell phone and did a search. She ran to Hall and informed him her name in this lifetime was Shiera Sanders, leaped on his chest, and showed him 17 of her social media accounts. Hall thought Beecher was being pretty creepy. In the zone, Beecher told him Sanders was in a band, worked at a Big Borger, was off on Wednesdays, and loved the Metropolis Generals professional basketball team. Hall groaned and realized Beecher was going to make him do things he didn't want to do.

Karen Beecher tried to play matchmaker with Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders to rekindle the love from their past lives. She had him go to the Big Borger drive through when she was on the clock. Sanders greeted them with the standard phrase, "Welcome to Big Borger, how mayo I help you?" Hall got too nervous and sped off without ordering. That night, Beecher got another idea to get Hall and Sanders to fall in love. She led Hall to the property line of Sanders' house. Hall pointed out they would go to jail for trespassing. She gave him a rock and shrank, confident that wooing a girl under her bedroom window never failed since it was in every good fan-fiction ever. Hall groaned, inhaled, and threw the rock. It shattered a window. Sanders called out and vowed whoever the creep was who did that would pay for the replacement. Hall ran for it. Beecher was annoyed. Beecher found Sanders at a Metropolis Generals basketball game and came up with her next scheme to get her and Carter Hall to fall in love.

Beecher swapped Carter Hall's hat for a Generals hat and pushed him to the open seat next to her. Before he could get her attention, they appeared on the Kiss Cam. He bolted before she saw him. The Kiss Cam declared it was a fail. She looked up in confusion. Beecher had Hall stand on Sanders' porch with cards that made a sentence, "Will You Be Mine?" Beecher waited by the mailbox. He exhaled and rang the doorbell. He watched as the doorknob turned. He panicked and ran away. Sanders saw the cards on the ground along with feathers. She nervously closed her door. Beecher took Carter Hall backstage at the Lazarus Pit to fall in love with Shiera Sanders. Alluding to all the past failures, Hall thought it was a bridge too far. Beecher assured him her next idea was straight out of "Just Before Dusk 4" and shoved him into Sanders' dressing room. To his horror, Beecher had added romantic decorations, photos of him, and a wedding photo with Hall and Sanders' faces taped on.

Hall quickly gathered it all up and ran outside right into Sanders. She angrily told him to watch it. He ran off. Beecher asked when the wedding was. Hall grunted in defeat and was sure she hated him forever. Beecher was adamant there had to be another way and got an idea to push Sanders in front of a bus so Hall could save her. Hall agreed. She was about to check the bus schedule when Hall clarified she was right about the part where there had to be another way. He hoped he could at least be her friend. He knocked on her door and after she answered, he apologized and promised he didn't mean to scare her or make her feel uncomfortable. He admitted she reminded him of someone he used to know and wanted to talk to her but he promised to leave her alone. As he walked away, she stopped him and suggested they talk the next day at Bessolo Bistro at 8 pm. Hall agreed to it and was elated he got a date. He declared everything was perfect. Beecher echoed him. They were both gleeful.

Hall parked across the street from Bessolo Bistro. Beecher handed him the flowers. Hall was a little nervous. Beecher assured him he would do great because he was one of the best conversationalists she knew. He wasn't relieved. He stepped out and before he could cross the street, Hath-Set tackled him into a car. Hath-Set stepped on the flowers then dashed. Bumblebee intervened and fired her stingers at him. Hall's wings sprouted out from the back of his suit and he flew off then circled back as Hawkman and attacked. Hath-Set dodged and levitated. He gestured him to follow. Hawkman was positive the scimitar was Nth Metal like his mace. He believed they had to take him in the sky. Bumblebee had his back. They did a fist bump then chased after Hath-Set. Hawkman managed to deck him with his mace but Hath-Set released a pulse of magic. It shot Hawkman into a building. Hath-Set revealed his face and Hawkman realized who he was, an evil sorcerer and leader of the rebellion who overthrew their kingdom and cursed him and Chay-Ara to an endless cycle of reincarnation. After they found each other in a new life, Hath-Set would appear and destroy them again. Bumblebee thought it was the best plot twist ever.

