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Real Identity: Barbara "Babs" Gordon
Affiliations: Metropolis High School
Appearances (Super Shorts): #TheLateBabsy, #SuperSleeper, #BatCatcher, #HamsterConQueso, #HashtagFrownyFace, #BatAndSwitch, #PlightoftheBumblebee, #FaultyPowers, #PackBat, #KaraCare, #SilverScream, #PrizeFighter, #LetThemEatPie, #TheSlowAndTheFurious, #LostAndFound, #Babsgirl, #AdBlockers, #ArtificialIntelligence, #VanityInsanity, #PhotoOops, #StressTest, #ComicGone, #ToughCrowd, #BoothBoot, #SofaSoGood, #TheBeeStandsAlone, #VeggieBurritoBucket (voice), #SuckerPunch, #TheCommute, and Bab's Vlog
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #SweetJustice Part 2, #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #BurritoBucket, #MeetTheCheetah, #Beeline, #SuperWho?, #ShockItToMe, #SheMightBeGiant, #FightAtTheMuseum, #FromBatToWorse, #CrushingIt, #MisgivingTree, #BeastsInShow, #GothamCon, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #Frenemies Part 1, #Frenemies Part 2, #SoulSisters Part 1, #SoulSisters Part 2, #RageCat, #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre, #BackInAFlash, #PowerSurge, #ScrambledEggs, #AllyCat Part 1, #AllyCat Part 2, #Retreat, #DinnerForFive, #LivingTheNightmare, #AllAboutZee, #TweenTitans, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #CrashCourse, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #HousePest, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, #SchoolGhoul, #AwesomeAuntAntiope, #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 1, and #TheFreshPrincessOfRenFaire Part 2
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!): Superhero Feud
Appearances (Comics): Teenage Crisis, Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, and Chapter 14), Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco and Fall Festival), Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs and A Sticky Zit-Uation), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained and Honey, I Shrunk My Friends)
Appearances (Books): Lights-Out
Powers/Skills: Genius, Technological Aptitude, Advanced Deduction, and Knowledge of Martial Arts
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Barbara Gordon is a Batman fangirl and loves inventing things. At age five, she attached grappling hooks to her new bicycle. She yearned to replace Robin as Batman's partner and fashioned herself as Batgirl. On a "beautiful" summer day, Barbara Gordon saw the Batsignal in the sky. She was excited and told her Bat-Mite doll it was the night they joined Batman's team. She put on her makeshift costume and pedaled on her bicycle to the scene of the crime using a walkie set on the police band. After struggling uphill, she made it to where the robbery was reported but saw the robber was already tied up and left to hang from a street light. She glimpsed Batman on top of a roof. As he fired a grapnel and swung away, Gordon yelled out in vain for to stop so he could meet his new teammate. Robin heard everything and mocked her mercilessly even though she was taller than him. After he left, the police arrived. Commissioner Gordon had no idea why his daughter was there but she was in tears. They hugged. Gordon regretted taking a job in Gotham and promised to get her out of the city someday.

Batgirl observed a fight between Batman and Professor Pyg on the roof of a building. She planned to show up and impress him with her Bat grappling hook but Robin showed up and Batman had to save him. She missed her chance to meet Batman. Lacking any superpowers, Batgirl relies on her own ingenuity and is 10 steps ahead of everyone else. She's also high energy and always positive. Barbara Gordon moved, with protest, from Gotham City to Metropolis in the middle of high school with her father, Commissioner Gordon, and was suddenly the new girl at Metropolis High School. On the morning of the first day of school, she watched a 24/7 Live breaking news bulletin about a giant monster defeated by a new hero called Wonder Woman. He asked her if she knew her homeroom number. She sighed in exasperation and confirmed she did then put her hood back on. Commissioner Gordon admitted it was tough starting at a new school but he was sure sure she would fit right in.

She countered she had to move in the middle of high school, loved Gotham, and was right in the middle of finding -- but stopped short of saying "team" to his confusion. She improvised and called it her pack, her crew, her tribe. He thought she meant clique. He remarked the school was beautiful, dropped her off, and assured her she would find her clique. Gordon noticed another new transfer, Kara Danvers, talking to her legal guardians, Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers. She insisted she was being punished for something she didn't do and to Gordon's surprise, Danvers slapped the car and it was rocked so hard it tilted on its left tires. Karen Beecher stepped out of the school bus and tripped. Gordon zoomed to her side, helped pick up her tools, and tried to befriend her. Beecher was too shy. She whispered her name was Karen, thanked her, then walked away.

Zee Zatara stepped out of her father's black limo but Mr. Zatara popped out of the sun roof and told her she forgot her backpack. Suddenly the bag was in Zee Zatara's hands as she entered the school. Gordon wiped her eyes then walked in. She checked her class schedule: English at 8:00, Math at 9:05, History at 10:15, P.E. at 11:25, lunch at 12:30, Physics at 1:30, Chemistry at 2:25, and Band at 3:00. Gordon overheard a girl named Jessica Cruz trying to give a green ring back to another student named Hal Jordan. They noticed she was staring at them. She quickly turned around and pretended to be opening her locker. Gordon ran down the stairs and noticed a lot of teenagers wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses and talking about the recent Wonder Woman sighting. She vowed herself she would find how many superheroes Metropolis really had. During lunch, Gordon sat alone and came up with a scheme to figure who was a super, by getting them all in detention with her. She threw spaghetti right into Kara Danvers' face.

Danvers thought it was Karen Beecher and threw her burger at Beecher's head. Jessica Cruz came to her rescue and deflected the second burger with a tray. It instead landed on Zee Zatara's head. Upset about her hair, Zatara threw a milk carton at Cruz's head. Gordon jumped onto the cheerleader table and declared a food fight. The entire student body got into act. Mr. Chapin happened to be passing by the cafeteria. After being hit in the left eye, he ended the food fight. The students pointed at Gordon, Beecher, Danvers, Cruz, and Zatara who were all in a dog pile. Chapin took the five to detention and soon returned with a truant officer who found a teenage girl cutting class. After they left, the girls realized she was Wonder Woman. Danvers thought she was a dumb cosplay girl. Wonder Woman declared she was Diana, Princess of the Amazons and she alone survived the 21 tests of the tournament of Athena and Aphrodite.

Danvers and Wonder Woman got into a fight. To everyone's shock, Danvers punched Wonder Woman through several walls but she tackled Danvers like nothing happened. They realized Mr. Chapin was coming back and tried to quickly reassemble the room. Zatara cast a spell speaking backwards and the room was magically restored to what it looked like before detention started. Chapin entered and everyone grinned back at him. He asked if everything was all right. Zatara confirmed. Chapin retrieved his keys and left. Gordon felt validated. She admitted her scheme then announced she was Batgirl. Wonder Woman was elated and hugged her as a sister-in-arms. She admitted she didn't think she would find someone with the warrior spirit of an Amazon in the world of man then revealed her destiny was to bring the Amazon way of peace and prosperity to man's world and to rid it of all evil. Wonder Woman was happy to have a sister to help carry her burden. Gordon got loose and corrected her, she had five.

The others weren't interested. Wonder Woman called them cowards and stated the same mantle of greatness bestowed onto her from the gods was also bestowed onto them. Gordon tried to appeal to them with the allure of heroes and villains, fighting crime, hidden lairs, and secret identities. Zee Zatara pointed out the trick to a secret identity was to convincingly pass as a normal human being. Gordon made them a proposition: give the team idea try and Wonder Woman would train them in how to be a hero and in exchange, they would give Wonder Woman a makeover. Everyone agreed to try it out. Gordon hugged them all at once and declared super awesome, super hero-ness was imminent. The girls took Wonder Woman to a department store to work on her alter ego's wardrobe. She asked by the white beard of Zeus what the place was. Gordon stated normal teenager lesson number one was to never say stuff like "By the white beard of Zeus" then moved to lesson two, look the part.

Gordon suggested bright colors and big logos, then stuffed a pink sweater bearing a burrito graphic over her. Gordon moved to lesson three, your phone is your life. She quickly stated how every bit of knowledge mankind has ever known was in a phone along with pics, emails, texts, shopping, and social media. Wonder Woman went to the dressing room and was in over her head. Gordon declared it was time to accessorize. Zee Zatara tripped Gordon and asked if they were finished tormenting Wonder Woman. Zatara cast a spell and dressed Wonder Woman in geek chic, then presented her as Diana Prince, foreign exchange student from Greece. Before Wonder Woman started training them, she took them to a roof and asked them to list their name, rank, and skills. She assessed their weaknesses, too. Gordon was enamored with Jessica Cruz's power ring and asked to make a pogo stick then a burrito then a mucho margarita supremo with the works. Gordon stated she was really good at figuring things out and can make the coolest bat gadgets.

Gordon got out her suit, Bat barometer then glow-in-the-dark Bat staff then her Bat grappling hooks. She told an anecdote about how she almost impressed Batman but Robin ruined it. Wonder Woman sharply concluded she lacked focus. Lastly, she concluded Danvers lacked proper motivation. She threw Batgirl off the roof. As Wonder Woman surmised, Danvers quickly flew after Batgirl, caught her, and returned. Batgirl wanted to do it again. Wonder Woman took the team to a junkyard and set up mannequins as substitutes for citizens in peril. All they had to do was save them in time. Batgirl was distracted by a butterfly. Wonder Woman threw a pebble at her head and motioned she would be watching. Batgirl incorrectly thought they were all enemy combatants and blew them up with Bat Grenades as she ran to retrieve the cat doll. For normal teenager lesson number four "pop culture," Gordon took Diana Prince to a comic book store. Zee Zatara was skeptical. Gordon fawned over a super-rare Batman giant super-special with a limited edition pull-out Batman poster. She declared she would kill for it. Prince misunderstood and scolded her. Cruz tried to explain a figure of speech to her.

Gordon refused to give up and got an idea on how to loosen Prince up. They went to the Metropolis Pier's carnival. They played Skee-Ball, ate pizza, rode a merry-go-round, rode a roller coaster, danced to a live musician, and piled into a photo booth for many pictures. To cap the night, they went to an ice cream parlor named Sweet Justice. Barbara Gordon and Diana Prince immediately fell in love with the place. Zatara ordered her a candy cake triple ripple tower with rainbow sprinkles. Prince declared they had to celebrate every future victory at Sweet Justice. Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started. The girls were unsure of what to do until one of the robots charged towards a little boy wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses who was unaware of what was happening. Wonder Woman shoved it and declared their mission was to protect the innocent.

Batgirl swung in and kicked one through a wall. Supergirl went ahead of Wonder Woman's orders and attacked. The Demo-Bot was launched in the air towards the teens. Green Lantern made a trampoline construct but it bounced into a support beam and the roof started to collapse. Bumblebee was too scared to try short circuiting the robots. Wonder Woman snapped two buzz saw arms of one and attacked the rest but she was accidentally hit by Zatanna's beam and crashed into Supergirl. Green Lantern shoveled the rest of the civilians outside. While the girls bickered, Batgirl dug a logo out of the rubble and realized the Demo-Bots were Lexcorp property. She immediately suspected Lex Luthor. The girls were skeptical then disbanded. To make matters worse, Hippolyta, Diana's mother, and the Amazons arrived to take Wonder Woman back to Themyscira because she left without permission. Batgirl was confused and asked abut her destiny to save the world of man. Hippolyta replied she had no such destiny and left to return home.

Completely crestfallen, Batgirl changed and called her dad for a ride back home. On the ride home, he asked her if she had fun with her new friends. She sadly said she did. Later in the night, she got an unexpected call from Harleen Quinzel. Quinzel asked for a status update and how her new house was. She revealed she missed her and Gordon felt the same way. Gordon thought Metropolis was lonely. Quinzel hated that they were apart then admitted she would try harder to keep her in Gotham if she got a second chance because best friends were worth fighting for. Sirens approached Quinzel. She had to hang up on account of "Gotham stuff." Gordon chuckled. Quinzel kissed at her screen and hung up. Gordon teared up but realized Quinzel was right. Best friends were worth fighting for. Gordon suited up and drove around the city going door to door to try to convince everyone to get the team back together but everyone refused. Batgirl got another idea. She triggered an alarm on everyone's phones to get them to listen to her or the alarm would keep ringing.

Batgirl informed them of Wonder Woman's plight and pleaded with them to help save her because best friends were worth fighting for. Danvers asked her to repeat what she said because she cut out. The girls clung to the rear of the Amazonian ship. Batgirl slipped onto the ship and tried to get Wonder Woman's attention but the others were quickly caught. Hippolyta grabbed Batgirl by an ear. They pleaded with Wonder Woman to be their leader again. Supergirl reminded her of the time she said she could be the greatest hero the world of man ever knew. Supergirl admitted that wasn't going to be herself, it was going to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman smiled and stood up to her mother, declaring Amazon law confirmed she was a woman and free to choose who she wanted to be. The team was reunited and flew back to Metropolis on a carpet construct. Batgirl declared to Wonder Woman that disobeying her mother was lesson 218 and she was officially a teenager (and they were a team again).

As they made landfall, they sighted the Demo-Bots approaching the Metropolis Pier. They met Lena Luthor, the true mastermind behind several businesses being destroyed. She told them her plan was to trap ever teenager in the VR world of Lexcorp's VR Glasses then children would rule the city. They found it rather dumb. Batgirl declared their friendship would never be destroyed. The robots were too large in number for the six heroes to stop. Wonder Woman suggested they take out the general to defeat the army and Batgirl came up with a plan to short out the warsuit by jolting the mainframe. Supergirl got an idea to use a guitar and amp to short out Luthor's warsuit. Bumblebee connected the motherboard and cable to the suit's CPU while Batgirl rigged the amp to go past its maximum of 10. Zatanna, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl distracted Luthor while Bumblebee flew into the suit and Green Lantern got Batgirl past the Demo-Bots in a bumper car construct.

