Barbara Gordon


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Real Identity: Barbara Gordon
Appearances: Secrets, Broken, Allies, Darkness, Reckoning, Animal, Doppelganger, Choices, Epitaph, and Alone
Appearances (Comics): Son of Man-Bat
Powers/Skills: Technology
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Lieutenant James Gordon and is interested in computers. Gordon kept her advanced computer skills a secret from her father. She soon could code faster than those twice her age and even hacked the Gotham City Police Department database at age 12. She recently became a fan of Batman, despite her father's distrust of him, started a blog about him called "Barbara's Bat Channel Blog", and repeatedly tried to help on cases in exchange for meeting the hero. Lieutenant Gordon admonished her and stated a hero doesn't take the law into their own hands. After coming home from the market with low fat, low salt corn beef hash, she noticed a toy soldier. Lieutenant Gordon immediately recognized it as the calling card of Humpty Dumpty. He ordered Barbara to go out the back door. She complied but Dumpty was waiting right outside. He grabbed her and waited for Gordon to come then knocked him out. Dumpty released Barbara then fled the scene with Gordon. Batman tried to console Barbara as she wept for her father.

Some time later, she was kidnapped by Phosphorous Rex and held for ransom. The police had until midnight to release Tobias Whale. Batman and Katana entered the Cauldron to save Barbara Gordon. Lieutenant Gordon took Whale with him to the Cauldron as well. Batman rescued her just as Katana drove a fuel tanker into Rex. She immediately began talking to Batman about his gear and wanted to be just like Katana. During the city-wide outage caused by the League of Assassins, Barbara volunteered her hacking skills to help destroy the Ion Cortex despite her father's misgivings. Without anyone from computer crimes available, he caved in. While en route to Fallpoint, they were attacked by Ghosts. Barbara sent out a distress call and luckily, Batman's computer picked it up. Learning of Katana's plan, Batman showed Barbara the backdoor he created and gave her the password to its I.P. address: Oracle. The fate of Gotham was now in her hands.

Once close enough to the Fallpoint Underground Power Substation, Gordon gained 70% signal strength and began hacking into the Ion Cortex kernel. However, ninja attacked the mobile command unit and its satellite was destroyed. She came up with another plan - hardwire her laptop into the substation's internal network and sneak in. While she hacked into the kernel, her father was forced to fend off ninja. She was able to trigger a kernel overload. The Cortex soon blew up, restoring all power to the city. Over six months later, when Blackgate Penitentiary was taken by its inmate population, Katana called Gordon for help. She was ready and downloaded prison schematics for her. Gordon attempted to guide Katana to the sublevel access hatch but the schematic didn't match the actual layout. Katana found herself going down into the Gotham City Sewers and exploring the utility access tunnel. They found the hatch but it was sealed. Luckily, Katana found a blowtorch in Batman's utility belt. Musing she should have one, Gordon chimed in and asked for one.

Barbara Gordon made contact with Katana while she fought Professor Pyg and Mister Toad at a chemical depot robbery. After the battle, Katana met up with Gordon for a self-defense training session. Even though Gordon would aid them with her computer, Batman felt she should know some basic self-defense and left Katana to teach her. Gordon revealed she was thinking of giving herself a codename. Something mysterious like Oracle. At some point, she indeed formally took on the Oracle codename and remotely aided Batman by passing on intelligence. While waiting to tutor Tim Quan, who had a crush on her, Gordon heard about a bat sighting from her father. She located her father, from a tracker she placed in his cell phone, at the corner of Adams and Franklin. She alerted Katana but learned Batman was also chasing down the sighting. After the police failed to capture Batman and the Man-Bat, Gordon went home but discovered the Man-Bat in an alley. Tim Quan turned out to be the Man-Bat. Gordon tried to convince Quan to let her get some help but he refused and knocked her out. Quan flew Gordon to the Gotham Observatory. Batman, Man-Bat, and Katana tracked them down and confronted him. Gordon regained consciousness and calmed Quan down enough to take the antidote.

During a bank heist led by Killer Croc, Oracle helped Batman and Katana bypass the vault's Di Marco 6000 XL Cyrpto-Magnetic Lock with an override. She also checked seismic sensors and passed along intel that the robbers tunneled from underneath. Killer Croc got away and hid in the subway. On Batman's orders, Oracle gained access to all of Gotham City CCTV cameras in the subway tunnels and routed the feeds to the Batcomputer. She was interrupted when her father announced a boy had come to see her. Gordon was asked out on a date by Creed Courtman, a jock at her high school. They agreed to go out the next night at 7. Naturally, Commissioner Gordon was very suspicious of Courtman and assigned two off duty detectives, Samuels and Thomas, to follow and monitor her date. The date was sidelined when Gordon got a call from Batman, who was trapped in liquid stone along with Katana. She was unable to get enough connection strength to access the Gotham Rail Control Panel and reroute all trains headed near them.

Gordon had the date moved to the Ninth Street terminal and convinced Courtman to help her distract the transit authority worker on duty so she could directly hack the grid. She was able to reroute the trains in time and impulsively kissed Courtman but Killer Croc found them and attacked. Gordon fled the main hub and tried to hide from Croc. Batman and Katana were freed by Alfred Pennyworth and they saved her in time before Croc could take a bite out of her. Gordon was sure Courtman didn't want anything to do with her but he was willing it to give it another try since he got to meet Batman. While at one of Dent's rallies, she witnessed the death of Bruce Wayne by Batman. She recorded the assassination and awaited answers from Katana. All the while, she refused to believe Batman was a killer. After looking at a photo in her father's briefcase, Gordon noticed Dane Lisslow was missing and concluded he was Bad Batman. She ran an intense search on Lisslow and learned he didn't actually exist in databases. She relayed the revelation to Batman, Katana, and Pennyworth.

In the aftermath of the Watson Building battle, Deathstroke stole the Batmobile and invaded the Batcave. While Batman went alone on the Batcycle, Katana contacted Gordon and asked her to find a vehicle then meet up at the entrance of the Cauldron. With little options, Gordon stole the mobile command unit. Katana gave her a domino mask then called out Man Bat and Metamorpho to come aboard. They made their way to the Batcave. After learning Deathstroke planted C4 all over the cave and its detonator worked on a 16 digit kil code, Oracle looked around and found the detonator in a corner. She recalled detonators worked on frequency conversion and traced the signal to find the bombs. Once Man Bat and Metamorpho gathered up the explosives, Oracle admitted she didn't know how to disable them. Metamorpho stepped up and absorbed the explosion.