Hath-Set stated he would fulfill the curse once again and keep the magic of the gods. He admitted he craved the rush of pure power that came from destroying true love. Bumblebee fired on him in vain and got swatted away. Hath-Set demanded to know where Chay-Ara was so he could destroy her, too. Hawkman stated they didn't even go on their first date yet. Hath-Set was stunned and realized he was early and the pair had not yet fallen into a love that surpassed death. Hawkman confirmed. Hath-Set couldn't believe it and had no choice but to leave. He sarcastically implored Hawkman to take his time then vowed their doomed destiny would be fulfilled. He teleported away. Beecher and Hall returned to the Bistro. Beecher was relieved that Sanders was still at their table and gave him the flowers. Hall smiled, dropped the flowers, and walked away. Beecher promised him the Super Hero Girls would deal with Hath-Set for them. Hall thanked Beecher for all her help. Beecher implored him to go inside or he would never get the chance to love her. Hall pointed out leaving was the only way he could. She realized that staying away from Sanders was his way of defeating the curse but she teared up nonetheless.

Karen Beecher went to the Ye Olde Metropolis Renaissance Faire dressed as a fairy. Beecher was worried about the news report about people going missing at the ren faire but Danvers assured her those were just rumors to scare people off to keep the crowds down so they don't run out of turkey legs. The girls went to the main event, a joust. Zatara used magic to make the mud vanish from her dress and was scolded by Beecher for using it in public. The festivities were broken up when Zatara was kidnapped by a worker named Ember who turned out to be a dragon. Supergirl grumbled about having to fight Ember and her magic fire. Bumblebee spotted a mace. Supergirl had never used a weapon before but gave it a shot and flew back to the tower, decking Ember outside. As the battle went on, some of her bat fire constructs hit a haystack and the tower where Zee Zatara was being held captive caught on fire. Bumblebee spotted a nearby water tower.

Cruz took out the legs but the fire reignited and Ember trapped her, Danvers, Bumblebee, and Gordon in a fire cage. After Ember was defeated by the combined might of Wonder Woman and Zatanna, the latter mused there are all sorts of ways to be a princess. Prince did not agree and stated a princess was the female descendant of royal heritage. Zatara frowned and shoved the Lo! A Tale of Princesses and Dragons book to Beecher then clarified she wasn't talking about Prince. Prince pointed out she explained what a princess was in so many different ways. Beecher noticed a picture on Lo! now depicted the girls fighting Ember.

One night, Wonder Woman called up Batgirl to recruit her for a mission to stop Mr. Freeze from causing mayhem in town. Batgirl ended up the first on the scene and was joined by Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Zatanna, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern then they charged Mr. Freeze. During lunch period, Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher found Prince in the cafeteria texting Barbara Gordon. They misinterpreted Gordon's texts and thought she became a vegan when in reality Batgirl was battling Poison Ivy and her giant vines outside. Beecher commented being a vegan was way healthier than all those burritos Gordon would eat. They eventually realized Batgirl meant Ivy and they turned around only to see Batgirl pressed against the window. After sleeping in, Karen Beecher raced to school in her suit in an effort to preserve her perfect attendance record. She landed on the track field but discovered her suit's upgrade was malfunctioning and she was stuck in the suit.

Beecher hailed Gordon for help then tried to sneak into the school but her suit shifted between normal and tiny size modes. She hid by a bus then in a tree then behind a light pole and somehow none of the students noticed her. Beecher narrowly slipped inside as the doors closed. Beecher waited for Gordon at the lockers but she was late. She noticed Kara Danvers at her locker and tried to get her attention. Danvers was listening to her rock music and mistook Beecher for a fly. Just as Gordon arrived, Danvers threw a punch at Beecher. Luckily, Beecher wound up inside Danvers' locker. Gordon flipped out and told Danvers what transpired. The locker door fell off then the Bumblebee costume. Beecher asked if the bell rang yet then slid out. Beecher volunteered as the hall monitor. One day, Hal Jordan ignored protocol and walked the halls without a hall pass. Beecher asked him about it but he joked he had a "Hal pass" instead. Beecher described the yellow card. Jordan frowned, told her he wasn't a fan of yellow, patted her on the head, and told her "good effort." Beecher let him off with a warning. Beecher later found him at his locker. Jordan pretended his pass fell inside. As Beecher looked for it, he ran off.