With the amp hooked up, Batgirl turned it to 11 and threw the guitar to Supergirl. As soon as the suit went offline, so did all the Demo-Bots and the Lexcorp VR Glasses. A crowd gathered and cheered them on as the Super Hero Girls. Barbara Gordon got an idea to use Sweet Justice after Wonder Woman declared the team should celebrate every victory there. During the three months it took for Lexcorp Construction Services to rebuild Sweet Justice, Gordon made a few late night trips to the construction site to build a secret underground base. On the night of the grand opening, Gordon revealed the base to the team. Gordon helped Beecher work on a new version of her Bumblebee suit. They added thin film photovoltaic modules to make the suit solar-powered, modified the wing mechanism for a more dulcet tone, worked on quartz prisms to emit an electrical sting, and perfect the growth tech. They couldn't wait to show off the new suit to the others. Bumblebee got annoyed that Gordon kept pointing out the new modifications made her look more like a bee.

Lastly, Beecher tried the growth tech but it failed and she shrunk. Gordon reassured her they probably inverted the zeta component when they had to cross-wire the other thing because they were out of the other things then proposed a quick trip to the mall. Beecher and Gordon were accompanied by Danvers and Prince. Gordon got distracted by the new Gotham glory line of cowls at the Emo Emporium and took off. Gordon bought seven bags worth of stuff. She was excited to see a fight in progress with Giganta. She quickly changed, dodged her attacks, and batted a Bat-grenade at her with a tennis racket. It did nothing to Giganta. Batgirl threw a net on her but she broke free. Batgirl suggested a deuce. Giganta grabbed her, rolled her into a ball, and bowled her into mannequinns. Zee Zatara and Jessica Cruz helped Gordon finish unpacking her boxes and organizing her room. The last box held her Bat-Mite doll. She told them the story about Robin being a jerk to her.

Mrs. Gordon was working late again so it was a daddy-daughter-date-night so the DVD of Princess Pumpkin Pants went into the player. Only he was still into singing along to it. He realized he forgot to make the popcorn. He went to the kitchen, put on his pink apron, and started the popcorn. He didn't hear the Batphone ringing in his office. Barbara, answered instead and pretended to be him. Batman and Robin learned Poison Ivy was heading to the Metropolis Pesticide Plant and called Commissioner Gordon's Batphone to request back-up from him. She pretended to be tired and skipped out on daddy daughter date night to go to sleep early. After she suited up as Batgirl and left, the Batphone rang again. Gordon was confused when Batman told him he was running late. He departed for the plant, too. Batgirl weaved in and out of traffic and found herself in traffic next to Gordon's car. She ducked down out of Gordon's view until he drove forward. She tried taking an alley but there was a fence blocking her. She fired a grapnel line and drove roof to roof until she ran out of roof.

Batgirl activated a tool to inflate the tires and bounced back to the surface street right next to Gordon again. She fired a towline into a delivery truck and hid behind it but the truck turned and she went towards a rising bridge. Batgirl pulled the bars out on her moped and activated the moped's thruster to sail over the bridge then opened her parachute. She ended up behind Gordon. The exhaust from his car got all over her. Batgirl stopped at a Metro Mart to buy a roll of paper towels. She wiped her face and to her dismay, Gordon was there, too, looking for doughnuts. She ran off before he saw her. She drove off but backed up and flattened the tires on Gordon's car then headed to the pesticide plant. Batgirl arrived at the plant alone and was delighted in the prospect of taking care of the situation by herself and impressing Batman. Batgirl walked the halls until the ceiling cracked open and vines attacked. Batgirl used her Batarangs to counter them and encountered Poison Ivy in a room.

Ivy found it curious and almost thought she was Batman for a second. Batgirl asked if it was the costume or the ninja skills. Ivy ordered her two venus fly traps to put her in the ground. Batgirl quickly neutralized them then rushed Ivy but was gassed. Batgirl eyed an exit and annoyed Ivy with a plant pun. Ivy chased after her. Batgirl continued with another pun. Batgirl stopped in a plant nursery and yelled out one more pun. She shined her Batsignal flashlight outside but it wouldn't appear in the sky. Ivy informed her it worked in Gotham because of the pollution. The plants in the nursery turned into giant vines and grabbed Batgirl. Hung upside down, Batgirl's Bat-Mite doll dropped onto the floor. Ivy was amused and teased her. Batgirl freed herself and stole the doll back. She proclaimed it was not doll, it was a bomb. Literally. She activated it and threw into a vat of pesticide. The explosion and spread of the chemicals destroyed all of her vines. Ivy was aghast.

Batgirl emerged from the cloud with a gas mask on and dragged her out. Commissioner Gordon arrived and was surprised to see Batgirl dragging Poison Ivy outside. She almost gave away her secret identity but turned Ivy over into his custody. Batman happened to call Gordon's phone and he apprised him of the situation. He never mentioned Batgirl and told him he didn't need to come anymore. Batgirl almost called him dad again but she improvised and deduced he was dad of a lucky kid if he had any. He wondered she wasn't Batman's sidekick and admitted he always thought she was more capable than Robin, whom he thought was a twerp. He noted he wasn't even on theme. Batgirl smiled. Ivy managed to escape while they were distracted. Gordon asked her to do him a favor and not tell Batman what happened. On the next daddy-daughter-date-night, he asked Barbara if everything was okay. She told him she was just loving date night. He agreed. She ate some popcorn then they sang along to Princess Pumpkin Pants.

At some point Gordon also got a job at a Burrito Bucket. Barbara Gordon was late to work six times and it was still only Monday. At 10:05 am, O'Shaughnessy lectured Gordon about the importance of a good work ethic like punctuality and responsibility. Gordon showed him her childhood photo and reiterated was a big fan of Burrito Bucket since she was five years old. He warned her she would be fired if she was late one more time. Gordon started chopping but noticed three masked robbers into the Bank of Moolah across the street. At 10:35 am, she used a two minute bathroom break to sneak off out the back door. She set a timer and fired a grapnel from the roof's big bucket display then swung across. She hung upside down and peered into the bank. She kicked the door open and took too long introducing herself. The robber with the horse mask took offense to being called bafoonish. Her alarm rang. She told nobody to move and she ran back.

Gordon zipped behind the counter and tried to get her 15-minute break early but O'Shaughnessy was adamant she take it at noon. She asked for another bathroom break but he pointed out she just took one. She claimed she stayed hydrated and took a drink from the soda fountain. He didn't buy it. She noticed the trash can was full and asked for a short break to take it out to the dumpster. He gave her a minute. She ran to the bank with her spring boots with the trash bag. Batgirl dumped the trash bag on the floor of the bank. The robbers turned from the vault. She retorted it was time to take out the trash. The horse pointed out she just brought it in. She had to stop and run to the restroom. The horse shrugged. Batgirl burst out but the alarm beeped. O'Shaughnessy glared upon her return. A customer talked in and ordered a taco bucket. Gordon took the opportunity to empty the hot sauce bottle onto the customer's tacos then went off to buy more hot sauce. O'Shaughnessy gave her two minutes.

Batgirl jumped atop the getaway car and yanked the horse's keys away with a Bat Claw and blew it up with a Bat Grenade. She jumped down to the trunk roof but she had to run back to work. She returned without any sauce and was grilled but a Metropoleats Delivery Service worker walked in. She zipped out and took the order instead. O'Shaughnessy gave her two minutes. She drove the delivery man's car into the bank. Batgirl was aghast the robbers took hostages. The horse pointed out she blew up his keys and asked what else were they supposed to do. He demanded she let them take the cash and nobody would get hurt. The alarm beeped. Gordon returned to work and O'Shaughnessy glared at her from a booth. She called the Flash for help using her gauntlet. He quickly arrived, waved at her, and ran into the bank. O'Shaughnessy gestured to her he was watching her. A customer came inside but took too long to decide on his order. Gordon propped up a broom, put a bucket with a face painted on it atop the stick, and put the miniature sombrero atop it then ran off for a minute.

Batgirl ran into the bank and noticed the Flash got tied up, too. He admitted he was just as surprised. She had to run back. The customer decided to get sushi and left. She slammed her head on the counter. O'Shaughnessy informed her there was an order of 100 buckets to fulfill. Luckily, she noticed it was noon and took her federally mandated 15-minute break. Batgirl threw her Batarang and knocked the duck's gun away, untied a hostage, uppercut the panda, cut more rope, whacked the horse with a bag of money, cut more rope, stood up Flash, and asked him to run her errands. He agreed and ran off. Batgirl ran and jump kicked then leg sweeped the horse, threw his bag of money back into the vault, clotheslined the panda, threw another bag in, and collared the duck but her alarm beeped. Unable to take out the robbers in 15 minutes, she went back and forth while making buckets. She double punched the panda in the gut. Went back. Jump kicked the horse while still in her work uniform. Went back.

She became so unfocused she punched Jimmy, a co-worker, while in her Batgirl suit. She returned in both uniforms but everyone was gone. She dropped to her knees in realization she failed. The janitor passed by her while waxing the floor and asked her who she was. O'Shaughnessy did a count and fired Gordon for only making 99 buckets. He happily fired her. She already knew she was and glumly walked to the restroom. A trio walked in and ordered two taco buckets, four buckets of quesadillas, three buckets of guacamole then put on their masks and held up O'Shaughnessy and Jimmy. It was same trio from the bank. She put on her bucket and a pancho then jumped atop the counter as the Burrito Bucketeer. She knocked their guns away with burritos, squirted guacamole on the floor, they slipped, then she garnished them and rolled them up in a rug like a burrito. After a police officer took them into custody, O'Shaughnessy admitted she saved the restaurant. She asked for her job back. He grumbled and agreed to.

Gordon asked for hour-long breaks. He said no. She knocked it down to half-hour. He said no. She asked for Employee of the Month. He compromised and gave her Employee of the Night. She accepted. She posed elsewhere and proclaimed she was the night, the Employee of the Night. Diana Prince couldn't wait to show the other Super Hero Girls the dance decorations. Gordon was ready to tear it up on the dance floor and displayed her dance moves and sang. They discovered someone vandalized all the posters. They found Prince roughed up in the locker room. Prince didn't get a good look at her assailant. Gordon immediately deduced the perpetrator was someone suffering from having their status quo upended by Diana's arrival in Metropolis, and their crippling insecurity most likely caused by absentee parenting and a lack of proper modeling in childhood had unleashed a horrible ancient curse that manifested itself in the form of a weird cat beast now stalking its perceived enemy, Diana Prince. Prince was worried about the other students.

While they pondered how to evacuate the students outside without causing them distress, Danvers hit the fire alarm. They suited up but Cheetah slashed up the electrical panel and caused a school-wide blackout during the storm. With a lot of territory to cover, they split up. Batgirl donned her goggles and kept track of everyone's location with her tablet. As she walked the main hall, Batgirl watched as Green Lantern vanished from her grid then Cheetah moved towards her. Batgirl readied her Batarang but no one approached her. Cheetah dropped from the ceiling and attacked her. After Wonder Woman and Cheetah's battle, Prince checked on a noise in the gym but it was the other Super Hero Girls carrying an immobilized Supergirl around. Gordon laughed along with Leslie Willis' mean memes at first. One night, Livewire possessed Batgirl's moped and launched Batgirl into the street then chased after her. During prank night at Glen Morgan Square, Livewire asserted Batgirl still needed her training wheels.

Batgirl hid behind her cape in shame. She donned rubber gloves and a welder's mask and joined the girls in taking on Livewire's attacks. On Monday, Gordon was excited about Prince leading the marching band at an upcoming football game but Steve Trevor, the first boy Wonder Woman met, showed up for his first week of school after failing to get into a military academy. Prince started screwing up the volleyball game. Gordon got the water cooler and doused Prince awake on the floor. Gordon declared Trevor was Prince's Kryptonite. Danvers took offense to the analogy and was confident Prince could handle it. On Thursday, the marching band performed at the football game. Prince was the lead and Gordon was on keyboard. Everything was going perfectly until Prince saw Trevor on his paper route in the nearby neighborhood. She led the band after him, leaving Gordon alone on the field. On Friday, they watched as the Romeo and Juliet play bombed because Trevor filled in for Oliver Queen opposite Prince. Gordon brought up her analogy again.

Danvers punched her shoulder. The girls tried to take Prince out on Saturday to forget about Trevor but she slipped further into a delirious state. Gordon tried the water cooler again but it failed. She brought up the analogy again but Danvers shut her down. Danvers tried to shake and slap her out of it but Prince carried on a conversation about liking vanilla, too. Gordon suggested they take out Trevor. They all quickly agreed to the new plan. On Sunday, Zatanna, Bumblebee, Green Lantern, and Supergirl hid around the mailbox with the 557 address and waited until Trevor passed by. They all lunged at him from behind but paused when his phone rang. Trevor learned he got into the academy. The girls were confused and looked at Batgirl who was on her laptop. Batgirl hacked the military academy's computers and got Trevor accepted. She asked them what they thought the plan was.

Cruz felt sorry for Pamela Isley because she had no friends at all. Gordon clued her in and pointed out how Isley carefully placed her hair to cover her face, looked downward, and wore oversized baggy clothes to tuck her away from society -- she didn't want friends. Cruz thought that was nonsense and believed everyone wanted friends. Cruz didn't think Isley met the right one yet and tried to befriend her. Kara Danvers was walking past Pelham Park when a tennis ball popped out of a hedge. Curious, she picked it up and was tackled by Ace. Barbara Gordon emerged and hugged Ace, her pet dog. She explained he was Commissioner Gordon's retired police dog. Danvers picked Ace up and placed him on the sidewalk. He never moved and remained sitting the whole time. Gordon boasted he was the greatest dog in the entire history of the universe. Danvers disagreed and summoned Krypto from Smallville with a whistle. Krypto, also a Kryptonian refugee, arrived at super speed but charged through several buildings in the process.

Danvers and Gordon got into an argument about whose dog was better and took eventually it to the 41st Annual Metropolis Kennel Dog Show. Harley Quinn's hyenas, Ethel and Lucy, walked the halls of the arena and attacked a hot dog stand. They ran out to the main arena and threatened Waffles. Gordon and Danvers were still busy arguing with each other. Ace and Krypto understood what had to be done and saved the day. The commentator admitted he never felt more alive and Waffles was declared Best in Show to Danvers and Gordon's dismay. They had a play date at Pelham Park and finally admitted they both had great dogs. Ace and Krypto took off after a cat. Danvers and Gordon chased after them. Barbara Gordon took a bus to Gotham City and met Harleen Quinzel at the Gotham Bus Depot. They walked through the city to the Gotham City Convention Center, where the Annual Convention for Gotham City Enthusiasts was being held. They couldn't be happier with the prospect and joined hands as they skipped through the city.

