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Joker Gang

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: The Cape and The Clown, The Brave & The Bald, and Lexportation
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Joker Gang is a supervillain team made up of Gotham City's worst of the worst and led by the Joker. Batman eventually botched every one of their heists and slowly whittled their numbers. Mr. Freeze and Catwoman were caught and sent to Gotham Jail. Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, and Penguin robbed the Gotham First National Bank but Batman and Robin were alerted of the crime. Joker and Riddler drove off while Two-Face tried to run over the Batmobile with his Big Bad Penny but failed. The Batmobile immobilized Riddler's car and forced Joker to leave the stolen money behind and eject up to the Penguin's helicopter. They returned to the gang's hideout, the Laff Factory. Joker presided over a team meeting and fretted over the gang's non-existent funds. He decided to try to sell Solomon Grundy's Kryptonite to Lex Luthor for $1 billion. Luthor wanted to talk in person and teleported into the factory. The Joker Gang went on a crime spree with Luthor's teleportation technology, stealing from the Gotham Bank and Gotham Art Museum.

Lex Luthor wanted a more proper headquarters if he was going to continue to operate in Gotham City. He took the gang to his mobile laboratory, the Hall of Doom, and revealed he also took the liberty of expanding the gang. He recruited Captain Cold and Cheetah and renamed the gang the Legion of Doom.





Mr. Freeze


Poison Ivy


Solomon Grundy