Beecher found him trying to take a selfie with a girl. He accused her of photobombing and asked for space. Beecher waited by a water fountain but triggered it and got splashed. Beecher had enough and changed into her Bumblebee suit via her locket. She shrunk and threw a wad a litter he left behind. Bumblebeee hid in a bin and demanded a hall pass. Jordan freaked out and thought it was a hall ghost. He turned and walked into the bin, now in front of him. The bin expelled trash at him and chased him. Jordan ran outside to the bleachers. A girl from P.E. class tossed a ball to Jordan. He tried to take a selfie but Bumblebee hid behind it and bopped him in the head as he took photos. Jordan hid in a rest room stall as Bumblebee played with the lights. She hid in the automated dryer and messed with him. Jordan dropped his phone in the toilet then ran back to class. Beecher stood triumphant and declared he was no match for the hall monitor. On her birthday, Beecher got a goldfish named Goldberg as a gift from Garth Bernstein. He ran into the cafeteria with Goldberg in his mouth then spit him into her glass of water. She was happy he remembered and hugged him. A worker took her food and drink away, with Goldberg still in the cup. He ran after and caused a big crash.

Beecher helped Prince to trick Danvers into revealing she was already healed from Kryptonite exposure following Metallo's defeat. Cruz and Beecher pretended to check up on Danvers then Wonder Woman burst in claiming Doomsday was attacking the city. After they left, Danvers flew out on her costume. The other girls were gathered on the roof. Wonder Woman asked her if she was feeling better. On a Tuesday, Beecher's stomach growled while she read in the school library. The librarian warned her to be quiet. Beecher left and noticed a Taco Tuesday poster. She rushed to the cafeteria but the line for tacos was very long. By the time it was her turn, she got the last beef taco. Beecher bumped into a bully named Giganta. Giganta wanted the taco and chased after her. Beecher hid in a locker then ran out into the restroom and stood above a stall. Giganta checked the stalls. Some of the beef fell out of the taco. Giganta looked up. Beecher fell on top of her then she ran for the library.

Once the coast seemed clear, Beecher sat in an aisle and was about to eat. Giganta pulled her through a shelf to the other side and took the taco. The librarian took it away and pointed to the no food sign. She pulled Giganta along by the ear. Beecher found herself back where she started still with an empty stomach. Beecher went to a 10:30 screening of "Just Before Dusk: Final Light" and was fortunate to be the only person in the theater. Zeul came in the theater and noticed Beecher. She purposefully sat in front of Beecher, dumped her popcorn on her, kicked her chair from behind, and talked about spoilers over the phone with Selina Kyle. Beecher ran out of the theater in horror. She hallucinated the character Aiden telling her to fight for the thing she loved most. Bumblebee, in her tiny form, re-entered the theater. Zeul's drink spilled on her track suit then Bumblebee stole her popcorn then dumped it on her and stuffed it over her head. She punched blindly until Bumblebee stung her in the butt.

Zeul ran out of the theater. Beecher wasn't alone for long. She noticed Quinzel laughing obnoxiously a few seats away and changed into Bumblebee to force her out, too. Beecher and Gordon fed some birds while the former talked about "Just Before Dusk II" when Harley Quinn snagged with the Lasso of Truth. She critiqued the character Michael to her horror. Karen Beecher won the state robotics meet but Lois Lane didn't think it was good enough to get readers. The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. It managed to grab Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Bumblebee blasted it with her stingers, Zatanna blasted its eye, and Green Lantern lassoed an appendage with a rope construct. Wonder Woman managed to lasso another. Batgirl tried a green spray. Supergirl used her heat vision. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. They all posed in just in time.

Jessica Cruz told Karen Beecher she was heading to the rally outside The Lumber Shop but she was stopping for a quick healthy lunch first. She made it to the rally and told Beecher her lunch wasn't as healthy as she thought it would be. On September 19, Beecher set a group text to the girls warning of Starro's latest rampage. Gordon noticed Beecher standing near the doorway of her classroom mouthing and gesturing to her. She changed into Bumblebee, shrank, and flew to the battle. Barbara Gordon noticed a couch on the sidewalk. She took a photo and texted Karen Beecher. Beecher agreed it would look good in the hideout. They carried it back to Sweet Justice. It was partly ripped by a newspaper bin. Beecher suggested it added character. A pizza delivery boy exited Pac Pizza with a tall stack of pizza boxes and walked right into the couch. Several pineapple pizzas landed on the couch. Gordon apologized but insisted they were doing him a favor since it was pineapple. A car drove by and splashed the couch with dirty water. Gordon mused it wash the pizza off.

