Tim Quan

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Real Identity: Timothy "Tim" Quan
Appearances (Comics): Son of Man-Bat
Powers/Skills: Echolocation, Flight, and Above Average Physical Attributes (As Man-Bat)
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Tim Quan is a 13 year old movie buff and loves astronomy. Quan has a crush on Barbara Gordon, his tutuor in computer science. While Quan's parents were away, he was confident he could take care of himself. While taking a shortcut from school, Tim Quan sighted Man-Bat entering an abandoned Wayne Industries lab, near the corner of Adams and Franklin. He mistook Man-Bat for Batman and followed him inside. Quan tried to find a light switch but knocked over Dr. Langstrom's Man-Bat serum. He was doused in the serum and transformed into a Man-Bat. Since Quan was still an adolescent and still growing, the serum would not stabilize and keep creating new mutations in his body. Quan was in constant pain and lost control of his emotions. To make matters worse, the effects of the serum would become lethal some time after 24 hours had passed.

Unable to sneak back home without being seen, Quan hid in an old factory next door overnight. Eventually, he got hungry and went out the next night to find food. Someone sighted Quan and called the police. Barbara Gordon, meanwhile, waited in vain for Quan to attend his tutoring session. At 6:25 pm, Gordon got a call from her father informing her he couldn't attend dinner due to a bat sighting. Following a hidden tracker, she found Gordon at a police stand off with Quan. As Quan came flying out in anger, Batman arrived on scene thinking he was Langstrom. Gordon had a spotlight brought out to neutralize both. Quan hid in a nearby alley. As Barbara Gordon passed by, Quan called out for help. Quan revealed what happened to Gordon. She insisted on getting help like from her father. Quan turned and struck Gordon, knocking her out. Due to his affinity for astronomy and classic movies like "Rebel Without A Cause," Quan flew away with Gordon to the Gotham Observatory.

Batman sought out Dr. Langstrom, still at the lab, and exchanged notes. Langstrom then squeezed the contents of the antidote and was barely able to make a second antidote. They set out and met up with Katana who found Barbara Gordon's cell phone in the alley where she was abducted. Langstrom smelled Quan's spoor leading to the north. Combined with Quan's love of astronomy and classic movies, Batman deduced Quan took Gordon to the Gotham Observatory. By the time they arrived, Quan had doubled in size. The mutations had become worse and the human anatomy couldn't function at that size for long. Upon seeing Quan's new form, Langstrom believed he only had minutes left to live. Langstrom attempted to force feed the cure into Quan but he fought back and the first sample was destroyed. As Langstrom struggled to neutralize Quan, he himself began to lose control.

Batman convinced Langstrom to use the last sample of antidote on Quan since Quan was still a child and had the rest of his life ahead of him. Gordon regained consciousness and volunteered to administer the antidote. She believed the Tim Quan she knew was still within the Man-Bat and appealed to him by stating the only way they could keep studying together was to take the medicine. Quan cooperated and took the antidote. It worked and Quan returned to normal. He was taken away by paramedics on a stretcher as James Gordon noted he never liked the kid.