They took selfies at famous locations on the way like Arkham Asylum, Ace Chemicals, and Blackgate Penitentiary. They played hop scotch on a chalk grid left behind by children then continued by hopping over subdued criminals left behind by Batman and Robin. They breached the police line and danced by and on a police car outside a bank as officers walked out with two robbers. They came upon a S.W.A.T. stand off. An elderly woman saw them, too, then used the opening to hit the robber with her purse and knocked him out. They all danced in triumph. Gordon and Quinzel lay in the chalk outlines of two victims then happily rolled away.

They went to a panel where Gordon thought the surprise special guest was Batman. She had a question prepared that asked him how he differentiates incidental clues from the most illuminating ones doubling in impressing him in hopes of him taking her on as a sidekick. To her disappointment, the special guest was Robin. After an anecdote, Robin opened the floor to questions. He saw through Gordon's question and teased her. Quinzel was enraged. She lied to Gordon she had one more thing to go do and they agreed to meet at a coffee stand at 4 pm. Harley Quinn crashed the panel and lunged at Robin with her mallet. Batgirl swung in and kicked Harley away. Robin thought they were cosplayers and had security throw them out. Harley warned Batgirl to stay out of her way. Batgirl admitted she thought Harley's goal was awesome but vowed to stop her anyway. Harley went up to the scaffolding and severed a light fixture over Robin as he gave autographs. Batgirl fired a grapnel line and caught it.

During the red carpet, Quinn posed as a reporter and handed him her microphone and ran. It was really a grenade. Batgirl chased her. She ran back and put the pin back in the grenade. Quinn fired a blow dart from a potted plant. Batgirl blocked it with a cut out of Robin. Robin ordered a hot dog but Quinn handed him a live dynamite in a bun. Batgirl put it out with ketchup and mustard. During a toy unveiling, Batgirl and Quinn were trampled. By 4 pm, both were beat. Quinzel concluded the convention was a stinker. Gordon, unaware of what was going on, appealed to Quinzel to not let the convention be ruined for her, too, and do the thing she needed to do for her. Quinzel saw Robin and was inspired to try and kill him again. She changed back into Harley Quinn, stole the Joker's steam roller, and charged at Robin. Gordon was reduced to tears. Quinzel returned and was confused. Gordon admitted he was a jerk that always embarrassed her but she never wished him dead. They noticed Robin was still alive and what got run over was a cardboard cut out used for selfies.

Robin started judging the cosplay contest. Quinzel realized she still had a live bomb strapped to the judge's chair. Harley Quinn forced her way onto the stage but Batgirl stood in her way. Robin found the bomb. They leaped over the desk at him. Harley emerged with the bomb. The people in the audience realized it was real and fled the room. Harley didn't know how to get rid of it and ran into a restroom. A boy tripped her up and she lost the bomb. Batgirl fired a grapnel line and captured it then tossed it back to Harley. Harley threw it in a vault but realized it was the actual vault used by the Joker in his infamous 'Breakin' the Bank' Caper. She ran off with the bomb and threw it. Robin happened to catch it. Harley snatched it. Batgirl grabbed a fire extinguisher and fired but it went all over her face instead of the bomb. Harley gave her the bomb, took the extinguisher, and took out the fuse. Batgirl and Harley bowed and shook hands. Batgirl stared her down. Harley sprayed her face and ran out of the convention center.

Batgirl chased after her into the city. After the convention, Quinzel thought Gordon was a fan of Robin and as Harley Quinn tracked him down to an alley. Robin was reduced to tears and frantically signed a photo of himself under duress. While Gordon and Quinzel said their goodbyes at the Gotham Bus Depot, Quinzel gave her the signed autograph as a present since the convention didn't go like she wanted. The Super Hero Girls were insulted a taggers were trying to creep in on their turf. Batgirl recognized the tags were appearing at specific times in specific places. She took out her laptop and attempted to triangulate the coordinates of each location in order to accurately predict where the gang would strike next. Bumblebee beat her to the punch using her cell phone. They found themselves in one of the more seedier sections of the city, Sinister Slum. In contrast to everyone else, Batgirl wistfully thought about Gotham. They met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow.

Batgirl couldn't believe Hal Jordan, the dumb jock from school, was a Green Lantern. Zatanna cut through the awkwardness of not knowing who Oliver Queen was and pointed out Batgirl was Barbara Gordon to her annoyance. Flash was amazed, recalled she loved the Candy-Cake Triple Ripple Tower and brought her one. Batgirl realized he was Barry Allen. She tossed the cake. They took each other's hands and hopped with excitement. Jordan boasted they would win the race to the next tag because of the Flash but Cruz countered they also had his metabolism. Jordan saw Flash stop at a hot dog stand to recharge. Batgirl had so many questions for him like how many calories he burned in kilojoules or if it was all carbohydrates or what his basal metabolic rate was. The two teams watched as a portal was opened and General Zod, Ursa, and Non returned. Things went badly. Wonder Woman came up with a tactic once Jordan sent Trevor away to get donuts. Batgirl called Ursa "Ursula" and taunted her garbage fashion sense and dated hairdo.

Ursa used heat vision. Flash grabbed Batgirl and carried her piggyback style. Batgirl called her aim as on point as her boots. Ursa got angry and repeatedly shot at them. Flash joined in on teasing Ursa and called her "Wursa," asked if the relationship was moving too fast for her, then blew a raspberry at her. Ursa used her freeze breath and froze them in place. She found the pace glacial. Bumblebee and Hawkman returned to the battle with Kryptonite. Hawkman tossed the Kryptonite into the air and shattered it into three pieces with his mace. Wonder Woman stood up and gave the signal. Flash vibrated the ice off himself and Batgirl. Batgirl grabbed a piece and tied it up to a bola then wrangled Ursa with it. She was powerless. Flash created a vortex. Ursa gasped and whimpered. The vortex sent her through the portal. Non and later Zod followed and the portal was closed.

Starro rampaged through the city. The Super Hero Girls responded and tried to restrain it by grabbing each appendage. Wonder Woman announced its days of terror were over and revealed Bumblebee went on a long and perilous quest to locate the Hatorei Crystals, objects capable of sending it back to its dimension of origin. She was interrupted by the ringing of Batgirl's cell phone. Batgirl saw it was Harleen Quinzel and casually hopped off the street light she was perched on and walked away. Starro chased after the other girls. Quinzel told Gordon to guess where she was. Gordon guessed the Gotham Zoo then Gotham Comics but settled on Gotham Zoo. Quinzel revealed she was moving to Metropolis. The girls traded blasts with it and were barely able to send Starro to another dimension with the crystals. Their surroundings were in shambles. Batgirl was relieved they won. The others disagreed and all wearily confirmed they got beaten over and over. Batgirl shared her "good news" with them. A building toppled over. Quinzel presented herself to Gordon's table. Gordon got so excited she ran across the table on all fours, leaped off, and hugged Quinzel.

Gordon asked if she just showed up to school. Quinzel admitted she chose to be fashionably late on her first day. Gordon laughed at Quinzel's pranks and asked her to save some jokes for after school. The others became concerned. Gordon presented her idea to give Quinzel a tour of Metropolis together. Prince gritted her teeth and agreed to do so. Gordon and Quinzel locked arms, kicked the doors open, and strutted out into the hallway. The others quickly objected. Prince pointed out it was their divine duty as hosts to offer hospitality to their new guest and she was important to Gordon for some reason. Gordon arrived at headquarters and declared it was the best day ever and thought they loved Quinzel as much as she did. She even wanted to book activities a year in advance then changed it to five years then 50 then suggested they should all plan to die on the same day and have one big besties gravestone. She wanted to invite Quinzel into the headquarters. Prince did not find that prudent. Zatara agreed.

Gordon was confused. Danvers quickly made up the excuse that there wasn't enough chairs and vaporized them, the couch, and bean bags with her heat vision. Gordon started to realize they didn't want to hang out with Quinzel. They tried to deny it but Gordon used the Lasso of Truth on them. They all thought Quinzel was the worst. Gordon gasped. Danvers realized she missed her and awkwardly joined the others. Gordon felt betrayed and un-friended them. She tried to exit up the chute but kept sliding back down. Zatara quietly stopped Beecher from intervening. Some time later, Gordon and Quinzel went to a comic book store. Quinzel found a Space Joker vs. Caveman Batman one shot variant cover but Gordon was overcome with sadness. She thought the comic wasn't mint and threw a fit then threw the comic. Gordon told her about the spat with the others then declared it would be them against the world like in Gotham. Quinzel was fine with that but also suggested going on a nice drive in the country with some nice girls she met.

Selina Kyle drove while Doris Zeul knocked mail boxes off their stands with a baseball bat. The others laughed from the back seat. Gordon was very uneasy with what was going on and asked if the plan was to replace them with nicer, better mailboxes. Isley stated they were being destroyed because they were wooden stumps of death that people stuffed full of other dead trees. Kyle asserted it was fun. She swerved and drove through another mail box. Gordon abruptly yelled out to stop the car. She made up an excuse that she had to write a book for the library and crawled outside then pulled Quinzel out. Gordon decided to call her father to take them to the movies but to her surprise, Quinzel opted to stay with the others and promised they would catch up the next day. Gordon showed up alone at Sweet Justice but the door closed and she hit her head. Gordon went to the counter. Sensing Gordon was down, Barry Allen asked her to try out his latest ice cream concoction, the jalapeno toffee swirl sundae. Gordon was unable to handle both flavors at once and belched.

Allen made separate dishes. Gordon realized it was applicable to her friend problems and called up Quinzel to tell her the good news it was okay they didn't get along with each others' friends and could still be best friends. Gordon asked Allen to pack everything to go so she could find her friends. Allen pointed her to the TV. It was on a live feed of the big fight. She quickly changed into Batgirl. Harley tried to attack Wonder Woman but Batgirl threw out a Batrope and scraped one of her wrists. Harley was annoyed to see Batgirl and fired an RPG from her mallet. The explosion launched Batgirl back and she suffered a scrape on her shoulder. They charged each other but all of a sudden, they were surrounded by police cars. Catwoman ordered a retreat. Harley refused. Giganta grabbed her head and used a seat belt to tie her up then carried the others away in the stolen car. Harley vowed things would be worse than it was in Gotham. Batgirl apologized to everyone and wanted to prove it with the Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman stopped her and apologized on everyone's behalf, too. Green Lantern wanted everyone to promise no more splitting up, especially with Catwoman and her crew on the loose. Supergirl agreed. Batgirl declared they were SBFFs again. Zatanna told Supergirl she meant "Super Best Friends Forever." The next day, Gordon and Quinzel hung out in the comic book store. Quinzel found Issue #6 of the Gotham Crow limited series. Gordon asked her about her bandaged wrist. Quinzel told her she burnt it on her hair dryer cord. Quinzel asked Gordon about the bandage on her shoulder. Gordon claimed it was a hair dryer, too. They pondered the excuses then Quinzel saw a new Joker vs. Batman imprint. They read it together. Quinzel complained about Batman being in the first panel and unshaven. She wondered why he wasn't presentable like the Joker. Gordon countered it was to show how committed he was to the city.

The girls barely got onto the S.S. Tardy ferry in time, except for Beecher. Gordon, in particular, was going to be late for work. She almost blurted out to Beecher to use her powers to catch up but Zee Zatara covered her mouth and reminded her there were too many people around. Gordon became sad. Zatara and Cruz patted her on the head. Beecher later entered Burrito Bucket and tried to tell Gordon about Harley Quinn's plot to blow up the bridge but she only recited company rhetoric. Beecher turned around and realized she cut in front of a long line. She went to the back and apologized to everyone as she went. After some time, she finally made it to the register but Gordon was on break. Jimmy informed her Gordon left something. Beecher left with four burrito buckets. Zatanna found her, told her about the bombs, and the Super Hero Girls backed up Bumblebee on the bridge. Batgirl scaled the bridge and was impressed with Bumblebee tackling Harley. She swung down and kicked Harley. She wanted to call the new move the Beeline.

After discovered Catwoman's soulless but still alive body, the Super Hero Girls decided to take it for safe keeping. Batgirl boasted hiding bodies was a common occurrence growing up in Gotham City. She tripped on Harley Quinn's body. Batgirl told everyone to relax because all they had to do was hide two bodies at her house. Giganta's body fell on top of the van. Lantern glumly made a van construct and drove. Batgirl claimed she hid three bodies before breakfast. They came upon Livewire, Poison Ivy, and Star Sapphire's bodies. Commissioner Gordon fell asleep watching "Make It Wayne." The girls dragged and carried the villains up to Batgirl's bedroom. Prince was called to help figure out the next move. She inquired about the make up and wires. Gordon explained she was making it look like a slumber party to trick her father. He knocked to check up on things. Gordon put on the show and he fell for it to the others' dismay. She pointed out he didn't figure out she was Batgirl yet.

After Diana Prince discovered she was allergic to cats, Cruz shifted gears to finding a traditional family environment for the unadoptable cat Dexter. She drove to Barbara Gordon's house. Gordon always wanted a cat and renamed him "Batkitten." Cruz wondered why not "Batcat" but Gordon informed her that was just dumb. Dexter climbed up a bookcase filled with Gordon's Batman collectibles then pushed them off. Gordon barely caught each one. He then pushed one off that took her 32 hours to complete. She missed and it shattered. Gordon found Danvers at her locker one day, in a good mood for once. Danvers shared how she was satisfied about Supergirl's hard earned reputation but she was called to Mr. Chapin's office and suspended. As she walked home with Gordon, Danvers told her about how she was blamed for the demolished gym at Smallville High School but she didn't try to fight the accusation. Gordon assured her she believed her. Danvers took solace that Supergirl's reputation was still okay.