A disgruntled woman threw her beverage over her shoulder because it wasn't a Triple Non-Fat Latte. It landed on the couch. Gordon was sure some club soda would get the stain out. They passed a construction worker using a jackhammer and some dust got on the couch. Beecher started to lose her grip so Gordon revealed a shortcut through an alley. The couch was tagged with graffiti and they started stray cats and big rats. One of the rats took a pizza but tossed it back after Gordon said it was pineapple on it. They made it to Sweet Justice but it got stuck mid-way in the door until a teenage boy came in from the other side. Everyone turned and stared at Beecher and Gordon. Gordon signaled to Barry Allen with her eyes. Allen announced he was making a new dessert. Everyone rushed to the counter. Beecher activated the stray dispenser. Gordon fired her grapnel gun into the wall and reeled the couch to the opening. After the booth reset, there was a thank you note and a tip left on the table for Allen. Allen recalled a single scoop of vanilla already existed.

They sat on the couch and Beecher turned on the TV to a news report. They realized they accidentally stole the couch. The owner, a woman, was upset and started wailing on one of the movers. Gordon wondered how they were going to get the couch up the slide. Beecher got nervous after Gordon and Prince were hit or disqualified during a game of dodge ball in P.E. class. She sound found herself alone against Doris Zeul, Barbi Minvera, Selina Kyle, and Leslie Willis. Beecher began to lose any remaining confidence. Prince tried to cheer her on. Willis went first. Prince yelled at Beecher to duck. She did and avoided getting hit. Kyle went next since she had better things to do. Beecher lunged away from the ball. Barbi Minverva went next with an elaborate throw but it failed to hit Beecher. She called it her "dub dodge." Beecher dodged the rest of their throws. Doris Zeul was ready to step up and end the game. Prince advised Beecher to face her fear head on. Beecher stood her ground and somehow, Zeul's ball launched off Beecher's face and took down all four of them like a pinball game. The teacher guessed Beecher won. Prince rushed over and hugged Beecher. Beecher was proud she "faced" it. Prince stated that was not what she meant but congratulated her anyway.

In science class, Beecher and Danvers were assigned an egg to teach them responsibility and attentiveness. All they had to do was bring the egg back the next day uncracked and they would get an A. If it was broken, they failed. Beecher named it "Karen Jr." and drew eyes and a smile on it. Beecher told Danvers her parents were having work done at home and asked her to take it but be extra careful. Danvers insisted she was crazy nurturing but didn't notice she knocked Karen Jr. out of Beecher's hands and she caught it after bobbling it. Danvers went in the 139 bus and gently put Karen Jr. on the seat next to her. Beecher started sending overbearing text after text to Danvers. Danvers texted her back she didn't want to fail either and walked off the bus without Karen Jr. then realized it after the bus left. Danvers returned to Metropolis High a wreck. Her hair was ruined and there were feathers all over her. Beecher stated she was texting her for hours and asked if Karen Jr. was okay. Danvers put the egg down. It had no damage. Beecher was relieved and asked how it was. Danvers remarked she could really go for an omelet.

Zee Zatara found Karen Beecher in the gym watching a basketball game. Beecher noticed Zatara looked sick but she denied it. She sneezed and the top of a hoop turned into a portal. Beecher asked her if she was sure about that. Zatara claimed she totally was. She sneezed again. The student in the Hamster mascot was turned into a monster. He chased after a girl. Zatara brushed it off as weird then sneezed again. Two girls were turned into chickens. Beecher was about to say something but Zatara still denied she was sick.

The girls ate lunch until Gordon picked up a museum heist on her police scanner app. Beecher quickly ate her cup cake. Poison Ivy used her pollen against Supergirl's super-breath and the girls were hit. Bumblebee was small enough to fly around the pollen particles in the air and snatched the stolen diamond from Catwoman. Harley Quinn called finders keepers and chased after her. The trio was forced to retreat with their time running out. Green Lantern attached wings to the diamond and sent it back to the museum while they rushed back to school. They bumped into Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harleen Quinzel as they headed inside. Beecher realized were were just in time and they were going to make it to Algebra class.

