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Real Identity: Edward Nygma
Affiliations: Joker Gang
Appearances: The Cape and The Clown
Powers/Skills: Genius
Voiced By: Steve Staley

The Riddler is an enemy of Batman and infamous for his knack to inquire, often leading riddles about his crimes for the police and Batman to find. The Riddler later joined the Joker Gang. For the robbery of the Gotham First National Bank, Riddler supplied his roadster as the getaway car. When Batman and Robin arrived, Riddler asked what was black and blue and red all over. Joker demanded to be told a joke, not a question. When Joker demanded an escape plan, Riddler had no answers. Joker opted to eject up to the Penguin Copter and flee the scene. With the Riddler Car hit by the Batmobile's towline, Riddler tried to run with the stolen money but he was quickly captured with a bola.