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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Batman and Teen Titans
Appearances: The Cape and The Clown, The Brave & The Bald, Lexportation, The Not-So-Fun House, A Visit From Superman, Joker's Wild Goose Chase, Swamp Scuffle, The New Guys Unite, League vs. Legion, Robot Ruckus, and The Last Laugh
Powers/Skills: Martial Arts and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Johnny Yong Bosch

Robin is Batman's crime-fighting partner. Robin was trained personally by Batman and taught to always be on the lookout and follow his lead. On his first night out, the very excited Robin helped defeat the Riddler and Two-Face after a robbery at the Gotham First National Bank. After a series of mysterious robberies involving the Joker, Batman and Robin investigated a giant jack-in-the-box at the Gotham Treasury. After the treasury vanished, Robin walked around where it once stood then the Laff Factory appeared. The Joker bound Robin to his Wheel of Misfortune death trap. With the added threat of the jack-in-the-box, Batman still saved Robin before he fell into a vat of Joker Juice and ended up like the Joker. As they ran out, they dodged the Joker Tank's barrage but realized the Laff Factory had disappeared, too. As Robin moped about getting captured, he was shocked to see Superman arrive. He beamed when Batman stated the two of them were enough to handle Gotham City. However, things took a strange turn when Robin sighted the Eiffel Tower.

Robin was disappointed when Batman revealed their next move was to wait for the Super Friends. Once several members began to disappear, Batman went to Slaughter Swamp to join Hawkman and Aquaman. Robin was left to monitor from the Batcave and take good care of the Batbot in case anything happened to Batman. After everyone went off grid, Robin noticed the Batsignal was activated. He took a jet pack into the city and met Cyborg. Cyborg noted Robin was in charge. He decided on a sneak attack. Cyborg was amped and showed off his mech. After a quick stop to the Batcave for the Batbot, they busted their way into the Hall of Doom. With some well placed panic button pushing, Robin managed to knock out Solomon Grundy, Bane, and Bizarro. Robin was undaunted by Batman not inducting him into the Hall of Doom and he dreamed of one day having enough experience with Cyborg to form their own team, the Teen Titans.