On a Monday morning, the Super Hero Girls fought Giganta who sat on a highway. Bumblebee apologized as she blasted Giganta in the neck. Mr. Chapin came on the loudspeaker and told everyone to report to the auditorium for a special announcement. He revealed the annual science fair was going to have a guest judge from Project Cadmus, Dr. Penelope Sieve. Gordon and Beecher got really excited. Dr. Sieve revealed the winner would receive a summer internship with Cadmus and a year of unlimited goodies from Sweet Justice. They got even more excited. Karen Beecher inquired what the parameters were. Dr. Sieve liked Beecher and noted she was keeping an eye on her then revealed the one rule they had at Cadmus was to take risks or it wasn't worth doing. Beecher and Barbara Gordon agreed. The girls went to hang out at Sweet Justice after school and after learning the news. Beecher was thinking about tracking the flight patterns of honeybees, from the never-before-seen vantage point of a tiny camera mounted to one. She wondered if that was cheating. They noticed Zatara was really quiet and learned she found the fair boring since she used magic all the time. Beecher promised science can totally feel like magic and promised to show her the next day.

Zatanna joined Bumblebee in a field as she prepared to film some bees. Zatanna admired the view and found it gorgeous and declared it was the perfect backdrop of a frielfie. Bumblebee didn't follow. Zatanna explained it was a selfie with a friend and took it. Bumblebee shrank down and Zatanna turned herself into a butterfly. Bumblebee reminded her to please try to avoid getting caught on her antenna cam. She admitted as much as it pained her to, she promised to stay out of the spotlight. Bumblebee got excited and pointed out a Bombus pennsylvanicus then took notes. Zatanna mistook that as a spell. Bumblebee clarified she used scientific names when she got excited. Zatanna found nature to be pretty relaxing but the pollen made her sneeze. The sudden burst of magic got a bee's attention and it stared her down. Bumblebee told her not to move. It decided Zatanna wasn't a threat and flew away. Bumblebee handed Zatanna pollen as they prepared to enter the hive but she sneezed and Bumblebee got teleported to the Arctic. She found herself in a giant footprint and a penguin stared at her. She guessed it was going to be a long flight home. Zatanna cast a spell to return her and apologized.

Bumblebee relented she now knew her suit could withstand sub-zero temperatures then asked if everyone was sent to the same place and if they should be worried about Giganta. Zatanna assured her that was intential but she sent her by mistake. Once inside the hive, Zatanna marveled at the architecture and wondered if her father could design a backdrop like it for their show. She inquired what the bees were doing. Bumblebee explained they were flapping their wings to help the water evaporate and make the honey thicker and stickier. Zatanna noticed it also stirred the pollen around and she sneezed, accidnetally turning into a spider. The bees surrounded them. Zatanna dodged one's charge but flew on some honey and got stuck. Bumblebee elbowed another out of the way then got stuck, too. Zatanna opted to change them back to normal size but Bumblebee objected because it would ruin her project and destroy a habitat. Then asked if she could tell Cruz they did that. Zatanna called that a fair point and tried changing back into a butterfly but it didn't work. Bumblebee remembered beekeepers used smoke to calm bees. Zatanna cast a smoke show but it failed, too.

Bumblebee theorized they were really focused on protecting their queen. She tried apologizing to the bees and promising they didn't want to hurt them. Zatanna got a new idea and promised it wouldn't hurt the hive. She transformed herself into a queen bee. Bumblebee pointed out queen bees didn't wear crowns. Zatanna boasted she did then ordered the bees to leave them alone. To Bumblebee's surprise, the bees obeyed her command. Zatanna hinted sometimes all it took was a little pizzazz. Bumblebee realized she lost her camera and an antenna. They started digging around the floor. Zatanna didn't think it was work for a queen and magically forced the bees to help look around. Bumblebee had misgivings about it but Zatanna promised they would get awesome footage of the bees rebuilding the hive. The real queen bee approached Zatanna and challenged her to a duel. Bumblebee tried to calm things down but she tripped and bumped into the queen bee. Zatanna refused to back down and declared she always won her fights. Bumblebee warned her it was a fight to the death.