Gordon ran over to a crowd watching breaking news about Supergirl leaving graffiti on the Great Wall of China. Everyone believed it, even Gordon. Another report came up about Supergirl ripping the roof off the Taj Mahal. Danvers vowed she wouldn't let herself get framed again. While Supergirl flew across the Atlantic Ocean, Batgirl sat on her back and made calculations on her laptop. She determined the next target would be England. They landed on the Westminster Bridge and noticed a distraught crowd. Batgirl got out a scope and looked around the river until she saw Stonehenge. The crowd mistook Supergirl for Bizarro Supergirl and surrounded her. Supergirl insisted she just arrived but no one believed her. A boy claimed he saw Supergirl do it. The angry mob produced pitchforks. Batgirl suddenly announced she figured out the next target. Supergirl grabbed her and took off for Russia. The Kremlin was completely TP'ed by the time Supergirl and Batgirl arrived in Russia. Russians and a bear thought Supergirl was the vandal and produced pitch forks.

One Russian man presented a photo of her on his phone. Supergirl snatched it. Batgirl thought it was a match, to Supergirl's annoyance. She studied the photo. They took off. They found an upside down pyramid in Egypt. Batgirl noticed the similarity to when Supergirl flipped Lady Justice upside down at Metropolis High School. Supergirl yelled at her to stop saying it was her. An angry mob ran over to them with pitch forks ready. After the dust cleared, Supergirl insisted it wasn't her. She vowed to prove she was a good guy by being one. She lifted up the pyramid and was about to fix it but Bizarro Supergirl tackled her into a dune. She declared Supergirl couldn't stop her. She flew her up then punched Supergirl into the dune. Batgirl peered down into the crater and told Supergirl she believed her now. Supergirl sighed. On the flight back, Batgirl made new calculations while Supergirl talked to Clark Kent over the phone about Bizarros. Batgirl determined Metropolis was next. Batgirl was bugged about the claim the Bizarros were the opposite of their counterpart and wondered why Supergirl's was still strong or could fly.

Just as Supergirl and Batgirl landed in Metropolis, the former was hit by Bizarro Supergirl's fire breath. Batgirl pointed out they were both angry and violent. Bizarro Supergirl yelled at her to say out of the way and exhaled fire breath again. Supergirl countered with her freeze breath. It was a draw. Batgirl pointed out that was opposite. Bizarro Supergirl fired ice vision and Supergirl countered with heat vision. Batgirl pointed out the difference again. Batgirl kept score of differences on a white board. Supergirl dropped to her knees and gave up, no matter what she did she was blamed for things. Batgirl tried to rally her with using one last super power. Supergirl recalled Superman told her about a Super Flare, using all the solar energy in her cells and concentrating all her Kryptonian strength into one powerful blast but she would be left powerless for a time. Bizarro fired ice vision at the citizens and they ran away. Supergirl decided to stick up for herself and lay it all on the line. She posed, embraced Batgirl, then flew away. Batgirl's resolve broke and she cried in pain over her broken hand.

Batgirl donned gloves, a welder's mask, and shield as Supergirl and Bizarro used a Super Flare on each other. A giant crater was left in their wake. Bizarro sat up but Batgirl tied her up with rope. To her surprise, Bizarro started crying at the thought of Bizarro Superman getting all the glory instead of her. Supergirl empathized and hugged her. Batgirl pointed out that was not opposite. Barbara Gordon stepped inside Sweet Justice and saw them both eating ice cream. Gordon changed her mind and left. Barbara Gordon ate her six bean breakfast burrito during morning assembly while the other girls looked on. She noticed and offered them a bite. There were no takers. Chapin finally lost it and slammed a book down on his podium. Everyone sat down at the same time. Gordon farted and went into a fetal position. Leslie Willis stood up in the back of the auditorium and pinned the fart on her. Everyone laughed at her.

Even at Sweet Justice after school, she was laughed at. Gordon drowned her sorrows at the bar and downed float after float. Barry Allen tried to deny her another float but she declared her life was over and slammed the counter. Allen complied and tried to tell her the embarrassment wouldn't last long even though everyone was talking about her, making up nicknames, and changing the lyrics of pop songs. Oliver Queen played his guitar and started singing a "tale of stinkiness" until Gordon sarcastically thanked him. Allen squirted some chocolate out of a squeeze bottle, apologized, and hid the bottle behind his back. Everyone laughed. Gordon tightened her hoodie to hide her face completely. The entire week, Gordon avoided sleep in order to solve time travel so she could go back into the past and undo the fart. She succeeded after 80 hours of intense calculations. One morning, she jumped out of the hedges and surprised Barry Allen. She shared the news and announced they could fix everything together.

As they entered the school, she explained they had to go back in time and make sure she never ate the breakfast bean burrito, thus altering the very fabric of space-time wrapping them into a parallel timeline where on that morning in front of the whole school she did not fart. Allen found it cool she could make impossible things sound super easy. Gordon revealed he had the power to travel back in time all along and never knew it. He just had to synchronize non-fermionic cork spin with a semi-hyperbolic region of n-dimensional space. He blinked. She translated the plan to running around in a circle really fast. Allen got it. They changed into their suits. Flash took his runner's position then Batgirl hopped on his back. They went back in time to before the student assembly started. They confirmed it by observing Chapin still setting up then went to Gordon's locker. Batgirl swapped in a burrito with no beans. Flash stared at her. She admitted she always carried a variety of burritos with her.

They went forward in time to Sweet Justice. Gordon collared Oliver Queen and demanded to know what moment her tale of stinkiness started. She added he had to answer in song. Queen had no idea what she was talking about. Gordon was elated. She started thinking of all the regrets in her life like the movies she missed, the words she mispronounced, and the Robins she didn't tell off. Allen kind of got it. Gordon agreed with him that they should go back in time and fix every regret they ever had. Gordon and Allen went back three years into the past. She planned to buy a Batman v Pizza Rat #77 limited edition foil cover variant at the local comic book store. Allen realized she was talking about the one that sold out everywhere in three hours. Gordon flashed her credit card but Comic Book Johnny stated they only took cash. Gordon turned to Allen but he only had five cents. To pay for it, they went 12 years into the past to Gotham City. Gordon stole the piggy bank from her young infant self. Gordon called it investing in her future. Infant Gordon cried hysterically.

Back to three years ago, Gordon smashed her piggy bank and paid the $3.55. Gordon got another idea. They went 33 years into the past to watch the first Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space when it premiered in theaters. Gordon was amazed and finally understood all the memes. They went 10 years into the past and tried Fizz Kapow candy before it was banned for blowing kids up. They poured packet each into their mouths then drank cola. The candy reacted, changed into crystals and erupted out of their mouths. They went one week into the past when Gordon left a clothing store and was hit by mud thanks to a passing car. She instead produced an umbrella to protect herself. She invited Allen to start changing his regrets. He stood next to her covered in mud but admitted his life was pretty great the way it was. She pried and pointed out there had to be something he regretted. Allen pondered then remembered something.

They went four years into the past to the 70th birthday party of his nana. They hid under the gift table. Allen reached for his card and added one more exclamation point to "Happy Birthday, Nana!" so she wouldn't think he was a monster. Allen felt relieved. Gordon remained silent then suggested they return to the present to see how awesome it now was. Gordon and Allen returned to the present to find Metropolis in ruins. Gordon tried to pin it on Allen's exclamation point. He sobbed and apologized. They went back in time and he cried as he erased the second exclamation point. They went back to the present but they found out General Zod took over the planet. A foot soldier forced a family to kneel before Zod as a blimp projecting his image flew by. Allen thought it was classic prank from Neil who he hated. A soldier found Allen and tasered him in the back. He changed his mind and announced he loved that guy. They jumped into the past and undid every change they made like tearing up their movie tickets to Exploding Ninjas, emptying their Fizz Kapow and cola into a trash can, and Gordon letting herself get hit by mud.

They jumped back to the present but discovered Starro destroyed the city. Allen didn't understand what went wrong. Gordon admitted the only thing they didn't undo was the burrito switch. She felt like she was in an impossible situation, her dignity or the lives of six billion. Allen was fairly sure it was seven plus all the plants and animals. Gordon reminded her about Queen's tale of stinkiness song. Allen acquiesced and found it to be a tough call. She asked him what he would do. Allen figured the ground disintegrating beneath their feet made him lean towards saving the world but told her she was his best friend and he would support her whatever she decided to do. He put his arm around her shoulder. Gordon shuddered at the thought of the fart but made her choice. They jumped one year into the past to Metropolis High School. Gordon saw her future self switch the burrito then leave with Flash. She proceeded to put back a bean burrito but a future Barbara Gordon from an apocalyptic future tackled her. Gordon realized she was from a timeline where she didn't go back in time to re-switch the burritos with the one with beans so she could re-humiliate herself.

Future Gordon confirmed that was true and she was going to stop her then attacked with a saw blade from her robot arm. Gordon dodged but Future Gordon kicked the burrito towards the ceiling and caught it. A third Batgirl in a white suit stole the burrito with a grapnel line. She represented a large group of Batgirls who hated their futures and refused to let Future Gordon let them have them. A Gordon in a marching band suit stole the burrito with her grapnel line and declared their Batgirls were okay with their horrific futures and wouldn't let the re-humiliation happen again. The two factions battled each other. The burrito eventually landed on the floor. Gordon reached for it but Future Gordon attacked with a drill hand. She insisted a humanity reduced to living in post-apocalyptic asteroid caves was for the best. Gordon countered if it meant saving the world, she would cut a thousand farts.

The Barbara Gordon of that timeline arrived and wondered what was going on. Gordon threw her the burrito and she took a bite. All the Gordons vanished into energy and unleashed a pulse. They merged with that timeline's Gordon. She declared she knew everything then continued eating. At the morning assembly, Gordon farted. Before Leslie Willis could out her, Gordon stood and declared it was her and they were welcome. A girl thought it was gross. Supergirl was assumed dead after a fight with Livewire and decided to craft a new persona. Supergirl wanted to decide on a new attitude next and asked the girls what the one thing they would change about her. They lied and told her there was nothing they would. Supergirl asked Beecher. Beecher hesitantly told her she would change her "teeniest" anger problem. Supergirl thanked her for being honest. Gordon felt comfortable and got out her list. It rolled across the floor. She revealed she had a list like that for everyone then told Supergirl she was always late, cracked her knuckles, drooled when she slept, said things like "irregardless" and "supposedly," and mixed up her "theirs," "there's," and "they'res" but before she could continue, Supergirl grabbed her by the collar. Supergirl paused and told Gordon the old her would have knocked her out but the new her wasn't going there but spelled out "their." Batgirl thought Awesome Girl was a good codename but Supergirl chose "Powergirl" instead.

Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Gordon and Bernstein were excited to be paired up. On Saturday, they ate at the mall. Zee Zatara walked over to sit with Garth Bernstein and Barbara Gordon. Gordon revealed Bernstein had an old baby carrier laying around so they used it for the egg. Bernstein was a little embarrassed his mother kept all his baby stuff in his room for him to use instead of getting normal things. Queen joined them and jabbed that he had a mother who actually had affection for her offspring. Gordon asked Bernstein to have the egg for the night to introduce it to the superhero life. Bernstein refused and thought it would be too dangerous. Zatara agreed and thought they had their A in the bag. Queen scoffed at her talking about grades. Batgirl "stole" the egg from Bernstein's bedroom before Quinzel and Danvers could.

Batgirl drove her egg around on her moped. She told it to live life. She ran over a pothole and the egg was launched into the air. It sailed over a barb wire fence and somehow landed without any damage. She was relieved. It rolled down into a shredding machine in a construction site. It was shot out undamaged. She was relieved. It landed outside the fence but was run over by a Lexpress delivery van. She was devastated. By Sunday, all the eggs were destroyed. Most of the Home Ec pairs sulked outside. Gordon admitted they all messed up and there was no way any of them could walk into class on Monday. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. Everyone stared at it and lunged at it. It rolled down the street. Gordon reached. Beecher warned her to be careful then bumped her away. It eventually landed in Garth Bernstein's hands. The others rushed him. In the confusion, the egg rolled away. Pamela Isley picked it up and left.

Barbara Gordon was hyped to be in a mission, involving friends coming together to pull off a complicated plan that was legally dubious but morally correct while trading banter and wearing colorful outfits, all to awesome music, or in other words, a heist, at the Lexcorp Tower to take the Book of Eternity. She assured the girls she had the plans, the gadgets, and the disguises. However, she had to go to her grandmother's in Gotham City for the weekend and missed out on all the action and revelations. After the weekend, the girls brought up to speed while they hung out at Sweet Justice. Gordon was aghast she missed the heist, saving the world, finding out Lex Luthor was a supervillain, and canapes. She face slammed the table and could not be consoled. Jessica Cruz took Barbara Gordon, Pamela Isley, Garth Bernstein, Hal Jordan, and Karen Beecher to her parents' cabin for a weekend retreat. Bernstein really liked the lake but no one else seemed to care. Gordon pushed him aside and unveiled her retractable 3D theater system with Ultra 4K resolution display and 10.2 surround sound that ran on a nanotech pocket generator.

Gordon selected the "The Cabin Massacre" movie trilogy for their weekend viewing. Cruz informed Gordon and everyone else they were roughing it with no technology or super powers. She complied and gave up all her gadgets but pouted. Gordon made up a spooky story and scared everyone but Cruz. She said the witch was once a beautiful woman who lived long ago but a plague killed her 13 children so she tried to resurrect them. She pulled more and more corpses from the grave of plague victims in search of her children and fell deeper into madness. The first zombie appeared behind Gordon after she finished telling her spooky campfire story about the Witch of the Wood. They ran for it and started to believe Gordon's story was true. One grabbed Jordan's right leg and he tripped. Gordon jump kicked and rapidly stomped the zombie then Beecher pulled Jordan away then made it to the cabin. A remnant of a Plant Zombie on Hal Jordan's leg mutated him. Cruz threw Gordon a push broom. Gordon bashed his head but had no affect.

