Simon Stagg

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Real Identity: Simon Stagg
Affiliations: Stagg Industries
Appearances: Hunted, Toxic, and Monsters
Appearances (Comics): Law & (Dis)order
Powers/Skills: Business
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

Simon Stagg is a shady billionaire industrialist, CEO of Stagg Industries, and one of the wealthiest men in Gotham City. Avoiding flashy and direct schemes, Stagg often works privately from the shadows. He was a main investor in the purchase of the Keystone Wetlands. At some time later, Stagg was kidnapped by Professor Pyg and Mister Toad straight from the ground floor of Stagg Industries' corporate offices. Stagg attempted to threaten them but was paralyzed with a blow dart then knocked out by Toad. He kept looking out for himself and offered to pay double whatever Michael Holt would offer for his freedom. He didn't care what happened to Holt or Alfred Pennyworth. When Alfred broke his ankle, Stagg was more than willing to leave him behind and not risk slowing down the escape. After the trio made it outside safely, Stagg was livid at the sight of the Keystone rig collapsing.

Stagg did not approve of his daughter falling in love with a Stagg Industries security guard named Rex Mason and believed she was bred for better. He donned a ski mask, set off an internal alarm, and lured Mason to the lab in Project Metamorpho. Stagg then trapped Mason and exposed him to the chemicals. Upon Batman's arrival, Stagg fled the lab and deleted an incriminating security footage. Batman eventually found out the truth. Batman told Metamorpho everything to lure him back to Stagg Industries in order to be cured. Stagg was horrified at the revelation and had no choice but to grant Batman access to Project Metamorpho. They managed to expose Metamorpho to the antidote but it failed. After Metamorpho vanished, Stagg attempted to pin Mason's death on Batman but Batman showed Sapphire Stagg the deleted security footage and turned a copy over to the police. Stagg was sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.

Stagg was targeted by Anarky for his Guy Fawkes Day plot. After infiltrating Stagg Industries as a new hot shot executive officer Robert Catesby, Anarky secretly sped up production and launch of the Stagg Locks and even convinced Stagg to give the products away for free for the first month then follow up with a price drop. Anarky's other pawns, the Fightback Movement arrived in Gotham to protest Stagg Industries for many injustices such as sending all manufacturing overseas to avoid taxes. Anarky planned to kill Stagg and use his death as the spark for a war the submerge the city into anarchy. Bruce Wayne had slipped a tracer on Stagg during a cocktail party a day prior. On Novermber 4, nearing midnight, Katana and Batman met at the roof of the Stagg Center and rescued Stagg before Anarky could shove him over the edge. Stagg had all locks recalled by the end of the week.