Sapphire Stagg

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Real Identity: Sapphire Stagg
Appearances: Toxic and Monsters
Powers/Skills: Business
Voiced By: Emmanuelle Chriqui

Sapphire Stagg is the only daughter of Simon Stagg, a wealthy industrialist in Gotham City. He believed she lacked the head for business. She fell in love with Rex Mason, a security guard at Stagg Industries. Despite his misgivings, she assured Mason her father would accept their love. Mason admitted to Simon Stagg he loved Sapphire and would always protect her. She was saddened and confused by Mason's transformation into Metamorpho. She refused to believe Batman's accusations that her father had a role in Mason's current situation. Sapphire went unconscious after being tasered in the battle between Batman and Metamorpho. Metamorpho ran off with her and kept her safe. When Metamorpho was trapped in the Project Metamorpho lab again, Sapphire Stagg admitted she couldn't love him anymore. But when the antidote failed and Metamorpho vanished, Sapphire was irate. She was further distraught when Batman revealed security footage confirming her father was behind Mason's transformation and ran from his side.

Over six months later, she showed her true colors. Stagg used the resources of Stagg Industries to build advanced military grade battle suits and armed several thugs with them. She sent them to scare off residents of Old Gotham. She planned to buy the land cheap and redevelop for a profit. Unknown to her, Rex Mason settled in a church near her unit at Gotham Arms so he could secretly keep her safe. Batman deduced her connection to the armored thugs but she implored him to try and prove it. She was undaunted by her failure but asked if the Golem of Old Gotham was Mason. Batman reiterated Mason was did and her father was in prison for it. Batman warned her to stay away from Old Gotham and left.