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Poison Ivy

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Real Identity: Pamela Isley
Affiliations: Joker Gang and Legion of Doom
Appearances: The Brave & The Bald, Lexportation, The Red & The Green, The New Guys Unite, League vs. Legion, and Robot Ruckus
Powers/Skills: Plant Manipulation
Voiced By: Fryda Wolff

Poison Ivy is an enemy of Batman and can summon monstrous plants to do her bidding. She later joined the Joker Gang. As part of the Legion, Poison Ivy waited near the stolen Daily Planet building and ambushed Green Lantern's jet as it flew over. Once Green Lantern fumigated one of her plants with a weed spray construct, Ivy had his ring stolen. She put it on and declared a perfect fit. To her annoyance, Lantern was teleported to the Hall of Doom. In the final battle between the Super Friends and Legion, Ivy sent her vines to attack Cyborg and his mech but they blasted their way out. Green Lantern quickly put her in a prison cell construct.