Thomas & Martha Wayne

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Real Identity: Thomas & Martha Wayne
Appearances: Secrets, Fall (Thomas Wayne only), and Monsters
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Anthony Ruivivar (Thomas Wayne)

Thomas & Martha Wayne are the late parents of Bruce Wayne. Thomas Wayne believed in strong leadership and that in their hearts, people were basically good. Once Alfred Pennyworth was hired, Thomas Wayne showed him around the manor. Wayne advised Pennyworth not to concern himself with formality but had to excuse himself to answer a call from his office. On the day they were murdered in Crime Alley, Bruce Wayne vowed he would protect Gotham City.

Respecting the Wayne's will, Pennyworth became Bruce's guardian. Speaking on Harvey Dent's behalf during campaign season for mayor of Gotham City, Wayne spoke of his father and his beliefs. In the final battle against Deathstroke, Batman returned home to find the portrait of his parents in the fireplace. He quickly retrieved it and brushed it as clean as he could before proceeding to the training area then the Batcave.