Gordon believed he was completely brain dead in his new form. Cruz asked how the could tell. Jordan's arms extended and grabbed them but Beecher jammed a bucket over his head. He stuttered around blind and walked into a closet. They shut the door and Cruz put a push broom to lock up. The zombies' vines began to creep into the cabin. To make matters worse, everyone's equipment and weapons were in a sack hanging from a tree outside Cruz' mom's minivan very far away and between it and the cabin were all the hordes of Plant Zombies. Cruz implored Beecher and Gordon to improvise. They made makeshift armor and weapons using what they could find in the kitchen. Gordon put on oven mitts, used a colander as a helmet, and took two spatulas for weapons. Gordon sliced several apart with two spatulas, then started throwing them like boomerangs at the more towering zombies but she was dragged into the horde. Cruz got her power ring and destroyed the Plant Zombies.

Barbara Gordon was stirred awake by a noise downstairs. She suspected a burglar and suited up. She saw an open window and continued looking around the kitchen with her Batarang drawn. Deathstroke appeared behind her and drew a sword then slashed. She dodged but some furniture was sliced in half. She continued to avoid his attacks then sidestepped a kick. Deathstroke threw a punch but Batgirl grabbed a bag of flour from the damaged cupboard at the last second. Deathstroke hit it and coughed in a cloud of flour. Batgirl activated her Bat-Goggles and jump kicked him. He grabbed a ladle and deflected her balls but sliced his left arm with a Batarang. Commissioner Gordon woke up and called out from upstairs asking her if everything was okay. She yelled back she was just making nachos. Deathstroke leaped out a window and vanished behind a neighbor's house. She ran after him, roof to roof. Deathstroke stopped and drew both swords. She grabbed a cable satellite to block them. He had her dead to rights but he sheathed his swords, laughed, backed up, and dropped down. By the time Batgirl looked down, he was gone.

The next day, she was late to band. The teacher and band stopped and stared at her. Gordon met Rose Wilson, who was starting her first day at Metropolis High School. Despite Wilson being a total stranger, Gordon confided the story of the break-in to her. Wilson invited her to her house of dinner on the weekend to get her mind off the break-in. Commissioner Gordon dropped her off at the Wilson home with a box of doughnuts. Slade Wilson ominously answered the door. She thought his eyepatch was cool but he replied that sometimes, the darkest impulses of the human heart could be triggered by emotions so strong, so raw, that loved ones act without thinking. It was something he learned the hard way. He sarcastically stated he was happy she thought the patch was awesome. She presented the doughnuts. Mr. Wilson thumbed his nose at them and sarcastically mused they would pair well with the chestnut souffles he was preparing all day. Gordon entered sheepishly. She was amazed by the interior and remarked it looked like a LexMart catalog. She touched a pot but pulled away when Mr. Wilson turned to her.

Rose Wilson greeted her. Mr. Wilson remarked she looked lovely and hugged her. Mr. Wilson hoped she was as hungry as she was late. Gordon replied she was up for anything as long as it wasn't something like bouillabaisse. Mr. Wilson frowned. Wilson assured Gordon her father's bouillabaisse was the best and if she didn't like it, she was sure he would be willing to whip up something else. She took the doughnut box. Mr. Wilson joked he might have dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets wedged in the back of the freezer. He took the doughnuts and walked to the kitchen. Wilson took Gordon's hand and gave her a tour of the house. They settled in Wilson's bedroom. Gordon commented Mr. Wilson was "nice." Wilson laughed and told her he was trying then revealed he was gone most of her life and they only reconnected in the last year or so. She only moved in to make up for lost time. Wilson showed a family portrait of when she was an infant. Mr. Wilson called out dinner was ready. Wilson advised Gordon not to worry about impressing him and he was totally harmless.

At the dinner table, Mr. Wilson asked Gordon if she always wore her shoes on other people's carpets. Gordon quickly chucked her shoes off. Wilson chided him. Gordon tried to compliment the shaved fennel and asparagus salad. He responded sarcastically. Wilson told him he was being rude. Mr. Wilson feigned innocence and asked Gordon to tell him something about herself. Gordon went on stream of unconscious thought and listed off he was a Libra, had a dog named Ace, liked Physics and gym class the best, owns every Batman comic ever, and her dad used to be the police commissioner in Gotham City. Mr. Wilson's interest was piqued and he started to put things together. His ominous grin made her nervous. Gordon suddenly zipped off to the bathroom. She splashed water in her face but got water all over. She grabbed a towel but the rack fell. She tried wiping up the water but noticed a frame with all of Mr. Wilson's medals from military service. She picked it off the wall and all the medals fell into the toilet. She retrieved them, put them back in the frame in a pile, jammed it back on the wall, and left. She noticed a pair of double doors that was secured. Pressing it made to turn red.

Mr. Wilson served his bouillabaisse. Gordon noticed a bandage in his arm. He remarked he was attacked by a bat. Gordon realized he knew she was Batgirl. She looked at her bouillabaisse and saw a skull face. Gordon zipped off to the bathroom again. She paced around then went back to the double doors. She got out a Batarang and activated it like a Swiss Army Knife. She managed to unlock the door and entered Mr. Wilson's bedroom. She looked all around and found the Deathstroke costume in a trunk. She saw a spooky mask and examined it but it didn't trigger anything. She leaned on the mantle and a secret passage was revealed. It led to Deathstroke's lair. Gordon accessed a laptop inside and found Deathstroke's list of targets past and present. She then saw a board and learned Commissioner Gordon was his latest target. Mr. Wilson was waiting for her out in the hallway and asked Gordon if she found everything she needed. Rose Wilson appeared and broke the tension by suggesting they skip to dessert.

Rose Wilson began to suspect something was strange was going on. She suggested pairing the souffle with ice cream. Mr. Wilson agreed and told her it was in the freezer downstairs. After she left, he somehow slipped into his costume instantly. He shoved the table and she went flying. She returned to the kitchen as Batgirl. She declared he would have to go through her to get to Commissioner Gordon and threw a bola. He sliced it and told her not to take it personally because her father made a lot of enemies with a lot of money back in Gotham City. Batgirl was insulted and flubbed he was the man who gave birth to her. She bounced off him and hung from a chandelier. He hacked at the chandelier. Deathstroke bragged he could have taken her out that night and wished he did now knowing what a "terrible influence" she was on his daughter. Batgirl dodged his sword and retorted a snobby supervillain father was such a great role model. She threw out exploding gas balls at him.

Deathstroke started throwing out insults, calling her table manners atrocious and she had the palate of a five year old. Batgirl asked who serves a bouillabaisse to a teenager. They exchanged kicks. He grabbed her leg and threw her into a wall, pinned her to the floor, and unsheathed a sword. Rose Wilson walked in on them. Deathstroke assured her it wasn't what it looked like. Batgirl elbowed him. Wilson revealed he promised he wouldn't try to assassinate her friends anymore. She stated she was very disappointed in him. Deathstroke exclaimed it was his job. Wilson realized she should have known he couldn't change but she was just starting to trust him. Deathstroke apologized and stated she meant more to him than anything. He promised if she didn't want him to do the job, he wouldn't. He took off his mask, and swore he would not assassinate Commissioner Gordon. Wilson ordered them to shake hands. They objected. Batgirl licked her glove to his disgust. He didn't look and shook her hand. Commissioner Gordon rang the doorbell outside.

The three of them answered, smiling. He invited Gordon inside for doughnuts. Gordon remarked he never said no to a doughnut and came in. The Wilsons visited the Gordon house the next day. Rose Wilson told Barbara Gordon she was moving back in with her mother because she and her father agreed to take it a little slower. Wilson promised she would still come and visit. She also promised Gordon's secret was safe with her. Mr. Wilson approached next and thanked Gordon for showing him what a father and daughter could be. He revealed he was taking time off to be a better dad. He then gave her doughnuts he made himself. She was surprised and thanked him. After the Wilsons left, Gordon opened the box and saw the doughnuts formed in the shape of a skull face. She dumped them in the garbage bin and went back inside.

During a slumber party, the subject of nightmares came up between the Super Hero Girls. Barbara Gordon, for some reason, had the 12th edition of "Batman's Guide to Criminal Psychoanalysis" with her and recited a passage about nightmares and how our subconsciousness uses them to force us to look at our deepest insecurities and fears, and the emotions in them are the emotions that need to be examined in the real world because they always connected to whatever was happening in our lives and always tell us about ourselves that our conscious minds can't handle. Gordon finally paused and wondered if she dreamed all that. Zee Zatara followed Fuseli, a demon that fed off fear and insecurity, through the dream realm and arrived in a place that looked like Metropolis. Suddenly, Batgirl dropped out of the sky into her arms. Batgirl was noticeably scared and urged her to run away. Zatara scoffed and figured it was Easter bunnies. Flying sharks rained down on them.

Batgirl outran Zatara and yelled for the shark-repellent Bat-Spray. Zatara had no idea what she was talking about then realized she was holding a tray of Bat-Sprays. One for whales, one for manta rays, and one for sharks. The evil teddy bear from Wonder Woman's nightmare rode one of the sharks. The bear revealed its impish form. Batgirl sprayed the shark and it skidded across the street. Fuseli left the nightmare in a portal. Gordon and the others woke up after Zatanna pulled Fuseli to the real world. With no powers, Fuseli had to get a job. He ended up working the counter at the same Burrito Bucket where Gordon worked at. He charged a man $800 for a 49 cent burrito. She reminded him to give the customers fair prices and quality product they expect from Burrito Bucket and that if he made it through his six month quality control edit without an errors, he would be eligible for a bonus, or middle management if he made it a year. Fuseli remarked it was a nightmare.

Beecher and the others liked Casey Krinsky after she got them coveted tots for lunch and later kittens. They didn't believe Zatara's claims she was crazy obsessed with her. Things got worse when Krinsky revealed her super power to steal the powers of her victim. She took on Zatara's appearance and the girls were none the wiser. Things got even worse when they all went to the secret headquarters. Krinsky realized they were the Super Hero Girls and stole their powers and costumes, too, and left them powerless and weak until Zatara tricked her into going back to normal. Barbara Gordon and Karen Beecher watched "Make It Wayne" at the former's place. Gordon proclaimed Bruce Wayne was the worst. Beecher recalled she always said that and wondered why she even watched the show. Gordon deflected and claimed she only watched it because she did then admitted she only watched it because of the "poor little orphan" Dick Grayson and found him super sweet. Beecher hoped Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale got together this season.

Jessica Cruz arrived and honked her horn. Beecher again asked Gordon if she wanted to come along and babysit with them, emphasizing Cruz was a pro at it. Gordon turned her down and told her she was busy. Beecher told her goodbye and left. Once the coast was clear, Gordon turned the TV back on and continued watching "Make It Wayne." The episode continued with Wayne asking Pennyworth to refill the caviar fountain. During lunch, Barbara Gordon threw down the latest Daily Planetoid and asked Harleen Quinzel if she could believe that in their first year at Metropolis High, the Hamsters had a shot at the football state title. She noticed Hal Jordan looked terrible and stressed out despite his playoff beard and lucky socks giving him the winning edge. Gordon revealed she planned to buy him a pair of Lombard XLXs as a gift for winning the title but they were limited editions and sold out. Quinzel revealed she knew a guy who could get anything. Jordan became nauseous and ran off.

Gordon went to see Oswald Cobblepot about getting the XLXs in size 12. Cobblepot noted they were difficult to come by then produced a pair in the box. Gordon was thrilled and offered her money. Cobblepot wrote down his price but it was too high so she offered to do something else. Cobblepot told her to be at a specific location at 3:55 pm that day and he would give her the shoes. Gordon waited at the spot and swapped texts with Cobblepot to confirm she was there. A boy ran out of class and shoved a piece of paper into her hands then tried to run off but Mr. Chapin confronted him. He claimed to be ignorant of having any paper on him. Chapin warned him he had his eyes on him then returned to the classroom. A boy in a beanie took a photo of Gordon holding the paper then took it and gave her the XLXs. She realized she was used to steal test answers. Gordon tried to return the shoes but Cobblepot had the incriminating photo of her holding the stolen test answers then stated he ran the school, from test answers to vending machines to elections.

Cobblepot planned to install his goon as the next class president and boasted his phone was always recording and had dirt on everyone. He led her outside, put the shoes back in her hands, and told her he would be in touch. In Algebra class, Gordon got a text telling her to make a distraction during a lecture on experimental decay. Gordon pretended to choke and fell out of her seat. While everyone gathered around her, a girl stole a hall pass out of the teacher's desk then gave it to Cobblepot later on. Gordon was then told to put an out of order sign on the vending machine. Students would be then forced to buy snacks from Cobblepot at a premium. That night, Batgirl infiltrated the school and hotwired the vending machine. The next day, Gordon tapped her wrist band and the vending machine started shooting out free snacks. On the day of school elections, Gordon swapped the ballot box with an alternate box provided by Cobblepot. None the wiser, Chapin took it to his office and kept it there overnight. Batgirl sneaked in and stuffed the box with votes for Jimmy Olsen.

The next day, Chapin declared Olsen the new class president. In the audience, Cobblepot glared at Gordon but she feigned innocence. He was getting irritated with Batgirl's interference but pressed on and gave Gordon her last task: steal Hal Jordan's lucky socks and she would be free of him. Gordon was at a loss. Cobblepot revealed he bought up Garfield High merchandise and planned to sell it at marked up prices in anticipation of Jordan blowing the game without his socks. Gordon asked him what to do about Batgirl. He told her to figure it out on her own or he would expose her to the school. On the day of the game, Gordon handed over a sack containing the lucky socks to Cobblepot. He was pleased but she felt terrible. Jordan was sacked left and right. The score was 28-3 then another touch down put Garfield well ahead. Coach tried to talk to Jordan on the sideline. Gordon had enough. She slipped away from the band, changed into Batgirl, and stole the socks back then threw them like a football to Jordan. He put them on then called out the Zap-39 right Gallagher watermelon on three. The tide turned and Jordan made completion after completion.