They ran for it. Bumblebee realized her suit was damaged by the honey and she couldn't fly. Zatanna got her out then she exited the hive, returned to normal size, and jumped into a river at Bumblebee's suggestion. Zatanna cast a spell to form protective bubbles around their heads. Once the coast was clear, they floated on their backs. Zatanna admitted biology wasn't her jam and apologized about her broken suit. Beecher told her it was okay and she was sure she could fix it and finish her project on time. Zatanna offered to help. Bumblebee assured her she was fine and was okay with her leaving to help Danvers with her project. Beecher also helped Danvers make a quick growing fertilizer but it worked too well and the corn crops grew to completion in an instant even after a blast from Supergirl's heat vision. Beecher met up with everyone at Sweet Justice after Zatara sent out text. After Danvers' insinuation, Zatara turned to Beecher and asked her if she ruined her bee project. Beecher sputtered out an answer denying it was her fault.

Bumblebee, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman chased after Catwoman in the darkness when a sudden eclipse covered the city. It was so dark, Green Lantern didn't notice Bumblebee was perched on her shoulder until she spoke up and startled her. Eventually, Zatanna cast a spell to immobilize Catwoman but her army of feral cats swarmed the girls and nipped at Bumblebee. After they were dealt with and Catwoman was captured, Wonder Woman stressed diligence since more crime was expected as long as it was dark. Zatanna suggested they better figure out how to shed a little light on a solution to the eclipse. Zatanna wasn't ready to give up and asked Bumblebee to tell her about clouds. Bumblebee recalled clouds could be dissipated with an increase of temperature, air sinking within the cloud, and mixing the clouds with drier air. Zatanna got an idea to combine science and magic to get rid of the cloud. She left with Bumblebee and returned later with modified silica gel. Zatanna cast a spell to lift the gel balls into the cloud then got it to disappear once and for all.

Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Bumblebee were summoned to Zee Zatara by group text to help deal with Gordon's Sparrow. Beecher decided to go big and built a giant honeycomb display with real honey. The girls responded to Zatanna's text and ended up fighting Dr. Sieve, the real culprit, in the Metropolis High storage room. Zatanna zeroed in on the honey comb. Bumblebee understood and fired her stingers at Sieve. Sieve dodged them and chased after her. Zatanna grabbed her arm and applied centrifugal force. Sieve was tossed onto the honeycomb model. Zatanna had Supergirl apply some wind power to make the honey even stickier. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee were elated Zatanna remembered their lessons. Batgirl informed everyone the police were coming. Zatanna mused they better take the projects back to their rightful owners before the science fair started. Green Lantern wondered who the new judge would be. Bumblebee wondered if the Cadmus internship was still going to be offered.

On the day of the science fair, Beecher stopped Zatara from casting a spell on Lex Luthor to make him bite his tongue by offering her to help set up her project about cloud evaporation. The fair was disrupted by an army of Sieve-bots. Bumblebee knew her stingers were ineffective but she could shrink, enter the bot, and remove the microchip but take forever. Batgirl had Sparrow sing to confuse the bots. It worked and the girls quickly disabled them. Mr. Chapin awarded Zatara first place but she deferred it to Beecher since it was her experiment. Chapin didn't care and just wanted to save the science funding. Beecher told Zatara she didn't have to give up the prize because it was her idea. Zatara noted she made the concoction and she would enjoy the internship more. Beecher was scared of Zatara's school dance unveiling but Cruz promised they would get through it together. Beecher tried to explain the act of being asked to dance to Prince but she was roused and stated the honor should be bestowed upon them.

Prince took Beecher outside and ordered Garth Bernstein to take her to the dance. Bernstein dropped his stack of water bottles in confusion. Prince was pleased then saw Steve Trevor outside campus. She told him he was escorting her to the dance. Trevor tried to tell her he didn't attend Metropolis High but she told him to procure transportation and she would be wearing blue. He didn't know what just happened. Beecher advised him to just go with it. On the night of the dance, Beecher and Bernstein were wallflowers. Zatara cast another spell and forced Beecher and Bernstein to stand and dance. They thought it was kinda nice. Livewire crashed the party and forced everyone to keep dancing with a special frequency. Bernstein tried to dance his way to the exit but Livewire warned she had enough electricity flowing through the windows and doors to knock out the entire football team. Bernstein was bummed. Beecher told him it was a good instinct then revealed she was going to dance over and see her friends.

