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June 20, 2006
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Fortress of Solitude

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Real Identity: Fortress of Solitude
Affiliation(s): Superman
Location: The Arctic

When Jor-El launched his son into space as Krypton exploded, he loaded the lifeboat with several objects including crystal technology containing nano-assemblers. As a teenager, Kal-El, now Clark Kent, was led to the Arctic by the crystal. Kent instinctively throws it into the ice field where a giant crystalline building emerges.

Once inside, Kent discovered memory crystals that create holographic projections of his parents and other Kryptonians. Upon deciding to use his powers for good, Kent became Superman and the building was named the Fortress of Solitude, his base of operations.

While researching a cure of a blood alloy fusion, Superman discovered it lay in the Phantom Zone. Brainiac invaded the Fortress and destroyed it but not before Superman was teleported to the Zone. After settling the conflict with Brainiac, Superman returned to the Arctic and found a crystal remnant and set out to rebuild.