It was 35-31 in the final seconds of the game. Cobblepot became nervous. Jordan ran the ball into the endzone himself and scored, winning the game for Metropolis High. Cobblepot was furious and kicked his cooler and threw his folding chair. Gordon admitted Batgirl was too good. He prepared to reveal she stole test answers but his phone was missing. Gordon held it out. As he tried to jump and grab it, he blurted out he couldn't blackmail anyone without it. He was projected on the school's big board. Gordon then deleted everything on the phone to everyone's relief. She, too, was tossed up in the air like Jordan. They high fived then Gordon presented her surprise. Jordan was stunned to see Steve Lombard and his own pair of Lombard XLXs. A heavenly glow enveloped the shoes. He tossed his lucky socks off and they landed on Gordon's face. She peeled them off her inflamed eyes. Jordan hugged her in gratitude and asked her how she got them. Gordon joked she knew a guy.

The girls became increasingly concerned with Lois Lane gathering evidence about the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls. They noticed Lane was at a table across the cafeteria, staring at them. Barbara Gordon recognized the stare as the classic, "I'm trying to put the pieces together" detective stare. She instructed everyone to freeze. Lane jotted down notes. Gordon realized it didn't work and told everyone to move. They made awkward gyrations. Lane jotted down more notes. Gordon freaked and told everyone to run for it. After a battle with Moth-Monsters at Metropolis Pier, Batgirl ate a burrito and threw the wrapper away. Lane grabbed it and noted it was from Burrito Bucket. Supergirl left off some steam by punching a Moth-Monster into space. Batgirl noted a good reporter like Lois Lane was going to investigate the scene so they should plant false evidence to throw her off their trail. She dumped a bunch of things then hid behind a dumpster with Supergirl. Lane arrived and deduced it was the work of Barbara Gordon. Supergirl was stunned. Batgirl concluded they needed to steal her notepad.

Gordon lamented Batman would never accept her to his team if her secret identity was exposed. The girls slipped out of Sweet Justice and defeated Killer Moth and its Moth-Monster army once and for all. Lane saw the good the team did for the city and killed her story. Gordon participated in a nature hike with the other girls but Beecher was unable to make it. Danvers wasn't as sympathetic about her being 14 and too young to drive. The importance of driving was lost on Diana Prince as she pointed out people have feet to carry them. Barbara Gordon insisted driving was all about freedom and a little about how the mass transit system was messed up. Prince realized if she got a driver's license, she could transport Beecher around to the "cool stuff" they did together. Gordon performed surveillance on Kite Man but before he could conclude the sale of a Kite 30000, a mind controlled Kara Danvers yelled into her microphone and ruined the sting. The potential buyer disabled Gordon's camera. Batgirl and the rest of the girls helped free Supergirl from Ra's Al Ghul's Red Kryptonite and mind control song.

The girls concluded a study session at the Metropolis Library. During cleanup, Gordon realized they had Prince's bag. They got into Cruz's van and went to drop it off but nobody knew where she lived. Gordon used her phone to pinpoint Prince at Centennial Park and admitted she put trackers on everyone. She was met with glares. Danvers asked her to not be creepy for once. Gordon tracked her to a giant tree in Centennial Park. Prince was camped atop the tree and greeted the girls. They convinced her to try living with one of them. Lastly, Diana Prince tried living with Barbara Gordon. Gordon admitted she always wanted a sister and hugged Prince. Prince happily accepted her welcome and admitted since she was sculpted from clay by her mother's hand, she always wanted a father. Gordon declared she had the best dad ever and climbed up to the top bunk. She declared everything was perfect. Commissioner Gordon peeked in and bid the girls good night.

Some time later, Gordon was stirred awake by the sound of Prince sleep fighting with a spear. In the kitchen, Commissioner Gordon made a sandwich while he played EZ Listening with his phone and wireless headphones. He inadvertently dodged Prince's attacks. Gordon freaked out and jumped in front of her father. Prince gathered her belongings. Gordon apologized about it not working out. Prince apologized for trying to vanquish her dad. Commissioner Gordon wrapped his left wrist. Prince whimpered after the front door closed. During a battle with a big humanoid monster, Batgirl threw a Batarang at one of its ears to get its attention. She was paired with Flash. In response to a building on fire, she was paired with Green Arrow. When Diana Prince admitted her pet griffin Steve just needed a little discipline, Gordon took the lead and blew a whistle.

Diana Prince brought Steve the Griffin to Pelham Park to train with Barbara Gordon and Ace. Gordon boasted there was no pet more disciplined than Ace. As she talked, Steve ran circles around Prince. She struggled with controlling the leash. Gordon started with fetch. She threw the ball then told Ace to fetch it. He zipped off, returned the ball in her hand, zipped off, and returned with a napkin. Gordon wiped the ball and wanted Prince to try. Steve ate the ball. He saw a blue bird in a tree and took off after it. He ended up knocking down all the trees like dominoes. The trees randomly missed Ace as he sat stoically. Prince landed on her bum and caught Steve. Everyone glared at them. Tatsu Yamashiro reached out to Diana Prince but she wasn't around to answer it. Yamashiro sent a text saying she needed her help. Barbara Gordon paused from welding a gadget and yelled out a phone was buzzing. Kara Danvers identified it as Prince's phone but she wasn't present. Gordon groaned and checked it. She was intrigued by the text and asked Danvers if she wanted to do something "fun." Floating up above while riffing on her guitar, Danvers' interest was piqued.

Barbara Gordon and Kara Danvers infiltrated McDougal Academy as new students. Tatsu Yamashiro saw them and pushed them aside, annoyed they would blow her cover. She believed Headmaster McDougal would suspect her immediately if he saw unauthorized visitors. McDougal stopped them and asked what was going on. Gordon insisted they were just three happy McDougal students being totally ordinary and normal. Headmaster added "ordinary and normal" at his school were authorized uniforms only. He noted Gordon's purple Batman shoelaces were a dress code violation and therefore, contraband. Gordon explained they were hand-made, hand-stitched, one a kinds. Yamashiro elbowed her. Headmaster held out his hand. Gordon turned the shoelaces over and whimpered. Headmaster stated he made the rules at the academy and everything under its roof was his, if he so chose. He warned Gordon her next offense would be her last.

Yamashiro explained she needed Prince's help because girls at the academy were losing some meaningful item to them and she suspect a haunting. She apprised them of the telltale pattern that took place each night: when the bell tolls midnight, the Silver Banshee awakens, stalks the halls, and ransacks rooms. She didn't know what Banshee was searching for and she got the name from her vengeful cry. Yamashiro hoped to trap Banshee in her Soultaker Sword but had no luck. Danvers dug her ear and smelled her finger. Gordon told Yamashiro to forget Prince and showed off her gear: a Bat Thermal Scanner, Bat EMF Detector, and Bat White Sheet Grabber. Yamashiro's left eyebrow raised. Gordon agreed and was eager to go ghost hunting. Danvers was amused they believed in ghosts. Yamashiro pointed out she literally turned her into one once. Danvers countered that was hardly proof. Yamashiro exclaimed it was. Danvers brushed her off and agreed to come along because it would be hilarious to watch them be dummies. Gordon cocked her sheet grabber.

Gordon donned some goggles and scanned around the hall. She and Yamashiro paused at the sound of crunching but it was just Danvers eating chips. Gordon picked up a lot of activity on her EMF Detector. Yamashiro took Danvers' bag away and told her to be serious. Danvers stated she was going to document all the ghost activity with her phone. She was unaware a bagpipe was levitating on its own behind her. The others pointed but by the time Danvers turned around, it was back on the mantle. She shrugged. Flying books followed Danvers but when she looked, they were back in the book case. While Danvers looked in a closet, Gordon and Yamashiro were chased around by levitating chairs, a piano, lamp, and billiard balls. Yamashiro hopped into Gordon's arms and they screamed. Danvers was bored and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Gordon asked Yamashiro if she saw all that. Yamashiro nodded. A window shattered and Banshee flew in. They chased after it and bounced off Danvers, who didn't see Banshee. They came upon three paths and split up.

Gordon gave everyone comms and instructions to hail everyone whoever encountered the ghost first. Yamashiro went right, Gordon went left, and Danvers went straight. Gordon reported the East Wing Commons were all clear. She asked Yamashiro to report. She reported she didn't find anything either then asked Danvers to report. Danvers pretended to be under attack by paranormal forces. Gordon and Yamashiro fell for it and made their way to the kitchen. Danvers didn't question the prepared sandwich and ate. She chuckled and prepared to get a shot of Yamashiro and Gordon for Metropovids. Danvers saw Banshee on her screen reflection and screamed. Banshee screeched and it knocked Danvers into the others. They quickly suited up. Katana unleashed a slash from her Soultaker but Banshee's scream neutralized the attack. Batgirl prepared her pack and told Banshee to prepare to eat highly-focused and radially-polarized proton but it glitched and she went flying. While Banshee was distracted by Batgirl, Katana got behind her and slashed.

Banshee was successfully trapped in the Soultaker. She cried out it was not justice then took hold of Katana and revealed her true origins. The girls went to Headmaster McDougal's office and burst in then Katana released Banshee. Naturally, he ran away. Banshee charged and possessed Headmaster. He experienced all of her memories and learned the truth. He apologized and gave her the badge, then acknowledged her as the rightful leader of the McDougal clan. Banshee accepted the badge, put it on, and peacefully dispersed. Tatsu Yamashiro was pleased Siobhan McDougal found the justice she deserved and could finally rest. Gordon was happy to have her shoelaces back. Danvers still dismissed the existence of ghosts and called it smoke and mirrors. Gordon spooked her and Danvers jumped into Yamashiro's arms. They laughed at her expense.

Barbara Gordon went to the Ye Olde Metropolis Renaissance Faire dressed as a minstrel and seemed to take her role the most seriously. Gordon carried a copy of "Lo! A Tale of Princesses and Dragons" and sang its story, about a brave and strong knight who saves a princess from a dragon. Danvers' patience soon ran out and she told Gordon to stop. Danvers joked she spotted two geeks. Cruz and Beecher found them and revealed Prince and Zatara were running late and would meet them inside. Gordon started singing again, making a back handed comment about how it was okay Prince and Zatara were late. Prince did not find the ren faire to be authentic and was annoyed to see the criminal in the gallows eating but admitted the turkey legs looked delicious. Gordon pointed out there was a Ye Old Snack Bar, Ye Old ATM Machine, and Ye Olde Wi-Fi Hotspot. Zatara told her to forget it because she was talking to the princess of party poop. They came upon the blacksmith booth. Gordon picked up a mace and fell over. Prince looked at a blade and thought the workmanship was crude.

After Zatara was kidnapped by the turkey leg booth worker, Ember, who turned out to be a dragon, Gordon brandished her Batarangs, dressed as tambourines. Ember stated the only way it was ending was with a princess in her belly. She breathed fire and sent Supergirl packing. The others paused and dove out of the tower just in time to avoid more fire. They landed in a haystack and knew they had no time to waste. Supergirl was no match for Ember. Gordon dodged her fireballs with her acrobatics then threw her tam-batarangs only for Ember to heat up her body temperature. The batarangs vaporized before they could make contact. Gordon paddled atop her guitar as bat fire constructs rained down on them. Ember trapped the girls in a fire cage and returned to the tower. She was defeated by the combined might of Wonder Woman and Zatanna. As the girls left the faire, Gordon started singing from Lo! again but Zatara took the book away on account the lyrics were a bit narrow minded. She mused there are all sorts of ways to be a princess. Prince did not agree and stated a princess was the female descendant of royal heritage. Gordon resumed singing as they left.

One night at around 11 pm, Mr. Freeze struck. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Zatanna, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern gathered on a roof top. Wonder Woman called up Batgirl. Barbara Gordon was extremely bored while trying to do math homework. She was elated to get a phone call but she was unable to join them right away because her father, Commissioner Gordon, was still awake. She couldn't risk leaving since he didn't know she was Batgirl. She asked for a few minutes. Wonder Woman respected her ambitions to defeat a worthy foe and they still had a long stretch to travel and time was of the essence. They departed for Freeze without her. Barbara Gordon checked the secret security camera live feeds hidden in her vanity. Once Gordon finally went to sleep, Barbara Gordon tossed her robe, already wearing most of her Batgirl suit, and jumped out her window into the hedges outside then took off on her scooter into the city. She weaved in and out of traffic, causing at least one crash, then turned into an alley only to frighten a black cat. Startled she drove into a dumpster then fired her grapnel.

Batgirl scoped out the others with her binoculars and called them jerks for fighting without her. She vowed to step up her game. She activated her spring loaded boots but one got stuck and she fell off the roof. She activated a grenade that released a bouncing pad. She hurried through an apartment complex, hopped through a crowd, had Ace the Bathound tow her, navigated the sewers, and took a zipline. She was stoked to arrive first but came face to face with Mr. Freeze alone but the others arrived. She jokingly asked what took them so long and they charged in unison. Kara Danvers slept over at the Gordon residence on a school night. She quickly dozed off but woke up and informed Barbara Gordon to just tell her to go back to bed if she started talking in her sleep. Just after Gordon turned in, Danvers sleep flew outside. Batgirl chased after her roof to roof but couldn't reach her so she fired a grapnel line and snagged a leg but was dragged into a parked car.

Batgirl tried tying the grapnel to the bumper of a school bus but it was lifted up into the air. She leaped onto the underside of the bus as Danvers drifted towards Metropolis proper. She severed the grapnel line with a Batarang without thinking and the bus went plummeting down into the city. Danvers sleep flew through a Loans Inc. company building with Batgirl then she dropped down into an apartment's roof top pool. Things took a turn for the worst as Danvers approached a group of wind turbines. Batgirl frantically tried to wake up Danvers in vain. Batgirl wondered why she couldn't just go back to bed. At the last second, Danvers obeyed Batgirl's words and went back to the Gordon residence. Batgirl stayed up and kept an eye on her. Danvers woke up in the morning feeling great unaware of what happened. She asked Gordon how she slept. Gordon face planted.