Bumblebee was unable to stop dancing long enough to aim and shot her stingers all over. Green Lantern placed Bumblebee in a music box construct for her own protection until the threat was over. At the Fall Festival, Beecher cheered everyone else on from Prince in the pie-eating contest, Danvers in the weigh off, Gordon in the recipe contest, and Zatara competing for Harvest Queen. When pumpkins started raining down, Beecher calculated the trajectory of the pumpkins and determined they were coming from left field. Harley Quinn was found. Beecher lost her necklace in a bale of hay. She made her way to the top of a stack of hay bales near an end zone and improvised a giant slingshot with the goal posts. Beecher used her sling shot and fired a pumpkin. It nailed Harley in the gut and knocked her off Danvers' tractor. Supergirl hauled her away. A little later, the coach announced Zee Zatara was the Harvest Queen. Ferris demanded a recount. Zatara started her speech about how Harvest Queen represented the best of Metropolis High, was loyal, supportive, cared about her fellow students, and resourceful enough to use goal posts and science to defeat a villain. Zatara gave the honor to Beecher.

On a Saturday, Danvers was getting annoyed at everyone taking up her time. She got a text from Karen Beecher about working on their science project. She had enough and turned her phone off then went to The Lazarus Pit for a mosh-a-thon event. Danvers was bummed the marathon ended early and checked her phone. Beecher was now too busy playing Pigeon Party to work on the project. Supergirl later plucked Bumblebee from her phone right when she was going to beat her high score. Before the Super Hero Girls could confront Lex Luthor about some illegal dumping, they encountered a giant pigeon. Zatanna and Bumblebee elected to stay behind and take care of the pigeon. Zatanna jumped on it while Bumblebee got a piece of bread. The others later returned with a giant hamster. Bumblebee wondered that they were going to do about the giant hamster and pigeon. Wonder Woman got an idea to send them to Themyscira.

Bumblebee got into a streak of bad luck encountering super villains by herself. Catwoman pounced her and scolded her for not being more careful. Star Sapphire attacked Bumblebee with a fly swatter construct. Livewire grabbed her by the wings and gave her a "shock to the system." Poison Ivy fed her to a venus fly trap. Harley Quinn bopped her own head to squash her. Giganta stomped her. The next day, Beecher was so fed up about being small and insignificant, she sequestered herself in the Metropolis High library and read up on physics. She got an idea to make one small adjustment to her tech so she could make herself grow larger in size. Diana Prince tried to convince her it was the size of her courage that mattered more. Kara Danvers wasn't convinced and pointed out Prince was a tall Amazon girl. Beecher finished her modification and tapped her wrist watch. After she got shushed by the librarian, Beecher realized she did not become large and made Prince, Danvers, Gordon, Zatara, and Cruz tiny.

Beecher suited and up and flew back to her lab and ran diagnostic tests so she could reverse the process. The flapping of her suit's wings was powerful enough to knock the girls out the window into the football field. They narrowly returned in time and Bumblebee was none the wiser. She successfully returned the girls back to their normal size but also turned herself so large he was as tall as the high school building.

After Super Hero Girls defeated a giant robot cyclops, they retired to the hideout with ice cream orders from Sweet Justice but got little too overconfident about being the best superhero team. Bumblebee thought they were pretty great. Wonder Woman warned the others not to rest on their butt-kicking laurels and that they must always be prepared to fight. Sure enough, they were kidnapped by Control Freak, a supervillain from another universe and teleported to his TV realm to compete in a game show against an alternate version of Titans to determine who was the best superhero team in all universes. Beast Boy started calling her "Bumbles," and she quickly told him not to call her that. For the first question about what the best super power was, Bumblebee got the first wrong answer with "bee powers." At the end of the game, Control Freak attempted to destroy them with a giant robot but they were saved by the Poop Patrol, a trio of superheroes who got poop-based powers by stepping on radioactive dog doo-doo.

Metropolis High voted her most likely to graduate early.