Dr. Bethanie Ravencroft

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Real Identity: Dr. Bethanie Ravencroft
Affiliations: Argus Club
Appearances: Secrets, Toxic, and Family
Powers/Skills: Psychotherapy
Voiced By: Cree Summer

Dr. Bethanie Ravencroft is a psychotherapist who earned her Doctorate of Psychology from Gotham City University. At some point, she became a member of the Argus Club and considered them family. She was part of a research team at Blackgate Penitentiary that experimented on volunteer inmates in an attempt to purge them of the criminal element. After the research ended, Ravencroft opened a practice in Gotham City. She hired a woman named Cassie, unaware she was Margaret Sorrow, a participant of the experiments. While spying on Ravencroft, Batman encountered Magpie a second time. As a ruse to investigate further, Bruce Wayne signed up for an appointment with Ravencroft under the impression he wanted someone who wasn't in the public eye. While Alfred Pennyworth created a diversion, Wayne searched Ravencroft's desk only to find an Argus Club key, Joe Braxton's wrist watch and a stapler from the Miskatonic Psychiatric Hospital. Magpie later kidnapped Ravencroft and imprisoned her at the hospital in a bid to get her stolen memories back. Ravencroft was unharmed and saved by Batman and Lieutenant Gordon.

Bruce Wayne ended any further sessions with Dr. Ravencroft. Some time later, Ravencroft bumped into Wayne and convinced him to be her date for a black tie fundraising dinner downtown. Wayne was occupied as Batman and stood her up. Ravencroft called up Wayne but was hung up on. She called again and coincidentally woke Batman up after a failed move on Metamorpho. Wayne made up everything by taking Ravencroft to dinner. While he was away from the table, Ravencroft sent a message to Silver Monkey confirming she hooked Wayne and was awaiting further instructions. They planned to kidnap Wayne and issue a ransom to Tatsu Yamashiro demanding the Soul Taker sword. Ravencroft lured Wayne to the Argus Club, which was part of his plan to turn the League of Assassins against each other. Once Silver Monkey captured Batman and Yamashiro, Lady Shiva arrived and took possession of the Soul Taker. She used it on Ravencroft and took her soul. Ravencroft's body was carried off by an assassin but Lady Shiva claimed she wasn't dead yet.