Barbara Gordon was stirred awake in the middle of the night from a dream about saving Batman. She thought she saw the Batsignal shining in her room and thought Batman was in Metropolis. She quickly changed into Batgirl and emerged from the lower bed eager to show him what she was made of and prove she would make a better sidekick than Robin. She realized a real bat had gotten stuck in her bedroom. She panicked and threw what she could at it only to wreck her room. It eventually flew out the opening in her window. After she shut it, Commissioner Gordon called out asking what she was doing. She assured him it was nothing and apologized. Gordon was given Hammy the Hamster, the school mascot, to care of but went straight to her after school job at a Burrito Bucket. Shane O'Shaughnessy, her manager, announced the health inspector was performing his inspection, handed her a mop, and told her not to mess it up, and left the room. Gordon checked and Hammy was no longer in its cage.

It somehow ended up under a bucket and ran along a counter towards O'Shaughnessy and the Health Inspector by the wash station. Gordon ran over and awkwardly rested her arm on the bucket, announcing the floor was done and touted the soda machine's cleanliness. O'Shaughnessy gestured he was watching her. After they left to check the soda machine, Gordon checked and Hammy was gone. It somehow climbed atop the soda machine and ate a straw then fell in. O'Shaughnessy demonstrated the flow and prattled on about the model. As it fell through the dispenser, Gordon caught it with a spatula and flipped it. Hammy landed in a burrito bucket and started eating. O'Shaughnessy, unaware of Hammy, offered the burritos to the inspector as a taste test. He ate the one with Hammy in it but Hammy fell out the other end onto Gordon's open hands. The inspector praised Burrito Bucket's secret ingredient and gave them a pass grade. As Gordon took a teenager's order, Hammy peered out from her sombrero.

Barbara Gordon happened to be passing by in the girls locker room and said hello to Diana Prince. Prince asked her what the little faces and pictures in Kara Danvers' texts meant. She schooled Prince on the use of emojis to form an idea like a secret code. During lunch, she suited up as Batgirl and battled Poison Ivy on campus. Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher found Prince in the cafeteria texting Gordon. They misinterpreted Gordon's texts. Prince thought she was eating at a new organic restaurant. Cruz was elated she became a vegan and thought all those pamphlets she gave her were finally read. Prince thought vegans were from another planet. Cruz laughed and admitted she didn't have much luck with the other Green Lanterns. Prince thought the sad face meant the restaurant wasn't good. A giant vine grabbed Batgirl. Cruz speculated the rats were back in the kitchen again or eat something bad or the MSG made her bloated. Batgirl pounded on the windows in vain. Prince figured she was at least happy her emojis were being read.

Batgirl squeezed her hand free and used her nose and voice to send another text to Prince alerting her to Poison Ivy. Prince eventually realized she meant Ivy. They turned around and saw Batgirl pressed up against the window. They exclaimed Poison Ivy in unison. Batgirl sent a thumbs up emoji. Zatanna visited Barbara Gordon at her home. Gordon eagerly demonstrated her new invention, the Batgirl 300 Crimestopper Glue Gun, that she just finished in the morning but failed to prove it hit its target 100% of the time. Commissioner Gordon asked Barbara to finish washing the dishes for him while he went out for a hair appointment. Gordon spazzed about how dishes were second to crime fighting. Zatanna offered to help them see eye to eye with a magic spell. It went badly. First the essences of Gordon and a cat outside swapped bodies. She tried again but Gordon was in a boy's body outside as he skateboarded into a pole. Then a newscaster, Megan who was being proposed to, a pizza maker, a construction worker, a juggler, a masked robber, a parachuter, and lastly Commissioner Gordon. After she undid the spell, Zatanna claimed she technically did as she promised. Gordon blasted her hair with the glue gun.

While being driven to school, Gordon got a call from Karen Beecher. Beecher explained she needed her help with her malfunctioning suit. Gordon agreed to help and suggested they meet by the lockers. After the morning bell rang, Gordon kicked the front door open and ran in. Almost sliding away, she turned the corner at the lockers and watched in horror as Kara Danvers threw a punch at Bumblebee, who she mistook as a fly. Gordon flipped out and told Danvers what happened. Luckily, Beecher wound up inside Danvers' locker. Gordon flipped out and told Danvers what transpired. The locker door fell off then the Bumblebee costume. Beecher asked if the bell rang yet then slid out. Barbara Gordon spent one night tinkering with new gadgets in the Batcave. She tried making a goo gun but it expelled gunk all over the cave. She thought of an improved Bat Grenade and tried it out on the fight dummy but she didn't like the foam. She tried a spray rocket but flew around out of control.

Discouraged, Gordon left to dump the prototypes. She deposited the spray rocket, Bat Grenade, and goo gun into a dumpster. Up above, a careless guy taking selfies in front of a Full Moon fell off the side of the roof. Gordon suited up and used her three inventions to save his life. Batgirl was elated and reinvigorated with her success. She took his phone and took several selfies with him while he was dazed and confused. Jessica Cruz and Diana Prince staged an intervention when Barbara Gordon's hoarding began cluttering the base up. Cruz told her it would be hard but she had a disease, hoarding. Gordon was concerned. Prince informed her they looked it up on the Internet. Gordon assumed it was true. They started going through the clutter for what to throw away. Gordon refused to throw away her night vision goggles, jet powered skates, Bat Shark Repellent, and cat brush. Cruz and Prince sighed then pointed to a pile of old food. Gordon determined it was fresh meat loaf but couldn't bring herself to taking a bite. She promised to clean up. Cruz and Prince were sucked up into a tube. Gordon felt better then sat down and watched TV.

Barbara Gordon bought a guzzler helmet for her sodas and popcorn and arrived late to a screening of "Summer of Danger VII He Remembers What You Don't Remember." She sat down next to Kara Danvers without her noticing and starting sucking on her straw. Danvers, after dealing other irritating theater goers, turned angrily to her and realized it was Gordon. She asked what she missed. Danvers groaned and sat back down. Barbara Gordon, Diana Prince, and Kara Danvers went to the arcade on the pier. Gordon introduced Danvers to the Hit Em All game that she mastered. Danvers was skeptical and thought it looked easy. Gordon assured her it wasn't and took months of practice. A carney convinced Danvers with the allure of prizes to try the basketball game. Danvers fell for it and wasted her money, never making a basket. Gordon, meanwhile, won a giant stuffed bear and lot's and lot's of tickets. Danvers lost her temper and launched the basketball at super speed. It eventually returned from space and impacted back in the arcade. The carney wearily rose out of a hole in the floor. Danvers won a key chain. Gordon played along and admitted she won.

Gordon and Cruz cheered Prince on at Sweet Justice's annual pie-eating contest. Prince lost control and began eating all the left over pies even after she was declared the winner. Gordon and Cruz tried to pry her away from the table. After her evening shift at Burrito Bucket ended, Gordon went out the back and told O'Shaughnessy good night and the stack of dishes she washed was right behind him. It was too late and he bumped the stack, they fell and shattered. He yelled her name but she zipped off. She self-narrated about how the night brought out criminal filth and how she was the city's antiseptic. She heard a crash and began speculating which super villain it was but it was just a pair of taggers. Worse yet, she forgot to pack her costume. She improvised and used what she found in a dumpster for a costume and weapons. She threw an open can into one tagger's spray can and it exploded. She jumped off the roof, bounced off a clothesline, and landed. The taggers realized something stunk.

Gordon threw week old meat loaf into their faces to their disgust. She jumped and jammed trash cans over them then threw out banana peels. They slipped, crashed into each other, and rolled away. One tagger yelled out her puns were lame. Gordon looked at their art and realized it was a shout out to Batman. Police arrived. She realized she would be implicated and ran off. The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. It managed to grab Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Bumblebee blasted it with her stingers, Zatanna blasted its eye, and Green Lantern lassoed an appendage with a rope construct. Wonder Woman managed to lasso another. Batgirl tried a green spray. Supergirl used her heat vision. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. They all posed just in time.

Barbara Gordon had a hard time getting through her History test on September 19. Mr. Chapin frequently looked up from his desk at her as she talked to herself. Gordon couldn't figure out if the answer was E or A or B or D. She scribbled drawings all over her test. She got a group text from Beecher about Starro on the rampage. Mr. Chapin took her phone away and put it in his desk drawer. An explosion was set off elsewhere in the city. Gordon frantically called on Chapin and asked to go to the bathroom. Chapin pointed to the notice to be quiet on the chalkboard. She starting coughing, pretending the Black Plague returned, and asked to see the nurse. He ignored her. She noticed Beecher standing near the doorway mouthing and gesturing to her. She changed into Bumblebee, shrank, and flew to the battle. Gordon slyly put on her backpack and crawled to the front. She accidentally knocked over Chapin's waste bin. She continued to the door but walked right into Chapin's legs. She tried to play it cool like she was sharpening her pencil. Instead, she sharpened her pen and it splattered all over Chapin's shirt. He gave her a pen and ordered her back to her desk.

There was another explosion. Supergirl and Green Lantern flew towards it. Gordon wheezed then noticed the window was slightly open. She tried to push it up but struggled. She propped it up with a Batarang but it failed and the window fell and crushed her hands. Chapin looked up but Gordon was already seated but with a weird grin. She then saw a hole in the ceiling and fired a grapnel. Her activity caused dust to drop down. Chapin brushed it off his desk but looked up the second time. Gordon and the ceiling fell on him. She ran back to her desk before he stood up and realized it was her doing. He pulled the tile over his head and threw it aside. A red headed girl turned her test in and was elated she got a B plus which prompted Gordon to choose the simple solution. She randomly chose answers to finish her test and ran to the front. Chapin congratulated her on outdoing herself. She got a F minus. To his bewilderment, she was happy. She ran off, changed into Batgirl, and joined the battle. There was another explosion and she was launched into the window of the history room then she slid down.

Barbara Gordon and Harleen Quinzel both saw the last copy of the limited edition of "Clowns vs. Bats" #187 in the comic book store and reached for it at the same time. They were both surprised the other collected the title. It happened to be the last copy in the city. They both told the other to take it because they wouldn't enjoy it knowing the other wanted it. It went back and forth. The employee asked them if they were done not buying anything because he had to close up. They agreed to leave it on the stand and left the store. That night, Harley Quinn kicked the door in and was shocked to see Batgirl with a head lamp on reading "Clowns vs. Bats" #187. Harley leaped at her with her mallet ready. Batgirl stopped her and carefully bagged the comic. Harley chased her row to row then got into a slap fight. Batgirl hid in a row but Harley was behind her. Harley swung her mallet but froze after Batgirl held out the comic like a shield. She stole the mallet and whacked Harley. She chased her around again then threw things at each other.

Batgirl accidentally threw the comic. They leaped for it at the same time and knocked heads. The comic was on the floor by Harley. Before she could grab it, Batgirl threw her Batarangs. She rolled off with the comic then walked along the ceiling upside down. Harley pounded the ground to get her to fall down then threw out a bomb. It landed right on top of the comic. The store blew up. Batgirl stood out from the debris with the comic but it disintegrated into ash. Harley laughed and was punched. Barbara Gordon helped Zee Zatara and posed as her legs during the saw trick at a birthday party performance in Pelham Park. Gordon exited the other half of the trunk. Gordon was concerned Zatara was losing control again but she struggled to stand in heels and feel off the stage.

Barbara Gordon was about to eat her ice cream inside Sweet Justice when breaking news preempted the show being played on TV. Harley Quinn was reported to be on a rampage in midtown Metropolis and blowing up everything in sight. Gordon saw it as a chance to try out her new invention, a harpoon gun, but three elderly women sat at the booth the girls used to access the hideout. She tried to lie about the booth being reserved but they thought she was an employee and ordered three banana splits with no bananas. Gordon saw Barry Allen emerge from the kitchen with the orders. She told him his shift was over and took them for him. Before she could finish her sentence, Allen ran off. They slowly took a spoonful but one of them remembered "80 Tints of Gray" was on soon then asked to take the orders to go. Gordon was all for it but then one asked for water to take her pill with. After they finally left, Gordon used the booth and changed into Batgirl. However, Harley Quinn just so happened to trip on one of the woman's canes and was arrested by police. A 24/7 reporter tried to get a comment from them. To Batgirl's chagrin, one asked the reporter if she saw her cat.

Barbara Gordon was texting and walking when she noticed a couch in mint condition left out on the sidewalk. She took a photo and texted Karen Beecher. Beecher agreed it would look good in the hideout. They carried it back to Sweet Justice. It was partly ripped by a newspaper bin. Beecher suggested it added character. A pizza delivery boy exited Pac Pizza with a tall stack of pizza boxes and walked right into the couch. Several pineapple pizzas landed on the couch. Gordon apologized but insisted they were doing him a favor since it was pineapple. A car drove by and splashed the couch with dirty water. Gordon mused it wash the pizza off. A disgruntled woman threw her beverage over her shoulder because it wasn't a Triple Non-Fat Latte. It landed on the couch. Gordon was sure some club soda would get the stain out. They passed a construction worker using a jackhammer and some dust got on the couch. Beecher started to lose her grip so Gordon revealed a shortcut through an alley.

The couch was tagged with graffiti and they started to attract stray cats and big rats. One of the rats took a pizza but tossed it back after Gordon said it was pineapple on it. They made it to Sweet Justice but it got stuck mid-way in the door until a teenage boy came in from the other side. Everyone turned and stared at Beecher and Gordon. Gordon signaled to Barry Allen with her eyes. Allen announced he was making a new dessert. Everyone rushed to the counter. Beecher activated the stray dispenser. Gordon fired her grapnel gun into the wall and reeled the couch to the opening. After the booth reset, there was a thank you note and a tip left on the table for Allen. Allen recalled a single scoop of vanilla already existed. They sat on the couch and Beecher turned on the TV to a news report. They realized they accidentally stole the couch. The owner, a woman, was upset and started wailing on one of the movers. Gordon wondered how they were going to get the couch up the slide.

During dodge ball in P.E. class, Gordon was the first to fall. She dramatically fell to the floor. Karen Beecher cradled her. She apologized to Diana Prince. Prince told her she fought well like a brave warrior and told her to rest. Gordon thanked her. Prince addressed her opponents Doris Zeul, Leslie Willis, Selina Kyle, and Barbi Minerva with a passionate speech about spirit, sacrifice, and determination. However, she dropped her ball on her side of the court. Prince was bewildered by the strange rules of dodge ball and walked off the court. The P.E. teacher yelled at Gordon to get off the floor. Barbara Gordon was eating cotton candy at the Metropolis Pier when she noticed a cute bat doll as the prize of a punching bag challenge. She just had to score 500 points from hitting the bag, visually based on the Joker, and the doll was hers. Gordon declared the doll's name was Count Nocturnus Batticus Harold VI. She put in a coin and punched the bag. It only got her one point. She tried again and only got another point.

Kara Danvers came by on her skateboard and greeted her. She asked if she could help. Gordon played it cool and declined. Danvers obliged her and headed to the corn dog stand. Gordon backed off and charged into the bag. She was at 4 points. Gordon regained her bearings then got out a boxing glove gun. The force of the gun was so strong, she was propelled backwards into a trash can. Irritated with the bag's programmed taunt, she rushed over and unleashed a flurry of punches, kicks, and knees until she was out of breath. She refused to leave. Danvers came back over to check on Gordon's progress. Gordon asked to borrow her skateboard. She went to the top of the roller coaster and rode the tracks then veered off intent on hitting the bag. She missed and ended up in the harbor. She climbed out. Danvers called an audible and they joined forces. Gordon perched atop one of her hands and was thrown into the bag. The booth was smashed to pieces but Gordon scored 500 points at last. Danvers exclaimed that was awesome. Gordon realized the doll was on top of her head. They celebrated their victory.

Barbara Gordon watched television in the headquarters. She switched from a "Just Before Dusk" to a 24/7 Live bulletin. The anchor reported a fire broke out at the Metropolis Pier. Gordon suited up but her Bat-Scooter suffered a flat tire. She ran after the 139 bus to the pier but she had no money. The driver rejected her and continued on his route. She noticed a girl playing her guitar for tips and got an idea. Batgirl played a ukulele, harmonica, and drum at once, tried juggling Bat-Grenades, and offered a picture. The lead actor from "Just Before Dusk" happened to be passing by and drew all the attention and people. He thanked everyone. Batgirl tried jumping around on her spring loaded heels but fell on her back. A civilian passed by and dropped change into her can. She got on the bus but it was crowded, had a crying baby, and a teenager playing loud music. She eventually got a seat but a man feel asleep on her shoulder and snored. She sat in the back alone then began to fall asleep. The driver tapped her shoulder to wake her up. Batgirl ran outside to the Metropolis Pier but Supergirl just finished neutralizing the fire with her freeze breath. She asked Batgirl what took her so long and flew off. An explosion was set off in the distance but Batgirl had no money again. She saw a boy washing a windshield for change. She prepared to do the same.

After the "longest" day of school, Barbara Gordon returned home with Karen Beecher in tow so she could work on her vlog. However, she practiced the vlog before school and left her camera on on her bookcase by mistake. Beecher went off the checklist. Gordon made sure her vanity was recalibrated to perfect vlogging specifications, made her bed, and placed her Batman poster perfectly on the wall. Gordon realized she lost her camera and freaked out a little. By the time she found it and was set up for the vlog, the camera ran out of power and died.

The girls ate lunch while Gordon listened to her police scanner app. Danvers asked her if she was finally listening to rock and roll for a change. She picked up word of a museum robbery. After Bumblebee recovered the stolen diamond, Green Lantern attached wings to it and sent it back to the museum while they rushed back to school. They bumped into Selina Kyle, Pamela Isley, and Harleen Quinzel as they headed inside. Beecher realized were were just in time and they were going to make it to Algebra class. Quinzel wasn't as relieved. Gordon didn't understand since she loved Algebra. Quinzel retorted she would. On a Monday morning, the Super Hero Girls fought Giganta who sat on a highway. Batgirl swung away with a civilian and used her Batarangs at the same time. She loved it. Mr. Chapin revealed the annual science fair was going to have a guest judge from Project Cadmus, Dr. Penelope Sieve. Gordon and Beecher got super excited. Dr. Sieve revealed the winner would receive a summer internship with Cadmus and a year of unlimited goodies from Sweet Justice.

Gordon and Beecher got even more excited. Karen Beecher inquired what the parameters were. Dr. Sieve revealed the one rule they had at Cadmus was to take risks or it wasn't worth doing. Beecher and Barbara Gordon agreed. The girls went to hang out at Sweet Justice after school and after learning the news. Gordon deduced Cruz was going to do a project centered on environmental science. Cruz thought about trying to install solar panels on the school. Prince thought about asking her new friend Steve to help with her physics project. Gordon noted they had chemistry. She didn't get it and stated the project was about physics. Gordon wanted to build a robot sidekick inspired by Batman and Robin and named it Sparrow. They noticed Zatara was really quiet and learned she found the fair boring since she used magic all the time. Gordon proposed she help everyone with their projects until she thought of what she wanted to do. Gordon met up with everyone in Sweet Justice after Zatara sent out a text. Gordon realized it was serious after seeing Prince down her "grief" milkshake. She later boasted her Sparrow was a trillion times better than Robin because she was strong and had a way cooler name. She believed Batman was going to be impressed.

To track down Catwoman during a sudden eclipse, Batgirl brought her Bat-signal into an alley. Green Lantern and Zatanna noticed the Bat-signal projected on some feral cats. Batgirl looked up and shined up on them, happy they arrived. An old woman called out for help. Batgirl ran up a staircase construct but Supergirl arrived and flew the woman to safety. Eventually, Zatanna cast a spell to immobilize Catwoman but her army of feral cats swarmed the girls. Green Lantern made a laser light construct to get the cats' attention while Batgirl opened up an animal shelter. Lantern drew them right in. After Catwoman was captured, Wonder Woman stressed diligence since more crime was expected as long as it was dark. Zatanna suggested they better figure out how to shed a little light on a solution to the eclipse. Batgirl was amused by the pun. Batgirl checked her Bat-Doppler again but the forecast was sunny. She tried a modified hair dryer that Supergirl nicknamed Bat-breath but was only sent backwards. She set up the Bat-signal for Zatanna and Bumblebee to find the school again after they left for headquarters.

Gordon demonstrated Sparrow's distraction technique, singing, and a defensive skill, the "Bird Nest" to Zatara in her bedroom. Zatara was impressed but thought it could use some style. She cast a spell that made it look more humanoid with arms, legs, and red hair. Gordon got an idea and wanted to request a color change. Zatara understood and gave it Robin's colors. They took it out for a test spin. Batgirl ordered it to help an old woman cross the street, save a kitten stuck up in a tree, help charge a phone. Zatanna wanted to market it and publicly presented it. Citizens were impressed. Batgirl day dreamed about Batman also being impressed, recruiting her, and ditching Robin. Zatanna and Sparrow flew off for Burrito Bucket once Batgirl realized she was five minutes late to her shift. Gordon demonstrated how to get the soda fountain working by kicking it. Zatara found it excessive and admitted if she said that, she would want to rethink her strategy. Gordon countered getting the order to the customer as quickly as possible was the correct strategy.

Shane O'Shaughnessy came out into the front and warned Gordon she better not be fraternizing on company time. Gordon denied it and asked Zatara and her "cousin," whom she never saw before, if her order was two burritos. Zatara confirmed and asked her not to skimp on guacamole. She told O'Shaughnessy her quality of service merited a raise. He suspected something was fishy. Gordon reminded him the daily special was Mahi-Mahi tacos. He went back to his office to do paperwork but told Gordon he was watching her. A customer ordered a burrito but on corn tortillas instead of flour, extra guacamole, but no avocado, no cheese, extra beans, and salsa but with just the tomatoes. Gordon suggested a quesadilla. Gordon put a Burrito Bucket shirt on Sparrow and proceeded with testing its balance, agility, and stamina through taking tacos to customers in their booth and preparing tacos. Dr. Sieve happened to be on lunch break and was impressed with Sparrow. Gordon introduced herself and offered fish tacos on the house.

Without knowing it, Zatara said one of Sparrow's command words, "overdrive," and it made tons of tacos. Zatara cast a spell to stop the tacos and froze them in mid-air. She told Sparrow to get Zatara a large lemon lime soda. Sparrow couldn't get the fountain to work and attacked it. Zatara called in the other girls to help get Sparrow away. Gordon wrapped herself around Sparrow and tried to calm it down. O'Shaughnessy thought she was attacking a customer. Zatara interrupted him and asked for guacamole. She mentioned the customer was always right and would hate to have to leave a bad Welp review and Gordon saved her cousin with the Heimlich Maneuver. She again mentioned Gordon should get a raise. Batgirl and the others battled Dr. Sieve, the real culprit, in Metropolis High's storage room. She mistook Sieve-bot for Sparrow but Zatanna warned her in time. With Green Lantern's help in lifting it off the floor with a sparrow construct, Batgirl removed her stolen microchip and later restored Sparrow to normal.

On the day of the science fair, Gordon was excited about Sparrow winning based on the fact that Dr. Sieve copied her work. While setting up between Beecher and Gordon, Zatara noticed another Sparrow. Gordon stated she didn't make another and realized Sieve built not just one but an army of Sieve-bots, and they all came online. The robots attacked everyone and ruined many displays. Batgirl was infuriated to be captured in a nest of her own design. Zatanna cast a spell and Sparrow helped Batgirl out. Supergirl mistook it for a Sieve-bot but Green Lantern made a pillow construct just in time. Batgirl got an idea and ordered Sparrow to sing. It worked and the Sieve-bots became confused and stopped. The girls removed each robot's microchip and saved the fair. Mr. Chapin was about to declare the winner when Barbara Gordon thanked him. He informed she wasn't the winner, especially after what the robots did to the school. He awarded Zee Zatara with first prize who then deferred it to Beecher.

Gordon was excited about the "Enchanted Evening" school dance in contrast to the others. Prince realized it was another typical teen custom. Gordon added it was the most teen custom of all customs. Gordon convinced Zatara to make her the D.J. instead of Leslie Willis in part because she was working on a new gadget that was a combination music player, laser light machine, and popcorn maker. Zatara cautiously agreed but warned her everything had to be perfect. The night of the dance, Gordon proclaimed it was all perfect. Gordon was about to start the slow dance but her gadget went on the fritz and zapped her away. Livewire appeared and took over D.J. duties. Gordon protested but a bunch of popcorn was shot in her mouth. Livewire revealed she was using a special frequency to force everyone to keep dancing. Batgirl was very excited to be in a dance battle. Batgirl asked Zatanna to create a distraction. Zatanna reveled at stealing the spotlight. She danced over to Livewire and hit her with a drop kick while Batgirl searched for some plugs. Batgirl pulled the plug on her gadget, ending the dance. Wonder Woman was disappointed it wasn't a typical teen dance experience. Batgirl assured her it was.

For the Fall Festival recipe contest, Barbara Gordon presented a pumpkin in a burrito. Karen Beecher told her she had the contest wrapped up. Harley Quinn ruined the festivities with a shower of pumpkins. Batgirl emerged from the corn field on her moped. Garth Bernstein was relieved to be free of the maze after he was lost in there for a few hours. Harley launched whipped cream on Batgirl and Bernstein. Barbara Gordon fired a net onto Danvers to test her new gadget. She admitted it needed more revisions. Danvers tried to tell her she was busy but Gordon interrupted and asked if Zee Zatara got a hold of her about being her magic show assistant, mainly for a water tank trick that required holding her breath. Danvers later saw Gordon on a sidewalk also obsessively playing the Pigeon Party app. She made it to level 65. Green Lantern netted her to make Gordon snap out of it. Lantern didn't understand who authorized Lexcorp's illegal dumping because she requested time from the Mayor's Office to gather petitions and got two weeks. The city worker was too distracted by the app to answer Lantern.

Batgirl did some digging on the app and discovered from stats that the app was released by Lexcorp at 9:45 am then cross referenced with the city database to clean that was 15 minutes before the sewage pipe was activated. At Lexcorp, Batgirl spun Lex Luthor's assistant away on his chair then hacked into the Lexcorp server and shut down the app.

After Super Hero Girls defeated a giant robot cyclops, they retired to the hideout with ice cream orders from Sweet Justice but got little too overconfident about being the best superhero team. Batgirl toasted to their butt-kicking battle. Wonder Woman warned the others not to rest on their butt-kicking laurels and that they must always be prepared to fight. Sure enough, they were kidnapped by Control Freak, a supervillain from another universe and teleported to his TV realm to compete in a game show against an alternate version of Titans to determine who was the best superhero team in all universes. After Batgirl and Robin kept saying the same thing, Robin explained the culprit was named Control Freak and it was his usual broadcast antics. Robin touted his Titans as the real superhero team but the others disagreed and Cyborg even called the team straight up garbage. Robin and Batgirl argued over who had the cooler gadgets, costume, and animal motif. Batgirl pointed out her team had a Supergirl and a Green Lantern then presented her remote control, laser-guided Batarang, heat-seeking bat drones, infra-red bat goggles, bat grappling hook, her cape and cowl shaped like a bat, and shinier boots.

Control Freak appeared to the teams once he had enough of Batgirl and Robin and revealed the Family Feud set. For the first question about what the best super power was, Batgirl got the #2 answer for 11 points with "cool gadgets." For the final question of "what is the most evil of all evil plans?", Batgirl got the #3 answer for 40 points with "finding Batman a wife." At the end of the game, the set combined into a giant robot and it grabbed its remote control, like Control Freak's, from its right leg and blasted at the two teams. They were imprisoned in a chest. Luckily, Robin and Batgirl both fired their grapnels and missed the blast but quarreled over saving the day. Freak stood in place and watched as they entangled each other in their lines. He laughed at how easy it was turning out. Once they both realized it was exactly what Control Freak wanted, they declared they had to work together. Freak only reacted with a "duh." They dove after him and he flinched briefly but they unceremoniously bounced off the robot's chest. Control Freak prepared to stomp them but they were saved by the Poop Patrol, a trio of superheroes who got poop-based powers by stepping on radioactive dog doo-doo. Batgirl thought it was the greatest.

Metropolis High voted her the Class Clown for the yearbook.